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I think I figured out what Nomura's sketch might be hinting for X!

10 March 2017 - 08:50 AM



I've been sitting on this theory for a while now and I was going to wait until the international 1st-anniversary event to say something, but the recent trailer made me want to do it now. My theory is that the people in the sketch will be the new Union leaders to replace the Foretellers. The thought randomly came into my head when I was watching a UX stream, and I was like "How will Unions work with the Foretellers being 'dead'? " and then I remembered the sketch and that there were five people in it, and that's the exact number of Unions/foretellers there are. Given the recent trailer, I'm pretty sure this is the case because of the new title that it was given. As for who the other two might be.... I have an experimental theory that it might be Kairi and Lea, but that theory is very experimental like I said, so I'll wait before I share it, but it has something to do with present day Maleficent being in UX and KH3.

It must be for veterans and not new players.

28 February 2017 - 11:02 AM

That would explain the way they've been marketing this collection. No cool trailers, no eye catching box art, OK pre-order bonus (even though they have done this before, but still). Does anyone else think this is true? The only way I could see a trailer happening, is right before the game comes out.

[Spoilers] The traitor was reveled.

02 February 2017 - 07:31 AM

It's MoM and Luxu, part of the lost page says that the one who bears the sigil is the traitor and guess who has the sigil:


MoM annnd Luxu.

(skip to 17:55)

(skip to 3:40)

There is also menacing music playing in the background of the second Case of Luxu. Luxu and the MoM knew that the world would burn and Luxu was given the role that would let him survive and they probably could have done something to stop it, but they didn't and they didn't tell the others any of this. MoM gave them roles they would ultimately end the world, which is traitorous, but I feel this is more so Luxu's fault, but I haven't figured out why yet. Nomura also said these two are similar but Luxu is the boring one.

[Spoilers] Nomura could have killed this Time travel nonsense

01 February 2017 - 07:07 AM

He really could have with the Book. Xehanort could have been using that to tell the future instead of this heart mumbo jumbo. If he tried hard enough then I'm sure Nomura could figure out a way to retcon it. Xehanort has lied before, so he could have said that and the book is how he was able to split him self again without having to die because if it can make worlds, going off of what maleficent said, then it also should be able to make just people. Luxu could have also told him his destiny and such as well. I'm just spit balling here but you get my point. Am I the only one that's thinking this or do you guys think so too?

[Spoilers]The country of musketeers makes no sense!

01 February 2017 - 06:55 AM

The only reason I'm bring this up is because the game is relevant again and I'm watching an LP of it. I guess the reason this fell through the the cracks was because by this point my brain was already turned off.



Mickey says he is from another world and is undercover, so just how far undercover is this world. Is Mickey the only one that's undercover or is Donald, Goofy, Pete, and Minnie also under cover and if so, why? I could see Mickey, Doland, and Gooby being undercover and traveling too this world, but why is there a Minnie and a Pete? Is this supposed to be a parallel world or something and it has their own Minnie and Pete? Also, why doesn't Mickey use his keyblade? If this was a time period of Disney castle it would make more sense since everyone is here and Minnie is already royalty. This would be after Timeless River but before Birth by sleep/ symphony of sorcery, but this can't be a time period because Mickey just flat out says that he is from a different world. Plus, if mickey is from a different world then that doesn't make sense either because since Timeless river is where mickey is from, he would need to have found a way to get off of that world and into country of musketeers which would make sense and the whole undercover thing would be him trying to basically live there now and then from that point is where Disney castle's time period starts and that would explain why Clara Cluck and Clarabelle Cow aren't there or in any ver. of Disney Castle, but this can't work because of 3 things, Pete, Horace, and the Cornerstone of light. I could possibly believe that Mickey could bring the Cornerstone of light with him since it has been mobile before and it probably could fit in a gummi ship and I could possibly believe that Mickey would, for some reason, just bring Horace with him, but I can't believe Pete would come with him.  The Pete in Country of Musketeers seems to be an already established character there and not from another world. So unless I missed a interview about this, I think this is a legit plothole.