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#1932690 Exclusive canon back story for Kingdom Hearts III shown at Kingdom Hearts Orc...

Posted by Kingdomhe on 12 March 2017 - 06:25 AM

Well now the whole Lea being a keyblade welder makes more since, Merlin has some hyperbolic time chamber. They said that he and the fairies would help him with their magic somehow but they never went into detail.

#1932230 I think I figured out what Nomura's sketch might be hinting for X!

Posted by Kingdomhe on 10 March 2017 - 08:50 AM



I've been sitting on this theory for a while now and I was going to wait until the international 1st-anniversary event to say something, but the recent trailer made me want to do it now. My theory is that the people in the sketch will be the new Union leaders to replace the Foretellers. The thought randomly came into my head when I was watching a UX stream, and I was like "How will Unions work with the Foretellers being 'dead'? " and then I remembered the sketch and that there were five people in it, and that's the exact number of Unions/foretellers there are. Given the recent trailer, I'm pretty sure this is the case because of the new title that it was given. As for who the other two might be.... I have an experimental theory that it might be Kairi and Lea, but that theory is very experimental like I said, so I'll wait before I share it, but it has something to do with present day Maleficent being in UX and KH3.

#1932219 Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ[chi] renamed Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross] for its...

Posted by Kingdomhe on 10 March 2017 - 07:51 AM

NUT BUTTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I was legit about to drop UX before this dropped! Also, the theory I've been sitting on might actually be true and I'm finally going post it.

#1926296 Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX title selection screen revealed

Posted by Kingdomhe on 13 February 2017 - 06:39 PM

i wonder what Special is at the bottom?


Special Credits, nothing big those credits will have. Unless...

The themes


Because they are going simi-timeline order

#1923707 Seth Kearsley is exploring the possibility of releasing the pilot animatic of...

Posted by Kingdomhe on 04 February 2017 - 02:41 PM

I heard Bleach and I had to say something
 The Organisation 13 reminds me a lot of the Akatsuki from Naruto. Also the Sora, Kairi and Riku dynamic is similar to Team 7 from Naruto
Sora=Naruto, the happy go lucky kid who is loved by everyone
Riku=Sasuke. Both fall into darkness and are rivals of the MC
Kairi=Sakura since they are the only female of the group, but Sakura is way more useful than Kairi lol.
I feel a serious KH anime would work-like an adaptation of the KH manga, in the shounen genre of course. A cartoon like the one Seth was working on may not cut it for me personally unless it takes itself seriously.

Yeah, except Riku gets a clue a whole lot quicker than Sasuke does. I don't even watch Naruto and I still know this, lol. And to be fair, the plots didn't allow enough involvement from Kairi, so looks like KH3 will be the true test of that. X)"

Not really, kairi is way more helpful than Sakura. While kairi hasn't done a lot the quality of the things she's done are greater. Saving Sora, killing some heartless, reuniting Sora and Riku, Saving Sora and Riku from the realm of darkness.

#1923497 Dissidia PS4 confirmed clearly.

Posted by Kingdomhe on 03 February 2017 - 05:37 PM

Finally!! Man, if this game comes out before 3, I'll tell ya what.

#1923195 [Spoilers] The traitor was reveled.

Posted by Kingdomhe on 02 February 2017 - 07:31 AM

It's MoM and Luxu, part of the lost page says that the one who bears the sigil is the traitor and guess who has the sigil:


MoM annnd Luxu.

(skip to 17:55)

(skip to 3:40)

There is also menacing music playing in the background of the second Case of Luxu. Luxu and the MoM knew that the world would burn and Luxu was given the role that would let him survive and they probably could have done something to stop it, but they didn't and they didn't tell the others any of this. MoM gave them roles they would ultimately end the world, which is traitorous, but I feel this is more so Luxu's fault, but I haven't figured out why yet. Nomura also said these two are similar but Luxu is the boring one.

#1922880 [Spoilers] Nomura could have killed this Time travel nonsense

Posted by Kingdomhe on 01 February 2017 - 09:00 AM

How would that be any better?
The time travel "nonsense" isn't really that big a deal.

It would feel a lot more cohesive and less of it was on somebody's Lunch napkin. The book is a lot easier to understand and could be used as the plot point for the next saga because of the problems it caused and that much knowledge shouldn't be just left out there for anybody to find.

#1922542 KH3 rumors by Spanish news writer

Posted by Kingdomhe on 30 January 2017 - 06:03 PM

A post on the kingdom hearts subreddit was made detailing rumors of kh3 via the twitter of a spanish news writer.
Here is the post verbatim, credits to reddit user MaxialstarOA:
Hello guys, first of all, I want you to take this information with grain of salt because it might just be fake, but this dude has claimed very true things and he's a news writer in a Spanish website, so I think we should at least hear him:

  • Release date is targetted NOW to March 2018, it could be delayed if there are problems in development.
  • Development team is using assets always subject to change.
  • As Nomura stated, there're certain playable zones and the game should be fully playable in August.
  • They're working on redoing PS2 assets (possibly for returning worlds).
  • The zones already developt for KH3 look very, VERY beautiful.
  • When a new build is done and Nomura checks it, he wants it to be better in certain aspects. He wants the game to have very good quality standards.
  • KH3 is a very challenging development because of all the content they have to work: Levels, Animations, Models, ... and it's a very slow process.
Here nearly all the tweets:
Development not going as smooth as expected: https://twitter.com/...147329816293376Should be playable in August: https://twitter.com/...147579377352705 Release date targetted for March: https://twitter.com/...148422096977920 Slow development + other things: https://twitter.com/...149301680238592 , https://twitter.com/...149982650654720 , https://twitter.com/...151103213432832 ...
Just thought I'd share news, even though it isn't official, to quench the thirst a bit :) ,what do y'all think? 
Here's the original post if you wanna see the discussions on it: https://www.reddit.c...ut_development/

Completely fake, March is too soon since Nomura said that there are worlds they haven't even touched yet and making the worlds for 3 takes time. The rest of these statements are general things anybody can guess or say. The amount of things we've seen doesn't even come close to the amount of things we were shown for 0.2 and that was a smaller game. Kh3 is a long time away from getting a release date, we would need to get a release date this March for it to release March 2017.

#1922177 Trailer basically shows everything....

Posted by Kingdomhe on 28 January 2017 - 09:51 PM

I loved the experience of 0.2 Birth by Sleep, but I feel like the trailer shows to much, I feel like nothing was a surprise. Sure it's only like a 2 hour game, but really. I'm going to try to avoid further KH3 trailers, cause I'm tired of world's and other things being spoiled.

I don't think that's the route that their going with 3's trailers. Plus, 3 is a bigger game so they can't put everything in a trailer.

#1922044 The KH Facebook is paranoid

Posted by Kingdomhe on 28 January 2017 - 12:46 PM

They've been posting this kind of stuff on Twitter too. Too much hostility "I don't like hostility in a doctor's practice."

#1922014 [Spoilers] Alphard plays 0.2

Posted by Kingdomhe on 28 January 2017 - 11:12 AM


Mickey watched a world burn and did nothing!

#1921717 (SPOILERS)Does the ending of 0.2 hints at a possible 2.9?

Posted by Kingdomhe on 27 January 2017 - 08:30 AM

Ok before we jump to conclusions.Hear me out
if you remember,in the ending for 0.2.Riku and Mickey goes on a journey to save Aqua and before they leave Yen Sid gives them two suitcases(which I assume has Black Coats too?)

This aligns perfectly with Nomura's statement about KH3 being a while away before release so a 2.9 release at 2018 would financially make sense before doing a KH3 release in 2019
I might be wrong and I do hope I wrong but it really feels like 2.9 is going to happen
Sure people say "But Nomura said that the game after 2.8 is absolutely positively 100% KH3" but that's what Nomura has been saying since Dream Drop Distance and since then we got Chi\Unchained X,1.5,2.5(why are those not on Xbox One is beyond me) and then after that he said KH3 is the next one and then 2.8 was announced.
I really feel that they're gonna make Riku and Mickey's journey to the Realm of Darkness into either it's own game or a part of an upcoming collection where they'll either delay 1.5+2.5 to add that into it or they might remaster 358\2 days into something playable and then add that to it
I'm not saying I'm impatient cuz I could care less if KH3 isn't a 2017 or 2018 game cuz if they're not turning Riku and Mickey's journey into it's own package(remember that 0.2 was not the only number that appeared in the secret episode of Birth by Sleep) or have it happen off-screen in KH3 or have it be a DLC episode(Yes DLC will happen eventually to KH)


I hope your wrong. No one wants a 2.9 xD
And the fact that 0.2 has raised my hype for KH3 to another level. Pretty sure a lot of others will say the same.


If 2.9 is a real thing. I think it would be a DLC about Sora in the Olympic Colisieum.


Lol no, 2.9 is basicly that scene. It's meant to be a start to KH3 and that's why they did a name drop for Olympus and why it ended on a cliffhanger because if you remember Nomura said that we would start KH3 confused and this would be the reason why. I think Sora will start on Olympus and the tutorial will be part of our training that Sora will need and if you didn't watch 2.9 then you wouldn't know why we are here. Nomura also said 2.9 is just the scene in the recent interview too.


Nomura said that the suitcases contain Riku and Mickey's new outfits, not black coats, and he also said that the '2.9' scene depicts the series crossing over into KH3 if I recall correctly. Although, I wouldn't mind a 2.9, especially since I enjoyed 2.8.


#1921186 Wait a second(0.2 SPOILERS)

Posted by Kingdomhe on 25 January 2017 - 10:41 AM

If you remember in the Blank Point secret scene in the original Birth by Sleep,Aqua was surprised to learn that the boy saving the worlds weren't Terra or Ven but actually Sora............which was told to her by Ansem the Wise



But according to 0.2 Aqua did know from Mickey that it's Sora and Riku that have been saving the worlds this whole time(technically Sora only but whatever) so why was she surprised to the point of tearing up in Blank Point if she already knew this from Mickey before she met up with Ansem?



That's...........kind of a plothole that was caused by them adding Aqua to the ending of KH1 saying that she was there the whole time and she's the reason Riku was safe and that Kingdom Key D was hidden in Destiny Island the whole time


It really feels like they forgot Aqua's conversation with Ansem when they were writing 0.2 because if she knew this detail about Sora and Riku from Mickey why was she so surprised when Ansem told her the exact same thing later


Cuz in Blank Point,at the time of the writing of BBS Aqua has no idea what was going on outside the realm of darkness beyond discovering the fallen worlds


And before someone pull a weak excuse off "Oh she stayed too long in the darkness so she didn't knew or forgot".............mind you she remembered Mickey after ten years since time flows differently in the Realm of Darkness and the year between KH1 and 2 would be significantly shorter in the Realm of Darkness


I've said this time and again but it feels like Nomura is just making things up as he goes and forcefully tries to connect every single game and character to each and every plot point no matter how much of a cop out those connection feels or if they serve the plot in a good way.Dream Drop Distance in particular is the worst offender of this with the introduction of time travel cuz of course now Vanilla Ice.....ahem I mean Ansem SoD can just do that which made things way more convoluted than they should,not to mention the whole oh Organization XIII's true purpose the whole time was to form the 13 darknesses to fight the 7 lights to form TRUE X-Blade which was split to 20 pieces even though according to Xehanort Report number VII in Birth by Sleep that the only way to form the X-blade was to fuse to hearts of pure light and darkness together(And if you don't believe me here is the whole script for Report Number 7)

[/spoiler]  Xehanort's Report VII


" I have uncovered the Keyblade's ultimate mystery. You see, besides the three families of Keyblades, there is another "Key Blade." While it may sound the same when spoken, it is notated uniquely: "χ-blade." And make no mistake, while it resembles a normal Keyblade, it is something altogether different. Keyblades are said to be man-made counterparts to Kingdom Hearts. The χ-blade, however, coexists with Kingdom Hearts. It is only forged when two hearts of equal power intersect--one heart of pure darkness, one heart of pure light. At the time of its forging, Kingdom Hearts appears. It must be noted, though, that this Kingdom Hearts is special. Unlike the Kingdoms brought about forcibly and artificially through the collection of hearts, THIS Kingdom Hearts is a perfect and complete union of ALL the worlds' hearts. Surely it was over this that the ancient Keyblade War was fought. If so, the walls that divide the worlds today are of little consequence. With the χ-blade, all their hearts could be instantly reunited--and the Keyblade War, refought." [/spoiler]



More and more retcons and connections are added up on the fly


Oh and Sora's whole "secret" thing is the same thing he did in DDD...........he just went back just to say thanks to the damn Dream Eaters and missed a looooooooong exposition dump that would've helped him in his adventure and on top of that.........He never even mentioned all the hallucinations he saw of Aqua and Terra or his reunion with Roxas or him seeing Namine and Xion again before he was abducted by Xehanort................HEY SORA THIS IS CRUCIAL INFORMATIONS YOU MORON  WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL MICKEY AND YEN SID ABOUT IT BUT NOPE HERPADERP MA POKEMANS NEEDED SOME PRAISE DATS MORE IMPORTANT......dumbass


It's not a plothole. Aqua would be surprised and shocked to hear from a man she had never met before that the relm of light was in danger a second time within such a short period of time, and she would of course be hopeful that the boy that Ansem was talking about would be one of her friends who are both boys. The tears on her face was her realizing just how special Sora is. Xehanort said that his theory was wrong and he was reckless and given how he acted in the rest of his report would support this. We...we have already established that Sora is dumb. 

#1921179 [Spoilers] My thoughts about X Back Cover

Posted by Kingdomhe on 25 January 2017 - 10:18 AM

Oh right, completely forgot about that! But that still doesn't explain why the Lost Page exists... You also think there is no traitor?


The lost page says something about "the one who bears the sigil". So it would be the one who has that, but it could mean anything because remember MoM eye has seen everything up to a point, so he/the book could be talking about something that happens in their time or something that happens in the current time. KHUX will probably explain this in season 2 or it will be reviled in KH3.


While I certainly understand that Square doesn't want to spoil their entire UX storylines in just a movie, I, too, am kind of disappointed in the movie because it explains so little. I really hope we get some kind of a wrap up bundled with KH3 because otherwise, to hell with all compilations for the PS4 if another part of the story is still missing because it is only available for yet another console.


That being said, it could've at least really caught up with X/UX's story. Compared to Days and Coded, this was a really short glimpse and I think it's really kind of hard to follow without any knowledge about X at all (and again, this was the initial idea of the game compilations - to give everybody an idea of what is actually happening in the games). Ephemer seemed really out of place, you don't even understand who he is, why he's talking to Ava. They didn't even explain the context of Lux and bangles (? spelling?) and all that, something you truly can only understand if you played/watched the other games until a certain point. And that is unacceptable in my opinion. I know that this is called Back Cover and intends to explain what is happening behind the screens - but it should at least mention what is happening on the outside to give everything context.


The movie was great, enjoyable, but it lacks so, so much - as seen with the confusion here.


This is the problem that I saw when this was announced, people started thinking that all they would have to do is watch to movie and they would be good, but Nomura said over and over that this just shows what happened behind to scenes when your not around, so that basically means anything that happened when you were there won't be shown. They did explain the bangles and they gave the reason why everybody was so Lux thirsty at the end of KHX, because Gula wanted to summon KH and everybody else was trying to keep up. The gave a reason why all the Foretellers were acting how they were and that they were so unprepared and scared, which   lead to in-house fighting, which lead to the Keyblade war (And that the MoM left them hanging intentionally or not). The only reason that they showed scenes that you were shown before (Ava & Ephemer, Aced vs. Invi, etc.) was so you would have a time stamp of when this happened in correlation to what happened in KHX. Again, a lot of this stuff will be explain in KHUX or maybe even KH3 because if they showed you everything there would literally be no reason to play KHUX.