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Member Since 22 Jul 2012
Offline Last Active Dec 01 2012 08:24 PM
Geez.. Test everyday and semester exam also will come soon.. then when can I play games again??! X( Updated 25 Nov · 0 comments

About Me

Not a hardcore gamer. I am just 'half'. Even my li'l bro can play better. I lack gaming skill, however, i do love Kingdom Hearts with all my hearts. So far i've played Kindom Hearts 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts 2, Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories, and now trying to finish Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep.

I'm female, teenager. No good at drawing but i like it. I also like writing fantasy stories. Unfortunately I can't write it in english so i done it in my own language, Indonesian language. If you found i'm so talkactive in chatting, feel free to remind me.

Ah, i almost forgot. Games i like the most usually are RPGs, like Kingdom Hearts series, Persona series, Mana Khemia series, etc. I also like reading novels and mangas.

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Geez.. Test everyday and semester exam also will come soon.. then when can I play games again??! X(
Nov 25 2012 11:45 AM


With so many tests and homeworks like this.. then when the hell can I touch my game again?! Sometimes I hate school.. --___--
Sep 06 2012 02:11 AM
  • coolwings's Photo
    Same DX I want the holidays!
    Sep 06 2012 02:29 AM


Drawing fanart isn't easy.. But it's fun and worth to try~ :D
Sep 03 2012 08:18 AM


Finally my psp got fixed! Didn't know my brother have such magic hands XD Now i can play BBS again!
Aug 06 2012 01:48 AM


Just started playing Aqua story.. *i know it's kinda late, but i'm not a hardcore gamer after all
Aug 05 2012 04:22 AM
  • coolwings's Photo
    Nice I only just completed her story on Proud. I take my time XD
    Aug 05 2012 04:30 AM
  • twilight_breeze's Photo
    No use.. My psp broken! orz
    Aug 05 2012 05:00 AM
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