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Mystics Apprentice

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#1978715 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion [CLOSED]

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on Yesterday, 12:00 PM

I'm kind of thinking that it would be best to just postpone the time skip, since there is so much to be done before it.

So maybe we'll finish the above events in, say, about two weeks, and proceed with the timeskip from there? Does that work for everyone?

#1978023 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion [CLOSED]

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 14 April 2018 - 11:15 AM

Dang, Soren really let him have it. xD. I'm kind of surprised that he was okay with Shiva's methods, however, as she honestly was almost just as bad by sentencing all humans to their demise.  I suppose the difference is letting them die or killing them off.


To clarify, the barrier between worlds was severed upon Shiva's death, and thus a massive drain of magical energy was drawn from the Overworld and poured into the world below.  There is much to replenish, however, so the Overworld is still being sapped of energy.  It is true that the Overworld is slowly decaying as a result.  Whether this can be rectified or not remains to be seen, but the most viable option would be to do something about the world below, as Yev is plotting.




Now, I'm still trying to decide on whether to initiate the timeskip today, or just get things rolling effectively.  We could honestly probably move right along into the next plot point if we continue to move steadily without even needing a timeskip, though the timeskip would ensure that we get into the thick of things sooner rather than later, and would be the beginning of the end.


So my question for you all is this: do you want to jump right in to the action, or would you rather we actively work toward it over the next few weeks?

#1977957 Overworld RP

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 13 April 2018 - 01:33 PM

--Yevgeni Malachite -- Kilkis Seres Campsite--


The corner of Yev's mouth curved into a smile as he watched Soren take a whiff of his food.  It was a curious mannerism, and he partly wondered if this was something commonly practiced among demons of his nature.  Regardless, the blond found it amusing, though made no comment on the matter.  Instead he chose to answer Soren's question.


"Now what, you ask."  The elf let out a sigh, leaning back in his chair, hands still folded upon the table.  "That is an excellent question, and one that I have given a fair amount of thought to and still do not know the answer.  I intend to get this world in order, though I do not intend to rule it.  I am not cut out to be king, though I do not know who will step up to the plate if not for myself.  Prince Jynn has . . . shaken my confidence, to put it kindly.  His mother sheltered him, perhaps too much so, and thus I am uncertain if he is really ready for the task as king.  He certainly makes quite the number of disappearances, something he would have to curb if he did choose to take his position as ruler of Kilkis Seres."


Yevgeni paused, taking a sip of water before continuing.  "I am partially thinking that we as a nation have outgrown the monarchy and are ready to embrace a new era, a new manner of ruling, such as a democracy.  Of course, such decisions would be made upon public consensus, though this is what I'm thinking, personally.  What are your thoughts, Soren?


"But before we linger too heavily on that, allow me to elaborate on our next course of action.  I feel that targeting Mystras has become useless.  While they are indeed responsible--or most likely--for Queen Shiva's death, they are not the prime issue that remains.  No, it is the humans that are truly backing up this operation, and thus I have chosen to hold them responsible for their crimes.  I am sending our armies down in the world below, and we will take care of the problem at the source.  The barrier between our worlds, as you know, has been lifted, permitting both worlds to cross freely between one another.  Their need for our magic is also putting a strain on the Overworld, and I will be darned if they take our queen in addition to our magical resources."


Yevgeni drained the remains of his water before folding his arms over his chest.  A pendant on a silver chain around his neck jingled softly with his movement.  "My plan is to pursue King Alexander's dream: I will create a true era of peace, like one this world has never seen before.  He had the right idea with the barrier, but it has had its flaws.  It has also sentenced all humans, good and bad, to a dying world.  My desire is to correct this.  Instead of shut out all humans, I will open our gates to those who are pure of heart.


"That, so far, is my plan.  Can you see yourself aligning with my ideals, Soren, or will you return to Lord Raiden of Mystras and brand yourself a traitor once and for all?  I invite you to join me in my pursuit of peace, but if you choose to turn away you will become my enemy, and I can assure you that I will not be as forgiving as our late queen."


--King Alderon -- Mystras encampment, joining Raiden, Maxis, and Rabiyu--


Lorleanna offered Lord Raiden a deep bow, her dark braid mere inches from the ground.  "Thank you, my lord.  I shall inform His Majesty."


With that, the reptilian woman left the tent, returning alongside the impatient king, who currently stood admiring the sky.


"Lord Raiden is currently entertaining another audience," Lorleanna informed him.  "But he doesn't mind your entry.  You are free to join him whenever you deem fit."


"My goodness, now I'm being given choices!" Alderon exclaimed mockingly.  His hard grey eyes met hers, before finally responding: "I think I will join him now.  If I continue to wait until all of his audiences are cleared I will never find the opportunity to speak with him, and that would be quite the disappointment.  Thank you, General."


The woman nodded before retreating into the campsite.  Alderon stole a glance in either direction before entering the tent, as though sensing that he were being watched.  Inside he found Lord Raiden, along with Hisie, whom he'd met previously.  There was another man in armor, however, whom he'd not met, though he had a sinking feeling of dread at his presence.


"Hello, Raiden, my friend," Alderon greeted, clasping his hands before him.  "I have been looking to speak with you all of the morning, though it seems you have become a celebrity overnight."  He chuckled lightly.  "I do hope that I am not interrupting anything too grave?"

#1977871 Sora's Discovery

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 12 April 2018 - 10:28 AM

Wow, that is amazing!  I wouldn't even critique anything about it; it looks that good. :D. Great job!

#1977760 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion [CLOSED]

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 10 April 2018 - 07:35 PM

I'm also hoping for a royal wedding!

Besides being slightly annoyed by his behavior? I don't think she does. She is still young for a fey, so, we will see.

To be honest, I had thought Yev and Rabs would've been interesting for a pairing.  While both are going down different paths presently I see a lot of similarities between them.  Both seem to be doing what they feel is correct, despite what they wish for themselves, and both seem rather lonely.  Yevgeni has no real support or friends, and hasn't in a long time.  He's lost his family tragically, as well as Ariana. He's partially so cold because he's forgotten what it's like to have friends.  Aqua and Rabs have been the closest.


I doubt that anything could be rectified between them at this point, especially with what Yev has done, but it's neat to envision that "what if" scenario.


Henry loves children.

Enough for some of his own?  hint nudge hint towards EverythxHenry lovingly dubbed Darknaught

#1977724 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion [CLOSED]

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 10 April 2018 - 03:28 PM

I'm actually liking the interaction between Aura and Helios and think it's sweet. : )  He does seem he type that would be rather subtle.  I'm just hoping to see a Visco and Arthur royal wedding in the epilogue. xD


Rabs? Socially inept.

Aww, she didn't have feelings for Baxter? :P

#1977712 What games you want announce at e3 2018?

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 10 April 2018 - 01:53 PM

My wishlist is unrealistic, but I'd love to see a Golden Sun 4, a localized Mother 3, and a remaster for Final Fantasy VI.  I feel that VII receives so much hype and attention when FFVI is a beautiful game worthy of a little more attention.  

#1977636 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion [CLOSED]

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 09 April 2018 - 06:57 AM

Don't worry, we understand that taking care of a baby takes a lot of your time.
As for the timeskip, I find that acceptable. Like I said before, the only important event is that of Sif, Mariel and Henry trying to find the feyslayer, I think that can be solved in less than a week, probably.

I've been thinking about that for a while now, but I admit that I am in no way capable of pulling that off, at least, that's what I think.
I dunno how sometimes you, or any other GM, manage to handle many characters, plots, and other stuff. It's impressive!
I have a few ideas in my head. For instance, while Overworld is happening, Dragon Twins Umbra and Raishan are in the planning stages of dealing with Leviathan and Asura. Half the judges (Rabs, Sif, Asteria, Ciel, Khayal, Mielinare) approve Leviathan's choice to help Raiden and the humans. Umbra and Raish not so much. The other five (which I haven't created, that's the reason their astral forms never show their features.) are still undecided, they want to try and see the larger picture rather than the small one like the Dragon Twins do.
Perhaps the Twins could turn Gaea to their cause, which would meant Titan, King Under the Mountain, would join too. They could "bribe" Ifrit, The Lord of Flame and Mateus, the Dark Lady with the promises of further expansion of their joint territory after Levi and Asura are gone.
For the most part I'm working on the past, but I'm also wondering about some stuff from the future.
I suppose we will see. If I'm brave enough to do such an RP then you guys will be the first to know.

You may surprise yourself. ;) I think you would do quite well. Even just reading your posts in Overworld I can tell that you're organized, dedicated, and know how to propel your story forward. In hosting those are some of the key aspects, as well as trying to find ways to keep all players involved (something I'm trying to do but am struggling with.)

I would definitely be interested in joining such a roleplay should you decide to pursue the idea. Also let me know if you would ever be interested in a co-host. I'm not the greatest at staying on top of things, especially as of late, but if there's anything I could do to help I'd gladly do so. :)

Thanks! It was a hard company to get into unless I chose a starting position. Essentially, we make sure everything is running smoothly for guests. My role in particular is an attraction host at Magic Kingdom, so I'm that person that makes sure everyone boards safely on a boat at Splash Mountain or another ride. In return, we get free park admissions (they can get other people in for free as well), discounts, and other perks.

Sounds like fun. I love Disney World and free admission is nothing to sneeze at. It's expensive to get into! As a kid I lived in the Tampa Bay area and we had season passes, which we made great use of. I'm sure it's changed so much since i was last there.

Congrats again, and I hope that you enjoy the job! I bet that it'll be rough in the summer.

#1977589 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion [CLOSED]

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 08 April 2018 - 12:00 PM

No probs. Raising a child can take up a lot of time I'm sure. But currently, me, Scrap, and Kunivas are acting out the battle between Jynn, Dawson, Meksis, and Typhon against Nergal via PM, so we might need time. Maybe within the next week or so.

Nice work on that conglomerate post, you three!  I saw that the first segment was up, though I hadn't read through it fully yet.  What I have read looks great, though.  I look forward to seeing the rest of it. :)


It's fine. Life comes first and foremost. We thank you very much for creating and moving this RP's plot so flawlessly. I think a time-skip should be fine, have the characters solve personal stuff behind the scenes and move along and drop right into the next plot point. I'm fine with either, however.

That sounds good to me. The only "important thing" to me that needs to be done is Sifrei, Mariel and Henry's mission on Lake Kresnik. Probably a meeting with Mikhail and Rhaedyn, and the fate of the feyslayer, whether if it was completely destroyed or if some pieces remain. I do not think a confrontation between the two parties will happen since Raiden asked Sif to avoid confrontation. He would know of Rhaedyn's power and would avoid direct confrontation against him, that's for sure.

Aura is currently tired and watching the combat between Alastor and Arthur.

Rabs joined Raiden after she sensed someone was with him. That someone being or favorite crazy armor.

It must be an epic fight. I hope we get to read that sometime in the future.

Mystics, may I ask how much this time skip will be? Because after Jynn's encounter with Nergal, the squad will probably figure out that Shiva's death was a planned occurrence, so they'll probably be on the hunt for the schemer (Yevgeni). I'm not sure what Jynn and the gang will be up to during the time skip. Plus everyone would probably be aware of Jynn's presence, and probably some will change their loyalties.

By the way, as of today, I found a job, and am officially a Disney Cast Member.

Thanks so much for being so understanding, everyone.  I didn't quite expect my hands to be tied so much of the time.  :P  I'm also getting a computer that (hopefully) functions much better than my current ancient MacBook next week, so hopefully that will aid in my posting more frequently.


As for the timeskip, how about we set it to take place next Saturday, April 14th?  That should give Kunivas, Scrap, and Endless time to work on their confrontation, as well as everyone else to tie up anything currently ongoing.  I hate to wait too long, since we've already had quite the time period since the last turning plot points (predominately my fault).


Also, Kuni: I need to shoot you a PM on some potential for Nergal and some events in the world below.


The timeskip would probably be about a week later or so.  I feel that the events in the story are moving a little quicker than realistically plausible, but I think a week should follow the same pace that we've managed throughout the RP thus far.  In the real world these events would probably take place over a span of months, if not a year, but since this isn't the real world, well, why not? :P


I hope that this works for everyone.  Also, congrats on the job, Endless!  Working for Disney sounds awesome.  What exactly does a cast member do?  Do you essentially cast roles for Disney's work?


My mind is wandering so much these last few days, taking long trips around the North and wondering what stories happened in the past, and those that are happening right now. I remember many months ago that I said that the Lady Ethiriel found Rabs in the Frozen Wastelands, then I took a trip down memory lane to the former Judge Magister's grimoire/diary and this is what I found.




Former Judge Magister was tasked with finding and disposing of a small group of Dark Elves who used dark magics to terrorize the citizens of the city of Ustrina. Sif managed to track them down to the Frozen Wastelands, where the owner of an inn told Ethiriel of such a group. The fate of those dark elves was not pretty, but Rabs was found and saved that day.


I need to find something to do. Perhaps listen to some relaxing music, or play games for a little while. Or maybe keep digging for more stories from the North.

Nicely written, and quite intriguing.  Y'know, it would be really interesting if you were to one day create a roleplay based on the North and its lore, especially if it were a parallel to Overworld.


Well, I got a kitten and I named her Sugar Cookies. Just thought I'd share the news here. 

Aww, I'm sure that she's as sweet as her name.  Enjoy your newest addition!

#1977432 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion [CLOSED]

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 05 April 2018 - 07:07 PM

I'm ashamed that so much time has lapsed since my last post.  Whenever I'm online I'm always on my phone, and I'm sure most of us are familiar with how unfriendly they are to try to write anything of substance on.


As such, I have just now pulled out my computer after a month, and have posted a sub-par post.  There's some plot points that I wanted to introduce and a few things that I wanted to set in motion.  While they aren't grand, it's a start.


Also: since The Unversed has not returned nor has been in touch I will be taking control of Midnea and Visco for the time being.  I feel that they are integral to the RP and will make things all the more interesting.


I apologize for my lengthy absence, everyone.  I wouldn't have assumed that writing something as simple as an RP post would become such a challenge.  Thank you so much for keeping things alive during my absence, as well as your patience.  I really look forward to seeing this through!


Lastly, I'm thinking about putting another timeskip into place soon, perhaps about a week from the current date when new events have sprung into motion.  How does everyone feel about this?  Would you all prefer to continue where we're at presently, or are you all ready for more to do?

#1977431 Overworld RP

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 05 April 2018 - 07:00 PM

--Yev Malachite-- Kilkis Seres--


The blond watched Maxis go with a slight frown, while also taking in Soren's comment on the dark aura around him.  


"Indeed, there is something different about our friend," Yev commented, though he had his suspicions.  There was a close bond between himself and Shiva, something to do with a ritual that he wasn't all too familiar with, and yet he believed that it required blood.  Now that Shiva was gone it seemed something within Maxis broke.  This made the possessed suit of armor all the more unpredictable, and perhaps all the more dangerous.


As though clearing himself from the thought, Yev opened the tent to their food wares, granting Soren entry before following him inside.  There were two cooks that had joined the band upon the battlefield, skilled both in magecraft and culinary arts.  They were in the tent presently, making what seemed like sandwiches filled with exotic ingredients.  Along a table was a banquet, albeit nothing extraordinary but enough to satiate the hungry soldier.  Yevgeni gestured with a hand at the table before offering Soren a rare smile.  "Please, help yourself to anything that meets your whim.  I will be awaiting you over at this table when you have made your plate."


There were three makeshift tables inside the tent, consisting of turned barrels and wooden chairs.  Yevgeni sat at one of the empty tables and folded his hands, resting his chin upon them as he mused over the current situation.  His mind was on Soren, though subconsciously he couldn't help but wonder what brought Maxis to him, and so soon at that.


--Elia Cabret-- Kilkis Seres--


"Thanks, Jari," was the raven-haired fairy's response, dusting herself off before staring at Aqua coolly.  "Me?  Try to fight with you?  You're the one who's getting angry, and for what?  You abandoned me for him, chose to train under him, and what has he done to repay you?  I doubt he's even offered you as much as a smile, let alone an acknowledgement.  Knowing him he probably merely berated you and had you wash his clotheor something."


Elia crossed her arms over her chest, her expression hardened.  "You were one of my best friends, Aqua.  But now I don't even feel like I know you."


Perhaps Elia were being too harsh, but she couldn't help feeling angry.  Why this was, even she couldn't fully pinpoint.  It just grated on her that Aqua would choose Yevgeni over her, just like her sister had.


"I have a lot against the jerk, as do many.  He's conniving, condescending, rude, and arrogant beyond all reason.  He throws away lives without a care in the world.  He pretended to care for my sister, Ariana, and look where it ended her?  Now she's dead, and I bet he has never thought of her even once since then."


Now tears had managed to spring forth from her eyes, causing her to wipe at them furiously with her sleeve.  This was entirely not how she had wanted the conversation to go, especially while Jari was still standing watch.


--Midnea -- Raiden's Villa in Mystras--


The witch swept down the hall, black velvet gown trailing behind her.  She gave anyone a cool stare that so much as nodded in her direction, causing them to immediately busy themselves in anything *but* look her way.  It annoyed her massively that Lord Raiden had placed such a watch over her, though it didn't surprise her in the slightest.  He had every reason to fear her, and fear her he did.  The thought in itself made Midnea grin with pride.


She unlocked the door to her chambers, a book under her arm and a candle in the other.  While her selection of novels had been restricted by the Mystran Lord, there were still some which she profited from, and others she could've easily obtained from her king.  She slammed the book on the table, quickly skimming to the page she so desired.  An intricate rune was placed upon the page, which she traced with her finger.


"Yes, yes, this will do nicely," the witch thought to herself, a smile stretching her ruby lips.  "Everything is falling into place.  All I need now is cooperation from the new ruler of Kilkis Seres, and the Overworld will be as good as mine."


Meanwhile, in the Helvadoria Kingdom. . . . 


The duke of Helvadoria hummed a tune to himself as he strolled the halls of the palace, feeling quite pleased with himself.  Whether it was because he massacred the army of Sondon or that he returned with a trinket for the king was a mystery, though his jubilant nature persisted when he met the king in the hall.


The king, however, was a man that few would suspect of Helvadoria.  He was a mere youth of eighteen years, unmarried, and ambitious.  Too ambitious, perhaps, for his own good.


"Well, Reynald?"


"Yes, yes, it has been done, my lord.  Their sewers have been marked.  Everything is set in place."


"Excellent.  We must tell inform their ambassador that we are almost finished.  The time has nearly come to ascend, Reynald," the king stated, excitement dancing in his eyes.  The king strode over to the window, arms clutched behind his back.  "Just think: we are about to begin a new chapter for our kingdom.  Things are changing quickly, wouldn't you say?"


"Oh yes, Sire.  Very quickly."  Reynald cleared his throat.  "There is just one thing I think I should tell you, my lord."


A frown furrowed the king's brow, as he glanced over at the duke from the corner of his eye.  "Yes, Brother?  And what might that be?"


The cheery demeanor vanished from the duke's form as he responded, staring only at his hands as he spoke.  "We failed to capture the princess.  She is somewhere with that blasted bodyguard of hers, though her whereabouts are presently unknown."


"Well, we must make them known, in that case."  The king turned so that he now stood directly in front of the duke.  "Send search parties.  We must find her.  She cannot be free in this world once our plan goes into motion.  It was made clear that the girl must ascend with us."


"Yes, yes, I know this, my lord."


"Then find her!"


"Of course.  As you wish."  With a bow, Reynald departed, having but the faintest clue how he was going to find Princess Visco, but was determined to do so.  He did not favor the king's fury, after all.

#1976115 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion [CLOSED]

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 14 March 2018 - 12:59 PM

The drawing is indeed fantastic, Elrandir. I haven't read your short story yet, Scrap, but I plan to when I actually get a peaceful moment to do so. I'm sure it's great, though. :) I really love all of the creativity that has been a result of the RP and its characters.

So I'm curious: if everyone were to choose a favorite character out of the entire cast, with the exception of their own characters, who would it be and why?

I have a number of favorites, but I think if I were to choose one it would be Helios. It's been very fascinating to see Helios go through so much growth, and despite the pain and suffering he's endured time and again he's willing to come out a stronger person and follow his heart. Stardust really made him real with his emotions and decisions, as well as his ambitions and dedication to his friends. :)

#1975720 Overworld RP

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 09 March 2018 - 03:39 PM

--Yev Malachite -- Kilkis Seres Campsite--


The blond watched as Soren went through a myriad of emotions while discussing the late queen.  He was indeed passionate about his role in serving her, even in death.  Such an admirable trait, Yev thought, his expression relaxing some.  If only we could all be so loyal.


"Forgive me, Soren.  It is ill of me to insinuate anything.  I can merely look at all of the pieces to the puzzle and try to place them together in a manner to which they align, though this is not a very good practice.  I am intrigued, however, to know what makes you think Raiden is incapable of her assassination.  Not that I wish to argue, but rather out of curiosity."


It was shortly thereafter that Soren admitted to being hungry, to which Yevgeni responded to by rising from his seat.


"But of course, let us continue this conversation over a meal.  If you will follow me--"


He was unable to continue, however, when a very mad Maxis graced them with his presence.  He did indeed expect Maxis to seek him out, though admittedly not this soon.


"Maxis," Yevgeni greeted, tone pleasant.  "Yes, we must speak, though presently I am preoccupied.  I must feed Sir Soren so that he doesn't perish before our eyes.  Where might I find you once we are finished?"


Neither fey had offered for Maxis to join them, and Yev preferred to continue on that note.  He would need his full concentration on Maxis when he spoke with him.  The enchanted suit of armor was more than dedicated to Shiva, and he would need to be especially cautious if he wanted to keep his lovely head attached to his shoulders.


--Elia Cabret -- Kilkis Seres campgrounds--


Elia gasped for breath after Maxis released her neck from his grasp, and everything following shortly thereafter passed by in a blur.  She couldn't recall Jari's words, nor the fact that Aqua had approached.  She remained sitting there, crippled on the ground, both hands clutching her neck as her body shook with fear.


What had happened to Maxis?  The kind and loyal servant to Queen Shiva never would've reacted the way that he just did.  The thought made her start to cry, though this perhaps confused both of her companions that continued to tend to her.


Both Jari and Aqua helped her to her feet, to which she aided by standing up on wobbly legs.  "I'm fine, really," Elia insisted when a healer's tent was mentioned.  "Just a little shaken up, is all."


It was then that she processed Aqua standing there, though she didn't have the strength nor gumption to shoo her away.  "What brings you here, Aqua?" she asked, tone hesitant.  "I thought you were busy chasing Yev's coattails."


--Everyth Castanova -- Mystras Campsite--


The raven-haired woman smiled slyly in response to Mariel's question.  "Wouldn't you like to know?" she answered, a question with a question.


She half-circled around the angel, choosing her words carefully before continuing.  "In truth, though, I would like to know whom I'm guarding myself.  I have been hired to guard one, but I find myself guarding another.  Should I ever have to choose between the two I'm not so sure that I know which one I would guard.  I do not suppose you have ever found yourself in such a predicament?"


A sigh escaped Everyth as she glanced around.  The meeting with Raiden was over, and already everyone began to disperse.  "But I suppose I am keeping you.  I'm sure an angel such as yourself probably has more angelic or holy things to do than to speak with a witch like me, I guess."


She nearly winced at the title she referred to herself as, one that was so commonly used for her in the World Below, but she had grown accustomed to hearing it.  It wouldn't surprise her if Mariel thought the same of her.


#1975718 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion [CLOSED]

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 09 March 2018 - 03:13 PM

Okay, finally getting back into things and working on a post now.  Please be excited. xD

Henry with the OBJECTION!

I was just reading Henry's latest post, and, actually, Henry and Yev have indeed met before, though briefly.  It was either during the trial or just prior, when they met and Yev vouched for Henry.  I don't recall the details of the conversation at the top of my head, but just wanted to throw it out there that they have met once.  I'm not sure if Henry knew who he was, but I think Yevgeni introduced himself.  I can try to find the post(s) if interested.

#1974887 My Shouta Aizawa Cosplay! :D

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 26 February 2018 - 02:53 AM

The costume looks great, and that is a phenomenal price for the alteration! Do you know what method was used to fix it?

Good luck at Comic Con! Bring some pics back for us. xD