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Mystics Apprentice

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#1970892 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion [CLOSED]

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 17 January 2018 - 06:33 PM

I'll post as soon as I can. My new job is working me hard, so I haven't been able to post. Sorry everyone.

I totally understand.  Work can be so impeding on extracurricular activities such as roleplaying.  Take as much time as you need!  I'm sure that it'll be a great read worth the wait.

#1970827 Greetings!

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 16 January 2018 - 07:34 PM

Welcome to the community!  I'm glad that you decided to join us. : )  I hope that you enjoy it here and make lots of friends.  We're an exceptional lot here on this site, if I may say so myself, and have found it to be a very friendly and welcoming community.


Aqua is a terrific character, and one of my favorites as well.  I really appreciated that they broke up the norm for female protagonists with Aqua and inserted her as one of the main roles in Birth by Sleep.  In general, though, I thought Birth by Sleep was a terrific title to the series.  That's great that you have played the majority of the series!  As for 358/2 Days, I think you would be correct in watching the movie that comes with the collection.  The gameplay itself wasn't that memorable, in my opinion, and I mostly just played it for the story and cutscenes.  I felt that they added some great content into 1.5 for the game as well, so hopefully you find it matching your interests!


It was nice meeting you, and I look forward to seeing you around the forums. :)

#1970819 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion [CLOSED]

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 16 January 2018 - 07:09 PM

You waiting for Vaude to respond before doing more of the flashback? Just curious. xP




I hate how tired I am sometimes. .-.

Yes, I was indeed. :)  I think it was his turn?  Perhaps I lost track.  I'll go take a peek.


And tiredness is so annoying at times!  Just been too busy to rest?

#1970647 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion [CLOSED]

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 14 January 2018 - 07:58 PM


(Also, should I have Nergal return to Yevgeni in the present day, perhaps with a flashback prior, albeit masked again, as to remain hidden and act as a sort of, anonymous protector or something like that? You know, as per Yev's cover as the regent of Kilkis Seres, probably recommended to have protection with all this talk of Shiva's death going around. :P It would make sense for Nergal to still be with Yevgeni in some degree.)

Sure!  That sounds like a great idea.  I'm sure that Yev would be cautious about having Nergal too close in public, however, as he is in the public eye and he fears being the subject of suspicion.  The alliance between the two most certainly isn't over yet, and I think they're going to have many more interesting events going down very soon.



Its not even my health, more like emotional instability.

Oh, man, I'm sorry to hear it, Scrap. : (  It's really rough when life throws curveballs, and I'm sure that you've got a lot going on at the present.  If you ever need anything, even a listening ear or a shoulder to lean on, please PM me at any time, okay?  I've encountered a rough patch or two in life, and if I can help anyone else get through a rough time I would be glad to. : )

#1970630 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion [CLOSED]

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 14 January 2018 - 05:41 PM

So do I. Now I have an opportunity to bring him back.
I'l make a post in a bit, as soon as I start feeling better.

It will indeed be great to see our friendly neighborhood witcher return. :D

And I hope that you feel better soon! These nasty viruses are spreading like crazy lately.

#1970606 Overworld RP

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 14 January 2018 - 12:12 PM

--Queen Shiva --




Meanwhile . . . .


In the darkness of Shiva's room, where the succubus clutched her pillow and sobbed, the curtains fluttered as though ruffled by the wind.  None of the windows were open, so this was not a very plausible explanation.  If Eclaire's sinuses were cleared, she would recognize the scent of Shiva's perfume that she always wore: light, flowery, and elegant.


"Do not cry, child."


At the foot of the bed stood, indeed, the queen, dressed in a sleeveless gown of aqua-blue, complimenting her hair that fell in waves down her back.  A soft smile played on her pale lips as a curious glow enveloped her.  She was semi-transparent, and eventually Eclaire would probably realize that the woman was not fully present.  Shiva touched nothing, perhaps because she couldn't.


"You may recall that a small piece of me lives within you," Shiva explained, taking a step closer.  "That very piece is what made me able to cross barriers between realms and come visit you, and I am very much glad that it did.  Thank you, Eclaire.  How I wanted to see you again."  She clasped her hands together.  "My time, however, is brief.  As more time surges past from my death I feel myself slipping away from this world entirely."


"Before I leave, I must ask you one question: do you still, after all of this time, believe that you are a mistake?"


--Yevgeni Malachite -- The Meeting


The remaining band of troops gathered together along the Kilkis Seres campgrounds.  The men and women were shoulder to shoulder, many holding their helmets in front of them in mourning.  Not a face looked cheerful in the gathering, nor should they.  They lost their queen, but more than that, potentially the war.  What would happen to them next, their homes, their families?  They were plagued with sorrow, but most prominently, fear.  What happened next was unknown to them, but one thing was for certain: things were about to change.


The blond elf stood atop a pedestal--which in reality was a wooden crate--before the gathering, trading out his traditionally colored garb with a suit of solid black.  Before he even spoke it conveyed the message that the rumors were true: Shiva was indeed gone.


"Greetings, my friends.  How I wish I could meet with you under different circumstances, but alas I must bring you grave news.  Last night, Queen Shiva met with Lord Raiden of Mystras for a peace treaty.  This morning, her body was delivered to us by the same man, only it was not as alive as it was when it departed to meet with him.  That is correct: Queen Shiva is no more, which has left our hearts empty with a weight that no amount of time will ever be able to fully heal.


Yev remained silent for a moment, allowing this news to sink in, before continuing.


"Her departure was abrupt, and at a massively inopportune moment.  We are currently at war between the two worlds, something that has not occurred in over two millennia, and now we are left powerless and without a ruler.  Further, Prince Jynn, heir to the Kilkis Seres throne, is nowhere to be found.  He was gravely wounded during yesterday's battle, and it is uncertain whether he will even live to see Kilkis Seres through.  As such, it has been decreed that I will serve our nation as regent until Prince Jynn is able to accept appointment as king--if he attains such a state.


"I assure you that I will not allow us to suffer.  I will not let us be crippled and cast aside.  We will avenge our fallen queen, and Kilkis Seres will not be reduced to ash.  There is something that I feel you all should know, and that is there was a reason Her Majesty fell to the hands of our enemy this morning.  Her death meant the release of an age-old barrier, a barrier which severed our world from that of the human world below.  With her gone our worlds are now connected once more, and, as such, a magical strain has occurred.  Has anyone noticed the stillness in the air, the disappearance of living beings besides ourselves?  Our magic is being depleted to nourish the dying world below.  As a result, tragically, we may lose our very own world."


Murmurs escaped through the crowd, some escalating to shouts of protest.  One woman began to cry, while others swore to themselves.  Yevgeni raised a hand to silence them.


"I promise on my very life that I will not allow this loss to happen.  Our world will not perish, nor will the humans get their way.  We will find a way to sever our worlds for good, and I have a good idea of where we will begin.  First, I have initiated contact with our friends in the North.  They will want to know of this new threat that faces our world, and I am fairly confident that they will stand alongside us.  Second, we will plan to find and capture a druid by the name of Reginald Heathertoes.  As some may recall, he guised himself as a healer and served under our banner, but in reality he is playing both sides, wherever he can profit the most.  He aided King Alexander in placing this first barrier, and I have no doubts that he can aid us in our time of need.


"I will not further initiate combat with Mystras.  They have stepped out of line in taking our queen, and they expect us to fight back so that they can take us out even further and seize the throne.  We will not play into their hands.  It is time for us to fall back to Kilkis Seres and map out our next course of action.  Goodness knows enough blood has been spilt."  With that the elf bowed.  "Thank you."

#1970604 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion [CLOSED]

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 14 January 2018 - 11:11 AM

Oh Nergal better hope Eclaire never finds him.

Nergal really has quite the band of haters, doesn't he? xD  For some reason I can't get the vision out of my head of Soren, Raiden, Maxis, Eclaire, and Jynn all coming out with torches and pitchforks in the dead of night to give him what is due!

#1970558 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion [CLOSED]

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 13 January 2018 - 07:18 PM

.....Hi. xD

Now...I know that I am FRIGGIN’ 2 YEARS LATE ON THIS but...
I haven’t been in an RP for long while and I really want to get back into it.
So is it possible for me to join in on the story or is it a bad time? Just asking anyone in general.

Hey there, long time no see!  It is great to see that you are interested. : )  Unfortunately, however, we are nearing the end of the RP and I have closed the sign-ups to any new characters a few months ago (I apologize; I really should've edited the title).  I feel that it is a bit too late in the game to be able to get any new characters immersed and properly integrated into the story.  However, upon Overworld's closure there's the possibility that I might try to start up an epilogue, prequel, or potentially another original RP, likely within a few months.


Thanks again, and I apologize for the trouble.  I would've loved to RP with you again otherwise. :/

#1970549 Character Types You Like/Hate

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 13 January 2018 - 06:43 PM

I really like gray heroes, or antagonists that you can relate to and feel sorry for. I like most blue-haired characters (do they purposely do that . . . ?), and then characters that are sarcastically humorous and/or lazy but have a good heart.

What I greatly dislike are tsunderes, helpless damsels in distress, and, most especially, empty invincible male heroes that are there for the sake of the plot alone.

#1970359 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion [CLOSED]

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 10 January 2018 - 09:55 PM

*bows*, thank you kindly.  This was fun to perform, though it saddens me greatly that this had to happen to Shiva.  From start to finish she was among my favourite characters, and I felt rather ripped to shreds at the tail end.

To be honest I'm pretty bummed that Shiva had to die as well.  She has been a lot of fun to write, and perhaps one of my more interesting characters.  Her and Ren were two of my favorites, so figures that they both had to die!  I'm very glad to hear that you liked her, though.  It was difficult and yet rewarding to write a character with such an inner struggle and conflict of interests.


I decided to design his current outfit too. Enjoy


Oh, very nice indeed!  I especially like the design of the top.  How did you draw those flower-looking things?  They look so symmetrical and precise!

#1970307 Making My Own KH3 Sora Cosplay

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 10 January 2018 - 11:00 AM

I haven't made a Sora cosplay before, but I have made several cosplays over the years.  What I would recommend is making Sora's outfit into three separate pieces: shirt, jacket, and pants.  Try to find patterns that bear similarities to Sora's costume that you can alter, as that is considerably easier than working with solely your measurements and a piece of paper to sketch a pattern onto.  To save you a lot of time and possibly money, you could probably find a cheap v-neck t-shirt to serve as the undershirt so that you could just make the jacket and pants.  Sweatshirt fleece might be a good material for the pants, as it will have a slight stretch without being obnoxiously stretchy and shouldn't be too expensive.  You could probably patch on denim portions to replicate the look of Sora's pockets.


For the gloves, I'd recommend tracing your hand and arm on a piece of paper, widen it so that it fits looser like Sora's, and then just sew around the edges.  For this you may want to have a stretch fabric, or at least for the part around the hand (ideally a 4-stretch spandex).  Don't worry about doing any stitching around the finger area, as spandex doesn't fray and it will save you a lot of stress to avoid sewing the fabric down.


Good luck, and please do share pictures when you have it completed!

#1970243 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion [CLOSED]

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 09 January 2018 - 04:46 PM

Okay, time for a true update!  Thanks to Kunivas and Vaude (and myself, har har har), I have published the completed meeting by Lake Kresnik.  I will not go into details, as that will spoil things prematurely and we don't want that. : P  More will follow in regards to that scene, but it will be written in flashbacks within our RP posts, so as not to hold up everyone else and the progression of the RP.  Thank you all for your patience as you waited for me to get my act together and get all of this situated.  I hope that the break was refreshing and that everyone is ready to dive into the rest of what is to come!


You will find below the scene and spoiler tabs that I gave a quick summarization of where we, the players and characters, stand currently.  You're welcome to finish up anything that you had going on previously in flashbacks.  I apologize for the little to no notice for the six-hour timeskip, though I think it will be effective in kickstarting the RP again.  If anyone has any problems, though, just let me know and we can try to figure out something.


I think that pretty much sums up everything.  Thanks again, guys!  I'm excited to see where we take things for the grand finale.

#1970238 Overworld RP

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 09 January 2018 - 04:38 PM


The sun rose what seemed a different color that day.  Its vibrance dulled, its color deeper, illuminating not quite as brightly as it once had.  The air went still, and the animals of the Overworld went into hiding.  Flowers upon the ground shriveled and died within seconds.  Something was amiss, though very few knew what that precisely was.


The Overworld had lost a monarch that day, a figure who sought peace and order throughout the nation.  Word spread rapidly over the course of the morning, though the cause of her death was still shrouded in mystery.  It appeared that Queen Shiva had been murdered, though by whom would depend on whom you spoke to.  Some claim that Lord Raiden broke his promise and killed the woman upon their meeting, whereas others claim that it was the sentinel Soren, who had already once betrayed Shiva and was potentially still in league with Mystras.  Others claim that a mysterious man clad in the shadows murdered their beloved queen.  What story you believe is up to you, though your choice may heavily impact your future in the changing world you live in.


That morning Yevgeni Malachite, former retainer to King Alexander and current general, called forth a meeting with what remained of Kilkis Seres' encampment, to formally break the news of Queen Shiva's death.  In addition, he appoints himself regent of Kilkis Seres until Jynn's health improves and he assumes his role as the heir to the throne . . . should he assume it.  If you are within Kilkis Seres you are likely congregating for the meeting, or perhaps you have other plans to attend to.


Meanwhile back at the Mystran establishment, the rebellion force is regrouping and planning their next course of action.  With accusations on Raiden being Shiva's murderer during a parlay, some of his followers have been made uneasy.  Is Raiden still trustworthy, or are the stories of his deception true?  Will he really fulfill the promises that he made, should he win this war?  These are but some of the questions that may be running through your mind, though your next actions are your own, and whether you choose to stay or leave is entirely up to you.  Regardless, the world is now silent, but it won't last that way for long.  This is but the beginning of a chapter of chaos, and it is truly a mystery whether anyone is prepared for it.  If you are with Mystras you will have likely learned of the events from the previous night and Shiva's death, along with hearing the abundance of rumors that are spreading like wildfire.


Welcome, survivors, to the fourth and final arc of the RP!

#1969643 Will KH3 be delayed? No, seriously...

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 01 January 2018 - 11:30 AM

I would be surprised if Nomura and the development team didn't already know about the leaks.  It has become pretty well known that they exist on the Internet, and, real or not, I'm sure that someone has brought it to his attention.  As for delaying KHIII, I cannot imagine that would be a possibility for the leaks alone.  It would be punishing millions of fans just for the sake of teaching one person a lesson, which is really hard to imagine plus very unprofessional.  They would lose many fans and anger a lot of people.  Not to mention this would cost both Square and Disney money, which I seriously don't think they would want to pay just to teach one person a lesson.  I don't think companies can really take that approach when it comes to doing business; they have too much to consider.

#1969526 Games you played with your parents:)

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 30 December 2017 - 05:43 PM

My mom and I played practically my entire Nintendo collection together. :) So many great times and wonderful memories. I think most notably we played Kirby, Mario Kart 64, and Ocarina of Time. We also had a huge blast playing Gauntlet Legends for the N64 with my uncle.