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#1959556 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 17 August 2017 - 08:18 PM

I'm not against the war. It's more that Aqua wasn't able to grow as much as I wanted her to. Then she's against the war and fighting. Aqua still hasn't even picked a side yet. The one thing that could be of importance to this war is something she hasn't even got to learn yet. A lot of my plans for her never played out at all. I had a plan and it got ruined and now I'm confused on what to do.

Hmm, I see . . . .  I feel that the timeskip did mess things up for a lot of people in terms of their planning, to which I do apologize for.  It's difficult to have plans lined up and then they get destroyed by the course in which the RP takes.  It was a choice of either taking much more time to develop things fully, or take a rather large leap and continue the momentum of the RP.  Maybe I will take this into greater consideration next time I perform a timeskip.  I have feared too much stagnancy, however, as that is how I've often seen RPs die, and I'm really trying to prevent that by keeping things moving forward, y'know?


One difficulty with Overworld is the rather large overlying plot, and then all of the other intricate individual plots that each character supports.  I think it requires the player to spend a lot of time immersing themselves with other characters, themselves, and growing their individual while trying to continue rolling with the story.  I agree that it seems Aqua missed out on a lot of that, which probably isn't playing to her advantage now.  The best thing would be to try to establish that some growth occurred over the course of the RP and try to define her as she would be now and how you want her to be, though it might take some time and careful thinking to decide on these matters.


If I can help let me know. : )

#1959550 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 17 August 2017 - 07:44 PM

I'm becoming emotionally prepared for when/if Helios meets Ren because it's going to be emotional

I feel that their meeting will be imminent, what with Ren mentioning Helios to Meksis and Helios mentioning Ren to Soren.  It's only going to be a matter of time before either--or both--connect the dots, and boy will that be a messy and heartfelt reunion!  Even I am uncertain of how it will proceed, though I have a few ideas, both of which will be very emotional.

Then I might as well quit this Roleplay, cause I'll literally not be able to for a whole arc. :/

I truly don't understand what the issue is here.  From what I gather, it looks like you dislike battles in general.  That is fine, which is why I was giving you an out and saying that you didn't have to fight if you didn't want to, but instead could interact with the NPCs, or other characters without fighting if you so wish.  I wasn't trying to be rude, but rather proffer an alternative if you're not having fun.  You mentioned that you don't really see the need for bosses, and I thought by telling you that they wouldn't affect your character that it would help you not be concerned by them.


Also, I should add that the war isn't going to be for an entire arc like the other RP arcs have been.  It's only going to go on for a few more weeks in real time, probably.  A short duration considering the whole length of the RP thus far.


It would be a shame to see you leave, but I don't really know what to say.  I want to accommodate you and help you enjoy the RP, but I can't change the full design and ruin it for other people either.

#1959540 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 17 August 2017 - 07:28 PM

I really don't think that bosses are needed, add em if you want to. Just don't go over the top.

I feel that they would be useful, and I will determine how many we end up using, but thank you for your input nonetheless. You don't have to participate in the war if you don't want to, by the way. I don't foresee it lasting very long. Also, I wanted to add that you won't be affected by these bosses because they are aiding Kilkis Seres anyway, if that helps any.

#1959527 Who should be the one to finish off Xehanort?

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 17 August 2017 - 06:07 PM

I feel like it should be Sora, for the same reason as Felixx mentioned above.  The series started with Sora, and I feel like this epic battle between Xehanort and Sora has been culminating for quite some time.

#1959525 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 17 August 2017 - 06:04 PM

Can't guarantee Jynn will lose a limb (especially since he can't recover a hand since the story doesn't take place in a technologically advanced setting), but he might get injured in some way. Dunno, we'll see how it plays out. :P



It'll be a mystery, that is for certain, but I'm looking forward to this duel of sorts!  What I'm not looking forward to is the conversation Shiva would have with Raiden when their peace conference starts.


"You cut up my baby boy!"

"He came at me with a sword!"

"Not an excuse!"

If Jynn came out injured in any way Shiva would have a hissy fit. : P  I don't know if it's because she's been a mother for far too long, but she's ultra protective of her boy and would probably go into berserk mode at the person who did it.  I mean, she already freaked out bad enough as it was because of his eye.

#1959513 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 17 August 2017 - 05:42 PM

Alastor doesn't stand a chance.

I don't know . . . .  Somehow I don't see Alastor wetting his pants at the sight of the kitsune. : P

#1959511 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 17 August 2017 - 05:40 PM

It would be funny to see Alastor vs Jynn actualy. Both are heavy lightning users. Imagine the collateral.



Also Henry vs Nergal is gonna be an extremely fun fight for me.

Personally, I'm waiting to see Alastor vs Jari. xD

#1959489 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 17 August 2017 - 10:53 AM

Well for the Wendigo boss I would offer a guy looking like this
with a size of 35 feet tall, compared to a standard 6 foot soldier like this. His abilities would include:

  • Very strong stench of decay
  • Its size
  • Its claws
  • Its very sharp teeth to nom on people
  • High resistance to pain
It would cause quite a stir
Cool, thanks for getting this together. : ) How about a 26 rating? I'm thinking the center flank may be best since they need the most help, plus that's where Morana was.

I will be using the werewolf known as Fenrir.
Very strong
Capable of quick regeneration (to a certain degree)
He uses brute strength to overcome his enemies.

Well, after they are done with the werewolf maybe the Queen could challenge both of them, they would be hurt and tired after fighting the huge werewolf and Shiva could get the final blow on one of the siblings.

Sounds great! Maybe a 28 for the regeneration factor? I'll try to figure out which flank in a bit; I'm at work presently.

Why do we need bosses? Wars aren't like rpgs.

I'm sorry, though I'm not seeing any correlation here? The main reason I'm looking for bosses for Kilkis Seres is because they have fewer characters, and a number of them are inactive. I'm kind of trying to compensate for the lack thereof. Besides, a good challenge is always fun.

I'll post today, but not yet. I'm in the middle of some heavy lifting tasks in the house, thus preoccupied, but it will come.

Overworld is a place brimming with super-powered demigods, some much stronger than others. They're essentially the Heavies, the Elites, the Juggernauts I dare say, they provide a significant challenge to the combatants.
Plus, this isn't the real world, so...

Sounds good! Good luck with the housework. : )

#1959199 This kind of talk adds in fear but yet makes feel determined to do so

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 14 August 2017 - 06:42 PM

I greatly think that you can be an adult and still be a kid at the same time.  Just because you age doesn't mean that you should change who you are.  There are some people who just don't like to shop, aren't interested in dating, and have interests in other places, and that's perfectly fine.  While I do have adult responsibilities and live on my own, I don't go out for nights at the bar with my colleagues, or do things that I'm generally disinterested in.  A good time to me is gaming, watching anime or movies, writing, or being creative somehow.  Pretty much the same things that I used to love as a kid.  I used to think that I had to give up things, too, and sometimes I still feel crushed by peers who are so different from me and make me feel immature.  It's hard because a lot of adults forget their inner child as they age, and are generally uninteresting people.  I haven't found anyone like me in the real world except for online, so it means I'm pretty isolated in my likings and beliefs.  You just have to hold on to who you are, regardless of how people try to make you conform.  There's nothing that says you have to be like everyone else.


Good luck!

#1958819 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 11 August 2017 - 05:39 PM

 you can have it opened on many tabs. 

^This is my secret tactic to responding every time. ;)

#1958369 Overworld RP

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 08 August 2017 - 09:19 PM

--Elia Cabret -- Right Flank (Kilkis Seres' right, Mystras' left) -- Kilkis Seres--


The thought of battle had once excited her, though now in the thick of it she wasn't particularly keen on the ghastly sights of blood spraying and screams of fellow and villainous soldiers alike.  Fear tore at her as her lip quivered, but she tried to be strong.  This wasn't Elia's first battle, no, not by far.  This was the first time that she was experiencing war, however, and it wasn't as innocent and cheerful as her mind had envisioned it to be from the stories.


Elia wasn't one designed for up-close combat, so the very best she could do was hold her own in the back with the rest of the healers.  She reached for her bow slung behind her back and notched an arrow, enchanting it with haste magic before allowing it to fly quickly into an enemy soldier.  The arrow met its target dead on, causing the soldier to fly back by the sheer force of its speed.  If she could remain this far behind, the battle would hopefully not be so bad.


--Queen Shiva -- Center Flank: Kilkis Seres--


The queen wasn't shy; she stood firm in the front lines, in the center flank and leading her comrades into battle.  She rose her silver longsword and emitted a battle cry, before charging in to the opposing army atop her unicorn.  Her pale-blue braid whipped around her shoulder and flew behind her like a ribbon, as she raised and drew down her sword in a brutal and yet graceful manner.  With a wave of her hand, two ice barriers appeared along both sides of her ride, protecting her from any side attacks that could've otherwise been fatal blows.


I can do this, she thought to herself as she froze an enemy soldier in place with the hilt of her sword, before shattering him with its blade.  So long as I do not have to face him, we can win.


--Yev Malachite -- Left Flank: Kilkis Seres--


The blond shifted atop his white horse, royal-blue robes cascading along its side.  It would potentially pose a danger later if entangled, though he wasn't yet ready to shed it until such a problem arose.  He closed his eyes and placed two fingers along his rapier's blade, causing it to flash a vivid shade of violet before holding a strangely charged glow.  Digging his heels into his horse, he moved forward into battle, though albeit not at such a fast pace as those in the front lines.


Despite hanging in the rear, it wasn't long before he was greeted with enemy resistance.  He parried a blast of lightning magic with his sword, the blade glowing brighter as it absorbed the magic.  With a flick of his rapier, the blade released it, knocking the soldier from its ride in what Yev presumed to be death.  He continued to ride onward, following a short and yet safe distance behind the lead of his flank.


--Ren Mordecai -- Left flank (Mystras' left, Kilkis Seres' right): Mystras--


With every fallen enemy Ren was excited.  He so badly wanted to turn into a dragon right then and there and provide Kilkis Seres with the thrashing that they deserved, but he tried to refrain.  It was still too early in the game for him to exhaust himself.


He eventually caught up with Raiden, slightly in awe of the damage that the Mystran leader had managed to pull off.


"My goodness," he started, giving a quick glance around them at the decapitated soldier.  "For a peaceful ruler, you certainly know how to fight."


A soldier rounded on them, to which Ren responded to by withdrawing his wind edged blade.  He rose it above his head, to which his own magic fueled the weapon and shot forth a strong gust of wind.  The soldier stumbled back, falling off his horse and to the ground.  No injury befell his foe, but he did scuttle away and decide not to pursue further.


--Everyth Castanova and Curvis Sourati -- Right flank: Mystras--


Entrusting the girl with a wyvern wasn't the brightest of ideas, and yet she was entirely enthralled with flight.


Everyth swooped in and around on her flying stead, silver longsword in hand, thrashing enemies brutally with both her weapon and her dark magic.  Eventually she came in to greet the rest of her flank below, saving Curvis from getting severely burnt by an opposing fire mage and knocking him back.  When the brunet glared up at her furiously she merely pouted.


"What?  I was saving your life."


Curvis merely shook his head and rode his horse forward, muttering something along the lines of "Show off" as he went.  He had always hated the witch, and wasn't particularly fond of being separated from those whom he did know.  It was bad enough that he was fighting a war that he despised.


As he rode the sound of weak moaning caught his attention.  To his left was a young girl with aqua-blue hair, skin as pale as a ghost.  A ghastly wound afflicted her side, her clothing soaked with blood.  Something about the sight left him queasy, causing him to steer off-course and see to the woman.


"It's all right," he soothed, moving toward her as she whimpered, pointing to him as her lips moved inaudibly.  He reached over to study her wound and bit his lip by his findings: it was deep, and there was essentially no way that he could stop the blood.  He tore his Mystran cape and held it to her side, his eyes imploring her to stay alive.


"W--why . . . ?" she asked weakly, her gaze shifting from his armor to his face.  She reached up toward his breastplate, and it was in that instant he realized why she was so hesitant.


He was her enemy.


"No one deserves to suffer," he told her.


At this a tear ran down her cheek, her hand falling in its place.  He quickly snatched it up, holding it firmly and yet tenderly.  "I--I'm afraid," she whispered, lips dry with crusted blood.  It took all of Curvis' willpower to remain calm, to sit and hold her gingerly as she passed, to none other than blades of his own.  It wasn't fair, none of it, especially that such a young and tender-hearted woman would have to die.  Sure, she signed up for this, but had she really?


Curvis shook as he set her body down on the ground, muttering a silent prayer of peace to the fallen.  He moved backward into a fellow Mystran soldier, who merely nodded and continued on his merry way.  Fury bit into the brunet as he mounted his horse, riding to catch up with the others.


--Alderon Niles -- Center Flank: Mystras--


The king rode his heavy-set war horse, Javelin, up to Mariel and Sifrei, pausing as he patted his ride's neck.  Yes, the horse was truly his, brought from the world below for the fight above.  While marvelous steads were proffered to the king, none would befit him as his very own that had been with him through thick and thin.  The horse was built rather differently than those of the Overworld, but it didn't matter to him.


"Very good, both of you," he commended, nodding toward the two angels.  "Let today be one of proven unity between our races, despite our differences aeons ago.  We need to build a strong defense and keep the queen's armies from infiltrating past our line.  Let us allow the capture of Her Highness to the storm troopers and hold our position, shall we?"

#1958306 Overworld RP

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 08 August 2017 - 04:06 PM


The sun beat red against the soldiers' armor as they rode out for war, near as red as the blood that was undoubtedly going to be shed that day.  The leaves of the forests' trees rustled overhead, with not a single animal to be traced.  It seemed as though they could eerily detect the foreboding battle ahead.


Across the way stands your opponents, whether they be under the banner of Kilkis Seres, or the rebellion of Mystras.  They met you halfway on your march, as many of you have predicted, just south of the village of Milos.  While this confrontation is likely earlier than your expectations of war, you are still prepared and well-armed for combat.


Below is the battle formations for this war.  Please remain in your flank, for your fellow teammates rely on you.  Should you choose to leave at a later time, try to keep the potential vulnerability of your teammates in mind.


The storm troopers, consisting of six elite NPCs and Alastor, Henry, and Rabiyu, will participate in their own flank, between the center flank and the one on the right (Shiva and Maxis' flanks).  Should they get pushed back, they would result in being separated into their respective flanks of Mystras.


Flank 1                                                                    Flank 2                              Flank 3


There are three healers in each flank, which reside at the back of the battlefield.  Once they are eliminated, however, you will have to rely on your own resourcefulness for survival.


Current healers standing:

Kilkis Seres: Left flank (3); Center flank (3), Right flank (2+Elia).

Mystras: Left flank (3); Center (3); Right (3).



Pushing an enemy back will be determined by me and announced.  Until you receive an announcement, do not assume that you have made further ground on your enemy.  You may challenge any combatant in the flank opposing you, though there are some special battle rules, as well as rank.


The rules are as follows:



Exclusive Battle Rules


  1. No killing off characters without the permission of the player controlling that character.
  2. No controlling other people’s characters.
  3. No auto hits
  4. Please keep battle posts within 1-2 reasonably sized paragraphs, with no more than roughly 250-500 words, and a minimum of five sentences.  Short posts are key to quicker responses.
  5. The player that you engage in combat has 72 hours to respond with a counter-attack.  If the player doesn’t respond within that time frame, that player will sustain an injury and that battle will be forfeit.
  6. Please be reasonable in sustaining damage.  This is war, where people will be injured, retreat, and, yes, die.  Some characters will likely not make it through the war.  Invincibility will only increase the duration of battle and make it less enjoyable for everyone.  There will be medics on either side of the battlefield, or at least until they are eliminated.  Once damaged to a certain extent, you will have the option of attempting a retreat or risk being killed by your opponent.  I will trust everyone’s judgment on when to call it quits, but if I see a character avoiding too much or taking too much damage without being healed/dying, I will call it out and they may not receive the same freedom throughout the rest of the war with their character(s).  Please don’t abuse this rule.
  7. Battle formation has been determined and will be placed in flanks.  You will have a starting point and objective in your position.  You will have the option of moving from your position, but be wary that this may leave your flank vulnerable and cause complications for your allies.  A shortage on one flank may lead to harm.
  8. Blood and some gore is still permitted, though please keep the rating at PG-13 for the sake of KH13.
  9. Please follow the battle rating system provided above.  This will determine how many characters that you can take on in a fight at a time based on your abilities in combat.

And, of course . . . .  Your battle rating.  These rankings are really only meant to determine how many opponents that you can take on at once, and do not mean that a character with a higher rank will demolish one of a lower.



Battle Ratings (5-30):


Legend: 5-9: 1 normal-lvl NPC, or 1 player. 10-15: 2 normal-lvl NPCs, or 1 player; 16-20: 3 NPCs, or 1-2 players; 21-29: 4-5 normal-lvl NPCs, or 2 players.  30: 6 normal-lvl NPCs, 3-4 players.


Alastor 30

Alderon Niles 18

Alex Marz 15

Alicia Kross 20

Aqua Lumen 14

Ask’Raziel 21

Arthur Gancelot 17

Aura Aeternum 14

Aurion Aeternum 14

Bherna Lao – not participating

Curvis Sourati 9

Dawson 15

Draksis Gunther 18

Eclaire Tonnerre 21

Effie Becker – not participating

Eliltari (Rabiyu) 24

Elia Cabret 6

Everyth Castanova 18

Gelabrous Skid – not participating

Henry Hansees 24

Helios regular: 18 morphed: 20-28 (dependent on form)

Jari Coriander 6

Jarrod Swanson – not participating

Jeremy Hunter 16

Jynn Venas 22

Lorleana (Raiden’s general) 21

Mariel 21

Maxis 24

Meksis 24

Midnea – not participating

Mikhail 15

Morana 15

Nergal 26

Neena Mors – not participating

Nihil – 5-30 (wild card)

Raiden (Odin) 28

Raleigh Marin 16

Ren Mordecai regular: 18, dragon: 30

Rhaedyn Thane 30

Roger Becker – not participating

Ryonne Neyelmnik – not participating

Rufus Contralto 8

Shiva de la Alexandria 28

Sifrei Mond 21

Soren Monroe 21

Takao Izanami 18

Typhon 21

Vark – not participating

Veronica Ryo – not participating

Viridem Hangin – not participating

Visco Niles – not participating

Xion Izanami 15

Yevgeni Malachite 24


Best of wishes to you all, and may good fortune smile upon you on this day!

#1958198 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 07 August 2017 - 07:50 PM

So do we continue posting until someone triggers the battle, or are you going to make a post that does that? Just out of curiosity.

What I'll do is create an intro post in the roleplay thread where the war begins, with all the details needed and all that good stuff.  From there you will have the ability to initiate combat with either NPCs or your opponents of the flank opposite you.  A flank won't successfully push back another flank or make progress against the opposing army until announced by me (i.e. a post stating that flank "such-and-such" has pushed enemy lines further back, et cetera), but you are free to combat your opponents at will.


Hope that makes sense. : )

#1958018 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 06 August 2017 - 12:04 PM

Okay, guys; this is tentatively what we're looking at in terms of battle formations.  The strategy may vary slightly depending on what I hear from Vaude and Kunivas, but this should be what each group looks like, whom they will consist of, and whom you will face off against:



I tried to balance out each group, though there are obviously going to be a few that are going to be a little tougher to beat.  There will also be additional NPCs on each team, as well as healers in the back.  I highlighted the guys in red that I wasn't sure if they would be participating or not.  If they are, they would be in the listed group.


Hope that all looks okay!

#1958007 Overworld RP

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 06 August 2017 - 08:40 AM

--Queen Shiva -- leaving Kilkis Seres--


Shiva shifted her stead to face her son, surprise apparent on her pallid face.  It was wonderful to hear those words, to meet those eyes so very much like her own and yet so different.  She extended a hand to grasp his own, giving it a tight squeeze.


"I am so sorry, Jynn," she said softly.  "What I've done--everything I'm doing--is for the best for our futures.  I saw no reason to bring you into something that you didn't necessarily need to be apart of.  I've wanted to protect you, truly."


Of course, this all had already been said; there was no point rehashing a discussion that neither could come to a mutual agreement upon.  Still, he loved her, and she loved him.  That, out of everything, was what mattered most.


"When this is over, there will be no more secrets.  I will tell you everything, whether it be something you need to know or not."  We'll even talk about your father, she thought to herself, though she couldn't bring herself to speak of Raiden now.  Not when they were about to face him on the battlefield.


"No matter what happens," Shiva added softly, giving her son a sideways glance.  "Please know that no one is more dear to my heart than you, my beloved son.


"As for our troops, let us stay together, at least for the time being.  We may need to re-strategize depending on what happens in the battle ahead, but I am hoping to keep our numbers strong, and to force Raiden's troops back as far as possible.  Knowing Raiden, he must already know that we are on our way, and will try to meet us before we make it to Mystras.  Should that happen, I would hate for you and some troops to meet his entire resistance alone.  He would capture you and attempt to force my hand.  No, it would be best for us to stay together."


Moments later, Dawson came popping up, pronouncing his desire to join the war.  She watched the young palico reunite with her son, a smile breaking through the ice.  "Very well, your aid is most welcome.  Dawson, isn't it?  Welcome back.  It will be good for the prince to work alongside you."


--Elia Cabret -- En route to Mystras--


"Well, okay," she said solemnly, giving Jari a long, saddened look.  "I'm sure that Snow would like you, though.  He's very, very nice."  At this Elia grasped the horse's snout, to which it neighed and shook its head furiously, nostrils flared.  Truthfully it seemed rather displeased by Elia, but she mistook it as a gesture of playfulness and laughed.


The raven-haired fairy nodded toward Morana and Jari, slowly riding away.  "Well, I guess I will be seeing both of you around.  Take care, now, and try not to fight!"  With that she kicked off into the sky with Snow, joining the other pegasus knights in flight.


--King Alderon -- In Mystian Library with Midnea--


The king knelt on the marble flooring before Midnea and the chess set, his smile reaching the corners of his eyes, where wrinkles were starting to form.  The past few years of stress and anguish had done a number on the human king, where age was slowly creeping along his strong form.  Something that Midnea would never experience, and yet would watch upon Alderon.  "Ah, an advisor in the royal court, and yet you have never picked up a chess set?  But then I suppose our society does take ill to women having any sort of sense when it comes to battle.  What fools."


He grasped one of Midnea's hands from her lap, looking up into her eyes from where he knelt.  "I know that I have been busy lately and haven't given you my proper attention, but when this is over I plan to change that.  There is so much that I desire to show you, to teach you, to share with you"--he nodded in the direction in the chess set with a chuckle--"including chess.  I will come back from this alive, milady.  You have my word."


He rose from his place on the floor, leaning forward and offering Midnea a brief kiss, his whiskers rough.  It lasted but for a moment, before he stood and turned on heel, his armored boots clicking along the floor and announcing his departure almost as loudly as his arrival.


--Curvis Sourati -- Raiden's Villa--


The brunet's lips were in a fine line as he listened to what Arthur had to say, eyes shadowed as he kept his head low.  Yes, he was under the same delusion that the rest were under, that he himself had been under for far too long.  There would be no convincing him otherwise, he knew.


"I see your point, Arthur," Curvis said finally.  "But, could it be that we're fighting nature?  Trying to survive when the human race is supposed to go extinct?  Of course, I want to live.  I want our great great great grandchildren to have a place to call home, but at what cost are we willing to purchase this redemption?"


Curvis rose from the ground abruptly, brushing off his pants from pollen and grass.  He finally met his friend's eye, his widening upon what he found: fear.  Arthur was afraid.  Curvis was afraid, too.  It had suddenly occurred to him how very small that they both were in this massive universe, in this very conflict that had been building up for hundreds of years.


He clapped Arthur on the shoulder, a faint smile waning on his face.  "Thanks, Arthur, truly.  You know that I'm looking out for you, too."