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#1940576 Will KH3 Release Before RE:FF7 or After?

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on Today, 12:38 PM

I'm pretty sure that part one of the Final Fantasy VII remake is going to release before KH3.  It hasn't been that long since they announced it, but they seem more eager to talk about the remake in contrast to KH3.  I have a feeling that they're prioritizing the FF7R because 1) there are so many FF fans and it would be an instant money-maker, and 2) They are releasing the game in multiple parts and probably want to get fans hooked with the first installment.  In general I feel that Square tends to focus around Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts is often placed secondary.  While I know KH3 had been announced earlier, there is no telling how far in development they were with FF7R before it was announced.


In addition, there's less originality needed for FF7R to be released.  They already have a basic frame to work with for the game, whereas KH3 is entirely new, from scratch, with an entire plot and worlds to develop.  While there is indeed a lot of work that is going to be placed into FF7--which I'm not doubting slightly--it is probably going to be significantly less than starting an all-new game from scratch.

#1940300 I Think Once Upon A Time Should End!

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 25 April 2017 - 09:12 AM

I have really enjoyed this show over the course of several years and would hate to see it get cancelled.  I would, however, like to see it end before things get whacky and for it to end on a decent note.  I think season six is the perfect close to this chapter in the story.  While I've enjoyed seeing it year after year, I agree that this is rather "final" and that it would be best not to continue.


Having said that, this is supposedly the end of this series arc.  While there may be a season 7 in the making they do not plan to follow the same plot course as they are now, or even hold all of the same characters.  They were talking about doing a season 7 with Regina, Gold, Emma, and Hook specifically, but no others were mentioned.  They wanted to go in a different direction, which could be dangerous if you ask me.  You can view my sources here and here.


My hope is that they wrap everything up well for this season, however.  I don't want some gnawing cliff-hanger of an ending where you don't know where people are going to end up going.

#1940115 Kingdom Hearts 15th Anniversary limited merchandise is available for pre-orde...

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 24 April 2017 - 10:25 AM

To further celebrate the 15th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts this year, 7Net is offering exclusive Kingdom Hearts merchandise from Japan. All items are currently available for pre-order and are releasing on a variety of dates, ranging from June 23 2017 to August 23 2017. You can see some images of the available products for sale below:

4589588431506 main L4589588431803 main L4589588438581 main El4589588438604 main El4589588439298 main L4901771115015 1 sub1 LPrint4901771115022 main El4901771115039 main El4939560482536 1 sub1 L4939560482536 main L4939560482543 1 sub1 El4939560482543 main L4939560482550 main El4939560482567 main El4589588438574 main L4939560482529 main L4901771115046 main El4992272818765 main El

A list of release dates and prices of items available from 7Net are as follows:
  • Acrylic pen stand sets priced at 4,000 yen, releasing on July 20, 2017
  • Keyblade key covers priced at 800 yen, releasing on August 19, 2017
  • Muffler towel two-piece set priced at 1,000 yen, releasing on August 23, 2017
  • Kingdom Hearts 15th Anniversary Design iPhone 7 hybrid mirror case priced at 2,780 yen, releasing on June 23, 2017
  • iPhone 7 cases in an assortment of designs priced at 2,180 yen, releasing on June 23, 2017
  • iPhone 7 Plus cases in an assortment of designs, priced at 2,280 yen, releasing on June 23, 2017
  • iPhone 6/6s cases in an assortment of designs priced at 2,180 yen, releasing on June 23, 2017
  • Two-stage lunchbox priced at 3,000 yen, releasing on July 13, 2017
  • Kingdom Hearts 15th Anniversary Design mugs priced at 1,800 yen, releasing on July 13, 2017
  • Noodle pots priced at 1,800 yen, releasing on July 13, 2017
Other Kingdom Hearts iPhone cases have been offered in the past, as well as Kingdom Hearts themed iPad cases that have been announced more recently.

Kingdom Hearts shirts and acrylic key rings are coming to the Japanese clothing store PONEYCOMB for the Kingdom Hearts 15th Anniversary as well.

Click here to view the article

#1939964 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 23 April 2017 - 01:43 PM

If I could i'd give Yevgeni a high five...
He and Henry would get along nicely. What with one being more Loose in terms of following Rules and Henry's total disregard for them.

To be honest I could actually see them getting along quite nicely, even if Yev is a mite arrogant. xD. There's something similar about them, though things will get complicated when he finds out the familiarity he senses in Henry is actually Ariana, let alone if he finds out he killed her. He, ah, had an interesting relationship with her, one of unrequited love.

#1939372 Which Keyblade Master would you like to be trained by?

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 19 April 2017 - 04:06 PM

I think I would like to be apprenticed under Riku.  He just seems like a reasonable and down-to-earth kind of person, who seems easy to relate to and be able to learn from.  He's been on both sides of the fence, having once embraced darkness and now walks the path of light, which I think would make him a pretty interesting person to train under, not to mention humble.

#1938471 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 13 April 2017 - 04:28 PM

The Overwatch Uprising Event has gotten me in its grasp and firmly so, hence my absence. :P


Rest assured, I will post within the week for Soren and Meksis. As for Nergal, I'm contemplating on his next course of action, as what he has in mind is a tall order, but it would fit with what you have in mind, Mystics. Possibly.


Also, can I just say, Curvis devouring what seems to be a rather exotic quiche amused me greatly. xD

Not a problem.  I really look forward to seeing what you have in mind for Nergal, too.  I see a lot of potential with his character.  In fact, I keep meaning to PM you about some possibilities for him, as well as see what you have in mind for his character and motives.  I might just have a job for him. : P


And thank you!  Curvis says that it's to die for, though I'm a little skeptical. : P  I don't think we have eggs like that here in our world, which probably aren't even from chickens.




I can feel the intensity from here. xD

#1938454 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 13 April 2017 - 01:55 PM

Ah, Aqua. I'm happy to see everyone willing to help her/me out! I'm not sure what her role is yet. I have plans still! I just..uh have a few ideas that depend on something happening and depending on that..well, you'll see! Eh heheh~ Oh, I'll put up a reply tomorrow around 12ish my time.

Oh, good!  I'm glad to hear that some of our suggestions might have helped, and if you have some ideas that you want help implementing with plot development, et cetera, feel free to let me know your thoughts either here or in a PM and I can help you make it happen, if possible. :)



Thanks Mystic! :3


I used like I think 4-5, maybe 6 different pencils to draw that skull drawing. I liked how it turned out though :)

I like to draw on paper the most & I've done some drawings that are in my gallery on here too, but those drawings were mainly just for fun when I drew them :P If I feel a strong passion for a drawing of mine or an idea for a great drawing I'll keep working on it until it's to my liking, then after that I'll look at it a few times over before deciding on if I should make any refinements to finish it off. All my drawing skills started with me drawing pokemon & DBZ stuff haha xD I got way more drawings too by the way haha xD   


About the RP's life span, are we seriously that close to the end? :P I feel like we're still somewhere to almost being near half way or something :P Is it okay if I see the timeline of the last remaining main events &/or arcs as to better plan out my characters developments Mystic? I'm starting to feel like I might not be able to finish some character's developments in time if we're nearing the end so quickly :P plus we still got loads of stuff to talk over concerning 5 of me characters :P unless your plan is to create a massive brawl battling arc where all the characters are fighting it out with everyone risking everything in a last ditch effort battle to end it all, if so then I might need to change a few things in my head for this haha xD


As for me last post, there'd be no doubt that Midnea would be the one to tell the king of Sondon about the world above after she was sentenced to live there forever. She wouldn't stay quiet knowing they did this to her :P & King Alderon doesn't know everything about Midnea, the things she kept secret from him are - he doesn't know she's a fey (Midnea ages now from her punishment & feys don't age after adulthood so she's able to cover this info up well), or the fact she was once a ruler within the Overworld, or that she was the one to cursed Visco, or that she was sentenced to his world to live a mortal life forever there because she broke the rules of their world, or of her bending magic, there could be more but those are the main ones so far. However she would've had to reveal the fact that she was just some witch come down from the world above to him in order to get him to start believing in it's existence. Of course this didn't come to trusting her at first but that quickly changed when he's daughter Visco was cursed along with the 3 feys proving themselves indeed from the world above which quickly lead to her words becoming ever more into truth. Soon leading Midnea into becoming his royal advisor for more knowledge of the world above & her rituals that could aid his men with magic against his enemies but at a cost of a fey's life. To which the experiments followed later on. Midnea would have gained much trust from the king over the course of 7 years with her helpful advice & helpful rituals for his wars, that much should be true.


As for her hesitance to go to the world above, I'm afraid you got the wrong idea in that moment :P she didn't want to go because she feared that her presence would cause her king great trouble with the rulers of the Overworld simply because she isn't meant to be allowed to return or remain within that world anymore because of her sentence, thus she would have been forced back to the world below or risk greater judgement. However currently knowing that Raiden wishes to have this alliance with king Alderon means that Midnea will be tagging along, even if Raiden is aware of her rule breaking of her sentence he may have to look away on her presence at bit in order to keep this alliance, kinda like knowing one shouldn't be there but for the sake of a goal looks the other way.   


I'm not sure if we really need to change anything but if you see anything you'd like to change here just tell me & we'll work at it K Mystic? :)

Oh yeah! Mystic, Scrap has been waiting for you to post a reply for the Duke of Helvadore being Sir Reynold, I think you might have forgotten about that so... yeah haha xD

They are quite impressive indeed; thank you for sharing your artwork.  There is something magnificent about greyscale and pencil sketches that digital art cannot capture.  You are very talented. : )


As for the timeline: we are about halfway through the RP, but close enough to the end that I feel we need to keep our character roster where it is.  Originally I was finding ways to fit all characters into the plot and story, but with the new additions I'm failing to keep up with everyone and find situations to fit each character, so I'm choosing to close off new characters this late in the game.  I would love to focus on continuing to build on what we have as opposed to introducing something new.  Hope that makes sense.


The way things are rolling, I'm guessing this RP could go on for even another year, though I am hoping to finish it by the end of 2017.  It really depends on our speed and how fast some stages progress.  As for a timeline, I don't want to share everything because of, well, intrigue purposes, but to give you a rough idea:




It's very vague, I know, but this should at least give you an idea of events that are still to come to help you plan pacing.  Were these the punishers that you had wanted to introduce later on?  I'm still good with them coming, despite sign-ups closing.


As for the Duke of Helvadoria and Alex: I thought I was waiting on Scrap. :P  I was sifting through the RP pages but couldn't find his response for Alex . . . .  I'll try to look again.  Thanks for bringing this to my attention.


Typhon right now: "I feel like a new man." In the most flat and dry tone possible.

Meanwhile Henry is going to try to strike a deal with Shiva.
He has most info on Alderon (he did disguise himself and attended the feast they had after all).

If shiva doesn't accept his deal then well. Henry is gonna have to strike out on his own then.

You will see what I mean as soon as Shiva replies and Henry can explain.

And Henry can be interpreted as fearless and cunningly pragmatic. Or just plain cocky and with a quick wit. Or just plain stupid, up to you.

Shiva's kind of one of those "my way or the highway" kind of individuals, so I wish Henry the utmost of luck. :P  He might have to crack a few fairy skulls to escape this one.


Aw man. Sabre got my idea. I was thinking of a dragon at Isopolis too........ Oh well.

I think Sabre was referring to Ren the drakon/dragon escaping Isopolis.  Isopolis is a forbidden shrine seeming to cover a mass amount of space (far more than the shrine should be capable of), with objects and mysteries even Shiva is wholly unaware of.  It may or may not play a role later.  I kind of had some ideas for it, but I feel like I'm branching off all over the place so I might scrap it for now.

#1938015 Which Final Fantasy minigame would be fun to see in Kingdom Hearts?

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 10 April 2017 - 07:04 PM

I'm going to have to join the "anything but Blitzball" club.  I hated that minigame so much. :P


Personally I'd enjoy seeing the Chocobo racing, especially if you get to ride a Chocobo as Sora and actually compete.  

#1937882 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 09 April 2017 - 05:33 PM

A couple of quick announcements: Since we're over halfway through the RP and events are going to start moving fast once war starts to brew, I'm going to go ahead and close the sign-ups to further characters.  I feel we have a lot of awesome characters within the story already (I think 60'ish?), and further additions might not be able to play a very good role or be incorporated very easily.  Please feel free to continue implementing NPCs, however. :)


Another note since we've brushed the topic: different groups can have their own belief system or worship certain gods, but no gods/goddesses are established to exist throughout the worlds, and there's no universal religion.  So in other words, a group may worship a god or goddess, but that god or goddess isn't confirmed to exist, and some of it may even be folklore.


*sips tea*


That looks so realistic that I was almost convinced that this conversation were true. : P  Nice job on the edit!


Now im wondering is Henry and Gel are going to be safe staying at Shiva's kingdom. 


In fact as far as Henry is concerned, he'd rather leave before they try something to him and the others, he doesn't trust any royalty anymore.


I am also taking my time thinking up how im going to develop Ariana's posession of him.


Considering Ariana suffered the ritual by midnea its safe to assume her soul was tainted and somewhat damaged by it, and said soul now shares Henry's body with his own soul.  

What type of powers someone that suffers from corruption would fit best? why curse magic, shadow and other kind of things of course. 


Henry is going to learn duality, the ability to use Ariana in battle, however for that I need to battle someone strong first...ugh.


Maybe Jynn would like to do a test drive sometime? doesn't have to be a challenge unless he wants to. After all Henry isn't that keen on royalty anymore. 


My speculations for Ariana's power growth with Henry.



Yeah, right now Shiva doesn't even know Henry or Gel exist, so she probably wouldn't be happy knowing that their housed there presently. : P  More fun for Henry, though; he's not being watched so he can have plenty of opportunities to destroy explore.


Moving on to Ariana: originally I was thinking she would just be a voice in his head, haunting him predominately in the mind rather than anywhere else.  I don't think she should be used in combat, however, or really augment Henry's abilities beyond what the infusion has already granted him.  He's probably the strongest character in the RP currently as it stands, and, as you mentioned, he would need to fight someone *very* strong in order for it to work. ;)  It's a great idea for side combat, but probably wouldn't work in-game.

#1937779 Partners in Absence RP (1x1 with Veemon)

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 08 April 2017 - 07:19 PM

The cashier had darted away with their glasses with a smile, disappearing further down the line as she brewed their coffee and began to prepare their drinks.  Alvin leaned against the counter casually, his forearm propped against it.


"This is always the hard part," Alvin teased, turning to glance behind the counter as he heard the sound of a blender roar within the confined space.


In an attempt to fill the time, Alvin thought he'd prop a few conversational pieces, one which he particularly found to be of personal interest.  "So, what kind of things do you do for fun, Veemon?  Any kind of hobbies that suit your fancy?"


Only moments after he'd asked this, the bubbly cashier returned with two drinks in hand, the vanilla frappe, as per requested, low on ice and more liquid-y than Alvin's.  "Thanks, miss," the brunet responded, giving her a partial salute as he started fumbling with his straw.  He took a big long slurp before smacking his lips and sighing, his shoulders sagging slightly.  It was apparent that even the smallest things, notably his favorite beverage, was enough to put him in a state of complete bliss and ignorant of the problems in life.

#1937666 New Nintendo Switch Project Teased by Chrono Trigger's Director, Takashi...

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 07 April 2017 - 08:11 PM

It'd be fantastic for Square Enix to shower some attention onto Nintendo again. Words can't express how much I would adore a Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy VI remaster, or just about any JRPG for the Switch, really.

#1937427 Partners in Absence RP (1x1 with Veemon)

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 06 April 2017 - 09:36 AM

Alvin let out a sigh as they entered the cafe, drawing in a deep whiff of the scent.  He just loved the smell of brewing coffee.


"Have you ever been to this place before, Veemon?" he asked his comrade, removing his jacket because it was becoming too hot and itchy to wear in the building, especially with the temperature rising throughout the day.  For some reason the shop always kept their thermostats raised high in temperature, which was good when it was freezing outside, but Alvin often found himself roasting.


Above and behind the counter were blackboards, with menu items written out in white chalk.  They had quite the array of drinks, including but not limited to steamers, Irish Cream, hot cocoa, cappuccinos, machiatos, as well as quite the array of coffee types.  They even had available flavors listed off to the side, with at least twenty different sorts to choose from for your beverage.


"Pretty crazy list, huh?" he asked Veemon, gesturing to the flavor menu.  "I always get the same thing because I don't like to trouble myself with looking at the menu, but they have some pretty good stuff, I must say."


When the cashier came around she offered them a kind smile.  Cups were along her left hand, which itched in anticipation to grab one.


"Hi, yeah, can I get a . . . oh"--he paused, glancing at the menu one last time before continuing--"a peppermint mocha frappucino, please?  A medium."


He turned to his partner, brown eyes on his hazel ones.  "Did you decide?"


(Feel free to make up additional menu items!  It can have anything you want.  I imagine this place being like your typical cafe or Starbucks, though I added the flavor list based off of this *amazing* cafe that I used to go study at when I lived in another state.  As you can tell, I like my coffee, and I had Alvin order my favorite item off the menu. :P


Oh, and by the way, I'm not sure who the cashier should be so I kind of just drew up someone generic for now, but you can customize it to an actual character if you'd like.)

#1937281 Kingdom Hearts Premium Jumbo Bath Towels are becoming available in Japanese s...

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 05 April 2017 - 11:33 AM

It has been announced on the Tempo SEGA website that a Kingdom Hearts premium jumbo bath towel will be offered in a total of 34 stores in Japan. The scheduled arrival of these towels is set to Friday, April 14, 2017. The towel features a variant of the original cover art for Kingdom Hearts II. You can view a sample of the towel below.

2017 04 Kh towel

Click here to view the article

#1936887 An announcement

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 02 April 2017 - 05:20 PM

Aww, and I was getting all excited. : P

#1936665 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 01 April 2017 - 11:17 AM

Yup, I caught a glimpse of this last night and it was quite funny to see Elrandir down the page and Sabre owning all of the posts in the main RP. xD  It is done every year, and I was talking with a couple of the mods about throwing in another joke.  Not sure we're going to actually do it, though . . . .


Also, I hope no one minds if I go ahead and post for Shiva now.  I don't think Jynn and Eclaire have spoken since Helios arrived, but I kind of feel they might be waiting for the dialogue to continue further with the trial, as I'm not so sure that we have a lot to respond to now.





Hey you 2!

I noticed you both seem to be lacking behind a bit with the story so I thought I'd give you a helping hand with knowing whats happened so far. Cause you know, that's just how nice I can be. 


You can't erase Elia just yet Mystic! Aqua needs her guidance! how could you be so cruel to Aqua?! :O


Also all this show of drawings is making me wanna show off 1 of my own drawn characters for my current story haha xD but I think showing off my awesome skills would only blow ya minds out the back of ya heads haha xD

Thank you for comprising all of this information, Unversed. : )  I'm sure that will be quite useful for those falling behind.  I have already messaged Yuffie privately though I have not yet heard a word, so I think we must continue without her for the time being.  I do hope that she returns, though, as she is an awesome RP'er. : )


As for Elia, yeah, I kind of thought about that dilemma with Aqua as well.  It's just . . . gosh, I have so many characters! and NPCs!  Out of all of them I feel that Elia and Curvis are the two that I can't properly relate to.  Curvis can play enough of a role in time, so I don't want to get rid of him (plus the world below really needs as many players as it can get), but Elia is just not blossoming as I'd hoped.  She's one that I just can't connect with, and all of her dialogue feels so forced.  That, coupled with the fact that I'm currently suffering writer's block with her, is just making me feel like I can't go anywhere with her.  I will try to hold out a bit longer, though I apologize if eventually I pass her along to live a silent life in Kilkis Seres. : P


I'd love to see your drawings sometime.  You should give it a go!