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#1950193 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 18 June 2017 - 08:55 PM

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Well, due to reasons I've sorta finished later. Yeah, don't be born too late in the school year. I was started a year later than most. 

No worries at all.  We all have our own personal circumstances that alter the course of life events and the time in which they take place.  What matters is that you have completed a great chapter in your life, and that is worthy of celebration no matter your age. : )  

#1950075 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 18 June 2017 - 10:43 AM

Party Crasher Mode Engaged!

Name: Mariel aka Agatha Brightwater
Gender: Female
Race: Guardian Angel
Age (if fey, keep in mind that they are immortal, but can appear like a certain age): 3846

Magic (if any):
Light Magic
Sonic Scream, harmonics of which can disrupt magical illusions and disguises.
Healing Magic
Holy Magic
Minor transformation (can alter the appearance herself and her possessions. She looks like a member of another race such as human or elf, but she retains her facial features)
Heightened senses, including being able to detect magic use and fluctuations
Weapons: primary weapons are two swords detailed below. In Miriel's human guise, both blades shrink to short sword length and take on an older, more worn look. Can recall both blades to her hands at will
Heaven's Flame; (sword in the right hand of the main appearance) enchanted with some basic fire spells.
Bright Guard; (Sword in the left hand of the main appearance) enchanted with barrier magic.
Personality: Mariel is an honorable warrior and a good battlefield commander. Like many Guardian Angels, she is honest, brave, and loyal. Training gave her the love of battle, but the teaching of the angels has instilled in her sense of duty to protect and nurture peace. While considered as pure as an angel, time among the humans has taught Miriel the value and necessity of impure acts, such as lying and underhanded attacks. She partially views herself as tainted by her time in the World Below, though wonders if that was actually a bad thing. Her time among the humans has also taught her to see their potential and worth. While brash and forthright as an Archon, she has better learned the importance of patience and being laid back.
Biography: Guardian Angels, the bodyguards, caretakers, advocates, and protectors of the angelic races. Many outsiders, even a few Archangels, view Guardian Angels as little more than low level guards. But those who have seen one in action know that that view is far from true. Each Guardian Angel is trained from birth as a warrior and healer, and taught wisdom to impart on their charges. All Guardian Angels are organized into legions for when the lands of the Angelic Hosts are threatened.
It is because of this defensive focus why the Seraphim denied these Legions from joining the Great War. Despite this, the 3rd Legion under Archon Zauriel, the 7th under Archon Mariel, and the 12th under Archon Asmodel joined forces with King Alexander against the humans. Though skilled and powerful warriors, they had never faced a foe like the Feyslayers. Taking heavy losses, the 7th and 12th Legions were forced to pull back, with Archon Asmodel sacrificing himself to buy his troops time to get out. Rallying the remnants of the two broken legions, Archon Mariel regrouped with the 3rd Legion to hold the line against the humans. While they managed to hold the line for a time, the Fayslayers were still chipping away at the Guardian Angels. As the weakening Legions continued to keep the humans out of the Overworld, King Alexander created the barrier that protected his lands, but left the Guardian Angels stranded in the world below. Believing there was no way back, the two surviving Archons led one last charge, hoping to destroy as many Feyslayers as the could before the end. During the charge, Mariel was hit and went down. The last thing she remembered of that day was Zauriel trying to heal her, saying that she must succeed where brute strength had failed. Mariel awoke the next day to a battle field of only the dead. Taking Zauriel's final words to her to heart, Mariel sought a different way to fulfill her vow to defend the Overworld.
For the next several hundred years, Mariel worked in secret to erase evidence of the existence of the fey and foiled some early futile attempts to breech the barrier. Over time as the idea of fey became a legend, the former Archon had to face the challenge of what to do in her exile on the world below. While she tried out many different lives, for the last thousand years, she had lived on the fringes of human society under the guise of a human ranger. To keep people off the scent of what she was, Mariel invented a clan of female rangers named the Brightwater for her to be, with every half century or so changing up her name and some aspects of her physical appearance. The reputation she built at the Brightwaters was of a fearsome, but wise protector of those who strayed into the wilds unprepared.
In more recent times, Mariel's life changed when she sensed the ill fated fey trio journey to the World Below through the barrier. Wanting answers, she went in search of them amount the humans, eventually sensing magic in King Alderon's court. Using the Brightwater reputation, Mariel joined Alderon's armies as a scout, eventually earning the honor of being selected for the King's entourage for meeting with the Overworld Lord Raiden. She hopes to speak with Raiden privately, in hopes to prevent another costly war.

Mariel (or is it Miriel?) is accepted, though there are a couple of clarifications that I was hoping to make.


First off, healing magic is welcomed, though in moderation during battles.  Generally we have some kind of weakness with our healing magic (either it cannot be done frequently, takes a while to perform, or takes a certain amount of stamina each time. In other words, it's used in the sense that the character isn't invincible, if that makes sense).  I think you'll do fine with this, but just wanted to bring some light to this just in case. : )


Lastly, I think perhaps I didn't clarify a few points in my brief summaries of lore and the recap.  The feyslayers were actually weapons engineered by fey, and were later used by humans during the Great War 2000 years prior.  I sort of got the impression that perhaps you thought they were individuals, so wanted to clarify that.  


Otherwise it all looks good.  Nicely done, and welcome to the Overworld!  Feel free to fit your character in wherever you wish, though I would recommend Mariel potentially being in Raiden's villa, as that is currently where those from the world below reside.  Right now there are a few individuals in the dining area, or Mariel could very well be exploring.  Let me know if you need any further aid in getting started.



Hahahaha. No Highschool. Is 21 the normal age of graduate college now? 

Ah, gotcha.  Ages really fluctuate for graduation, to be honest.  I've seen a fair share of college graduates at the age of 21, though I certainly didn't manage to do that, not even for my Associate's.


Ooh baby gonna cook up all these poisons you're dead meat now



Actually, using the time skip to go through the dungeon would be a great idea, as it would get me a chance to put them back into the actual story. But I also don't want to miss out on actually going through the dungeon. Scrap, you think we could PM through the dungeon? Just play it through like a flashback. UNless you don't wanna do that, and just want me to act like I did it in the RP post timeskip, or you want me to actually RP it out post timeskip. I'm at your mercy.


Also I'm going to be terribly selfish and put this in this spoiler and if Mystic don't want it I'll just edit it right out but


Something you and Scrap could also do is PM one another with quick exchanges and post it all in one conglomerate post.  That may help save you some time, and give you guys the possibility to post it all before the timeskip.  Vaude and I did this once with the Raiden and Shiva meet-up, as well as Endless and I with Jynn and Shiva (what's with all of these meetings with Shiva? :P)


As for the last bit:


#1949748 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 16 June 2017 - 10:14 PM

Well im up if you are.
It would be Shiva and Maxis vs A very VERY mad Henry now that I think about it. :P
Eh. It will happen naturaly, i am kind of a tryhard though. Just ask Vaude.
Oh haaaai Riku!
Oh damn an Angel. Nice.
Henry: Oh christ I hope she doesn't try to hunt me.
Me: Henry, everyone is gonna hunt you, friend.

Sounds like fun to me. Shiva will certainly be the slippery one. Here's hoping we might be fortunate enough to find the opportunity.

On another note, let the dramatic battle music showcasing commence!

I will admit that I selfldom participate in combat so I'm not the best, but it'd be interesting!

I am not at all in charge of the RP, but I believe Mystics said that Sign-ups are closed. :/


I think I remember that, but I hope Mystic can make an exception this time.
Riku's character could have been part of the crew on the airship and can easily be inserted into the story without much troubles, at least that's what I think. That, of course, is Mystic's decision.

I did indeed close the sign-ups, but Riku kindly PM'd me and I've decided to make an exception for him to join the fray with one or two characters.

Thanks for the sign-up sheet, Riku! I'm on my phone right now and am heading to bed shortly, but I'll further inspect the sheet and see how it falls into place. : )

#1949710 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 16 June 2017 - 07:31 PM

Soren: Please do not punch me, Ren. Not only would I rather not get into a ridiculously epic battle, but I also value my nose.


You're quite welcome! :D And as am I!

Ren: Then I shall devour all of your cupcakes for all of eternity!  I do have a rather monstrous appetite after my captivity, after all.

#1949707 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 16 June 2017 - 07:26 PM

On another another note, I've fought literally no one.


And Overworld is literally the only RP I'm in too.


Still a damn good one though.

Hey, make Ren feel threatened and Soren gets to face a wind-breathing dragon. xD


And thank you!  I'm so glad that you like this RP thus far.  I'm really looking forward to seeing the final stages, namely with everything we have planned out with


#1949705 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 16 June 2017 - 07:20 PM

If Henry happens to find out more incriminating information about Shiva and the barrier in the near future. A confrontation is totally possible.

With badass music to accompany it.

Most definitely.  And my, how Maxis would have such a fit, no doubt!  


On another note, I don't think I've ever fought any of your characters before . . . .

#1949698 Any 3ds games recommendation?

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 16 June 2017 - 07:00 PM

I would highly recommend Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.  I haven't played Paper Jam yet, but I loved Dream Team.  A great RPG with a fun combat system and amazing soundtrack.


Do you like strategy games?  If so, Fire Emblem: Awakening or the Fates series would be excellent choices.  Those are among my very favorite titles for my 3DS, and I've locked so many hours of gameplay on them.  Their story is great as well, with amazing characters to boot.


Unfortunately the 3DS doesn't really have many RPG options that are worthwhile that I have tried, though I wish it did because the 3DS is among my favorite consoles.

#1949697 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 16 June 2017 - 06:33 PM

You guys are welcome to join him if you wish. Basicaly he wishes to do more and not be forced to go back to the world below again. Figure I would have him meet with Raiden. Im sure their interaction would be interesting, also Soren.

Shiva doesn't seem to have a wish to have the siblings or gel killed, only Henry because he legitmiately is a threat to her. So if they come they should expect bounties on their heads.

Also Timeskips are the best times to have a change in outfits :)

You've got Shiva down pat.  She really feels threatened by Henry in particular (it'd be very interesting if there is a showdown between them at some point, I must say), and isn't inclined to harm the siblings or Gel in any way.  In fact, she isn't even insistent on them (except maybe Gel) leaving right away, but ultimately is hesitant when it comes to humans residing in the Overworld.


Lol, That's after my Graduation. On that note, I have to get a haircut on the 13th and will be going to my Graduation. So, I'll be busy all day.

Congratulations on your graduation!  From college, I'm assuming?  That is such an accomplishment, and I wish you much success!



I will try to posts more frequently in regards to this new rule, however I might get held back at times but I should at least have a post up within a week or maybe just a few days into the 2nd week K :)


Also, as for this timeskip. I'd like for a timeskip however at this moment I'm not so sure we should, cause I mean like, if we were to timeskip 12 hours or more right now we'd skip past the talk with Raiden & Alderon with Midnea to which decides if they stay or not, but we already know that Alderon & Midnea will somehow gain Raiden's agreement in staying by some means since Raiden is suppose to reject Yev's orders from Queen Shiva to which then creates the declaration of war between Mystras & Kilkis Seres (Unless something different happens that creates war, I don't know then :P ). There's also the characters in the world below being fast forward to the after moments of the invasion & Punisher assault to which the fight with Pracia I was planning on ending in about 2-3 posts more posts worth so Sifrei could have a bit of a fight with her before she gets beat.


If I can give my suggestion here I'd say a timeskip would work better after the rulers talk, Raiden goes against Yev's orders with war being declared (assuming that's how it goes down) & Pracia is defeated. But after that, If we timeskip a few weeks ahead, Sondon can be in a state of being partly rebuild & cleaned up from the destruction left by Helvadore & war between Mystras & Kilkis Seres can be in a state of preparing for war, battle strategies being made, Kingdom's fey knights gaining in numbers. Maybe even king Alderon's group could have already explored a bit of the overworld in the meantime or something like that, & other stuff too like the next 2 Punishers entering the scene & maybe some characters could have developed a little bit with their skills within the given time too, you know, like Aqua haha xD (But that's if everyone is cool with a timeskip jumping over a few weeks that is :P )     

It's really no problem.  I've kept everyone waiting on my posts forever so it's truly no biggie.  I mostly put this in place so that, when I do get tied by with things on my end, everyone can continue posting without waiting when in a group, and I'll just get caught up when I can.  For the most part everyone already falls into this category of posting once a week anyway.


You make a very good point about the timeskip, actually.  I wanted to set things back into motion, but it would skip over the discussion with Raiden, Midnea, and Alderon, plus it would require another timeskip later on, most likely, during the actual time of the war.


As such, I'm thinking perhaps we should indeed conclude all business that we have going on presently, and then go through with the timeskip a few weeks to a month later.  Does everyone think that sounds good?


Thank you for pointing this out!


Just a notice.

My computer's power supply is gone and it might have taken out other parts of my pc. Now I don't know the extent of the damages the power outtage caused but hopefully its no critical situation.

Anyway this will impede my posts for some time.

Yikes, that really stinks.  I'm sorry to hear it. :/  I hope that the damage isn't too severe.  Thanks for the heads up, though!


I'll be on vacation from the 19th of July to the 1st of August but I should be able to keep up with my tablet for most of the time.

Thanks for letting me know!  I'll try to stall out where your characters are involved as much as possible.  I hope that your vacation is terrific, wherever it may be that you're headed!


You're all good on my end; I certainly don't mind the breather, being rather busy myself, but I wish you well with the insane week and RP post!

Thank you so very much for understanding.  I really appreciate it bunches. :D


I've been sick most of the week so this small break is good for me.

Blah, these viruses are going around like crazy as of late.  Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well, and I hope that you're on the mend!

#1949634 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 16 June 2017 - 12:24 PM

I'm very sorry that I haven't posted in either thread lately. This week has been insanely busy for me. I will finish up my RP post tonight when I get home and reply to everyone in this thread. Again, sorry for the holdup.

#1948464 Tetsuya Nomura to provide "final information" on Kingdom Hearts III a...

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 11 June 2017 - 08:28 PM

Tonight at the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - World Tour - in LA, the Kingdom Hearts series' director Tetsuya Nomura has made another appearance. As translated by the official concert interpreter, Nomura tells fans that he will return in a month for D23 Expo 2017 on July 15, 2017, with "final information" on Kingdom Hearts III. We do not yet know the content of this final information, but we do know that at D23 Expo 2017 we will see a new world reveal as well as a new trailer, as was announced in the most recent Kingdom Hearts III trailer from yesterday's LA concert.

UPDATE: At yesterdays Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - World Tour - in LA, Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura made his third appearance. According to @SkywardWing on Twitter, who was at the concert, Nomura tells fans that, as translated by the official concert interpreter, "If this month's announcements made you happy, next month's will make you even happier." He is referring to the upcoming news and trailer at next month's D23 Expo 2017 on July 15th.


Update: KH13 user Toominator at E3 asked Square Enix about the "final information" and was clarified that this was a loose translation.

Click here to view the article

#1948266 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 11 June 2017 - 09:17 AM

I could haste Henry's escape from Kilkis Seres if needed.


Im mostly waiting for Jynn's response before doing so. I got the whole thing planned out.


Might or might not need Jynn to stand aside if he doesn't want collateral to himself though. Since it won't be Henry in full control.

No worries; it isn't strictly Henry that is delaying the situation by any means.  I know that we were waiting for Eclaire to approach Henry as well, along with Jynn's response among other things.  It's really no one person that's holding things up, but rather I feel we have been in the same place for too long without much happening.  

I'm only waiting on you and Scrap, as Ren needs to acknowledge that Soren has approached and requested to talk, plus Scrap to have Ivany take a look at Meksis, make sure he's all right after his long nap.


Other than that, I think these changes will help speed things up, just not too much. I think people like that things don't go by too fast. :P

Yeah, sorry about the delay for Ren!  I had been waiting for Raleigh, but then realized that there really wasn't much need for me to do that.  I'm going to attempt getting a post in today, so hopefully that frees you up some. : )


And oh, no worries!  I don't intend for this to be a fast-paced RP, nor do I see it going that route.  Essentially things are going to be very similar to how they are, but just those rare instances where you're waiting on one person for an entire group to progress will change.  I think the one-week allotment will still keep things slow enough for everyone to continue posting without being skipped, but it should prevent hang-ups as well if a group would like to move forward and someone hasn't been online in a while (which is oftentimes me : P).


 I love timeskips. 


But how big will the timeskip be?


A few days?


Scrap makes a good question.

How big will the timeskip be? I'm thinking a few hours, perhaps?



(And while I wait, I keep making more dwellers of the North (A.K.A NPCs for small cameos xD)


A few weeks or a month, perhaps? I'm thinking he wants to skip to a point closer to the war/fight.

An excellent question, and one that I haven't wholly decided upon yet.  Originally I was thinking it would be about 12-24 hours; enough time so that things can start rolling into motion, but not so much time that we're skipping content and story.  Would you guys prefer to do a larger timeskip, though?  I'm certainly open to suggestions.


I should also add that the timeskip won't take place until Wednesday June 14, so that should give us a little bit of time to wrap up loose ends.

#1947322 Square Enix Presents: E3 2017 Program Schedule has been released

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 07 June 2017 - 04:05 PM

Today Square Enix Presents has released their E3 2017 program schedule on their blog, featuring the panels that will be presented during the duration of E3 on June 13-15. You can view screenshots of the schedule below.

Day 1: June 13 at 11:45am PDT

Posted Image

Day 2: June 14 at 9:45am PDT

Posted Image

Day 3: June 15 at 9:45am PDT

Posted Image

Although Kingdom Hearts does not have a dedicated panel slot for this year's Square Enix Presents, it does not rule out the possibility of Kingdom Hearts III appearing at E3 in some capacity.

Click here to view the article

#1946612 The Role-Playing Game: Another Life

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 04 June 2017 - 04:23 PM

Just to let you know, your image didn't work because the site doesn't allow hotlinking :/

Hmm, strange; it's still showing up on my end, but perhaps it is only working for me. Thank you for the heads up; I'll edit when I'm at a computer again. : )

#1946454 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 03 June 2017 - 02:55 PM



what's been going on


i been hella busy, else i wouldn't have poofed

i'm very sorry, but i didn't think anyone super needed me around and i really needed to prioritize my shit


if you like don't mind, and you'd permit me back in, just give me locations/current plots and I'll get right to posting.

It's okay.  I understand that situations arise that require attention, and real life definitely comes first.  I hope that you are well and that things are bettering over on your end. : )


If you don't mind, if you could shoot me a quick heads up that you'll be away next time that would be quite useful.  That way I can make arrangements and plan ahead for your absence (and so that way I don't keep players waiting).


I would welcome your return and would gladly help get you going again.  I forget where you left off precisely, but I hope that this aids in a brief recap determining where to place your characters.  If you need additional help please let me know and I can help pinpoint a good location to help you.


Rabiyu has just left the council of Lord Raiden and Alastor, having secured an alliance between King Asura and Queen Leviathan of the North with Raiden and Mystras.  She now is working as Raiden's spy and aiding him in any manner possible.  Meanwhile, the humans are finishing breakfast within a dining room in Raiden's villa where they are becoming more acquainted with one another and awaiting the verdict between Raiden and Alderon.  The humans had a falling out with Raiden after the doom hound/knight in red/Midnea's pet managed to kill guards and wreak havoc in Mystras, and now Raiden is sending them back home.  Further, Raiden's potential alliance with Queen Shiva has prompted him to return the humans home, in hopes of securing her favor and finding a way to rectify the union of both worlds.  Therefore and thusly, Raiden has sentenced the humans to return home, unless he can be convinced otherwise.  Alderon  and Midnea are on their way to speak with Raiden now, in hopes of securing said conviction of their stay.


Curvis, Arthur, and Soren are conversing in the dining hall at one table, while Raleigh, Ren, and Draksis are at another.  I don't think you were here when Ren appeared, but he is one of the three fey that ventured into the world below and one of Helios' best friends.  He has been freed from his prison in Isopolis by someone claiming to be employed under Raiden, though Raiden has claimed that he doesn't know the individual.  Ren is still loyal to Raiden, however, and is aiding them against the queen and, thus, his best friend.


Somewhere around these events might be a good place to insert Neena, though I'll let you be the judge of that.


Had you seen the post between Raiden and Shiva and their big discussion concerning the barrier and Jynn's father?  That may be important to read, so if you haven't seen it let me know and I'll link you to it (feeling too lazy to go digging right now. :P).


Yevgeni gratefully took the dagger that Cerberos recovered for him, but has yet to use it.  He's returned to Kilkis Seres since, and has been considering the situation with Queen Shiva, being placed as her ambassador and being partially welcomed back into the royal court.  Speaking of court, Helios had been placed on trial, his pardon being granted so long as he permanently serves the queen and promises his fealty.  The Aura and Aurion are to be escorted back to Jynn's mountain home until the conflict has passed, while Eclaire has been given the task of takng Henry back to the world below by force (or killing him, if he should refuse).  A lot of tension is building between Eclaire and the queen, with both having oddly placed feelings and, in the queen's situation, loyalty to her maybe-still/late lover/husband, Raiden.  If you'd like, Gel could've been lumped with either Henry to return to the world below for being dangerous and gifted, or with the twins and placed in confinement in Jynn's mountain home.  Currently, Jynn is getting ready to escort the twins to his home before they outstay their welcome.


Eclaire has been reunited with her mother, Xion, and are currently in the queen's study with Bherna, Shiva, and Takao.


There had been a punisher fight with Elia, Jynn, Rufus, Typhon, Mikhail, Morana, Aqua, Bherna, and Jari, though I think you were around for some of that.  The punisher has been defeated, resulting in Jynn going blind in one eye.  Elia is determined that she may be able to heal him, and thus is desperate to get in to see the queen.  She cannot, however, and thus this group (excepting Jynn, Bherna, Aqua and Morana, because they're busy) is awaiting an audience with the queen.


In the world below there was a siege with Helvadoria attacking Sondon, though this part of the plot is probably irrelevant to your current cast.  Long story short, a punisher, Pracia, is threatening the life of Princess Visco, and a battle is taking place down there.


As far as politics, there's a lot of distrust between all parties, and a fair amount of partial alliances.   Shiva, while partially agreeing to help Raiden break the barrier if it doesn't involve her life, is having second thoughts given the news that Henry has shared about Alderon and Midnea's ill-intent.  Yev seems compliant with Shiva, though has ideals of his own, and is meekly obeying for the time being.  Nergal seems to hate Queen Shiva and wants her dead, though his current whereabouts are unknown.  Raiden is still passionate about a unified world, though the Infiltrator, a man who has an uncanny resemblance to Raiden and is referred to as "his double"m is not so keen on this idea.  The North is now in league with him, and who knows what sort of bloodshed this may result in.  Alderon wants to just save his daughter and his world, now placing his trust in Midnea, who is scheming on her own and doubtlessly wants her revenge on those who banished her to the world below.


I'm missing a lot, I know, but this should give you a rough idea.  Everyone feel free to pitch in, if you'd like and if I've missed you, and let me know if you need anything else.

#1945978 Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion

Posted by Mystics Apprentice on 31 May 2017 - 08:20 PM

I think Graces was one of the only Tales games I got to play. Being on PS3 and all. And Vesperia on ps3 never got translated aside from fan patches. 


And im surprised you say that. I pretty much mained Malik lol. He had one of the highest magic damage bursts ouf of everyone. Shit defenses but nothing in his kit was really close ranged. So all about keeping distance and unleashing hell. Quite liked him.


I now plan to play Zestiria and Berseria on PC. Since mothership is finally making decent PC ports for them.

Yeah, that was a bummer concerning Vesperia.  I've seen some of the cutscenes and it looks like a great game, but I don't have an XBox 360 and can't run a Japanese PS3 title.


I think it was his low defenses that led to his removal from my party.  That, and there were other characters that I felt were more effective to fit my strategy, personally.  I enjoyed watching him fight and I loved his earth-splitting abilities.  I couldn't use him very effectively, but that's probably because I would try to charge right in and fight rather than keep my distance.  I predominately played as Hubert and Richard, using Cheria on occasion, for the sake of having a healer that wasn't AI.  I enjoyed Hubert's combos and switching between A and B artes; it's nice to be able to stun-lock with guns a'blazing and then charge in to attack up close.


I've heard Berseria is good, though I haven't played it myself yet.  I picked up Zestiria a while ago but wasn't super impressed with it.  Getting ready to try it again, though, and see if I just didn't give it enough time.