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In Topic: Will KH3 Release Before RE:FF7 or After?

Today, 12:38 PM

I'm pretty sure that part one of the Final Fantasy VII remake is going to release before KH3.  It hasn't been that long since they announced it, but they seem more eager to talk about the remake in contrast to KH3.  I have a feeling that they're prioritizing the FF7R because 1) there are so many FF fans and it would be an instant money-maker, and 2) They are releasing the game in multiple parts and probably want to get fans hooked with the first installment.  In general I feel that Square tends to focus around Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts is often placed secondary.  While I know KH3 had been announced earlier, there is no telling how far in development they were with FF7R before it was announced.


In addition, there's less originality needed for FF7R to be released.  They already have a basic frame to work with for the game, whereas KH3 is entirely new, from scratch, with an entire plot and worlds to develop.  While there is indeed a lot of work that is going to be placed into FF7--which I'm not doubting slightly--it is probably going to be significantly less than starting an all-new game from scratch.

In Topic: Will you "jump ship" after KH3?

Yesterday, 11:37 AM

I don't think I would jump ship from the series after KH III, even if it takes a different approach and we have an entirely new cast of characters.  I will admit that I'm not as personally invested in the series as I used to be (probably because of the lengthy delay between major title releases), but I still enjoy the games and I love the characters.  I'm sort of at a point where it's exciting to get a new KH game, but it's not the end of the world for me if I don't.  I figure that I'll just enjoy them as they come, but I don't anticipate any new game from the series anymore as I used to, so I won't really be bothered if it takes 10+ years for a game to release.  It'll just be fun to play at the time. : )

In Topic: I Think Once Upon A Time Should End!

25 April 2017 - 09:12 AM

I have really enjoyed this show over the course of several years and would hate to see it get cancelled.  I would, however, like to see it end before things get whacky and for it to end on a decent note.  I think season six is the perfect close to this chapter in the story.  While I've enjoyed seeing it year after year, I agree that this is rather "final" and that it would be best not to continue.


Having said that, this is supposedly the end of this series arc.  While there may be a season 7 in the making they do not plan to follow the same plot course as they are now, or even hold all of the same characters.  They were talking about doing a season 7 with Regina, Gold, Emma, and Hook specifically, but no others were mentioned.  They wanted to go in a different direction, which could be dangerous if you ask me.  You can view my sources here and here.


My hope is that they wrap everything up well for this season, however.  I don't want some gnawing cliff-hanger of an ending where you don't know where people are going to end up going.

In Topic: Overworld RP

24 April 2017 - 11:22 AM

--Queen Shiva and Yev -- Kilkis Seres--


The queen was relatively stunned as Henry spoke, unmoving and expressionless.  Her lips stiffened, the only indicator that his words sunk through the ice.  They wounded her.  She didn't dare herself to speak, nor did Henry wait around for a response.  He'd excused himself on his own, with Shiva not even bothering to stop him.


Next came Helios who leapt in front of her, expressing his thoughts on the matter of the barrier.  The queen's eyes widened at Helios' words, his compassion for all living things.  A bead of a tear formed in the corner of her eye.


"You should not concern yourself with these human's affairs," said Shiva gravely.  "What is done is done; everything put into place is necessary.  While I wish for there to be another way, to abolish only the evil from both realms so that we may be unified once more, I'm afraid that is an impossibility."


And then there was the deal she had made with Raiden: she would permit his research into lowering the barrier if he could find a way other than costing her life, though even now she wasn't sure that enacting it would be a good idea.  Especially after learning the human's motives and that Midnea was at the heart of them.  A part of agreed because she didn't want the world below to be condoned either, but she couldn't let those feelings dictate her rule.  No, this was the best solution for her people, but why did it feel so wrong?


On that note Eclaire spoke up in favor of the queen, to which Shiva was immortally grateful.  She began to rest a hand on the young woman's shoulder in thanks, watching Helios with a somber expression.  "It is all right, child.  You are a very curious one, and I know that you want what is best for everyone.  I wish it were that simple, though I am afraid it is not, for all of the reasons that Lady Eclaire has explained.  If it is for your friends that you worry, let me assure you that the destruction of the world below will not happen for a very, very long time still, perhaps even another millennia.  Your friends will be long gone by the time their world is uninhabitable, so they are in no danger.  If they were, I would permit them to stay here indefinitely.  You have my word."


Except for that one, Shiva thought disdainfully, thinking of Henry and his arrogant response.  Her, playing god?  Was he serious here?  He had no idea what he was talking about, and with that destructive power that he possessed . . . .


She could only imagine what kind of damage he could do if he didn't get his way.


The queen turned around to face Eclaire, her expression girlish and worried.  Shortly behind the succubus was the elf, whose expression was a bit more unreadable than usual.  "I would like to speak with you both privately," she said at last.  "There's some grave matters at hand, some of which I've recently learned and others that may require our attention.  Would you both join me in my study, please?"


At this Yev bowed his head, resting a hand on his chest as golden locks fell over his shoulder.  "Of course, My Queen.  Anything that you ask."


Truthfully, he would've preferred to chase after Henry.  There was something rather curious about the man, entertaining even.  He wished to know more about his power, what drove him to the lengths that he went.  He had mentioned his powers being from Ariana; had more than just her abilities transferred over to him?  He had many burning questions, ones which only Henry could answer, but to excuse himself now that he'd earned the queen's favor was going to be out of the question.


Both left the throne room, crossing several halls and arriving within Queen Shiva's study, Eclaire most likely in pursuit.  The queen sat down at her desk, arms folded neatly.  She eyed the two intensely, her voice partly cracking when she asked.  "This barrier . . . .  Am I truly evil for it?"


--Curvis Sourati -- Raiden's Villa--


The brunet watched as his friend made his way over to Midnea.  His eyes darted over toward Raleigh briefly and for a moment met her eye, though quickly broke his gaze and followed behind his knightly friend.


"Yes, hello, Lady Midnea," said Curvis smoothly.  "I hope you are well this morning.  You have seemed rather tired from the journey to this world."  He sat across from the woman, placing his own plate in front of him and considering a piece of bacon.  Finally he bit into it.


"I'm glad that Lord Raiden has been kind enough to permit us staying here a little longer," he said at last, carefully approaching a topic of mutual interest to the three of them.  "Do you suppose we would be able to find a cure for the princess in this length of time, at the very least?"

In Topic: Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion

23 April 2017 - 01:43 PM

If I could i'd give Yevgeni a high five...
He and Henry would get along nicely. What with one being more Loose in terms of following Rules and Henry's total disregard for them.

To be honest I could actually see them getting along quite nicely, even if Yev is a mite arrogant. xD. There's something similar about them, though things will get complicated when he finds out the familiarity he senses in Henry is actually Ariana, let alone if he finds out he killed her. He, ah, had an interesting relationship with her, one of unrequited love.