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In Topic: The Roleplaying Game: Another Life (RP)

Yesterday, 04:23 PM



A nervous smile was plastered on the violet-haired girl's face as she closed her locker for the final time that school year.  The bells sounded throughout the entire school, signaling the beginning of summer at last.  A part of her was grateful for the break, but a larger part of her was disappointed not coming to school everyday.  She was one of those strange children that loved learning, not to mention being surrounded by people made her feel good.  She was often a bit more shy about breaking into conversation than the others, but she did lurk often and try to get a word or two in whenever possible.


Sophie shouldered her way through the crowded halls, noticing Roxas exclaim cheerfully that he didn't have to go to summer school.  This brought relief to Sophie, as she knew his father was rather strict and unforgiving and didn't want him to be in trouble.  She took a step forward to approach him, but nearly dropped her satchel at the sight of Vanitas.  It swung off her arm and hit a fellow student, though Sophie was too stunned to even acknowledge it.  Vanitas terrified her, he always had.  He was the school bully and had a very cold demeanor about him; normally he was never good news wherever he tread.


What should she do?  Surely Vanitas noticed her standing and gawking at them by now.  She tried to move past as quickly as possible, hoping that the dark-haired teen was distracted enough to not notice her.



"A . . . gun shop?" The blond rose his head to the signage on the door, cell phone in one hand as he fumbled with his car keys in the other.  "I don't think you ever told me that I was arming myself, Frederick.  What is this all about?"


The voice on the other end was inaudible to the rest of the store as Richard entered, silver eyes flickering around the store as he listened in to the explanation on the line.


"Ah, okay.  I see.  Still a little weird, but whatever you say, boss."


He ended the call and pocketed the phone, approaching the counter where a young man (Dante) sat.  Apparently he was on the phone, and from the sound of it ordering pizza.  He offered Dante a shallow smile, waiting for him to get off the phone and, if he had, would say: "Greetings.  So, yeah, this request is a little odd, but I need a BB gun.  Is that something you would carry here?"

In Topic: Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion

18 June 2017 - 08:55 PM

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Well, due to reasons I've sorta finished later. Yeah, don't be born too late in the school year. I was started a year later than most. 

No worries at all.  We all have our own personal circumstances that alter the course of life events and the time in which they take place.  What matters is that you have completed a great chapter in your life, and that is worthy of celebration no matter your age. : )  

In Topic: The Role-Playing Game: Another Life

18 June 2017 - 08:52 PM

Okay, so I figured that I should probably make Richard's sister before the RP starts (plus, I could see there being a lot of fun between her and Roxas!)


Name: Sopheria Lhant (called Sophie)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
What Video Game you’re from: Tales of Graces f
Occupation: (Optional) High school student, works at ice cream parlor

Human Appearance: (Only if you were not human in your past life)
Personality: Bubbly, kind, and enthusiastic about trying new things.  Sophie is often quiet and difficult to warm up at first, but is extremely loyal to those whom she can call a friend.
Bio: Sophie was adopted as an amnesiac, with no recollection of her past.  She changed hands in orphanages in homes often, though this didn't do well for the young girl.  She had a nervous breakdown and couldn't keep anyone's names straight, and after spending a week in a mental institution it was decided that Sophie needed a stable home.  Apparently she had suffered some sort of trauma in her past, even if she couldn't remember it, and stability is what she needed if she were to ever get better.


In the end, a kind young woman, who had a son, had adopted Sophie.  Unfortunately she had passed away years prior, leaving the young girl in the care of her older brother, Richard, though this time with a loving family had helped Sophie much.  She managed to blossom into a bubbly young teenager filled with life and energy.  Though still sensitive, she aspires to do great things with her life, and desires to give as much to society as possible.


Favorite game is still Final Fantasy VI.

In Topic: Which Kingdom Hearts character would be a fun dad?

18 June 2017 - 08:40 PM

Personally I think Terra would make a fun dad.  It's fun to watch his interactions with Ventus, and I could see him being a rather good paternal figure in a child's life.

In Topic: Shows from the 1990's

18 June 2017 - 02:09 PM

Let's see . . . .


Aladdin the TV series

The Big Comfy Couch (loved this one so much)

Powerpuff Girls

Rainbow Brite (though this was kind of borderline 80's . . . .)

The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Sailor Moon

Gundam Wing


There's certainly more that I adored growing up, but these come off the top of my head most readily.