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In Topic: Prologue: The Hunt for Captian Greyhawk.

A minute ago

Tibarn removed his feet from an empty seat at the table to make room for his comrade, eyeing the poster with skepticism.


"That's a lot of moola," Tibarn commented mildly, placing down his drink so that he could peer more carefully at the poster provided.  "I'm not into danger and sticking my neck out where it doesn't belong, but that indeed sounds promising."


Imagine what we could do with all that money, Tibarn thought idly to himself.  The reward was generous, though he did question the honorability and reputation of the rewarder.  The brunet leaned back casually in his seat.  "Do we have any kind of guarantee that this reward is for reals?"--he placed his hands behind his head--"Do we get a down payment?"


He glanced over at Eclaire, the cat woman he barely knew, to Daniel with all of his psychic glory, and finally to the head of the medbay, Adamina.  His stomach felt ill as he brought his gaze to the Loft, considering how many times she had to treat him for either drinking too much or dealing with some PTSD.  The thought of putting his life on the line for this mission didn't sound particularly appealing, but that prize money certainly did.

In Topic: Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion [CLOSED]

Today, 12:28 PM


I could imagine Raiden, Alastor, and Alderon dancing barefoot on a table together. xD

In Topic: The Hunt for Captain Greyhawk [Discussion and Sign Up] [Closed]

Today, 11:15 AM

Stats and appearance added.

Gah! I missed the boat!

Oh no! :(. The good news is that Heart may open this back up later.  It's also a trial run, so maybe you can join the later RP.  Sorry!

In Topic: Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion [CLOSED]

Today, 10:59 AM

Oh my god Yev's going to lose his shit when he sees that sword on Eclaire's back, marked with Angel and Succubus script naming it after Shiva...

Yeah, I don't think he will be none too pleased.  I thought it would be wise to make mention of the sword. :D

In Topic: Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion [CLOSED]

Today, 10:47 AM

So this reveal might clear some things up, chiefly Yev's unwavering loyalty to King Alexander and his resentment for Shiva.  I'll get another post in for my characters at a slightly later date; I don't think I should make my post any longer. :P


Also, I think we're getting close for everyone to begin their trek to Isopolis.  I'll just allow everyone to tie up any loose ends and we can look toward making the final motion toward the shrine.  Are there any conversations or events that you guys feel are critical to completing prior?