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In Topic: Overworld RP

Today, 06:28 PM

--Everyth Castanova -- Campground outskirts with Henry--


"Oh, being modest, are we?" Everyth teased as Henry rejected the title of dreadnaught, but didn't press the issue further.  He seemed a bit defensive about it, and this seemed like one of those moments to embrace rather than to argue.  A rarity for her.


Everyth's violet eyes moved toward Henry's bandaged chest, wincing slightly as Henry reacted to the pain upon touching it.  "It looks like he certainly got you good, but you made it.  Like I knew you would."  Her thoughts drifted back on to Maxis, raising a hand to rub her temple.  "It's funny, though, how does one destroy a living suit of armor?  I tried everything in my book, but every time I managed to take him apart he'd just simply put himself back together again as though nothing happened."


It bothered her tremendously, fighting opponents who could not be killed, but at least she was equipped with knowledge the next time she faced down an enchanted suit of armor.  If that ever occurred in her lifetime.


Henry pointed out that she had aged, to which she gave a hollow, humorless laugh.  "Oh, that?  It's nothing.  It isn't the first time that the use of my magic has backfired.  While the augmentation gifted me with magic, it has also cursed me with rapid aging.  I . . . exerted myself to the limit, perhaps too far, and this is what I must endure as a result."


She tucked back a lock of hair, including the silver streak, trying to give Henry a pleasant smile without being plagued by sadness.  It didn't bring her particular joy that she would age ten years just by the use of her magic, and at the mere age of eighteen she already had the physical appearance of someone in their thirties, at least, and who knew how much her insides were worn.  Her life would undoubtedly be cut short, but she didn't like to think about that.


"So, Henry," Everyth asked suddenly, voice soft, eyes fixated on him in the starry night.  "What are your plans, once this is all over and we survive?  Do you have a home to go back to?  People you love?"


She realized that, after their fights, witty remarks, and quarrels that she really didn't know much about him.  He'd been a mysterious member of Alderon's court long ago, augmented like her and yet so different.  But she knew next to nothing about his story.  Suddenly she wanted to know, for reasons unbeknownst to her.


--Queen Shiva -- Kilkis Seres campgrounds: private area with Maxis--


The queen's eyes widened as Maxis took her into his embrace.  While only steel touched her flesh, she was still warmed by the gesture.  She carefully wrapped her arms around him in return, resting her head upon his armored chest.  After everything she had witnessed that day on the battlefield, this hug was really something that she needed.


"I'm fine, Maxis, truly," said Shiva, trying to hide the burn marks on her arm that she'd acquired from Mariel.  "What about you?  It looks like someone really tried to do you in.  Is the damage easily mendable?"  She admittedly didn't know much when it came to recovering damage upon his enchanted suit of armor, so phrasing his healing took a bit of effort on her part.


It made Shiva shudder to think of Henry alive, well, and on Raiden's side.  The other humans didn't concern her.  Heck, even other augmented humans didn't pose as great of a threat to her.  Something was quite unnerving about Henry in particular to the ice queen.  She didn't trust him, nor did she know what he was capable of.  She'd hoped that he'd fallen, or that he never made it to Raiden's army, and yet here he was.  She clasped her pale hands in front of her, nodding as Maxis gave his report.


"I understand.  You did everything that you could do, and I would expect nothing more.  Thank you for your efforts, Maxis.  Right now Raiden and the human king are our main focuses anyway, even if I fear Henry to be a grave threat."  The thought of another soul possessing Henry concerned the queen as well, though she couldn't fathom how that came to be, or whom this individual could be.


She bowed her head low, pale locks falling over her face and shoulder.


"Maxis, I fear that you will be upset with me," she began slowly, hanging her head like a child.  "But . . . .  I'm going to Odin again.  I need to see him.  To speak with him.  I won't allow anymore souls to lay down their lives for me while following a dream that is not my own.  I intend to end things tonight, one way or another.  I hope that you will understand."


Whether Maxis would be accepting of her departure mattered little to her, but she felt obliged to tell him.  She owed him at least that much.

In Topic: Overworld RP

21 October 2017 - 06:54 PM

--Queen Shiva -- Kilkis Seres Campgrounds--


Dawson took flight nearly as abruptly as he had arrived, leaving Shiva to her troubled thoughts of her comatose son.  The queen didn't have much time to linger on these disturbances, however, as her attention was quickly arrested by others needing her.  One being Eclaire.


The rose-haired woman fell to her knees, uttering final words of defeat before succumbing to her fatigue.  With a start, Shiva slid to the forest floor, catching Eclaire before she could collapse with a hard fall.  Gently tucking Eclaire's head under her chin and on her chest, she smoothed her bangs away from her pallid face.  She did not look well.


"Of course you haven't failed me," said Shiva tenderly, hand bracing Eclaire's head against her.   "The human king is but one object in this conflict.  His death alone wouldn't have resulted in the end of the war.  So long as there is hope the humans will proceed to fight, and right now that hope is Raiden.  Only once his resolve diminishes will this war end, though I do not foresee such an event happening without his death."


Shiva shifted so that her legs were along one side of her body, her knees sideways to accommodate the other woman on her lap.  She didn't know if Eclaire could hear her any longer, but she continued speaking regardless.  "Thank you for being my support and comfort through these difficult months.  I believe it was fate that brought us to meet, which I am forever grateful for.  Even if things were difficult, and perhaps not as they should have been, I am still grateful for the time that we have had together.  Thank you, Eclaire, for seeing this through.  For believing in me, even when no one else did."


The ice queen rose her head from the ground upon the approach of her enchanted armor friend.  For a moment it was as though they had lapsed back in time, Shiva the small, helpless child who craned her neck to look up imploringly at Maxis for guidance, for support. He declared that he needed to speak with her, to which she nodded.


"And I you."


She gingerly set Eclaire on the ground, lacing her fingers with Maxis' armored hand.  Something she used to do as a child, and something she hadn't done in an incredibly long time.  Leading them away to a more private area, the blue-haired queen turned to face the armor.


"What words do you have for me, Maxis?  Where do we stand?"


(I feel as though someone else had approached the queen, though I can't find the post or the character.  If I missed it, sorry, and please let me know and I'll edit my post.)


--Everyth Castanova -- Outskirts of Mystras' tents-- Encountering Henry--


"Well, well, it would seem the Dreadnaught lives."


Stepping from outside the shadow of a tree stood the familiar dark mage from the World Below.  Human, much like Henry, and yet, like Henry, so inhuman.  Everyth tucked a lock of hair behind her ear, her silver streak of hair contrasting against her otherwise dark wavy locks.


"I didn't expect any less from you, though for some reason I didn't expect us both to survive.  You look like you have seen better days, though.  What happened?  That big hunk of armor didn't find you, did he?"  She placed a finger on her lips, thinking back to how eager Maxis was to rip Henry apart limb from limb.  "I tried to stop him, but you could probably imagine how well that went over."


Her chest and torso were solely covered in bandages, and black trousers were heavily clad in bandages as well.  Her feet were bare on the blades of soft grass, her shoulders and arms exposed to the cool night air.  A soft smile played on her lips as she approached Henry, and for once her cocky and sarcastic demeanor was not worn.


"I am glad that you are alright."


--Curvis Sourati -- Leaving battlegrounds with Aqua--


The brunet cocked a brow at Aqua's resolve.  "Hide in the woods?  Alone?" he repeated.  Perhaps he were too acclimated to his own world, but any girl hiding in the woods alone didn't seem like a particularly good idea to him.  Even with her magic.


"I do have an idea, though perhaps a foolish one," he admitted.  "I . . . would like to meet your queen.  I feel that, if I may speak with her, I might be able to find a resolution of peace.  I do not want war.  I feel that we should return home, but I have gotten as far as I possibly could with my king and Lord Raiden.  Perhaps your queen would see things differently.  May I?  I mean, that is . . . would you introduce us?"


It was a risky move, and perhaps a death sentence, but Curvis had to at least try to make a difference in any way that he could.


--Yevgeni Malachite -- Kilkis Seres healer's tent--


The blond shrugged off healing when it was proffered to him.  His wounds were not great, and he didn't want to waste time in finding out where they stood in the current conflict.  His desire was to seek out Queen Shiva, but she was already tethered to that Retainer of hers and her enchanted armor friend.  Word spread quickly that she was planning to meet with Raiden alone that night, which likely wouldn't result in anything good.  Good things never happened when those two were alone.


Curiosity perhaps got the better of the blond, and despite his better judgment, he stole into the tent where the mysterious fighter had been whisked off to by a white mage.  There he found Nergal, though whether Nergal saw or recognized him remained to be seen.  Could he have solutions?  Would Yev truly be interested in his proposition?  He partly doubted it, but even still . . . he couldn't resist.

In Topic: The Happy Journal (Sign-ups and Discussion) (Always Open)

21 October 2017 - 12:32 PM

I am waiting on Mystic to post before I can <3

Thank you so much for waiting.  Genesis is now stalking Aya and Veran in the fabric store.  I apologize for the lengthy wait.

In Topic: ~The Happy Journal~ (Roleplay)

21 October 2017 - 12:31 PM



The tall redhead had been wandering the streets for a while, never feeling quite so aimless.  Here he was, looking for a servant and his friend to befriend, and he had no idea who he was looking for, or where they would be.  Could they be any friend and servant?  Were there multiple options?  Genesis didn't think so, but he thought everything happened for a reason, and if he put enough effort into finding these two people that his good fortune would be secured.


"This is fine, my lady."  A young lad bowed toward a similarly-aged female.


"It's just Aya!  You know that."


Both young people entered a building, causing Genesis to pause in the middle of the streets, amidst carriages, shouting people, and several small children bustling about.  It seemed that the young woman, Aya, held some kind of authority over the young man, who treated her as though he were a . . . servant?  Possibly?


Regardless, it was the best lead that Genesis had yet, and thus he followed the two into the store, which happened to be one selling fabric.  Rolls of luscious cloth were propped along every wall, and in the background Genesis thought he could hear the hum of a sewing machine.  The building had an odd aroma to it, as though it were scented with cinnamon and perhaps something else.  He saw the pair a short distance away, though he didn't want to appear as though he were stalking them.  He watched and waited, preparing for a good moment to try "befriending" them, hopefully at a moment where he could offer his services.

In Topic: So how can the toys life?

21 October 2017 - 12:15 PM

In the Toy Story universe I'm assuming that toys are simply alive.  I don't think there's any true scientific reason behind it other than it being factual for the world.  Like a lot of fantasy, some things just don't seem practical or make sense, but that is what separates it from reality, I suppose.