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Mystics Apprentice

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In Topic: Which is your favourite Main Series FINAL FANTASY Video Game?

Yesterday, 04:51 PM

Final Fantasy VI is definitely my favorite.  The cast of characters was just phenomenal, with almost each one playing some role in the story and despite the lack of voice acting it wasn't hard to get attached to them.  The music was fantastic, and overall I love the pace of the game.  I have yet to find a Final Fantasy to fairly rival it. :D


My runner-ups would be IV and IX if I were to choose.

In Topic: Who wants a Final Fantasy X-3?

Yesterday, 04:45 PM

To be honest, I was pretty content where the original X left off.  It was a bittersweet note: the destruction of Sin and a new era of eternal calm, at the cost of Tidus.  It had a sense of realism to it, which I liked, and overall I thought that it was a great conclusion to the story of X.  X-2 sort of ruined things for me.  While I do like the idea of Tidus and Yuna having a happy ending, I feel that both did get their happy ending in X, only they were not together for it.


I really disliked the audio Will, as it completely negated the second game, and most of the first, as Allwil pointed out.  I like to pretend that it doesn't exist, because the events of that story just ruin the X saga for me as a whole.


Having said that, I wouldn't be opposed to X-3, depending on its content and what storyline it follows.  If it goes down the path of Will, I'm definitely against it, but if, say, they made it a prequel to FFX as they discussed doing for I believe it was X-2, I would be for that.  I don't really see any way of making a X-3 unless they sort of went with the concepts of Will, and I just don't like that.  The prequel was originally intended to follow the story of Auron, Braska, and Jecht, which I think would've been awesome.

In Topic: Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion [CLOSED]

Yesterday, 12:00 PM

I'm kind of thinking that it would be best to just postpone the time skip, since there is so much to be done before it.

So maybe we'll finish the above events in, say, about two weeks, and proceed with the timeskip from there? Does that work for everyone?

In Topic: Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion [CLOSED]

Yesterday, 11:21 AM

Quick questions for some of you guys before I enact the timeskip:


Endless and Vaude: have Raiden and Jynn met yet, and, if so, what was the verdict?  About a week has gone by, so if you guys wanted to have them meet shortly after the timeskip that would be an option.


Elrandir and Scrap: How would the investigation at Lake Kresnik go?  Would they find fragments of the murder weapon?  Have they conducted their search yet, or is this something that will take place after the timeskip?

In Topic: Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion [CLOSED]

16 April 2018 - 12:50 AM

PM me

Did I do something wrong in my post again? I can change it if it's implying something it shouldn't.

Haha, no you're fine. It was me trying to figure out what Endless was talking about and I was horrifically wrong. Even my assumption was a massive stretch. :P