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Old Painting: Miss Piggy (Zing Into Sping Plush) Memories?

14 July 2017 - 08:49 PM

Here is an old painting I did in Painting 1 class in Community College. 


I forgot what kind of painting project it is. I think it was Memories.... 


One thing that was a royal pain is making gold with brown and yellow. I had to keep adding a little of yellow till it looks so golden. 



What inspired me to make a painting of Miss Piggy is one of those new Muppets Movies. It's the one that (I think) introduce Walter and him and his brother were trying to bring the Muppets back together again. Just hearing the "Rainbow Connection" again made me tear up. So I remember my mom giving me and my brother a Kermit/Miss Piggy Zing Into Spring plush with its cassette tape. We would listen to it a number of times. I could say "The Rhyming Song" was my favorite because it was funny and didn't make any sense, as the Muppets were singing it. Despite I didn't have the plush anymore, I google-d it online and sketched it on my mini art pad and canvas. Then I had to visualize her sitting on my bed while leaning on my pillow.


Sorry about my image being so big. 

Steve Whitmire Will No Longer Voicing Kermit the Frog

12 July 2017 - 10:06 PM



The link my mom sent me:  http://www.eonline.c...ing-a-new-voice



I hope I'm at the right place posting this. I found out by a different link my mom sent me through Facebook Messenger.


But yeah. Whitmire won't be voicing Kermit anymore. I'm sadden to hear this, but very understandable of whatever the reason that may be. I really don't know how long the Muppets have been around. Probably way before I was even born. I remember my mom gave me and my brother "A Zing Into Spring" Kermit/Miss Piggy Plush (W/ Cassette Tape) and she might've done some kind of Photography thing at Target. (I don't really remember the photography thing though.)  I don't have the plush anymore nor the tape. I could say: The Rhyming Song was my favorite from the tape, because it was funny and I didn't understand it as a kid. But I get it as I'm older.


I also remember watching some shows I think like Muppet's Tonight, Muppet Babies, and I think that's it. (Although, it's a blur remembering them.) I do remember watching one of the newer Muppet's movie and hearing "Rainbow Connection" made me cry and inspired me to do a painting of Miss Piggy (Zing Into Spring Plush) for my Painting 1 class years ago. I could post it on here if you want me to.


I'm sure a lot of us, may have memories of Kermit. I just wanted to make a post about this.



UPDATE: Disney fired him. http://www.cnbc.com/...devastated.html


And I will post my Miss Piggy painting on here later on.

My Thoughts and Experiences On UnionX[Cross]'s Proud Mode

23 June 2017 - 07:17 PM

Before I start, I'm mostly a F2P and only be a P2P if I have money that I want to treat myself with. I P2P sometimes, but not a lot. 


So, back before Unchained X became UnionX[Cross], we were introduced to Proud Mode. By this being a Kingdom Hearts title, I knew without a doubt that Proud Mode was going to be hard. So, I tried it despite I wasn't all that strong, and I don't think I was confident enough to excel the first batch of missions. 


One thing funny though before I tried it.


Since we got Proud Mode, I press the button that'll lead me to it. As I pressed the button, I realized that all this time--ALL THIS TIME we've been playing the Story Mode quests on Standard Mode! STANDARD FREAKING MODE! I was dumbfounded over this realization. And I just had flashbacks of me starting a Kingdom Hearts title on Beginner's Mode and Normal Mode on the first original Kingdom Hearts title. I do this just to build up confidence so, I'll be ready to play the really hard difficulties.  


I was like: "Square Enix... You mean to tell me, I've been playing these Story Mode quests, getting Jewels, whooping the Heartless and Disney Villains, on Standard Mode?! All this time?!"


Moving on... 


So months ago back in 2016, I started to try Proud Mode. And yes as I thought, it was really hard. Verrrry hard.... I've learned that THEY pick the Keyblade for you, you can't use Friend Medals, and THEY will give you conditions. So, as I tried to follow the given conditions, I ended up stopping and just put Proud Mode on hold. I think at the time, I was able to get the Sleeping Lion Keyblade, but I couldn't go any further because the next few quest involves the Moogle O' Glory. And I was like: "I can't do this quest! My Moogle O' Glory is weak! They must be out of their rabid mind."


So, for weeks and months, I've done event quests to get these medals, and tried to do these Moogle O' Glory quests at my pace. Plus using a shared Daisy and Minnie medal. I even did those Adamantite Ore Challenges at my own pace. I've even pulled four times to get Illustrated KH2 Kairi. Doing these things helped me. My MoG is getting stronger. 


So, as I do these Proud Mode quests, there are times I would get all objectives, only get the first two objectives, not get all objectives, and not "Defeat all enemies".


Here are just 3 Conditions that are alright and that I really hate. I'm only going to list 3 of each.


Conditions that are alright  

1. Use Upright Medals only. (Yay! I can use KH2 Kairi!)

2.  Use All Target Medals only. ( KH2 Kairi!)

3. Only special attacks requiring 1 gauges or fewer are allowed. (Did I forget to mention KH2 Kairi? LOL)


​Conditions that I really hate


​1. Use Reverse Medals only. (Now if you have Reverse Medals that are buffs/attacks, you should be fine.) 

2. Medals, that are 4 or more gauges are allowed. (Ugh... Please don't get me started... But, I feel like that's all going to change, after what I've done...) 

3. Use Single Target Medals only. (I hate this one the most, because you have to figure out how to defeat about 4 to 5? enemies. One bright side of it, I have the Chip and Dale medal despite they restore 4 gauges.) 



 There's some conditions to use Medals that has a STR/DEF or 8150 or any number given. 


One thing new I have found out. As I finishing up doing the Proud Mode quests, I found out that the Wretched Witch quest is timed. This isn't a condition, but a objective. So, does that means whatever bosses we have defeated in Standard Mode, are all of these quests are going to be timed? That's my only question to Proud Mode.


To end this, yeah Proud Mode is hard to some people, easy to others. If you are a F2P, it'll take some time to get to the very point of you doing better in Proud Mode (to the point you'll able to get some Electrium Ores from some of the quests.). P2Ps it's probably easy or maybe it's somewhat hard for them too. I can't really say for sure.  

New Beast/ New Belle Bonus items (Enchanted Mirror/ Belle's Book)

14 April 2017 - 02:17 PM

I know this is late and I told myself I wasn't going to worry about it. But, I have a question regarding the bonus items for the New Beast/ New Belle Avatar Boards.


Do you guys remember the notice SENA has given us (back in March), regarding getting bonus items for the Beauty and the Beast Avatar Boards?


If yes. For the ones that bought the board before the end date. Did you guys get the Enchanted Mirror/ Belle's Book?


I think I bought it, a day after it was announced. I was waiting patiently at the day they were going to give us the item. But I didn't get it, through the Gift Box menu. I think they said they were going to give us it on the 6th of March or after the 6th? I might have to check my Avatar inventory again to be sure.


But yeah I was wondering if any of you (that bought the Boards) get either one of these items?



Union Cross - Connection Error?

07 April 2017 - 02:10 PM

Have you guys tried Union Cross yet?


If yes, have this happen to you all?


In "Begin Now", I was going where the Raid Boss is, and when participating in the fight, I keep getting a Connection Error right in the middle of the fight. Did this happen to you all?


Edit: I tried again. And I can confirm that sometimes the Connection Error could happen?