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Utada's new album

28 September 2016 - 05:56 PM

So, Utada's new album, "Fantôme", has just been released. I was wondering what you guys thought of it? Are there any songs on the album you'd like for KH3's theme song? For me, it would be Boukyaku or Ningyo. Of course they would have to be remixed a la "Simple And Clean" for the opening but these songs would be great for the credits. I like 'em. Boukyaku isn't very "Kingdom Hearts" lyrically though...and Utada would probably have to add verses to the song as the rapper's verse would probably be removed because they're very heavy lyrically. Furthermore, I'd be surprised if he could rap in english.


You can sample the album on iTunes :) If you haven't already.


EDIT: I sampled it a second time and now I'm really liking Kouya No Ookami too and Njikan Dake No Vacance...and Michi...so yeah, I don't know what to choose. :/

Kingdom Hearts III alledgedly not getting worldwide release

15 July 2016 - 12:37 AM

According to IGN France, Nomura said in a recent interview with famitsu that Kingdom Hearts III would not be getting a worldwide release. Basically, Japan should be getting the game first and the time between the japanese release and the release for the rest of the world is unknown. Take this information with a grain of salt since the famitsu article has not been sourced by IGN France and there are no translations to prove they are telling the truth. However, it is more likely that KH3 will get a release similar to that of KH2.8. For some reason, everyone assumed that KH2.8 would be getting a worldwide release and that's probably not the case. The trailer said "December 2016 Worldwide". For all we know, Japan could be getting the game on December 1st and NA & Europe could get the game on December 31st. It's still a worldwide release in December 2016, just not the one we expect.


*EDIT: I know, it's "allegedly" not "alledgedly"...my first language is french, gimme a break.

Petition for Kingsglaive in canadian cinemas!

10 July 2016 - 03:59 PM

As some of you know, the Final Fantasy XV movie, Kingsglaive, has been released over the week end in Japanese movie theaters. A release for US cinemas has also been announced but that's it. For the rest of the world, we should expect to see the movie when it releases digitally in September. Fans all over the world have been waiting for Final Fantasy XV for years and so many of us want to watch this movie. I'm sure Square Enix would release the movie in more countries if interest was shown. That's why many petitions have been started to get Square to release Kingsglaive in theaters all over the world, including Canada...and since I'm canadian, I'm sharing this piece of information with you guys and asking you to support Canadians in the fight for Lucis! :) Sign the petition here: http://www.ipetition...xv-for-canadian


09 July 2016 - 02:53 PM



Kingdom Hearts III/0.2/X Back Cover Visual Analysis

04 July 2016 - 06:47 PM

So...I've complained. I've complained A LOT, about the way KH3 looks since the E3 2015 trailer. Honestly, I could almost say I was let down by Square after seeing the way game looked on the Unreal engine 4 compared to the way it used to look on the Luminous Engine, BUT I'm more than happy to say that my complaints were absolutely pointless. Yep, the 0.2 footage from E3 convinced me that KH3 is going to look just as good as we all want it to look. How? Well let's see!


EXHIBIT A: The environments

They were never a problem, but it was great to see that the environments are still looking great. The textures, the details, the lighting, EVERYTHING is just perfect. But they looked just as good in the KH3 trailers so...Nothing to complain about here.





EXHIBIT B: The particle effects...and other effects x)

The magic, the effect it has on the environment it...it all looks so beautiful. Visually, it couldn't get any better. Once again, that's nothing new, it always looked great :)


EXHIBIT C: The character models

That was my main issue with KH3's look. The character models. In the very first trailer we were promised the characters would look a certain way and the latest trailers didn't live up to my expectations. They said Sora would look like this:4572557-kh3-3.png Instead, he looked like that: KH3-Two-Shoot-Blaster.jpgAnd then we had terrible character models for Mickey, Riku, Kairi and Yen Sid. They all looked like Barbie dolls.KH-Premium-Event_11-03-15_003.jpg The latest footage for 2.8 has shown immense improvement in the character models. As you can see in this screenshot featuring Ephemera, the character's hair and clothing are a lot more detailed and textured which is great. Their skin also doesn't look as "plasticky" as the previous screenshot which removes the doll effect :) CkdUhYSXIAAJAxg.jpgStrangely, in the 0.2 portion of the trailer, Aqua's model still suffers of the doll effect. Her hair and cloth are really detailed but her skin still looks like plastic. I think that's mainly because of the lighting. It looks like Square has been having a hard time with finding the right lighting for night time with the new engine and that gives the characters like Terra, Aqua, Riku and Kairi a weird look since they were all in "nightime lighting" (Mysterious Tower & Realm Of Darkness are "night themed"). But as we've seen with X Back Cover, the right lighting seems to fix every problem. 



EXHIBIT D: The Art Direction (See attached files)

As I mentioned earlier, with the very first trailer of KH3, Square showcased some graphics and they haven't really delivered what they promised. That's not because the Unreal Engine isn't good enough but because they changed the art direction. It wasn't clear what art direction they were going for with the 2015 trailers for KH3 but, for me, the 0.2 footage we've seen made the art direction clearer and it's actually something they teased in the very first trailer. If you look at the 0.2 cutscenes from the E3 demo, you'll notice that Aqua actually looks a lot like her model from the pre-rendered cutscenes. It doesn't really show in the E3 2016 trailer but it does in the demo.

Attached File  KH3 Visual Analysis.001.jpg   577.98KB   2 downloads

Attached File  KH3 Visual Analysis.002.jpg   407.54KB   1 downloads

Attached File  KH3 Visual Analysis.003.jpg   489.12KB   1 downloads

Even Terra, whose model probably isn't finished since it doesn't look very detailed, looks a bit like his pre-rendered counterpart.

Attached File  KH3 Visual Analysis.004.jpg   259.24KB   1 downloads

The main difference with their pre-rendered counterparts is that they look a bit more cartoony in the game. And I think that's exactly what Square is going for. Instead of making the characters look exactly like they do in the pre-rendered cutscenes, they are trying to make them look like their pre-rendered counterparts but with a cartoonish touch to capture the Disney aspect of KH. And they've shown that in the very first trailer, when "KH3D Sora" transitioned into "KH3 Sora". 

Attached File  KH3 Visual Analysis.005.jpg   431.75KB   1 downloads

Attached File  KH3 Visual Analysis.006.jpg   574.4KB   1 downloads


This might not be a revelation to everyone, but it enlightened things for me and I know other people like me complained about the visuals for KH3 so I wanted to show everybody that there is nothing to complain about. Square just has to get the "night lighting" right and everything'll be good :) I'm satisfied with KH3's look. Share your thoughts :)