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#1945017 Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy VII Remake to be launched in "the ne...

Posted by PrinceNoctis on Yesterday, 10:02 AM

Interesting, I'm really hoping for a 2018 release when it comes to KH3. Fingers crossed.

#1942430 Addressing rumors: New Kingdom Hearts III trailer at E3 2017 and apparent rel...

Posted by PrinceNoctis on 10 May 2017 - 12:05 PM

I don't know if cut content is great news, especially considering the anticipation for this game is a lot higher than the rest in the series.

Even if the game released 2047, there would still be cut content. There's always content that don't make it to games, sometimes they're just concepts or ideas and sometimes they're actual mechanics. That doesn't mean we won't end up with a great game. Even if content is cut, it's not like we'll know about any of it. It won't change anything. People are just freaking out because with XV, we've seen a bunch of stuff that didn't make it to the game, but with KH3, we haven't seen much so it won't change anything in our lives if they cut content that we didn't know about in the first place lol

#1942324 Addressing rumors: New Kingdom Hearts III trailer at E3 2017 and apparent rel...

Posted by PrinceNoctis on 09 May 2017 - 06:50 PM

This part makes me believe this rumor is true because of the whole Unchained X and Union X stuff which are obviously the groundwork for the next saga and it really makes me angry. Nomura should focus on making a satisfying ending of the Xehanort saga, after that he can concentrate on what comes next.


For the rest we can't make any judgement because we don't know how far in development they are. They could have finished 13 worlds, still want to finish 7 other worlds until next year and maybe cut 5-6 other worlds out. This isn't necessarily negative if we consider the scope of one world but it isn't positive either. I guess we should just wait for the E3 trailer (if there is one...)

I was thinking the same, I feel like some of the things they've been teasing in the X saga is for the next saga. Nomura said the Master of Masters won't be in KH3 and I don't think that they would've made him so important in Back Cover if he was to disappear for the rest of the series. He's definitely going to appear in the next saga. Knowing how Nomura works though, this is nothing new. With XV, he'd already planned sequels and the game had just been announced. Every time he directs a KH game, he thinks of a concept for the next one, so it's nothing to be worried about.


Anyway, am I the only one who wants this to be true? Lol! A release date! FINALLY! Also, to everyone worried that this might turn into a XV situation, it is totally different. XV's development was a lot more complex, they had planned multiple games at first so they had to rewrite the story. They were changing the story ALL THE TIME and that's why the story is messy like that and a lot of the content we saw in the trailers was cut. XV was still awesome tho. In KH3's case, Nomura's been thinking about the story since Birth By Sleep, that's 2010 guys...He had enough time to figure out the story, it's probably set in stone right now. The only things they might cut are certain game mechanics and maybe a world or two that don't bring any plot advancements, but I'm sure it won't be anything major. Really excited to see what they have in store for E3. :)

#1942320 Addressing rumors: New Kingdom Hearts III trailer at E3 2017 and apparent rel...

Posted by PrinceNoctis on 09 May 2017 - 06:36 PM

I believe it. It makes sense, what he meant by they will release even if it is unfinished is that they might cut content to reach the release date which is something they've been doing since the beginning of the series. Nothing to be worried about, it's great news to me lol.

#1940590 Will you "jump ship" after KH3?

Posted by PrinceNoctis on 27 April 2017 - 05:24 PM

I don't even know if I'll still play video games once this current-gen ends lol. I'll definitely keep an eye on Kingdom Hearts, just not sure if I'm going to play the games haha

#1939970 Which dfficulty will you choose?

Posted by PrinceNoctis on 23 April 2017 - 01:55 PM

I'll pick Standard, like I usually do, and then I'll do the other difficulties if I feel like it. I want to be able to finish the game fairly quickly so that I don't get spoilers off the internet, but I also want to have somewhat of a challenge so Standard does it for me. I'm not a pro at Kingdom Hearts anyway so it would take me forever to finish KH3 on Proud or Critical.

#1939503 Mickey spoiled how he and Riku will save Aqua in KH3

Posted by PrinceNoctis on 20 April 2017 - 08:35 AM

There's been other ways there before. Maleficent spirited Sora and gang to some featureless area of it in KH2 (unless it's some pocket dimension that Sora just jumped the gun on assuming any dark area must be the "Realm of Darkness", but I doubt they'd go that far), Terra-Xehanort and Aqua fell into it when T-X tried to purge Terra from his heart with the Keyblade, Riku got cast away into the Realm of Darkness when Ansem took his body in KH1, Xemnas and Roxas could easily access it through a Corridor of Darkness in KH2/Days, which is essentially what Mickey was referring to in 0.2 BBS (in KH1, when no one else was looking, he managed to grab a Corridor as it appeared in Traverse Town, which is what he meant when he told Data-Sora that he was in TT the same night he was. I'm willing to bet it was formed from Destiny Islands' destruction, because fate is funny like that sometimes in KH), and in DDD Ansem seems to be dragging Riku into an area of the Realm of Darkness for their final battles though these could also just be dream-made facsimiles similar to the memory-based one in Reverse Rebirth (since it's kind of weird that a guy who's dedicated his entire existence to accessing the Dark Realm to suddenly be able to casually summon it whenever he wants).


I mean theoretically your idea could still happen, but I wouldn't rule out some new method coming about either since the series has already shown that there is more than one way to access particular realms. I don't know if Twilight Town would necessarily be where a way in would appear, but again, Traverse Town has definitely been confirmed as a place where Corridors of Darkness pop up all the time whenever a world is destroyed, so that's likely a good candidate (plus a good excuse to render it in the Kingdom Shader, because why stop doing Traverse Town to death now? lol). They don't need to "sacrifice" a world, they just need to find a portal when a world they aren't even aware of gets unfortunately destroyed. It's not like they can know about every world that's in danger out there, as much as they would like to save them. But again, Yen Sid managed to come up with some kind of shortcut to get Sora and Riku into the Realm of Sleep for their Mark of Mastery Exam (yeah I'm still lost on the whole "send them back in time without giving up their bodies" thing), so maybe there's another trick they can come up with for the Realm of Darkness.

It is weird, but in theory, Ansem did have the ability to easily travel between the Dark Realm and the Realm of Light since he's a heartless and heartless can use corridors of darkness freely to travel from world to world and from a realm to another. I believe the reason Ansem needed the Door to Darkness and all of that is because Ansem did not only want the power from Kingdom Hearts, he wanted to plunge all worlds into darkness and for that he need the darkness from the ROD to spill out from the DTD into the Realm of Light. Or maybe he needed the DTD to access Kingdom Hearts and not necessarily just to access the Realm of Darkness...All I'm saying is, accessing the Dark Realm, probably wasn't a problem for Ansem.

#1939397 Mickey spoiled how he and Riku will save Aqua in KH3

Posted by PrinceNoctis on 19 April 2017 - 06:15 PM

Not according to what Mickey said
So there may not be another way.

I think that was an explanation for how he managed to get into the ROD. Since Mickey doesn't use the power of darkness, he can't summon Corridors of Darkness to travel between worlds or realms, but it has been shown in KH2 and 358/2 days that Corridors of Darkness can be used to travel to the ROD and it would be a huge let down if they retconned that right now, out of nowhere.


Also, when Terra tries to get Xehanort out of his body at the end of Birth By Sleep, a portal to the ROD appears behind him. This was before the worlds started disappearing, so there are other ways to travel to the ROD. This dark portal could've been a Corridor of Darkness but that hasn't been confirmed.


EDIT: It's explained in Ansem's Secret Report 11 that the pathways Mickey is referring to are actually Corridors of Darkness which appear in Realm Between from time to time. So basically, Mickey needed to wait for a world to be consumed by darkness to use a corridor of darkness because he can't summon one himself. If he'd had the ability to summon Corridors of Darkness, he wouldn't have had this problem. So a world doesn't necessarily have to be consumed to get into the ROD. 


"This "realm between" is quite unstable, with corridors of darkness appearing from time to time. Whenever a world disappears, some of its inhabitants must arrive here through these corridors. Surely Sora traveled these same corridors of darkness when he first came to Traverse Town. It seems my friend, fighting in the realm of darkness, appeared in Castle Oblivion through a corridor of darkness constructed by Organization XIII. My new ally Riku also effected his return via one of these corridors."

-Secret Ansem's Report 11

#1939390 Mickey spoiled how he and Riku will save Aqua in KH3

Posted by PrinceNoctis on 19 April 2017 - 05:19 PM

Well, that's not the only way to get to the ROD...There's also the Corridors of Darkness.

There's bound to be a world that's going to be consumed by darkness. Plus, that's more lore than spoiler. We know how to enter the RoD, but it'll still remain tricky. The trick is also getting out so there's gonna be more to it than what you're thinking. Getting to the Realm Between isn't easy.

Isn't getting to the Realm Between the same as traveling to any normal world?

#1939102 Which Forteller has the best looking Keyblade?

Posted by PrinceNoctis on 17 April 2017 - 05:13 PM

I like the keyblade gula has the most but when was luxu's keyblade called no name? when that was confirmed?

I think it was said in "Back Cover"

#1938313 What's the first thing you do after beating a Kingdom Hearts game?

Posted by PrinceNoctis on 12 April 2017 - 09:47 PM

I dance. Yep, I dance.

#1938138 Okay, Let's talk about E3 2017 and what we'll probably see. (KH3)

Posted by PrinceNoctis on 11 April 2017 - 06:55 PM

Those valid points give me confidence, but then Nomura could throw a wrench in all of that by saying "Axel is a popular character, so we're going to dedicate a Kingdom Hearts game to his younger years as Lea with Isa featuring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit!".

SHHHHHH!! Don't give him any ideas :$ 

#1937438 4th leader introduced to Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] wi...

Posted by PrinceNoctis on 06 April 2017 - 11:38 AM

So...Ardyn is the fourth Union Leader? Lol

#1934804 The Kingdom Hearts animated pilot will not go forward as of the moment

Posted by PrinceNoctis on 23 March 2017 - 03:01 PM

I'm happy about this to be honest...I feared they were gonna make it some ugly computer-animated thing like today's typical TV shows. If Kingdom Hearts is to be on TV, they should make a beautiful hand-drawn animated show à la "Legend of Korra".

#1933948 Coverage: Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - World Tour - in Paris

Posted by PrinceNoctis on 18 March 2017 - 08:39 PM

Someone's been uploading footage of the concert on Youtube. You can hear Aqua's monologue followed by "Wave of Darkness" here: