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In Topic: Final Fantasy Dissidia: Legends RP

Yesterday, 11:56 PM

cosmos znd ezio sanctuary


Cosmos saw that her warriors were starting to gather but not all had appeared.  just then a man in his 40's had appeared from a portal.  Ezio looked around perplexed about his new environment.  he had been in a long and grueling fight with his nemesis Cesare Borgia then he somehow appeared in this strange dimension.  "where am i?!  is this one of Cesare's tricks?"  Cosmos went to the man and she placed her hand on his shoulder.  "Fear not warrior i have called you to this place.  I need your help."  "What kind of help?"  "If you will be patient i will address you all.  welcome all of you my warriors.  a great battle will soon take place.  if you value peace and prosperity you will heed my plea.  we must stop Chaos the god of Discord.  for he wishes to upset the balance of the world."


Shana the mirage sandseas

she was walking in endless desert and saw nothing but sand.  she was irritated.  she had wound up in a strange place that she was never a part of.  she didnt like being separated from yuji but she had to press on so she could see him again.  she grasped her pendent.  "What should we do Alastor?"  the pendent began to talk.  "Hmm we should find out more of this place.  it is unlike the human or the crimson worl."  shana nods.  "Yea im picking up a lot of powerful presences

In Topic: (Always Open!) Final Fantasy Dissidia: Legends (Sign Ups and Discussion)

Yesterday, 11:34 PM

Ezio is accepted! :D

aw yea!!!!

In Topic: (Always Open!) Final Fantasy Dissidia: Legends (Sign Ups and Discussion)

Yesterday, 11:25 PM

name Ezio Auditore da firenze

age 40

weapons hidden blades swords throwing knives smoke bombs and crossbow

original appearance Assassins creed 2

appearence https://www.google.c...eIrCjt8Kkf318M:

skills stealthy agile martial arts strategist

bio a man who at 17 years old saw his father and brothers hanged before his eyes for being falsely accused of a conspiracy.  he then took up his fathers work as an assassin and hunted down those who played a part in theyre death.  as he matured he dedicated his life to the assassins and continued to hunt down the templars in italy and also in constanople.  

ex mode armor of altair his armor becomes sturdier and he becomes more agile.

ex burst rain of knives throws a bomb that shatters and rains countless knives on the enemy.

ezios theme 

battle theme 

side cosmos neutral

In Topic: (Always Open!) Final Fantasy Dissidia: Legends (Sign Ups and Discussion)

24 March 2017 - 12:12 PM

Accepted! Welcome abroad! :D

thanks glad to be here :D

In Topic: (Always Open!) Final Fantasy Dissidia: Legends (Sign Ups and Discussion)

24 March 2017 - 11:19 AM

name Shana

original appearence Shakugan no Shana

race Flame Haze

age 14

side Cosmos

weapon Nodachi (like a long katana) also has a speical cape that can store anything.

appearence https://www.google.c...OGo6_aPy9DlUXM:

bio a girl raised from the time she was a toddler by another ancient flame haze and the legendary crimson lord (a god from another dimension.) Alastor the flame of heaven.  she was trained in martial arts and swordplay and in the way of the flame haze.  her human nature denied these teachings for awhile she couldnt beleive these being from other worlds could devour other humans and drain theyre life force until one day one of them found there home and attacked her.  with some help from her mentor she was able to form a contract with alastor and became the flaming haired blazing eyed hunter.  she then defeated a powerful foe and got her hands on her signiture weapon the nietono no shana.  because of her training she doesnt understand human emotions well and can be quite brutal in combat.  she tends to get irritated easily

speicial abilities can manipulate fire into her blade and can form wings of fire known as crimson wings.  

ex mode crimson wings gets a speed boost and can fly with wings of fire.

ex burst Tenpa jyousai giving up her presence and using the energy around her can manifest alastor the flame of heaven. to destroy all in his path

theme song 

battle theme