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Tetsuya Nomura's lack of transparency and commitment

11 January 2017 - 09:12 AM

I know I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this but at the very least please PLEASE be respectful.I'm fine with you disagreeing with me but don't hurl insults at me.Ok?Good



I just HAD to talk about this in the light of the recent news




People like to call me an ungrateful impatient bigot but seriously,well Nomura and Square Enix ever learn their lesson?


This is what happens when they pile up aaaall of their projects,let alone one of which being THEIR MOST ANTICIPATED GAME BEFORE IT WAS EVEN ANNOUNCED BY THEM,to one single director?


I know I'm really repeating myself here especially with my last thread and all but all this ends up creating is a product with so much content being cut out from or not meeting expectations due to the development hell it resulted from


Some people like to say "Poor Nomura,they pile so many projects on him he's working so hard for us fans",I may have some respect for the man but I won't sympathize with his directorial ethos anymore


He of all people knows that he'd love to focus and work more on his own series A.K.A Kingdom Hearts.You might not think so him choosing to direct 358\2 Days,Re:Coded,DDD,Chi and now 3 have severely affected what we now know as Final Fantasy XV(formerly known as Versus XIII).I don't claim to know exactly what goes behind the scenes by any means but from my observation of how he works and how he deals with public perception(something Square is so bad at controlling).I've come to one conclusion



Tetsuya Nomura lacks both transparency and commitment towards both the consumer and the deadlines


For example when it comes to transparency,let's look at both KH3 and FFXV


With FFXV,ever since the game's old state as Versus XIII all the way up to 2014 we heard close to absolutely nothing of how development is progressing aside from 3 trailers with long periods of silence between each and everyone of them.But once he got replaced we got the Active Time Reports which was updating the game's development's state almost on a monthly basis.


Say what you will about how XV turned out but at least the new director tried his best to be as transparent as possible with what he's allowed to share


Nomura on the other hand say little to nothing.With KH3 we heard jackshit until E3 2015 when we finally,FINALLY had a proper full trailer for the game that isn't a short prototype footage shown to the press then later leaked to the internet and after that 2016 came with a drought of KH3 news(I don't mean trailers,just anything) beyond how 2.8 is totally important and how 0.2 leads to the beginning of KH3(Yay It's MGS5  Ground Zeroes all over again).


But you know what?I would've been fine with the lack of news...............if they didn't announce their stuff so freakin early


With how Square announces their games HALF A DECADE before their arrival,Nomura has little to no reason to worry as he's not commited to a deadline he'd be forced to deliver the game in so he'd just do whatever he wants with his given budget and put whatever other projects that belongs to franchises he didn't conceive to be put on the backburner and Square Enix is just totally fine with it as it aligns perfectly with how their marketing division handle things despite them legitimately not knowing what to do with the guy who,among other people like Motomu Toriyama,slowly but surely ran their reputation to the ground with Nomura in particular known to the public outside of the Square fandom as "The guy whose games never come out.



It makes me wonder why they let him be in charge of their most anticipated game with the VII remake.Eventually the same thing will happen before even episode 1 come out.


The game will suffer from development hell,directors will be swapped in and out coupled with staff leaving the company due to layoffs or them just quitting,then the game come out so late that the hype for it just died after the revelation of how much was left out of the game and the radical changes they'll implement to the point it's barely recognized as FFVII anymore



People have very varied degrees of patience and no matter how long they wait,eventually the patience will run so thin that a lot of people would just give up on Square Enix yet again and that bad reputation will cause them to lose a firetruckton of sales and profit in the long term



Enough is Enough Nomura and Square Enix,if you guys don't think you can deliver a product at a specified time.STOP ANNOUNCING THEM SO EARLY





And now that I painted the red target on me,I'm ready for the lambastation 

Square Enix's three favorite words

11 January 2017 - 04:20 AM





Now wait 10 years for our anticipated release of the Final Fantasy VII remake




Final Fantasy XV was never really in development for 10 years

08 January 2017 - 07:12 AM

Before I start I wanna clarify to some bullies around here who sees the title of this thread and make some stupid wild assumption:No I'm not a hater,I actually like FFXV.Okay now that's out of the way............


A big misconception that's been going around is that because Versus XIII was announced ten years ago way back in 2006 that means the actual development cycle of the game was truly a decade.


At first I used to think that's the case too until I learned more and more about the development process that goes into that type of games and the conclusion is:No,not even close to ten years(Gee,Square Enix announcing games too early?That never happened befoooooooooooore xD)



Sure it was announced 10 years ago but the actual workload for the game didn't even start until late 2012 to 2013.Not even the 2011 trailer shown at the 1st Production Department Premeire convention that Square held was real especially with how vastly different it looked compared to the 2013 and onward trailers


What we saw from 2006 all the way up to 2011 was more or less just CG proof of concept trailers with no tangible showcase of what the plot was supposed to be and the 2011 footage wasn't even from a playable built as we never saw those footage being demoed at any point on an actual Ps3 back when the game was announced for it.


In short,what Nomura and the previous team working on the game did between 2006 and 2011 was a complete and utter unpresentable mess that Square,for the longest time,had no idea how to showcase\reveal to the public in a presentable fashion as quite frankly,little to nothing was written for the story beyond designs by Roberto Ferrari for characters like Ardyn who was designed back in 2010 and wouldn't appear until the 2013 rereveal of the game being reworked into FFXV(with the exception of Aranea who did appear in the 2011 trailer with no reveal to her identity or role besides that she's a female dragoon and that's it).




The supposed fanboys of Versus XIII(really how can something that never even existed\materialized had it's own fanbase is beyond me) claim that Tabata supposedly "Ruined Nomura's vision for Versus XIII) and demand a quote unquote "remake for Versus" which baffles the mind to no end.


For the past decade or so Nomura was directing not one,not two,not three,not four,but FIVE DIFFERENT KINGDOM HEARTS GAMES:358\2 Days,Birth by Sleep,Coded\Recoded,Dream Drop Distance and Chi\Unchained X.You can't possibly tell me that him working on this never detracted from his work on Versus XIII especially when different staff members were constantly being pulled from it into other projects(without mentioning the people who left Square Enix during that) especially when it was revealed later on that he's also working on KH3 which was revealed in 2013.Not to mention two Dissidia games,The World Ends with You and some other small projects


Which brings me to the answer that's more or less obvious by now.But the actual real dev time for Final Fantasy XV was three years which was exactly the period Tabata took over the project as a director.


Hajime Tabata never ruined whatever "vision" Nomura had for the game when said vision never materialized to something worth a damn to begin with(At one point in 2013 he meant for the game to be  A FREAKIN MUSICAL). The reason why the game felt rushed and a lot of content was cut out of the final product was because,simply put,the three year development cycle was simply not enough.Throughout the years we've seen constant changes to the gameplay as everything from the 2013 trailer was more or less either gone or changed to something completely different heck even what we played in episode Duscae was completely changed.


The state Nomura left the project in was simply put:Hell incarnate.The three year period was just not enough yet Tabata and his new team persevered to put out the game on such a strict time limit because any further delay for the game after the September delay would kill all the hype the game built and would pretty much ruin whatever plan they had for the 30th anniversary in 2017 and FF16.


Aside from the general concept and maybe the designs of the pre-2010 cast,Nomura's vision for XV\Versus XIII barely if ever existed so for people to just randomly shit on Hajime Tabata for little to no reason is just preposterous.He did all he can to save this game from being an unpresentable shitfest and there was no way the final product wouldn't suffer from the huge cuts it endured with such a limiting,restrictive development time


If anything I personally blame Nomura more than anyone else for what XV suffered and I blame Square Enix in general for never learning their lesson with their bloated and anti-dev stupid Luminous Engine and Crystal Tools Engine that were nightmares to develop for.Sure they produced very visually impressive graphics but everything else from gameplay to story from 2007 onward suffered.That and I also blaming Square for never having a clear idea what to do with Nomura as a director.Never giving the chance for other producers and directors to try and be in charge and instead assigning the same guy to buttload of projects all at once leading to some of them to suffer severely in cost of finishing others.And not to mention their infamous practice of announcing games waaaay too early before they even make an alpha build for any of them

How did Aqua know that Terra chose Riku?

27 October 2016 - 07:39 AM



In this scene when Aqua meets with Sora and Riku she somehow figured out that Terra chose Riku even though she wasn't there to see it


Sure she might be able to sense who's a keyblade wielder and who's not but literally it's easy to assume that it could be anyone so how did she know it was Terra specifically?

The Playstation Paris games week livestream

27 October 2016 - 07:35 AM





Just putting the link here for those who wanna watch it........since Shinji Hashimoto might be talking about Kingdom Hearts in it