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#1918899 "I want to change my username" & "I want to delete my account...

Posted by Smash Mega Koopa on Today, 11:09 AM

Old name:Smash Mega Koopa


New  name: Dio Brando



Reason for change:cuz KH13 needs a new villain xD

#1918410 A day in the Square Enix office

Posted by Smash Mega Koopa on Yesterday, 05:58 AM

And suddenly Lightning remarks:Hey,haven't you noticed that we all three look exactly the same xD


Funny how you gave Lightning more character and personality than her actual game xD

#1917640 Tetsuya Nomura's lack of transparency and commitment

Posted by Smash Mega Koopa on 14 January 2017 - 03:52 PM

I do agree about that graphics thing, they spend way too much money trying to make the games look pretty nowadays. The Luminous Engine looks better than UE4, wow too bad it was a big reason why FF15 had a shit development cycle and KH3 had development issues too.

They spent an absurd amount of dev time on these bloated engine that for a whole decade did nothing but hurt their games and gave modern FF games a bad reputation


If their excuse is that they wanna prove Japanese devs "can still make absurdly amazing graphics" then they completely missed the point of why people love games from Japan in the first place


Ditching Luminous for UE4 for KH3's development was the right thing to do in my opinion

#1917632 Tetsuya Nomura's lack of transparency and commitment

Posted by Smash Mega Koopa on 14 January 2017 - 03:31 PM

FFVIIRemake and FFVSXIII are the only games where he had directorial role, Dissidia was done by Takeshi Arakawa (Nomura only did character designs).

Oh......didn't know that Nomura didn't direct Dissidia


Guess I should've known by looking at the credits or just notcing the lack of Nomura-ism in the game xD

#1917569 How many times you have been struck by KH?

Posted by Smash Mega Koopa on 14 January 2017 - 10:08 AM



Maybe Xion's death made me feel a bit sad but other than that none of the supposed moments of "feels" ever resonated with me 

#1916362 Tetsuya Nomura's lack of transparency and commitment

Posted by Smash Mega Koopa on 11 January 2017 - 11:59 AM

Don't really know what to respond there. I'm not a Square Enix fan, I simply enjoy some of their games. I honestly don't care who the developer is, and you shouldn't care that much either.
If the game is good and looks promising to you then go for it, if it's from SE or not.

Well what I mean by a fan is a fan of their franchises not the company itself


I don't like seeing Final Fantasy and KH having their reputation fall from good to shit because of mistakes that could be fixed

I'll have to be the middle man here. You are pinning way too much of the blame on Nomura. You cannot guarantee what will happen to FF7 remake, how do you know what's going to happen?

I feel as if you saw the words 'a while off' and went into panic mode. Just wait until we see footage this year and then make judgements. I do not want FF7 remake to have a mess of a story like FF15 so I can wait a while.

You've even played 7 yourself, that game has the MOST unique locations out of ANY FF game. 82 I think.

Imagine them having to remake at least 20 of those for part one to scale as well as new locations. This remake will take a LONG time, it HAS to meet fan expectations otherwise Square Enix is literally over. If they aren't careful then it's bye bye.

As for KH3, that game needs to be long and satisfying to meet the expectations of the fans and wrap up the plot of 8 other games. It's not going to happen in 3-4 years honestly. Considering Luminous set them back its only been 2.5-3 years ish.

It is not Nomura's fault that they keep throwing shit at him, would anyone have turned down the opportunity to work on FF7 remake?

And FF7 remake we haven't even been waiting that long, 18 months since it first showed at E3 2015.

Honestly I can wait and I am SO GLAD that this man is not listening to the 'WHERE IS KH3 I NEED IT NOW' people. He's taking his sweet time and working at his own pace, trying to make the best games he can.

He's already said and hinted that we'll see something from both games this year so just wait until then.

Dude where and when did I say I want VII remake now?


3 and a half to 4 years would be a reasonable development time


All I'm saying is,I don't wanna wait a decade again just to get one game is all I'm saying


That and I want some transparency,not in the form of "GRR TRAILERS ALL THE TIME".....just honesty with the consumers instead of vague as hell statement


It's not just time that VII remake needs,it needs competence and a skillful development team


Xenoblade and Xenoblade X are hundred times bigger than FFVII AND FFXV and they didn't take an eternity to come out or have themselves be announced a decade before debut


Heck with them doing VII remake in the form of episodes I don't even expect VII remake to be on the same scope as the Xenoblade games


Also,for as much as my prediction is not guaranteed,at least it has more likeliness to happen based on what happened than the blind optimism of it's 100$ guaranteed to be the best

Nomura might be "good" at directing KH but he can't direct a Final Fantasy game for shit

#1916310 Tetsuya Nomura's lack of transparency and commitment

Posted by Smash Mega Koopa on 11 January 2017 - 10:01 AM

No offense, but isn't that a bit childish? I mean if he gives you news about the FFVII remake every few months or not, that doesn't change the final product at all. And if you care about the game now and wanna get it, I don't understand why such a scenario would make you not want it anymore. Just my personal opinion.

By news I mean anything not trailers,just little updates on development status every 3 to 4 months or so the way Tabata did with Active Time Reports


I have a life and I'm not ready to wait a decade for a video game.What happened to Versus XIII should never happen again

There is absolutely no denying Nomura's lack of commitment to a singular project. Poor Tabata had to be the one to push the reset button for Final Fantasy XV.


But what I'm seeing here is a sense of impatience. Nomura said in the interview that the delay was due to world implementation, I find that justifiable. There's so many different Disney properties to select for a mainline game that you have to make sure you're selecting the right ones to best fit with Kingdom Hearts.


Plus, we just literally started 2017. This year has far more in store for us than last year ever did. And I see that you're a Megami Tensei fan, if you do get fed up of Kingdom Hearts, Persona 5 will be available early April to kill time in the meantime.

With KH3 I never asked for a 2017 release by any means......just a deadline,any deadline would be enough even if it's not that close with some transparency even if it's not frequent


It's not that I'm impatient and I did state so if you read my post,it's my interest that's waving away


I already moved on to Megami Tensei and I'm waaaaaaaaaaaay more hyped for P5 than anything from Square Enix at this point


It's not a matter of impatience,it's a matter of me stopping to give a shit.Why should I bother coming back to Square Enix RPGs after this?


It just bothers me as a former Square fan who followed the company for more than half of my life

#1916295 Tetsuya Nomura's lack of transparency and commitment

Posted by Smash Mega Koopa on 11 January 2017 - 09:12 AM

I know I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this but at the very least please PLEASE be respectful.I'm fine with you disagreeing with me but don't hurl insults at me.Ok?Good



I just HAD to talk about this in the light of the recent news




People like to call me an ungrateful impatient bigot but seriously,well Nomura and Square Enix ever learn their lesson?


This is what happens when they pile up aaaall of their projects,let alone one of which being THEIR MOST ANTICIPATED GAME BEFORE IT WAS EVEN ANNOUNCED BY THEM,to one single director?


I know I'm really repeating myself here especially with my last thread and all but all this ends up creating is a product with so much content being cut out from or not meeting expectations due to the development hell it resulted from


Some people like to say "Poor Nomura,they pile so many projects on him he's working so hard for us fans",I may have some respect for the man but I won't sympathize with his directorial ethos anymore


He of all people knows that he'd love to focus and work more on his own series A.K.A Kingdom Hearts.You might not think so him choosing to direct 358\2 Days,Re:Coded,DDD,Chi and now 3 have severely affected what we now know as Final Fantasy XV(formerly known as Versus XIII).I don't claim to know exactly what goes behind the scenes by any means but from my observation of how he works and how he deals with public perception(something Square is so bad at controlling).I've come to one conclusion



Tetsuya Nomura lacks both transparency and commitment towards both the consumer and the deadlines


For example when it comes to transparency,let's look at both KH3 and FFXV


With FFXV,ever since the game's old state as Versus XIII all the way up to 2014 we heard close to absolutely nothing of how development is progressing aside from 3 trailers with long periods of silence between each and everyone of them.But once he got replaced we got the Active Time Reports which was updating the game's development's state almost on a monthly basis.


Say what you will about how XV turned out but at least the new director tried his best to be as transparent as possible with what he's allowed to share


Nomura on the other hand say little to nothing.With KH3 we heard jackshit until E3 2015 when we finally,FINALLY had a proper full trailer for the game that isn't a short prototype footage shown to the press then later leaked to the internet and after that 2016 came with a drought of KH3 news(I don't mean trailers,just anything) beyond how 2.8 is totally important and how 0.2 leads to the beginning of KH3(Yay It's MGS5  Ground Zeroes all over again).


But you know what?I would've been fine with the lack of news...............if they didn't announce their stuff so freakin early


With how Square announces their games HALF A DECADE before their arrival,Nomura has little to no reason to worry as he's not commited to a deadline he'd be forced to deliver the game in so he'd just do whatever he wants with his given budget and put whatever other projects that belongs to franchises he didn't conceive to be put on the backburner and Square Enix is just totally fine with it as it aligns perfectly with how their marketing division handle things despite them legitimately not knowing what to do with the guy who,among other people like Motomu Toriyama,slowly but surely ran their reputation to the ground with Nomura in particular known to the public outside of the Square fandom as "The guy whose games never come out.



It makes me wonder why they let him be in charge of their most anticipated game with the VII remake.Eventually the same thing will happen before even episode 1 come out.


The game will suffer from development hell,directors will be swapped in and out coupled with staff leaving the company due to layoffs or them just quitting,then the game come out so late that the hype for it just died after the revelation of how much was left out of the game and the radical changes they'll implement to the point it's barely recognized as FFVII anymore



People have very varied degrees of patience and no matter how long they wait,eventually the patience will run so thin that a lot of people would just give up on Square Enix yet again and that bad reputation will cause them to lose a firetruckton of sales and profit in the long term



Enough is Enough Nomura and Square Enix,if you guys don't think you can deliver a product at a specified time.STOP ANNOUNCING THEM SO EARLY





And now that I painted the red target on me,I'm ready for the lambastation 

#1916251 Square Enix's three favorite words

Posted by Smash Mega Koopa on 11 January 2017 - 04:20 AM





Now wait 10 years for our anticipated release of the Final Fantasy VII remake





Posted by Smash Mega Koopa on 10 January 2017 - 02:41 PM

Yep, a character that has appeared in the previous games.

I am not surprised.

It's the equivalent of Namco hyping the fact that The Mishimas will be in the next Tekken game even though we all know they'll always be there


Posted by Smash Mega Koopa on 10 January 2017 - 11:50 AM


I called this!!!!!!!!!


Is it really a surprise though?


It's obvious the cast from the previous games would come back.............but not every character deserve their own trailer


How about showing some new characters in those trailers even if they're coming much later instead of seeing Kuja with the same moveset and the same Super

#1915714 What Can Ignis Do 1000 Times In One Minute?

Posted by Smash Mega Koopa on 09 January 2017 - 05:31 PM

"What's what?"


#1915314 Is it worth it?

Posted by Smash Mega Koopa on 08 January 2017 - 04:08 PM

I really want to get a ps4 and since I don't have a job yet, this is how I plan on getting a ps4: If I sell ALL of my 3ds and wii u games and ps3, I'll finally be able to get a ps4. I need your opinions on this guys. Is it worth it? I'll try my best to listen. also, keep in mind that I have a friend that lets me borrow his games for a while. Also most of the games I like on the ps3 have either got ported to the ps4 or going to be ported to the system. 

If you had the money then I would've said go for it but selling aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall your systems and games just for one console you haven't tried before is too risky regardless if it's "worth it" or not


So I'd say no don't sell your systems and games for a single console.I suggest that you save your money for a Ps4 slim instead or borrow a friend's Ps4

#1915313 Final Fantasy XV was never really in development for 10 years

Posted by Smash Mega Koopa on 08 January 2017 - 04:06 PM

Okay, I disagree...

First of all, it is not true that there was no development made from 2006 to 2011. Development for Versus XIII started around 2008, it was then halted because the team had to help out with FFXIII. Once the team was done helping, they continued the development for Versus XIII, by 2011 they had enough to showcase actual in-game footage (so the gameplay was real) and not only concept CG trailers like before. By the end of that year, they'd finished 25% of the game. In 2012, Square decided that the project had grown big enough to become a main series entry and the name of the product was changed to FFXV. Originally, the story for XV was supposed to be exactly the same as Versus XIII and although there have been major changes in the story, the essence of Versus XIII remains to this day in the game (if you analyze the elements of the story carefully, you'll see that the basis of the story is almost the same as the Fabula Nova Crystallis with different terminology). So Nomura, in 2012, had a clear vision for the game and a full story that he planned to tell across a series of multiple games that he would call "World of the Versus Epic" which later became the "Final Fantasy XV Universe". In 2012, probably towards the end of the year, Tabata joined the project and they had to start everything from scratch. So that's when the development for the XV we know today started. The trailer shown in 2013 was directed by Nomura, but Tabata was already changing the game back then. Anyway, it is not true that Versus XIII never materialized, it is not true that it had no story and it is not true that all of this is Nomura's fault. Square kept pulled the team from the Versus project so they lost a full year of development and just when Versus was starting to get its groove on, the company decided to put it on next-gen consoles. Now I understand that Nomura had a role to play in all of this too, he and Nojima were rewriting the story for Versus (roughly every 3 months according to Ferrari) and he took on way too many projects, but you can't blame him entirely for the long period of development. You also can't act like Tabata is a god who cleaned up Nomura's mess. Tabata repeated some of Nomura's mistakes and made other mistakes. First of all, he did promises that he wasn't able to keep and he hyped the game so much that many ended up disappointed. That's not a big problem though. But he also made mistakes on a narrative level, as of june 2016, they were still rewriting stuff. That's how it was during the whole development cycle. Rewriting the story all the time (proven by the inconsistencies within the XV universe). So yeah, XV's development wasn't just a case of Nomura being disorganized and slacking off. It's a lot of people's fault: Square's, Nojima's, Nomura's, Tabata's, the writer who replaced Nojima...


You guys do realize that Nomura worked on 14 projects from 2006 to 2013! It's one of the reasons Versus XIII took so much time. You really think he can't handle directing 2 projects at the same time with the help of co-directors? Come on, now. There is no need for concern. And to everyone saying the XV's story is bad...I have to disagree again. It is poorly executed and incomplete for sure, but it's a great story. As many people put it, XV is an incomplete masterpiece. 

When and where did I say XV's story is bad?


Also I'm sorry but I'm not the type of guy who'll blindly overlook someone's shortcomings and praise every single thing they do as a magnamopis of excellency as if all Nomura's works are so perfec they're uncriticizable


I'm not gonna go back to my blind fanboy status again but I'm not a hater either


I never acted like Tabata is a god cuz one of his works,Type-0,is boring as hell in my opinion


I never said Nomura is the only one to blame but he shares a big part of it.


I have every right to be concerned cuz why I love XV it clearly could've been something much better had Nomura wasn't in charge with a dozen projects cuz obviously he'll care about his child KH than something he didn't create himself


Which is why I feel VII remake will suffer the same fate heck knowing Nomura we probably won't see the last episodic release until maybe 2027


If you don't agree with me,that's fine I respect that but don't tell me how to think and feel with stuff like you're not allowed to say this or that I should think something is a masterpiece or not

#1915261 Final Fantasy XV was never really in development for 10 years

Posted by Smash Mega Koopa on 08 January 2017 - 10:29 AM

This is literally the same stuff I've been saying for years. If he did it to FFXV, there's no way he could handle the pressure of FFVII:R and KH3 at the same time. It's either gonna make one suffer or delay one again. And guess which one would be the victim?

I might as well prepare myself to cherish my memories with the original FFVII as I'm sure it's gonna suffer


Don't get me wrong.I want KH3 to be as great and amazing as it can be,but charging the same director with two projects,one of which might quite possibly be the most anticipated game from the company in the last decade,is not a good decision especially when it proved time and again that this will have it's ginormous negatives on other projects