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Dio Brando

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In Topic: Final Fantasy VII Remake shifts toward internal development

Yesterday, 07:54 PM

Tetsuya Nomura is not fit to direct games anymore. After the Versus XIII situation Square Enix should have just promoted someone else to be the director while leaving Nomura as character designer. I mean seriously KH3 was announced in 2013 and its STILL in development and will be done within the next 3 years according to SE. Lets assume a 2018 release date that's still a 5 year development period which is unheard of nowadays in the industry. With a game like FF7R that has a huge scope that will be spaced across 3 different games i can understand taking more time but with KH3 there's just no excuse if it doesn't release in 2018

I'm honestly surprised Disney hasn't pulled the plug on the series with how the development of it's games is going despite doing such to Disney Infinity


2018 is the last chance they could generate any sort of reasonable hype for the game cuz any further appearances in E3 without a playable demo and the general gaming public would eventually stop caring

In Topic: Final Fantasy VII Remake shifts toward internal development

Yesterday, 01:55 PM

He didn't agree to do it. He was just put in the director's chair without his consent, and he didn't even know until they showed him the trailer.

That's complete bull I'm sorry cuz even if he was put in the director's chair "without his consent" he would have a say on it one way or another


Game development doesn't work as stupid as this


Decisions like this are decided waaaaaaaaaaaaaay before the trailer was even shown and this whole "I didn't know I was the director until I saw my name" is most likely just a random interview statement taken out of context or a marketing ploy to garner sympathy


Anywho besides the baffling degrees Nomura fanboys would go to defend every single decision he makes no matter how bad,there is still the issue of them replacing a competent developer like CyberConnect who proved themselves time and again,with a low-file internal mobile team AND bringing in the programmer of a low quality spin-off with framerate drops just goes to show that Square Enix still has no idea what they're doing with this project

In Topic: Final Fantasy VII Remake shifts toward internal development

Yesterday, 12:18 PM

He can, but he should only focus on one game ffs.

KH maybe but even then you gotta put a leech on the man so we won't get more shit like Unchained X

He can direct. But there are three things we should all consider. 1: He's more comfortable directing KH games. 2: Directing a Final Fantasy game also involves possibly having bits of his team be taken by other staff to work on a dfferent game, which is why he couldn't get FF Versus XIII done. 3: HE DIDN'T ASK TO BE DIRECTOR OF THE REMAKE. He didn't even know he was until upper management showed a trailer with his name on it.

Well if he didn't ask for it,WHY DID HE AGREE TO DO IT?

In Topic: Final Fantasy VII Remake shifts toward internal development

Yesterday, 05:52 AM

We're screwed. This will become another FFXV 2.0


However if Cyberconnect is involved it might not be all bad. They developed the .HACK games and the Naruto series games which have thus far been quite popular and well recieved.

Well it seems like Cyberconnect's involvement has most likely ended since they're shifting the development to internal staff


With the programmer of Lightning Returns of all people being in charge of programming the game.


So at least two things guaranteed,we'll wait forever and whatever we'll get will have cut content up the ass



I said it before and I'll say it again:NOMURA.CAN'T.LEAD.A.TEAM\DIRECT.A.GAME.FOR.SHIT

In Topic: Persona 5 Review

28 May 2017 - 04:23 AM

Great review!

One of the biggest issues I have with the game is that the camera while sneaking around can be painful to control, which sometimes ends with the enemy ambushing me because of the limited camera.

That, and that when there is a story event, the game forces you to skip the day entirely, including the evening actions(insert the Morgana memes here). In the previous games it mostly happened when you were exploring the dungeon, but here it is almost any story event, no matter how trivial it might be, thus making your schedule more tight with a poor excuse. 

Yeah but at least it's a day and not three months like in Persona 3 or weeks like in Persona 4


But I do agree on the camera and especially Morgana xD...........and that's why I went after Ms Kawakami early cuz her massage lets you continue the evening even after visiting a palace or mementos