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My final E3 2017 predictions

21 May 2017 - 03:34 AM

Bethesda: Shows teaser for Elder Scrolls VI, announces The Evil Within sequel for 2018. Fallout VR shown, Quake Champions release date revealed, Doom sequel announced, Wolfenstein game announced releasing this fall. Fallout Shelter coming to PS4 and Switch. Arkane Studios next project.
Microsoft: Project Scorpio shown with fall release, State of Decay 2, Crackdown 3, Forza Motorsport 7 and Sea of Thives announced to be releasing this year. Halo 6 (2018) and Onimusha reboot announced. Cuphead, Vampyr and We Happy Few shown, coming Fall 2017. Farcry 5 trailer shown. Hololens possibilities shown, and Oculus confirmed to work with Scorpio. Lots of VR and Augmented Reality games shown. Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer shown, releasing 2018. Metal Gear Survive gameplay. Darksiders 3 gameplay on Scorpio. Middle-Earth: Shadows of War gameplay on Scorpio shown. Closes with Cyberpunk 2077.
EA: Star Wars Battlefront 2 (releasing fall 2017), sports games, Plants vs Zombies 3, Star Wars from Visceral Games (RPG game) and indie titles. Shows off new Bioware game, revealed to be a new franchise inspired by Star Wars.
Ubisoft: South Park 2 (pushed to fall 2017), Assassin's Creed Empire (Egypt), Farcry 5, Just Dance 2018, all releasing this fall. New Splinter Cell revealed to be a massively big open world game. The Division expansions shown. The Crew 2 gameplay.
Square-Enix: Kingdom Hearts 3. Demo available to be playable at their booth. Nier remaster in the works. World of Versus/Omen expansion for FFXV revealed. FF6, 8, 9 coming to PS4 as 30th anniversary celebration. FFVIIR trailer shown. Lightning Trilogy announced for PS4 and Xbox One. Avengers project shown. Dissidia for PS4 and Xbox One also shown. TWEWY remake for PS4/Xbox One/Switch. Dragon Quest XI shown. Dragon Quest Heroes 3 announced.
Sony: opens with The Last of Us 2 gameplay, releasing 2018. Sucker Punch new IP (with environmental disasters and war). Uncharted The Lost Legacy shown. Assassins Creed Empire gameplay. Destiny 2 shown. Shenmue 3 trailer shown, with Shenmue HD collection. releasing 2018. Street Fighter V DLC shown. New characters for Marvel vs Capcom revealed. Call of Duty WWII and Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay shown. WILD (Michel Ancel) trailer shown, releasing 2018. Sly Cooper movie re-announced with a game, Ratchet and Clank-style. Will be a soft reboot developed by Sanzaru Games, coming 2018. New remasters for Medievil 1 and 2 and Spyro trilogy announced. New AAA PSVR game shown. Death Stranding shown. Detroit releasing 2017. Days Gone releasing 2018. Bloodborne 2 announced. PS4 Go announced (portable PS4). New Batman Arkham game from WB Montreal shown. Closes with God of War, flagship title for 2017.
Nintendo: Mario Oddyssey, Smash Bros for WiiU/3DS, Mario Maker and Pokken Tournament, on Switch this year. New Metroid and Animal Crossing for Switch shown. Xenoblade 2 and Fire Emblem 2018 shown, Xenoblade X port. FFVII port confirmed for Switch (original, not Remake). Lady Layton (3DS), Miitopia, Ever Oasis and Hey Pikmin shown. Luigi's Mansion 3, Skyward Sword HD announced for Switch. Virtual console announced for Switch, with Gamecube's Mario Sunshine, Smash Melee, Eternal Darkness, MGS: Twin Snakes, Luigi's Mansion and Animal Crossing. Mother 3 on VC. Mario X Rabbids game announced. Animal Crossing Mobile shown. Beyond Good and Evil HD and 2 coming to Switch, timed exclusive. Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 ported to Switch. Fire Emblem Warriors shown. New Sakurai game revealed. Project Octopath Traveler, Skyrim and SMT5 shown. No More Heroes HD Collection and 3 announced. GTAV port confirmed. Pokemon Stars coming early 2018 with GSC Virtual console releases this fall.

Addressing rumors: New Kingdom Hearts III trailer at E3 2017 and apparent release deadl...

09 May 2017 - 05:16 PM

On May 8, 2017, Twitter user José Álamo (@Jose_Strife), a reporter for the website Koi-nya, claimed to have apparent leaked information coming straight from the development team of Kingdom Hearts III (the Osaka Team). The information he provided, in a series of tweets, has been translated as follows.

Please keep in mind that these are unconfirmed and lack solid evidence, and have therefore been classified as rumors until proven otherwise.

“Seems like Nomura is still ‘in his teens’ with not advancing with Kingdom Hearts III’s development due to his ‘perfectionism’. If everything goes according to plan, there will be a trailer at E3 and the game will be released in 2018, even if it’s unfinished. Seems like it has been exhausting for the Osaka Team to have worked on a home console Kingdom Hearts game. On a flip note, Nomura seems to be more interested in what comes after Kingdom Hearts III than in Kingdom Hearts III itself. The Kingdom Hearts III development team was obsessed with releasing a trailer last April and launching it [the game] around 2017 Fall/holidays with removed content. And, to the surprise of no one, all of this is due to the development hell of Versus*. All of these details came [to me] with a delay of 1-2 weeks, keep this in mind as things can change quickly in-house at Square Enix. The E3 presentation is almost confirmed and Nomura should be at the event in some way or another.”

He also added:

“As many of you may know, Kingdom Hearts II, Birth by Sleep, and Dream Drop Distance ended up having removed content, so it is nothing new for Kingdom Hearts. All that was planned won’t be in Kingdom Hearts III, simple.”

Today, he tweeted some clarifications in English due to some people being confused by his statements because of mistranslations.

“Square Enix is not rushing KH3, that reports [sic] are incorrect. I said that they may cut things, but I didn’t say they are in a rush. People change my words. If they can’t finish something when they hit the deadline, it’ll be cut. There is no rush when you delay a game twice. Reports about KH3 being in development hell like Versus* are also inaccurate. I said that the development of Versus was a hell. And as Nomura has said so many times, this affected him and SE**. If Nomura was a [sic] Osaka Team resident and he set his goals accurately, the game would be out in December like planned. Nomura, as you should know, is working with a lot of teams in SE** in a lot of games/projects.”

KH13 has contacted José Álamo regarding his statement, saying that Square Enix has delayed Kingdom Hearts III "twice." Below, you can view his response along with a translation.




Translation: "The game had its release planned initially for the end of this year, then the deadline was delayed till March of 2018 and, finally, it has been delayed till 2018 (with no fixed month)"

José Álamo’s rumors on Kingdom Hearts III go way back to January 30, 2017, where he stated the following:

“Development on Kingdom Hearts III seems to not be going as well as expected and development team is using assets with subject to change. It should be playable by August and they still don’t have various sections ready. WELP. It is possible that launch (in March of next year) won’t be affected, but they will have to work a lot for it. Kingdom Hearts III’s problem resides in all of the content they have to include: levels, animations, models… And they are very slow in doing it… Every time they make a build, they review it and Nomura says: “No, we should work more on this” and back to work, when there are assets from PlayStation 2 still to be worked on, untouched levels and things of the sort.”

He added: “Obviously, this perfectionism from Nomura assures certain quality standards and the finished parts from the game look really good. In that sense we shouldn’t be worried. Slow, but safe.”

On March 16, 2017, Álamo also talked about a cancelled presentation for Kingdom Hearts III, (which has also been classified as a rumor):

“Seems like Square Enix has cancelled/delayed a presentation for Kingdom Hearts III for the press… The closeness to E3 and other factors could be the reason for this decision. They are looking for a more efficient marketing campaign. Nomura had prepared two trailers: one for the end of last year and one for the beginning of this year. At E3/after E3 we should start getting details and, when Square Enix announces the release date, the big marketing campaign will begin.”

José Álamo is known for having leaked a few things in the past, such as the reveal for The Last of Us Part II a week before its official announcement at PlayStation Experience 2016, and a new Fire Emblem game releasing for Nintendo Switch before the end of 2018.
He also has some other unconfirmed rumors, such as a Pokémon announcement being delayed, a new Assassin’s Creed game announcement coming up on the week of May 15, 2017, a new Animal Crossing and a new Metroid (Prime-style) games coming to the Switch before the end of 2018, and Square Enix internally discussing The World Ends With You IP.

It is also worth noting that in June 2016, there were some leaks in 4chan about the plot and overall game of Final Fantasy XV. Álamo stated that an inside source of his had confirmed that all those leaks were fake, but when the game released, all of those leaks turned out to be true.

With all this in mind, we advise our readers to take what they just read with a grain of salt, as they are all rumors at this point in time that could eventually be proven wrong.

*Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which was officially renamed in 2013 as Final Fantasy XV.
**Square Enix

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Coverage: Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - World Tour - in London

24 March 2017 - 11:30 AM

Today is March 24th 2017, meaning the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - World Tour - is taking place in the Central Hall Westminster in London! Welcome to KH13's coverage for the concert, which will include music from all titles throughout the series, and will serve as a 15th anniversary celebration since the first game, Kingdom Hearts, was released.

Some of the KH13 team members (including Andrew Hankinson and Fàtima Kàiyum) will be attending; they have planned a KH13 meet-up in London for you to come visit and/or attend the concert with us! We'll be collecting fan messages in a special "Thank You" booklet for Yoko Shimomura, as well as distributing exclusive KH13 stickers! You can RSVP to the event and get updates on our #KH13MeetUp on our Facebook event page.

There were quite a few reveals for the concerts in Japan and Paris, such as Union χ[Cross]'s reveal and the exclusive canon backstory from Kingdom Hearts III with Kairi and Xion's Japanese voice actress, Risa Uchida, and Aqua's Japanese voice actress, Megumi Toyoguchi. Tetsuya Nomura also stated that there is a possibility for new information regarding Kingdom Hearts III to be displayed at one of the concerts taking place this year.

Stay tuned to KH13.com for full live coverage of the event and don't forget to also stay tuned to our social media accounts for instant live updates!

Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | Google+

<3 <3 <3

Day 0
(March 23, 2017 - 10:30 AM GMT) Series composer Yoko Shimomura has already arrived in London and has posted a picture of the orchestra rehearsing for the concert!

Day 1
(March 24, 2017 - 2:45 PM GMT) The Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - World Tour - in London will still occur as scheduled, though additional security will be enforced around the area.
(March 24, 2017 - 5:02 PM GMT) Zanda (@Door2Darkness_) is arriving to the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - World Tour - in London!
(March 24, 2017 - 6:01 PM GMT) The KH13 Meet-up has begun. Andrew Hankinson and Aquaberry have arrived and have taken a group photo with everyone there!
(March 24, 2017 - 6:41 PM GMT) Zanda (@Door2Darkness_) shows us the pricing for some of the merchandise available at the concert!
(March 24, 2017 - 6:43 PM GMT) Yoko Shimomura gives us some shots from inside Central Hall Westminster.
(March 24, 2017 - 7:10 PM GMT) The doors are opening. Andrew and Aquaberry are heading in to take their seats for the performance.
(March 24, 2017 - 7:15 PM GMT) Zanda (@Door2Darkness_) gives us a fantastic view of the stage.
(March 24, 2017 - 7:35 PM GMT) Kai (@Kai_Drawings) has a closer view on the stage.
(March 24, 2017 - 7:48 PM GMT) A selfie of Andrew and Aquaberry has been added as they're about to enter the concert in five minutes!
(March 24, 2017 - 8:05 PM GMT) Aquaberry has meet up with Square Enix community manager Dan Seto!
(March 24, 2017 - 8:07 PM GMT) The concert is about to begin!
(March 24, 2017 - 8:30 PM GMT) The concert was delayed due to extra security in Westminster. The concert will begin shortly.
(March 24, 2017 - 8:44 PM GMT) The orchestra has now begun!
(March 24, 2017 - 9:03 PM GMT) Katie Gray (@hownottodraw) managed to get a photo of the orchestra on stage!
(March 24, 2017 - 9:50 PM GMT) The first half of the concert is over! The songs played were Hikari, Dearly Beloved (KH2 ver.), Destati, Organization XIII, Twinkle Twinkle Holidays, World of KINGDOM HEARTS, and Threats of the Land.
(March 24, 2017 - 9:54 PM GMT) Harry Milner (@SkyminHAZBOZ) shared his experiences leading up to the intermission, including text from Andrew's booklet!
(March 24, 2017 - 10:20 PM GMT) During the performance of many of the concert's songs, fans were treated to Japanese recordings of several characters' voices, including Xion, Kairi, and Aqua!
(March 24, 2017 - 11:00 PM GMT) The second half of the concert is over! The songs played were Heroes and Heroines, Lazy Afternoons/At Dusk I'll Think of You, Vector to the Heavens, Wave of Darkness, Daybreak Town -The Heart of χ-, The Other Promise, Let Darkness Assemble, and Passion. At the end of the concert, Yoko Shimomura went on stage and played piano for the final piece, Fantasia alla Marcia!
(March 24, 2017 - 11:30 PM GMT) Fans are waiting in queue for Yoko Shimomura's autograph!
(March 25, 2017 - 1:44 AM GMT) The event is over. Thanks to Aquaberry and Andrew Hankinson for helping put together the Meet Up and thanks to the people the showed up to help sign Yoko's card! Wishing another amazing experience to everyone attending tomorrow's concert!

Concert Gallery
<3 <3 <3

rehearsaldescarga (1)descargaC7tDyC1W4AA7UWPC7tEDR6XwAAJ1ArC7tEDR6XgAAM5fepasted image At 2017 03 24 06 45 PmC7tKR8zX0AQ8qi5C7tKR81WsAEI PS20170324 190723C7tKtGxXgAIo533London Concert PhotoC7tMNORW4AEZviFC7tMGHCXwAAXmapC7tXzW7XgAAmgGaorchestraKatie Gray imgdownload (3)Img 20170324 232701C7uVrw0W4AES7O17493069 1905286786350069 4967067015084186583 O17434671 1905286779683403 2708810630843249793 O17504585 1905286213016793 5914543489352258573 O17492763 1905286269683454 477316980489896078 O17505399 1385210041546872 6861834726765490302 O

KH13 Meet-up Gallery
<3 <3 <3

Img 2010promoC7tKR8yXgAERb8SC7tG71FXwAEVct6C7tTH2aXUAE313CC7tXr3LXUAAa9t5C7tXta3XgAALBpxdownload (4)download (2)Img 20170324 232701C7uS5zZW4AUuLk1C7uULorX0AAFtgvC7uSkHLXwAEOk 1C7uTpsxW4AAwcfC20170325 00551920170325 005417Meet-Up group photo17546652 1905286503016764 1645238782641096224 O17499298 1905286209683460 8903264874335311475 N17390680 1905286376350110 1776806403965185687 O17390750 1905286346350113 5485943244113989758 O17434671 1905286779683403 2708810630843249793 O17492352 1905286546350093 6618001785627606173 O17492707 1905286446350103 6732194034799353202 O17492747 1905286289683452 6490765228421292244 O17492807 1905286363016778 8520894400396498403 O17493036 1905286599683421 6112894578473855819 O17493170 1905286639683417 7390448811599338652 O17493258 1905286543016760 2742770118230430950 O17498710 1905286419683439 4473322812400017679 N17499384 1905286503016764 1645238782641096224 N17504575 1905286549683426 685234745039844488 O17505015 1905286279683453 3653520651094462346 O

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Interview from Famitsu with Tetsuya Nomura discussing Kingdom Hearts III, Kingdom Heart...

14 March 2017 - 08:30 AM

Famitsu has posted an article that has an interview with the Kingdom Hearts series' Director Tetsuya Nomura discussing the recent Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - World Tour -, Kingdom Hearts III information, and Kingdom Hearts Union χ. You can read the interview below, translated by goldpanner.

KH3 news somewhere along the World Tour...
On March 10th 2017, the Kingdom Hearts (hereon KH) orchestra concert tour Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World Tour- kicked off at the Tokyo International Forum. After the very first show in Tokyo, we were able to get a little time with director of the KH series, Tetsuya Nomura. Here is a mini-interview with him where we asked about interesting parts of the concert and things to come.
—Did you have any orders regarding the choice of music for the concert?
Nomura: (Ms Yoko) Shimomura was the one who made the setlist for the show this time. I might have tweaked some things, but the setlist stayed basically the same. I had the order of some things changed based on the performances by the voice actors and such, that was about it. The setlists for both the wind concert last summer and this concert were made at the same time, and we treated them both like two halves of one whole, so I thought about how their structure should match. The way both the last concert ended with and this one began with Hikari was one way it was structured to reflect that.
—So, on the whole, you were mainly in charge of the videos and the dramatic readings, right?
Nomura: Yes. We only just barely got it ready on time, but we made it (dry laughter). For the acting guidance of the dramatic readings, we asked external sound supervisor Mr (Yoji) Shimizu, just like with the games. This concert counts as one of the works in the series, after all. Overseas, we will play recordings of Ms Toyoguchi and Ms Uchida's voices, with subtitles on the videos.
—Our interest was piqued by how the video that played during Kairi's reading was the only one done in live-action.
Nomura: Kairi is speaking pretty specifically about events happening during KH3, so we didn't have any cinematics that really worked. So, we matched it to a live-action video that fit the vibe. There are pieces of imagery that link to the content of what she is saying, for example, how it shows a scene of a sunset at the part where she says, "He stares at my face."
—On the first day, we were surprised when you came on between performances and blessed us with your talk. During the trailer that played, the hall went pretty wild when Ventus came on screen.
Nomura: Well, the first day is special (laughs). It was perfect timing with the announcement planned at an event overseas, so I decided to have it debut at the concert that was happening a few hours earlier. Of the five new Union Leaders, the remaining two will be revealed from April on. I've finished writing the story for the 4th and am about to start on stuff for the 5th, so please look forward to it.
There was also an announcement that information about KH3 would be revealed during the world tour.
Nomura: We announced that KH Unchained χ will become KH Union Cross right after the release of KH -HD 1.5+2.5 -ReMix-, so we have touched a little on KH3. Please wait for more information on this.

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Images from Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - World Tour - Official Guide in Tokyo; possible n...

10 March 2017 - 08:14 AM

The opening show of Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - World Tour - took place today in Tokyo.

Thanks to Twitter users @bKvEBVAvUq and @jsjunshen, we have some images from the official guide for the concert. We also have a song list from the concert, courtesy of @luce10wa. Kingdom Hearts composer Yoko Shimomura also tweeted some photos from the concert, thanking those who were in attendance and saying she can't wait for the shows tomorrow. You can take a look at all these pictures below:

Orchestra ticketC6iLaM7VAAIkhs7C6iLaM8U4AAEMcnC6iLaNAUwAA 8IIC6ih60FUwAAnNtpFirst BreathWorld Tour Song ListC6kIEbdU0AUc OxC6kIEbfVoAEpCzLC6kIEbdU8AAnG3jC6kIEbgVoAAsXik12Rise UchidaMegumi Toyoguchi

Furthermore, the guide states series director Tetsuya Nomura saying that new Kingdom Hearts III information in one of the future concerts is possible, and suggests to keep an eye for future updates.

The previously seen canon conversation between Naminé and Terra from the Kingdom Hearts Concert - First Breath - has now been fully and officially transcribed in the guide, available in both Japanese and translated in English. You can read the the full conversation in the image above provided by @jsjunshen, as well as below:

Naminé: Don't worry. You might forget about me . . . but with our promise I can come back. Yes. One day the light--it will be ours, and it will bring us together. And then--I'll be in your heart.

Sora: Right. Forgotten--but not lost.

Lingering Will: Aqua . . . . Ven . . . .
A Keyblade? Who are you?
I know you. We've met before, way back when. No, that wasn't you. You're not the one I chose. Where is he? Xe . . .ha . . .nort . . . . Is that you? Xeha . . . nort . . . . Xehanort!

Lingering Will: That's it. your Power
That's what I felt within you.
The power that conects to Aqua.
And to Ven's heart.

Terra: Where am I . . . ?

Naminé: In your memories. Traces of you were lost, so I found you through memories belonging to those you've met in the past.

Terra: Who are you?

Naminé: I'm Naminé. It's nice to meet you.
I'm a witch who can control peoples' memories.

Terra: A witch?

Naminé: Right now you're bound to two memories. One belongs to you, the other belongs to an unspeakable darkness--

Terra: . . . Master Xehanort.

Naminé: Your heart will soon encounter a familiar light. You must make sure she isn't lost to the darkness. You must guide her.

Terra: Her? You mean Aqua? I'm not sure what I can do to help, not like this.

Naminé: You must fight, Terra, like the others. You mustn't let your heart melt into darkness; follow your true memories, and you'll reach the light. She's headed there, too--to the same place. You must believe in promise, just as she continues to believe in you.

Terra: Aqua. Ven. One day I'll--I've never forgotten our promise. Never. I will keep fighting.

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