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Member Since 20 Feb 2012
Offline Last Active Aug 04 2013 08:23 PM
I don't think I got a single notification all day xD. Updated 22 Jul · 1 comments

About Me

I guess this is meant for strangers who don't know me xD. I'm Austin and I'm a freshman in high school. I'm a pretty calm person, feel free to approach me well... because I can't hate anything 8D. I really like music, JRPGs, and occasionally I'll read a nice book.

I don't really know what genre I'm into... I don't concern myself with all that. I may not be the biggest help, but if you have any problems I can always listen to you.
It feels so weird to finally have a proper 'about me' page
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FireRubies1 → ~DawnStar2004~

do you have tumblr or something? o3o
Jul 29 2013 12:09 AM


I don't think I got a single notification all day xD.
Jul 22 2013 12:16 AM
  • Jim's Photo
    Half of my notifications these days are from when I leave one comment on a status then 3,004 other people comment on it
    Jul 22 2013 12:45 AM


I got this DVD with 4 Pokemon movies... I feel like it's a bootleg, but it was only $5
Jul 18 2013 01:10 PM


Someone should give me a KH character to draw o3o
Jul 17 2013 04:36 AM
  • Caity's Photo
    Xion in a girly dress.
    Jul 17 2013 04:48 AM
  • FireRubies1's Photo
    :O... I'll start that tomorrow. When I get back from the stupid dentist uwu
    Jul 17 2013 04:49 AM


I wanna just bitch about my feelings right now, but that would be selfish
Jul 14 2013 04:26 AM
  • EternalReckoning's Photo
    is something upsetting you? i always lend an ear to someone who needs to talk
    Jul 14 2013 04:54 AM
  • Shera Wizard's Photo
    Shera Wizard
    i like bitching about my feelings too! 8D
    Jul 14 2013 05:02 AM
  • Geralt's Photo
    Don't we all? Haha, cheer up rubies! -hugs- :P
    Jul 14 2013 05:10 AM

Cyber Shaman → FireRubies1

Hey I like your sig, it rather looks familiar
Jul 10 2013 05:53 AM
  • FireRubies1's Photo
    Thanks o3o. It's from Yes Precure 5 GoGo.
    Jul 10 2013 05:59 AM


Ehhh I have to wake up early to go somewhere I don't really wanna go to.... I wish I didn't have to get dragged along to random sightseeing... I'd rather stay on the internet all day ;~;
Jul 10 2013 05:01 AM
  • Ghost's Photo
    Haha, I feel ya man! I feel like this all the time. Just go out though, you never know! Sometimes it ends up being worth it...sometimes...hehe. Have fun! Where are you sightseeing?
    Jul 10 2013 05:56 AM
  • FireRubies1's Photo
    Well in this case I'm not sure it's sightseeing...
    out somewhere to the shore. I'm guessing we get to like... swim
    Idk I just find trips in general really boring
    Jul 10 2013 05:58 AM
  • Ghost's Photo
    Ooh, I love swimming. Like a beach? That's like a spa day for me, the sand and ocean water is so good for your skin/hair. Really? Huh, the only time trips bore me is when im with my parents. Way more fun with friends.
    Jul 10 2013 06:05 AM

FireRubies1 → TheApprenticeofKingMickey

I think I'm done attacking you with Sailor Moon stuff, but srsly Sailor Moon in Italian is pretty cheap on Amazon ;~;... still can't afford it, but it's not 200+ a season xD
Jul 09 2013 06:29 AM
  • TheApprenticeofKingMickey's Photo
    ewwww sailor moon in italian
    Jul 09 2013 11:44 PM
  • FireRubies1's Photo
    I think they have an option for Japanese audio tho...
    If only the Uncut R1 release was in good quality @.@
    Jul 10 2013 12:34 AM
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