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Member Since 14 Feb 2012
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In Topic: What's your Favorite Mickey Moment in Kingdom Hearts?

Today, 06:57 PM

Going to have to go with angry Mickey when Goofy "dies" that was pretty epic xD 

In Topic: What's your Favorite Aquatic Movie?

Yesterday, 08:07 PM

Going to have to go with Finding Nemo, it's such a colorful, vibrant movie, and I loved seeing all the different sea creatures in the various parts of the ocean, plus the story never gets old for me. :D

In Topic: [11-17-17] Sephiroth [EX] Medal Deal

Yesterday, 04:40 PM

This to me is not worth it. :/ I might have had enough to do at least one mercy had I not chased after Kairi EX (and failed) but even then 60k jewels for 1 guaranteed medal, as great as it is, doesn't seem reasonable to me. 

In Topic: [11-16-17] 0 AP Campaign, Story Quest Update, Flower Snuggly Quests, Mickey...

16 November 2017 - 05:52 PM

What world is this? you visit it at the Flower Snuggly Challenge Quest 7



Pretty sure that's a part of Daybreak Town, the background music will tell you that. It's new to us for this event, but I believe the Japanese version has this map in their story mode as well. xD


Pretty nice update, I totally went for the new avatar board, that skill perk +9 is great. 0 AP campaigns are always welcome as well. :D

In Topic: What's your Game of the Year?

14 November 2017 - 05:57 PM

The only one on the list I've played is KH 2.8 but I hardly think that qualifies as game of the year material. xD


Haven't had time to play the others I'm interested in, but I would personally root for Zelda Breath of the Wild, just from what I've seen of it.