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Shun Cookiesaki

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09 January 2017 - 03:29 PM


An announcement about me and my falcons.

11 October 2016 - 04:05 PM

Just here to announce that from now on, I am going to live in an island  with me and my birdies.

I still have internet though.


Super Egao

09 October 2016 - 11:13 AM


KH13 Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament thread

05 October 2016 - 10:22 AM

This the thread for the tournament itself and how we will do it.

For the sign-ups(sign-ups are open until we start the first round, which should be rather quick): http://kh13.com/foru...t-check-thread/


The tournament itself will be at first a round-robin, meaning everyone battle everyone(the duels will be single duels). Top 4 will go to the semi final stage, bracket style(the duels will be matches). Deadline for each round will be a week after I post what duels will take place for said round. If needed, there will be extensions.


I am also thinking of making a tag duel part, in addition to the semi-final stage, hence the poll. Partners will be picked by timezone or their place in the round-robin stage. First place will be able to choose his partner. The tag duels will also have longer deadlines. The tag-duels will be bracket styled, unless people prefer it to be round-robin.


Also, please remember to save the replay and name it so you know what duel it was(the default name is the date). Share it by either uploading to Youtube(using a capture program) or uploading it to sites like Mega.(We can't upload them here) The replays are under the replay folder in the YGOPro folder(To view it,download it into the replays folder, the open YGOPro). Here is an example, using my favourite replay:




Both OCG and TCG cards are allowed

TCG banlist

The following decks are banned:

Tier 1-Burning Abyss, Neo Blue Eyes(Blue Eyes related cards pre-movie are fine)

Tier 2-Metalfoe, Kozmo

ABC isn't OCG exclusive anymore, and it is banned as well.

Troll decks: Exodia, Stall/Burn(including both Destiny Board and Final Countdown), Chain Burn


Tier 3 decks are allowed, but they have limitations.

1. You can only use them once

2. You must tell your opponent you are going to use a T3 deck(You don't have to tell him/her what deck you will use)

Here are the T3 decks:

Mermail, Lightsworn, Herald, Masked Hero, D/D/D(only TCG cards are allowed, as the deck is better in the OCG), Monarch, Majespecter, Infernoid, Gadget, Zombies, and Stun Dinomist.


Also, to clarify, you can switch decks between duels.


To join an hosted match, make sure the "show locked rooms" option is checked(use the YGOPro servers).

Also, to make entering into duels easier(so the host won't have to tell the password each time), and to allow people here to enter as a spectator, the password for all duels will be this: YGOKH13

For the host, make sure none of the additional options are unchecked(that would be the don't check deck, don't shuffle decks and use obsolete rulings.


I also recommend to follow the thread so you won't miss any posts about new matches, but I understand if you can manage without following it.

Also, please let me know you saw and read this thread in any way(commenting here, following the thread, chat, etc) so that we can start the first round. 


If we end up having an odd number of participants, a person will end being left out for each round.



1.Shun Cookiesaki(Cookiesaki, UTC+3)2-0

2.Xam(MiAmigoEraUnTukan, UTC+1) 1-1

3.Yuya Sakaki(The V-Blade, UTC+10) 1-1

4.Xiro(Same, UTC-6) 0-1

5.MythrilMagician(Same, UTC+10) 0-2

6. 2 quid is good(Same, UTC+1) 0-1

7. Ajexmi(Same, UTC+0) 2-0

8. CriticalAssension(NeoBahamutR9, UTC+8) 2-0


SuperSmashDrake(Same username, UTC-4)  left the tourney


Round 1 duel:


1.Shun Cookiesaki VS MythrilMagician-  https://mega.nz/#!bU...3aei2eh2vx0inqg
2. Xam VS 2 quid is good Xam wins http://depositfiles....files/jgeo1oqx5
3. Yuya Sakaki VS Ajexmi Ajexmi winshttps://mega.nz/#!z9...oVA1s-XlMnOxsJ8
4. Xiro VS CriticalAssension Cricital wins https://mega.nz/#!mU...aGSehiMvQxgYuxo
Round 2 duels:
1.Shun Cookiesaki VS Xam- I missplay a lot against a 0/0 Beelzeus...https://mega.nz/#!yZ...dXCE9_hQJUKZkk 
2. Yuya Sakaki Yuma VS MythrilMagician Myth felt the pain of Yuma's BS. https://mega.nz/#!C0...XS4reYu4N33XKb8
3. Xiro VS 2 quid is good 
4. CriticalAssension VS Ajexmi- Tiaramisu declares death yet again...https://mega.nz/#!PU...Qb6lvqy33AYQ6Fo

Happy birthday Yuya!

23 September 2016 - 09:01 AM

So yeah, it is Saturday in his timezone already, and our entertainment duellist has a birthday today!

Here is an Egao/a smile cake:


And some gifts:

1. 40 copies of Smile World so you can pull them out of nowhere and either give them to someone or use it to auto-win, just like your dad



The boss monster of your favourite archtype