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In Topic: What if Organisation XIII members had Keyblades?

Today, 09:11 AM

Good God, Catmaster, you're at it again! These are true masterpieces I'm witnessing right now! :')  God, all these Keyblade designs for the Organization look beyond badass!


But when I saw Marluxia's, my jaw dropped! Fleur De Mort is by far my favorite out of all these Keyblades, and the most insanely badass looking, though Locura Lunar takes a close second place, followed by Avalon, and then Philosophy Of Frost! Such amazing Keyblades! X_X

Thanks Transcendent Key :D

Your comments are always so encouraging

Fleur de Mort is also my favourite. Oddly enough Fleur De Mort was one of the first Organisation XIII Keyblades I ever made along with Tout Puissant.

Not sure if you remember this picture which I uploaded a very long time ago on the creative arts section



Yiugh Xehanort is from a time before Xehanort was a weilder. If Xehanort was able to fully posess his younger self and doing so allowed Young Xehanort to weild a Keyblade he had yet to obtain, than to me it stands to reason that he can do it to all the members, but only one at a time. After all, let's not forget the reason Xigbar joined Xehanort in the first place. He wanted a Keyblade, and apparently has no problem giving up his selfhood to do so.

Kinda crazy that Xehanort technically perfomed the Inheritance Ceremony on himself, yeah?

I know this sounds crazy but what this actually makes sense!

That would mean that they can't all use the Keyblade at the same time unless they were to perform some sort of time compression thingy


Love Xaldin's and Marluxias's! Also Luxord's is the most creative one xD Good job!

My fav is also Marluxia's and Xemnas's <3

I ran out of ideas for some of the others and resorted to using their KHDays weapon designs >.<

In Topic: What if Organisation XIII members had Keyblades?

Yesterday, 09:00 AM

You've done a really good work man (I'd be curious to see what keyblade Ansem would have though... we should think on the New Organization... but who care, this work is spectucular and you shouldn't feel forced, if you don't want to do it it's ok)

P.s. sorry for my english

P.p.s. I vote for Xemnas

Np, your english is perfect!

Yeah We probably should think on the new organisation xD


I had a hard choice between Saïx and Demyx, but went with Saïx xD



Really good job man, even the command menu... it looks great. Btw, wats wrong with Xigbar's hip?

Xigbar's model came from a friend of mine. Its probably my fault as when I was posing Xigbar I probably twisted his hips more than they should have. The command menu was by someone else too xD He's a member here (you know who you are)


Those all look really great! Had a hard time deciding but decided to go with the Scary Pedo Scientist. You did a really good job! :)

I'm grateful you decided to not call it Let it Go.

LOL Vexen? Why did you choose his Keyblade? Is he your fav character?

Yeah I figured doing another Frozen reference would be overkill.

Did you notice the snowman for the key charm?


those are amazing! Xemnas and Xigbar are my favs

Thanks ^^


These are cool. I'm pretty sure we'll fight all the Seekers of Darknesss throughout KH3, even if they aren't defeated until the final battle, and it would be really cool if, like Young Xeahort, they had  access to the Master of Master's Keyblade, but each used a different Keychain with a Transformation that resmbles the original Organization XIII's weapons.


Thanks Isamu! Yeah, that would be heaps epic!

I'm still wondering if the 13 darknesses would all still be Keyblade wielders but we'll see xD

In Topic: Drawing Roxas

13 January 2017 - 09:22 AM

Drawing Roxas was a pain ..no rly!
I don't want to mention his god damn hair...
It's actually my first time drawing him so I hope it doesn't look terrible with all the colors and stuff
Cuz I'm pretty bad when it comes to couloring, lighting, shading and all the other stuff...
Inspiration by this https://youtu.be/k6osNk269vA


Omg, great job with the hair!

I like the way you Draw it, looks more realistic

In Topic: Kairi

13 January 2017 - 08:06 AM

Hi guys!! Hope u like it :)


I had the strangest feeling that you were going to do Kairi next.

Awesome job!

In Topic: Last Post Wins!

13 January 2017 - 08:03 AM

Nah, 10$ should suffice xD



Here ya go ^^