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HarLea Quinn

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KH13 is Currently Searching to Add to Our Staff Teams!

03 March 2018 - 04:38 PM

Hello everyone!



 We are currently looking for more staff to help contribute and work hard to keep KH13 great! Nothing beats contributing to the success of something you enjoy and love! We are especially searching for people to contribute to the KHX and News Teams.


For News Team:


What we're looking for:

- A big interest in the Kingdom Hearts series.
- Active enough and availability to regularly watch out for news and respond quickly when something appears.

- Willingness to volunteer and contribute.
- Reasonable writing skills.

Optional for News but important for KHX team:
Someone who keeps up-to-date with 
Kingdom Hearts 
χ[chi] and Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ (Japanese version and International version) would be very helpful!

- Japanese language skills.


​If you are interested, don't be shy! Either post here or privately message me to apply. Let us know why you feel you would be a great asset to our staff. Good luck and will look forward to hearing from you!

KH13 is Currently Searching to Add to Our Translators Team!

11 January 2018 - 04:43 PM

Hello Everyone!


We are currently looking for Japanese -> English translators to help contribute to the KH13 News Teams! Nothing beats being a part of the success of something you enjoy and love! We are looking for people who can give us translations of Japanese articles from popular gaming sources like Famitsu, Jump and Dengeki magazines, in addition to updates on the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Union x[cross]. We will provide the text for you. If you are able to translate proficiently enough to help us understand the main highlights and the essence of what is being said please apply and we can work together on helping keep our fellow Kingdom Hearts fans informed and up-to-date! 
•    Experience is not required as we're happy to try out new people, even those who have no formal experience translating things for others
•    We will be taking into account your proficiency level of course, but we encourage people to try out even if they're not super confident - because even if your proficiency is not 100%, we might still be able to use your help in translating short texts for us.
•    You will always be credited for your work whenever your translations are used
Joining the News Team as a translator has some wonderful perks, like working with fellow Kingdom Hearts enthusiasts who love giving back to the fandom with the latest news and updates, and being among the first to know any details we receive from said media outlets! This is a volunteer position. Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to hearing from you! Please reply to me here or private message me on site.:) 

When I have nothing better to do ***Leavil laugh*****

01 October 2017 - 03:50 PM

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What's new guys? 

Happy Birthday Mystics! <3

20 September 2017 - 04:14 PM

Happy Birthday to one of my best friends and fellow mod! Enjoy your special day and know everyone is much better off with your glowing presence and smiling face! Ha! ;)












We are hiring for Moderators!

09 August 2017 - 12:28 PM

Hey guys! We are now looking to hire a few new moderators to help keep the forum safe, productive, and bot free! 



What do Moderators do?


There are a list of things Moderators do!

  1. Fill out Reports.
    • Reports are made when there are posting violations, bots, issues with fellow members, and other such things.
  2. We remove bad posts/offensive remarks/fights/bad threads
    • When you see a shitstorm we are there to save the day! 
    • We handle member issues and fights.
    • We correct double posting, move threads to proper places, and enforce other posting rules.


What are we looking for?


  1. Someone who knows and always follows the posting rules.
  2. Someone with great people skills that can mediate issues and help other members get along.
    • When you see a shitstorm you can see it going two ways. One way is everyone is joining in and going for the ride, or the second way where people are upset, saddened, and hurt/offended. We moderators don't want this.
  3. Different members in different time zones to cover everything.
  4. Someone who can remain unbiased and can properly discern issues fairly.
  5. Someone who can be responsible and reliable and is not joining strictly just for funsies. We need you to be active!
  6. Someone that sets a great example for other fellow members to follow.
  7. Someone that fellow members can talk to if they are upset, hurt, angry, or need a shoulder to lean on.
  8. This job can be very fun but also requires work and patience and a lot of great people skills. If you are not very social and patient this is not the job for you. This position is not for everyone. We are basically the government/police of the site here to serve all our fellow members fairly and justly so everyone can enjoy a peaceful, friendly, and fun community.


If interested, please apply by commenting here or sending a PM and you can later answer a few test scenarios to see how you would react in given situations. Once picked you will begin a trial period to see how you perform and if you are a good fit you will be hired on long term. Good luck and we look forward to welcoming you to the team!


- The KH13 Moderating Team