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"Sly Cooper" Cartoon In Development

14 June 2017 - 10:01 PM



Remember when that Sly Cooper movie was teased all the way back in the ancient year of 2014? Well either that is still on the fence or it has been broken down and rebuilt as this upcoming animated series by Sony and Technicolor Animation Productions. No details on a release date nor for voice cast roles are available at this time.


Here's what we know about the show so far:


The series will follow Sly Cooper and his two best friends, the muscular hippo Murray and the intelligent turtle Bentley, as they steal and try to save Sly's city while being on the run from Inspector Carmelita Fox.

The show will also feature a few of Sly Cooper's villains and promises to retain the franchise's blend of action and humor. No release date for the show has been set yet and there are no details regarding the voice cast.


Also, by word of Sandrine Nguyen, Managing Director, Technicolor Animation Productions:


There is no doubt that teenagers will be happy to rediscover their beloved game as a series, while younger kids will be charmed by the debonair raccoon and his exciting universe.


I, for one, was hooked the minute I read that this would be handled by Technicolor because they are the same team behind the Sonic Boom cartoon, and if this is anything like the Sonic Boom cartoon (which is insanely funny and entertaining and I recommend both fans of Sonic and cartoons in general to check it out), it will be a sure-fire hit that will hopefully breed interest for even more Sly stuff in the future. We do still need a Sly 5 after all. Fingers crossed.  :wacko:

Instant Karma

14 June 2017 - 03:46 PM



As someone with partial Hispanic heritage, I share this sentiment.


Also, way to ignore the low-hanging fruit of pointing out racial stereotypes involving Captain Mama Mia himself... actually, that's a good thing, continue to ignore that, we don't need another comment like this.

And Now: A Really Stupid Pun

12 June 2017 - 03:21 PM



This joke has been brought to you by the Bored Firaga Productions.

"Black Panther" Teaser Trailer

09 June 2017 - 11:17 PM



"DragonBall FighterZ" (PS4/XB1/PC)

09 June 2017 - 01:25 PM






(Note: this information was leaked early as the official announcement was scheduled for June 12. No confirmation if there will be further news at the upcoming E3 but there is a possibility)


Confirmed characters so far (ala these screenshots):



A brand new DragonBall game is in our midsts, ladies and gentleman, and it is not a sequel to the Xenoverse franchise. No instead, this is a 2.5D fighter accurately named "DragonBall Fighters" developed by Arc Systems Works, the development team behind the successful Guilty Gear and BlazBlue franchises, scheduled for worldwide release in early 2018.


Arc System Works has a bit of a history of DragonBall as they developed the SuperSonic Warriors series of games way back in the years of 2004 and 2005, as well as the more recent entry Extreme Butoden released for the 3DS in 2015. This will be one of the first DragonBall 2D fighters (as well as the first ever 2.5D game) released for current generation consoles since Dimps released "DragonBall Z: Infinite World", the last official entry to the Budokai series, in 2008.


As far as information on the game is concerned:


The game uses a three-versus-three team battle system, allowing players to determine the compatibility between characters and form a team of fighters. It will incorporate the “ultra high speed battles” and “flashy special moves” that the Dragon Ball series is known for.


According to producer Tomoko Hiroki, while Dragon Ball titles of recent years have been 3D, they chose 2.5D this time because there were some things that can only be done in that style. While it looks like 2D animation at first glance, it has a broader range of expression as they can shift camera angles and incorporate a lot of unique production not possible in 2D alone.


Now personally: ... well, let's be honest, you already know I'm hyped. xD I still haven't haven't gotten on the XV2 train yet, but other than that, I'm a fairly well-versed aficionado in DragonBall games, especially the fighting game franchises. This game in particular, however, still feels like it will feel like a dive into a brand new experience, not only because of the 2.5D and other aspects concerning graphics and gameplay listed above, but also because this harkens back to a more traditional fighter that is more commonly seen related to DragonBall in the old school Butoden series of games, as well as other notable examples such as Hyper Dimension and Super DragonBall Z.


However, I am also confident that ASW will deliver on their ambitions on "ultra high speed battles" and "flashy special moves" to fit the DragonBall experience because frankly, that is the only way to go when making a DragonBall fighter.


I remember way back when, I used to harp on the games made by Dimps for just being Street Fighter clones, and you know what, I don't know what the Hell I was on about because Dimps knew exactly how to take the standard fighting game format and "DragonBall" it up. From Budokai to Shin Budokai to Burst Limit, whether or not you like any of those entries at all, they hit hard, they were fast-paced, and they truly made you believe you were not just a fighter, but a fighter from the DragonBall universe capable of throwing around energy beams and disappearing in and out sight to perform crushing high-speed combos. They knew how to make a DragonBall game exciting in a way that is true to the series while also making a competent fighter, and that is what I believe ASW is capable of doing with this game and why I look forward to future news.


So what about you? Are you excited for another DragonBall game? Are you glad that the series is receiving another traditional fighter? Do you think this game has potential to be name-checked in the same vein as Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, Injustice 2, Killer Instinct, etc.? Leave your comments below.