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Member Since 10 Dec 2011
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I have so many projects to start working on. @_@ I hope I don't start procrastinating. Dx Updated 07 Mar · 3 comments

About Me


Even though you've left, Kirbies still loves you. <33 OuO

sparkle sparkle (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・

I'd be lying if I said I was going to finish editing my profile sometime in March. I'm pretty sure I'm never going to finish editing my profile. :lPosted Image

Hi there! I'm Kirby, but others usually call me Vani, Kirbs, or Kirbies. Feel free to call me whichever. There isn't a lot that I can say about myself--well, I can't say anything positive about myself. For starters, I am socially awkward. I try to socialize, but I do a horrible job. It's noticeable. :/ I hate large groups because I'm too shy, I fear I may offend someone, or I have nothing to say. I've offended a lot of people, so that's encouraged me to keep my mouth shut. I prefer to be alone and do everything by myself. I don't usually like the company of others. It makes me feel kind of awkward. I don't like asking others for help. I prefer to do things and learn things without the help of others. Basically, I'm a loner and I enjoy being one.

I'm Vani. Just an average fifteen year old demiromantic girl. I'm currently in my third year of high school, and I'm studying culinary arts. I've been told I'm intelligent for my age. I choose not to show my intelligence for very personal reasons. I purposely make several mistakes in my typing/writing; it's my wacky way of improving my English by spotting errors.

I guess I've reached that point where I want to share some personal things with the members of this site.

+Most of you probably don't know this, but I am demiromantic.

+I am demisexual/Gray-A

+I am a bibliophile.

+I consider myself sapiosexual.

+I am Paranoid Schizophrenic.

~Here are a few of my hobbies~

Drawing ~ Drawing is one of my favorite hobbies. I first started drawing when I was in first grade, I was about 7 at the time. My first grade teacher asked all the students to illustrate something and write a story, which she would collect and make a huge book out of. My illustration and story were horrible. My classmate's had done a better job than me. I was inspired by their "one million dollar artworks" and soon, I started taking art. I took art when I was around the seventh grade, I was 11 at the time. My art instructor didn't teach me to draw, but she offered great advice for shading and so on. I took her advanced art class, and I have been taking advanced art classes ever since. I learned to draw by myself by watching Youtube tutorials or finding images I liked on Google. I continue to draw almost every day; I draw about 100 doodles at the end of every week, depending on my mood. I have a Deviantart, if anyone is interested in finding me there. I also have a few art threads here.








Charity work/Community Service ~ I am a part of a school program where we have to help the community and everyone around us. School beautification, fundraisers, car washes, etc. As part of my community service, I decided to visit a shelter for homeless kids and teens. Since I am in the Culinary Arts, my friends and I like to cook and bake sweets for the kids at the shelter. We visit the kids every two weeks. We bring the food, and we do several fun activities like arts-and-crafts, drawing, or doing anything fun as long as it's safe and appropriate. I enjoy visiting them. c: They're like siblings to me and I would do anything for them. I've been visiting them since ninth grade (I think?) and I guess I've grown attached to them. Sadly, 2014 will be my last year volunteering before I graduate. I won't be able to visit them as often as I'd like. I might have the chance to visit them more often, but I'm still unsure.

Debating ~ I am a proud debater. I love love love love love debating. ^^ My teacher says I'm the second best debater in her class, so that has got to mean something. I usually don't debate with anyone outside of my debate class, but if you ever want to debate, let me know. ;3 I'll most likely say no, but we'll see. xD One of my weaknesses would be rebuttaling. My rebuttals are horrible.

Video games ~ Honestly, I don't play many video games. Heck, I hardly play them. O.O I blame KH13. I have a few games, but they're mostly made up of Final Fantasy, Mario Kart, Kingdom Hearts, and Just Dance. I am currently trying to join the Assassin's Creed fandom. I hear that it is an amazing game, and I would love to play the games soon. (:

If anyone is interested in the games I currently own...


+Final Fantasy: Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, X, X-2, XII, XIII, XIII-2, Duodecim
+Mario Kart series: Mario Kart DS, Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart 7 (I'll play with anyone. :3 Give me your Friend Code and we can schedule a game or two.)
+Kingdom Hearts series: Kingdom Hearts I, II, 358/2 Days, Birth by Sleep, DDD

...I know. I need to play more games. I also play Call of Duty and Mortal Kombat, but eh. o.o Too lazy to list them.

As you all may or may not know, I love Meow Wow b00ty. It's so round and perfect and amazing and sfjdlghfjhgfjgdf

Deal with it. Click the spoiler if you like Meow Wow b00ty, too.

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

I may not be very social, but I do have a few friends here on the site. c: They're all very friendly people or most of them; I would definitely suggest that you talk with them when you have the chance! (: I'll add blurbs later. Not in any specific order. c:

+Silent Maiden

+King Riku


+xXVentusfanXx (Grandpa!~~)



+Shana 09


+Sesshomaru (a.k.a. Dark Sora)


+Sora's Little Helper





+Flaming Lea

+Hikari XIII


+Think Pink

+Jim (We rarely talk, but he seems like a nice guy owo)


+No. i


+Rainbow Dash

+Roxas_Wagner (MY DUCK)

+Shera Wizard








+You Can Dance



Vani's Meanie Butt list

There are a lot of meanie butts out there. I'm just going to list the meanie butts that made my list. Kirby hates you all. (: I wasn't kidding when I said I'd make this list.






+Rainbow Dash

+Roxas Wagner

+No. i

Vani's Shipping List

I will ship anything and everything. 8D I forgot most of the pairing names, but who cares? :3[/size]
Posted Image[/size]
+Treyku (Ertyx and King Riku <3)[/size]
+TreyRikuVaniSil (Ertyx, King Riku, me, Silent Maiden)[/size]
+ShanaSilKirbyRiku (Shana09, Silent Maiden, me, King Riku)[/size]
+ZKirby (Ztar and I)[/size]
+ZtarKeys (Ztar and Keysofblades)
+inovani (inori and I)
+ShaVani (Shana09 and I)
+King Kirby (lol I think that's what it's called; King Riku and I)
+XaonKirby (Did we ever come up with a name? Xaon and I)
+Sora'sKirby (Sora's Little Helper and I)
+KirbySilMeow (Sil, Meow Wow, and I)
+No.i x Lag
I constantly forget pairings. Will be updated often.

#Noi says: besides I'm shipped with lag xD
Vani says: adding that to my shipping list ouo

List of Sticks Xylek Owes Me

+Roxas' stick

+Hundreds of other sticks that belong to me

+Pogo Stick

Husbandos/waifus: (no specific order)

+Ztar (husbando)

+Xaon (husbando)

+Shana09 (waifu, I think. Dx)

+Weiss (Keys the waifu)

+Rainbow Dash (husbando)

+Shera Wizard (waifu)

+inori (husbando)

+Sora's Little Helper (husbando)

+SinHeartlessAngel (husbando)

+coolwings (husbando)

+King Riku (husbando)

+Ertyx (husbando)

+Gumi (husbando. our screaming bby sheep is adorable omg)

I think that's all of them. Eventually, I will be married to everyone on this site. :)



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The Transcendent KeyVanitasisKirby

Wow, it's been forever since you've been here! I hope you're doing okay, wherever you are! :)
May 17 2017 09:20 PM
  • Bearanort's Photo
    No. If that was the case, my name would have been Stalkanort.
    Aug 14 2014 11:43 PM
  • King Demise's Photo
    King Demise
    But you're everywhere I turn, like a stalker
    Aug 14 2014 11:44 PM
  • Bearanort's Photo
    I have a job to do.
    Aug 14 2014 11:48 PM


Kirbiessssssssss :( I misses you!
Jun 24 2013 04:38 AM

Sikota UrinakanoVanitasisKirby

Come back so you can add Sikodom to your ship list D:
May 04 2013 08:55 PM
  • Zola's Photo
    Apr 15 2013 11:24 AM


Hey you, you should like, come back and stuff. Cause like, who else will I lose to in BGO?
Mar 31 2013 11:37 AM
  • Ruby's Photo
    You could always lose to me :)
    Apr 04 2013 04:36 PM
  • Paranoia's Photo
    Lol I suppose I could :P
    Apr 04 2013 06:20 PM
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