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Started my copy of FFXV, and I have a few questions

28 August 2017 - 04:22 PM

Just started my copy of FFXV yesterday. I'm at level 4 getting close to level 5, met Ardyn at night at the Galdin Quay resort (which was a little weird to see given how that moment is always in daylight whenever I see others do playthroughs of FFXV), my fishing skill is still level 1 but I can do a few more rounds, and just about ready to go on the ferry that Dino the reporter has gotten for me.


Now I downloaded the free version of the Moogle Chocobo Carnival and I REALLY want to try it out and get the Dream Egg so I can get the Assassin's outfit for when I download the Assassin's Festival. Do I have to get Noctis at a certain level to go to the Carnival? And does anyone know some good grinding spots around the Hammerhead to Galdin Quay areas where I can level up quickly?


I REALLY want to do the Carnival and I've read that it goes away again near the end of September. As I stated above, I've already downloaded the Carnival, but will it not be accessible after September even though I've already downloaded it?


Any help you can give is welcomed.  :smile:

If Moana were a world in Kingdom Hearts III.....

09 May 2017 - 05:48 PM

Ever since I first saw the latest Disney movie Moana I have loved it and have wondered what it would be like in KH3. Down below I have some questions for all of you and I'll have my own answers in bold.


If Moana were a world in KH3:


1. What do you think the name of the world would be?


I honestly can't think of a name for the world at this time.


2. What song from the movie would you want as the normal walking around field music, and which song would be the battle music?


I would love the field theme to be Moana's song "How Far I'll Go", as for the battle music I'm not too sure. And as a side note I'd LOVE to hear some kind of mix of "You're Welcome" when we first meet Maui! I LOVE that song so much!  :smile:  :smile:  :smile: 


3. Which locations from the movie would you like to be able to visit?


I would like to be able to visit every location that was shown in the movie, it just looks so beautiful and I'd love to be able to explore it all.  :smile: 


4. Who would you want as the party member for the world: Moana with her boat ore and the ocean assisting her, or Maui with his giant fishhook that helps him shapeshift into anything?


I honestly can't choose between them, so what if there was a thing were you could switch between them both as party members?  :smile: 


5. What would you want the Heartless to look like, (describe them)?


Given that the majority of the movie takes place near or in the ocean, I think there should be a good amount of aquatic Heartless, similar to what there was in the KH1 version of Atlantica.