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Started my copy of FFXV, and I have a few questions

28 August 2017 - 04:22 PM

Just started my copy of FFXV yesterday. I'm at level 4 getting close to level 5, met Ardyn at night at the Galdin Quay resort (which was a little weird to see given how that moment is always in daylight whenever I see others do playthroughs of FFXV), my fishing skill is still level 1 but I can do a few more rounds, and just about ready to go on the ferry that Dino the reporter has gotten for me.


Now I downloaded the free version of the Moogle Chocobo Carnival and I REALLY want to try it out and get the Dream Egg so I can get the Assassin's outfit for when I download the Assassin's Festival. Do I have to get Noctis at a certain level to go to the Carnival? And does anyone know some good grinding spots around the Hammerhead to Galdin Quay areas where I can level up quickly?


I REALLY want to do the Carnival and I've read that it goes away again near the end of September. As I stated above, I've already downloaded the Carnival, but will it not be accessible after September even though I've already downloaded it?


Any help you can give is welcomed.  :smile: