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Member Since 28 Oct 2011
Offline Last Active Aug 08 2015 10:42 PM
Man, this is a great time for Kingdom Hearts news to be coming out. It keeps me pumped and gives me a good distraction from some other stuff. Updated 15 Oct · 0 comments

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Man, this is a great time for Kingdom Hearts news to be coming out. It keeps me pumped and gives me a good distraction from some other stuff.
Oct 15 2013 04:28 PM


Would you mind telling me where the bossin' awesome picture in your signature came from? I'd greatly appreciate it.
Apr 24 2013 09:10 AM
  • SinHeartlessAngel's Photo
    Its the Xenoblade one right? i just typed in Xenoblade in google images, and poof. it was there.
    Apr 24 2013 09:20 AM


You know what's a good show? Guilty Crown. I love my girlfriend for introducing me to it!
Sep 21 2012 02:23 PM


You know, if both 1.5 ReMIX and a 2.5 ReMIX come out before KH3, there's gonna be some problems.
Sep 20 2012 01:39 PM
  • King Riku's Photo
    King Riku
    Japan can keep the 1.5 reMIX, I'm only looking forward to a 2.5 and KH2 HD
    Sep 20 2012 01:43 PM


Do you guys know what would be great? Final Fantasy Versus XIII. You know, the game that was announced at the same time as FFXIII. Has anyone seen it lately? No?
Sep 17 2012 07:44 AM
  • Sora96's Photo
    Versus XIII is going to be an amazing game. You want Versus XIII to be great because then KH3 will also be great.
    Sep 18 2012 06:24 PM
  • Dio Brando's Photo
    Dio Brando
    But???? that means Versus XIII won't be released until 2014.With this in mind.KH won't be released until 2015 or 2016.HOW NOMURA IS PLANNING TO MAKE KH3 FOR CURRENT GEN CONSOLES WHEN BY THE TIME OF 2014 THIS GEN WILL BE OVER??????.Anyway,even if Versus is gonna be amazing,the game won't sell because of poor marketing just like Max Payne 3(Which had a longer development time than versus as far as I remember)
    Sep 19 2012 02:54 AM
  • Sora96's Photo
    KH3 will take 3-5 years to make. Sony have said their going to support the PlayStation 3 to at least 2016. Could be longer though. They've supported the PlayStation 2 for like twelve years now.
    Sep 19 2012 03:11 AM


Hey how're you Arkansian!~
Sep 15 2012 02:34 PM
  • Not-with-a-whimper's Photo
    I'm doing pretty great, myself. Life is going wonderfully for me at this point, though I've got to remember to stay on top of my school work. How about you?
    Sep 17 2012 07:42 AM
  • Imoore4's Photo
    Good ever heard oh Sylvan Hills?Well I go to the High school now and it is FAR better then the brand new Middle School, but it has twice the work!:|
    Sep 17 2012 04:36 PM


Anyone else think that Young Xehanort looks sort of like he could grow up to be a really tan Sephiroth? Mostly just his facial expressions.
Aug 18 2012 11:35 AM
  • Damion Strife's Photo
    Damion Strife
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I've thought that for a while now...and I gotta tell ya I've been waiting for you to say that!!
    Aug 18 2012 07:39 PM


I never expected that this website would lead me to that person, but I'm really glad it did.
Aug 14 2012 06:37 PM


Electric Shock by f(x) Enough said.
Jun 22 2012 10:06 PM
  • Miku Hatsune's Photo
    Miku Hatsune
    Jun 22 2012 10:09 PM
  • Shana09's Photo
    Jun 22 2012 10:21 PM
  • Always's Photo
    Dude, I just watched the music video! So amazing!!!!! o_o Oh, let me join in here...
    Jul 07 2012 11:20 PM


For those of you who don't remember, in the original Kingdom Hearts, a small heartless literally ripped a woman's heart out in Traverse Town and ate it. Now they're selling them as plush toys? What's wrong with these people! It would be like making a stuffed bear for goodness sakes! Wait...
Jun 07 2012 10:28 PM
  • wayfinder823's Photo
    It wasn't a woman, it was a fugly man.
    Jun 07 2012 11:02 PM
  • Always's Photo
    But it was a woman in the manga, wayfinder. ;)
    Jun 17 2012 02:28 AM
  • Philip Ellwell's Photo
    Philip Ellwell
    Correction: it was a hooker in the manga.
    Oct 23 2013 10:38 PM
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