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Animorphs: Revisited - Sign-ups and Discussion

23 July 2017 - 08:08 AM

              Everything you're about to read is more or less the truth. Real names of people and towns have been changed for the readers own protection. If you choose to continue, just know that they may come after you, and odds of your survival are low. There is no defense. Once they've got you, you belong to them until death. They'll know your story. Your family, your friends, your complete past will be known to them. Even worse, they will take on your life in your place. They will take your body as their own. These slugs- they're parasitic aliens. They enter your body through your ear- you could be sleeping, or sitting in class. Odds are, you won't know until it's too late. Now that you know the danger that could await you, will you still read on?


             Before, it was mentioned that there was no defense. This is a half-truth. There's a group of people dedicated to stopping these aliens- these Yeerks. Using Alien technology given to them by a war victim, this small brigade absorbs a creatures DNA through touch, and gains the ability to change their own bodies into theirs, so long as it isn't their own species. They've come to be known as the Animorphs, and they may be the Earths last hope.


             The information is now known to you- you've become a target. If you want to defend yourself, keep reading. You may make a valuable team member yet.




             Starting soon before the team receives their powers, this RP is not going to replicate the books. It's a new story, regardless of how similar the beginning is. You also don't have to had read the books to participate! This will pretty much lay down all the rules for you that you need to know once the RP starts.


             You're one of five high school students who are walking home from your favorite hot spot- it could be a beach or a mall, an arcade. We can decide once we start. On your way home, you're passing something no one has looked at in years. In the books, this is a construction site, but this time around, it's an abandoned amusement park. That's where the story begins, and where you receive your ability to morph.


In world rules

  • You have to have touched the animal you wish to morph into sometime after receiving the power.
  • Staying morphed for 2 hours will trap you in that body forever.
  • Trust only your team- anyone could be a Controller -  a Yeerk controlling a host body.

             Here's some information that'll probably be repeated in the RP for story purposes, but I'm still going to put it here just in case.











The rest will be told in RP



-Just follow the General KH13 Rules and we should be fine here!-



Character Sheet~






Battle Morph(Optional):

Skill (Athletic, Intelligence, etc):






Interest Check - Andalite Children

21 July 2017 - 10:49 AM

Okay so I really don't wanna say what this interest check is based on because I feel like it would discourage anyone from being interested- but here's the basis.


                You're one of a group of (no more than 5) friends who are walking home from the local Mall after a day of hanging out like teens do. On your way, you're passing an old shut down Oil Field, and see something bright falling from the sky, landing in the oil field, causing the ground to shake.


                You and your friends go and check this out, being greeted by a strange voice in your head when you get close to the fallen object. Listening to the voice leads you to this creature who reveals himself to be an escapee from a war in the stars, and informs you that his assailants- parasitic creatures that, once inside a body, takes complete control of that person until death- are on their way to earth.


                He holds up a cube, and begs you each to touch a side of the cube- claiming that after you do, you'll be able to transform into any creature you touch, as long as it isn't your own species. At first you don't believe the creature, but soon you witness another ship heading into the atmosphere. You touch the cube- and your adventures begin.


Now if you've read the books, it's pretty obvious what this is an RP of- but I feel like the covers of the books made many kids never want to read them, so I chose not to mention the name.


Wanted to post a check before actual sign ups because I have no idea how people would respond to this-especially since the main cast is limited to 5 characters (there are only 6 sides of a cube- and in order for the cube to work, an already shapeshifting capable creature must be touching the cube.)


Of course, I don't want this to go exactly like the books either. That wouldn't be fun! So you never know who's a being controlled and who isn't.

Archie's "Sonic the Hedgehog" Officially Cancelled

19 July 2017 - 06:55 PM

Moments ago, SEGA officially announced the cancellation of the 24 year long comic series, Sonic the Hedgehog, and it's allied comic spin off, Sonic Universe. Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog was the longest running comic series based on a video game, and the 2nd longest running comic series of all time.


Read Sonic the Hedgehog's tweet here.


However, SEGA hints that another Sonic series shall be made under a different company sometime soon- it's currently unknown which company they will choose, nor if any of the classic characters will be retained.


Really sad to see the comics go, obviously. I was HUGE fan of the series, especially pre-SGW. However, it's time to say goodbye to Sally, Antoine, Rotor, Bunnie, and my personal favorite, Shard the Metal.



Sonic Legends (Archie/SatAM inspired) Sign-ups and Discussion

10 July 2017 - 04:13 AM

              A few years ago, there stood a proud city called Mobotropolis- the capital of all of Mobius. Leading it was King Acorn- a resilient yet compassionate leader who dedicated his life to preserving the peace and advancing society with his lead scientists, Doctor Robotnik and Sir Chuck. However,  Doctor Robotnik quickly turned on his king, and used a machine called the Roboticizer- initially invented to keep citizens healthy- to turn most of the city's inhabitants into robotic slaves.


             In the midst of the chaos, the King disappeared, leaving no hint of where he may have gone, or what may have happened to him. Princess Sally- sole heir of the Kingdom of Acorn- lead a handful of citizens in escape to the Great Forest to create a haven called Knothole. Many families were lost- some killed, and others turned slave.


             In addition to all this, people started remembering things that never happened, and people who no one knew began arriving from somewhere unknown with little to no memory of their past, and only knowledge of Knothole and the city of Mobotropolis -now called Robotropolis- as if they had been living there the entire time.


             Years had passed, and Robotnik seized control of all of Mobius, spare a few safe havens across the continents. Now older, Princess Sally rallies the bravest citizens of Knothole to form the Freedom Fighters- souls dedicated to taking back their home, and restoring peace to the world.



              Join the fight, and restore peace to the world of Mobius alongside your fellow Freedom Fighters!




             Although based on the cartoon known as SatAM and the Archie comic series, you can join in with little to no knowledge on either of those, since this starts at what would be the beginning of both series! Here's a handful of knowledge for you, just in case!




             Mobotropolis was the capital of Mobius, known for it's scientific advancements made under the then good Doctor Robotnik and Sir Chuck- including research centering around Power Rings. It prospered as a city well managed and stood as a beacon to the world as a sign of hope to the future.


             After the conversion to Robotropolis, the city became known as a town of bleakness and metal- populated soley by robotic slaves and SWATbots. Housing the Tyrant Doctor Robotnik and his nephew Snively, Robotropolis is the stronghold of all things Robotnik.


SWATbots and Robot Mobians


             SWATbots are robots designed by Robotnik to scout, defend, attack, and kidnap. While these are the more basic of Robotnik's inventions, they can still pose a threat to most of Mobius' citizenry.


             Robot Mobians are Mobians who have been roboticized, made into slaves and enemies of Mobius- some have sentience while others become mindless. Sentient Robot Mobians are sinister, and are usually in control of bases in random zones across the planet, while retaining no memory of their previous lives, and focus soley on what would further the Eggman Empire.


Power Rings and Chaos Emeralds


             Power Rings are ring-shaped energy filled items of unknown power. During Mobotropolis' Golden Age, they were used as an energy source, lasting days at a time powering cities. They emerge from the ground, and are hard to find. However there are some Power Ring deposits across the world, where they are more common to appear at least once a day- such as the Lake of Rings near Knothole, where they are fished out. Some Mobians can use Power Rings to enhance their own abilities.


             Chaos Emeralds are the most rare form of energy- with only seven in existence. Initially kept on Angel Island with the Master Emerald, they have since been lost. They say when you gather all seven of them, a miracle happens!




              You can sign up as ANY Sonic Character! I wrote this in a way where newer characters can exist without creating too many issues, thus the "new people showing up thinking they've always lived in Mobotropolis" bit.


              I wanted to start this in honor of Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog being cancelled. While it hasn't been officially announced, the writers and artists of the comic are writing resumes for new jobs, along with individual comics being cancelled one by one.



Sign up Sheet







Affiliation (Freedom Fighter/Citizen):

Power Ring Boost (optional, since not every Mobian can use them):
Super Form (optional, see above):



Miles "Tails" Prower by ProwerPower

Silver the Hedgehog by AquaKH7

Marine, Blaze, and Nack/Fang by kingdomhearts45



Princess Sally Acorn (If no one signs up, I'll sign up as her myself)


I'll post my own sign ups later. Remember- you can sign up as any sonic character!

Let's talk about Nostalgia

29 June 2017 - 10:29 AM

Hey guys! I've been wanting to do a bit of a KH13 discussion thread recently, so here I am, wanting to talk about nostalgia. What makes you nostalgic, what are you nostalgic about that may not be as good as you remember, really anything. So, here's some music to set the mood, and lets get some discussion going!



There's a lot I'm nostalgic about. Random things, really. I have a lot of random memories brought back anytime I listen to this song- and not even about this game. It's random things like, how I used to watch Dexters Lab in my dad's room while playing with MS Paint on the computer, or playing Sonic 3k. How I would come home from school and drink some juice, and go play ball with my late pet dog Ani (short for Animal.) We have this huge ditch behind our house that there wasn't a fence blocking, so one day when we threw the ball, it went a bit too far and we had to go find it, but we found this boomerang instead. We tried so hard, but we were never able to figure out how to get it to work!


Related to this theme, though. This is what got me initially interested in the Sonic comics- because this song would play in the Extra's menu, where they had a bunch of the old Sonic Comic covers, and the first three comics were readable. I remember looking at the covers of the comics and wondering what happened to Sonic, why was he in space? Why is Sally crying? Is that Sonic's gravestone? I spent hours on this screen reading and looking at all the details of these Sonic comics, wanting so much to read them.


A few other things I remember as I kid, my mom would take us kids to this fast food place and we'd bring back bags and bags of those ball bit balls, because we were thieves lol. Tiny tiny thieves.


I remember staying up late to finish Kingdom Hearts because, we were always so dang close! My brothers and I shared a room, and would stay up wayy past out bedtime to finish the first KH game, but never did. A few years later, we got KH2 and we were able to beat that pretty easy. We went back to the first KH and finally finished off that rotten Ansem for good! I didn't get to play CoM for years after, but thankfully I had the CoM Manga to fill me in on the story.



Well, I guess I've done enough rambling for now. What random memories or feelings of nostalgia do you wanna share? Feel free!