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In Topic: In the Company of Devils (mystery) - Sign-ups and Discussion

Today, 10:40 AM

Aww thanks :D


Sora's dad has a small gun collection, should I have mentioned that? I just remembered that's a part of her father's characterization. Was distracted for a bit Dx

It's okay to mention new things as we go along and change things too- sometimes I forget to add things as well.

In Topic: In the Company of Devils (mystery) - Sign-ups and Discussion

Today, 09:50 AM

~Character Sheet~

Name: Sora Takagi
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Occupation: Maid Cafe
Personality: shy, socially awkward, quiet, kind, easily frightened yet has a strong will.
Sora has not had the easiest of lives. Always moving, she finally got to settle in Ascendance...but her elation was long gone. Having lost her mother seven months ago, and her father losing his job and selling most of what they owned, Sora and her father moved to the town to start over. With not a lot of money, Sora works part-time at a maid cafe to make ends meet, and has dropped out of school to help her father, who got a job as a truck driver after sobering up following the discovery Sora too was an alcoholic alongside him.

Cleaning up and taking the long job, he has since removed all alcohol from the house and is currently on a long haul job, leaving Sora alone.

She has heard a lot about the legends, and tries to not go outside or leave at night. Though, having her own car and license does help.

I'm a sucker for a mystery rp.

Accepted! Excited to RP with you again :)


I'll post my sign up sheet soon as well.

In Topic: Omg anyone remember this video

Today, 07:45 AM

The only thing I remember about old YouTube is those notepad tutorials with Paralyzer playing in the background.

"Unregistered Hypercam 2"

In Topic: Who is Your Favorite Robot in Fiction?

Today, 04:06 AM


I loved this movie as a kid, but I'm not sure how many people can recognize this guy.

In Topic: You ever heard of the Data Theory?

Today, 01:59 AM

Wow... this is pretty solid. I really hope this is the case- I'd love seeing this utilized in Kingdom Hearts III.