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#1971362 Kingdom Hearts 0.2 exact file size

Posted by The Transcendent Key on 5 minutes ago

I'm not really sure. Odds are that it takes at least a good bulk of the overall gigs 2.8 requires, but for an estimate, let's say that at least 15 gigs are 0.2's. Or maybe less, because thinking on how Kingdom Hearts III will be massive, I doubt KHIII will pass over 100 gigs of space. So I don't know, honestly. Or maybe KHIII will take a buttload of gigs. xD

#1971302 Afterworld

Posted by The Transcendent Key on Yesterday, 09:00 PM

To KHLegendIII, yep, as I always like to do with my ten part finales, the end must be full of epic bangs! :D


Good evening everyone, I hope that all of you are doing okay! So then, this is it! Finally, the ten part finale to my story is at last upon us! Ooh, I’m very excited to show you all what I have in store! Ha, let’s get to the nitty gritty, I don’t want to keep you all waiting! Enjoy! :D


Chapter Forty One: The World After-Part 1 Of 10: Lucilda, Raging Darkness Incarnate


(Start Song Here)

                Now the darkness was complete, and Zaria and the others were completely entrapped in it! They couldn’t see any sort of exit, no way to be able to break through the darkness, so they knew that they had to be prepared for anything that Lucilda would deliver at them. This was her playground now, and she had all the advantages! Only her eyes were visible, and even then, there would be lapses of time in which her eyes would vanish! They could all feel her presence, but it was disorienting, for they could feel her everywhere, and hence, her exact location could not be pinpointed!


                “Should we use the power we were given?” Grim asked.


                “No…I have a feeling we can’t just use it yet. The power we wield is one we have to be careful in using! The light never told us if using said power would burn us out…so it’s best we fight with our own strength for as long as we can!” Bane suggested. The others agreed, and then they were all beset by dark chains that wrapped around each and every one of them!  Lucilda was chuckling to herself, and then her eyes appeared again, and this time, they were on Bane. She drew herself closer to him, and her dark mass formed into an arm, and then she traced a finger over Bane’s chest.


                “Well, aren’t you something special? But really, if this is all it takes to beat you, then none of you are worth my time…but still, it’ll be fun toying around with you all before I tear you apart!” she said with glee. Her fingers turned into razor sharp claws, and just as she was about to strike Bane and skewer him, Zaria was able to summon her sheer willpower to break the chains, and she lunged herself towards her, but failing to harm her! Lucilda stopped, and then she looked over to Zaria and began to laugh!


                “Ha, did you honestly think that you could do me any harm? I am darkness itself, you insolent bitch! Your attacks pierce right through me! I can control the darkness, and so long as you are all surrounded in it, you have no escape, and no hope of victory!” she explained.


                “That doesn’t mean we can’t try!” Zaria replied, and then she slashed away the chains binding the others, and they all gathered together, and they lunged towards Lucilda!


                Laren and Tatsumaki combined their powers to form a lightning vortex attack that swirled around Lucilda, but she simply dematerialized her dark mass and then rematerialized it a second after! The attack had done nothing!  Grim tried summoning forth a hail of thorns, but each of them were vaporized by Lucilda’s dark powers!  Eluzia growled and tried to bite her, but he couldn’t find anywhere to bite! Bane punched the ground and caused a violent tremor to take place, rocking the surrounding environment and making the others stumble! Still, Lucilda did not show any signs of being affected! Only her eyes, attentive and amused, were staring back at them! Zaria headed towards her and tried to go for a multitude of sword strikes, but still nothing! Vincent even tried helping out with the blade Grim had given him, but all efforts to harm her were futile!


                “Heh, you morons…you just don’t get it! Now it’s my turn!” she shouted, and with that, an immense dark aura could be felt, and everyone could feel the swelling wellspring of power emanating from Lucilda! She seemed to be absorbing the ever encroaching darkness that surrounded them, and then, dark thunderbolts were zapping all around them, and small pebbles began to rise! Her eyes became an even more vicious tone of red, and her anger was palpable!


                “Die, rats!” she shouted, and then she unleashed countless dark spikes that jutted out from her incorporeal mass, and it was all the others could do from barely managing to avoid getting skewered! But just when they thought that they were safe, the spikes extended and curved and redirected themselves, following their targets at all times!


                “Everyone, take out those spikes!!!” Vincent shouted, and they all attacked as quickly as they could, though some of them managed to get scraped by the spikes, leaving behind small cuts that were seeping with darkness! It stung them slightly, but they weren’t going to let small scratches get the better of them! But even with their efforts, the spikes rematerialized and headed towards them again, restlessly and with great velocity!


                “It’s no use, these things won’t break!” Zaria shouted, as they were all being pinned down!


                “That’s just so you can all learn your lesson and get it through your heads that you can’t mess with me, you can’t kill me!” Lucilda said with joyful glee! 


                Bane and Grim were both back to back, and they were cutting the spikes and blocking them, and then they glanced over their shoulders at each other, and Bane had a thought come to him.


                “Grim, Ilia!” Bane shouted. They both turned their attention towards him.  “As long as this darkness is amidst us, we won’t be able to do much of anything, only block these things until our bodies give out! I’m going to fire off a sphere of flame, so draw your energy from it and light this place up!” he said.


                “What!?” Lucilda exclaimed.


                “That’s right! I get what you mean!” Grim said, nodding in agreement. “Can you be able to use more of your power, Lady Ilia?” he asked. She nodded.


                “Yes, let’s do it, quickly!” she urged. The three of them then prepared for their tactic. Bane quickly charged up an immense fireball and launched it upwards, the flames shining bright, and then Grim and Ilia absorbed the light of the flames, and with their combined strength, they were able to bring from under the earth a giant root that blossomed into a radiant tree with a giant flowerbud! Then, they used their powers to open it up, and it unleashed a beacon of light that shone brightly, breaking through the darkness, and giving them a fighting chance at getting out of Lucilda’s death trap!


                “What!? Impossible!” Lucilda snarled as she saw her darkness slowly deteriorating away, the flower’s light piercing through it!  “That damn thing!!!” she shouted, and shen she formed her arm into a large tentacle, and then she whipped it towards the tree, snapping it in half and making the flower wilt! But by then, her dark barrier had been completely lifted, and now the others could be able to take her on. But she still had the advantage of an impenetrable body, so even though she no longer had her dark barrier, she was still a threat nonetheless!


                “The barrier is down, now is the time to strike!” Ilia said! “Saphira, now!”


                Before Lucilda could get a sense of what was going on, she noticed that Saphira was right behind her, and her spear seemed to be endowed with a particular power that she did not recognize! But knowing that she was invincible, she didn’t bother dodging the attack…but at that moment, without realizing it, that mistake had cost her! Her eyes went wide as she suddenly felt a splitting pain emanating from her rib!


                “W-what!?” she exclaimed, coughing out blood! And that’s when she noticed that her body was taking physical form! Her dark mass was subsiding, and when she realized that she could now be harmed, she used her dark powers to get away and make distance between herself and her foes!


                “How…how is this possible!?” she demanded, looking at her hands, seeing skin on them for the first time in what felt like an eternity!


                “A little theory I wanted to test…and one that I think was worth the risk. The power of the light shines through even the most pitch black darkness! No one is invincible, fiend!” Saphira said, as her spear shone with a brilliant light, the light which had bestowed its power to her and the others! It was another part of Bane’s plan, and he knew the risks, and so did Saphira, but she had wanted to take the risk, for right now, there was no room for hesitation! And so, their gamble paid off, and they seemed to have given Lucilda a significant blow!  But then they noticed that she only got angrier!


                “Fools…insignificant fools! I’m going to turn you into minced meat!” she roared with anger, and with an almost unholy burst of speed, Lucilda drew out her dark claws and jumped from one target to the next, viciously slashing at each and every one of them, managing to hurt them! They tried dodging and blocking, but the best they could manage was to just reduce the impact of Lucilda’s powerful attacks! But even then, she didn’t let up, as she then delivered a low, sweeping kick, and with her darkness, she elongated the shadow of her leg, tripping all of them down to the ground. Once they were all disoriented, Lucilda dove in and then pounced at Saphira, clawing at her like a rabid animal!


                “Come here, let me tear off that face from your head! Let me change the way you look at things!” Lucilda sneered with undeniabl animalistic fierceness. But Saphira kicked her away, but she received a particularly powerful slash that caused a wide gash to form across her armor! Luckily, the wound didn’t go skin deep, but did manage to raze the surface of her skin slightly. And that was more than enough to feel the potent darkness that she wielded! Lucilda jerked back and made sure to keep her distance from everyone! She looked at them all like a cornered animal, and then, when they charged towards her, she effortlessly dodged all of their attacks, moving and weaving flawlessly with the grace of an experienced combatant! She looked at them all and scoffed!


                “Just who do you think you’re up against!? I’m not some simple weakling! Even without my dark barrier, I can still kill you all with my bare hands!” she said, and with that, her body began to retreat into the dark mass again. She was going to kill them all viciously, and the look in her eyes indicated that this was no longer about fun, but simply about the murderous intent to kill!


                “Damn, this isn’t good! She’s too fast, and she’s way too deadly! What do we do now?” Vincent asked, glancing towards Zaria.


                “We keep wearing her down. She’s going to run out of steam, and then, that’s when we dive in for the finishing move!” she suggested.


                “Right!” everyone said in unison.


                And so, Ilia was able to exert more of her power, and with some extra weight to said power, she was able to uproot a giant, serpentine creature created from the roots beneath the earth! It opened its giant maw and gave out a fatal hiss! It’s fangs were filled to the brim with poison, and it was at the ready!  And so, the serpent slithered towards Lucilda, aiming to strike true and fill her up with its poison!


                “Move, move!” Bane commanded, and they all followed suit. They knew Lucilda would try to stop the serpent, so they made sure to keep her distracted so that she wouldn’t be able to bat an eye at the creature!


                Bane shot a barrage of flame spheres, all of them exploding around her, rendering her unable to see anything beyond the range of the explosions! She braced herself and covered herself with her arms, and when she smoke subsided, Laren and Tatsumaki lunged towards her together, the two of them delivering quick and precise attacks with spear and wind attacks! Saphira added thunder mines beneath the earth, and Lucilda didn’t think it wise to try to take a step, as any direction could prove in quite the electrocution!


                Vincent leapt from above, and then he struck at her with precise sword strikes, but she only blocked the attacks with her bare arms, and then she tried absorbing him into her! Dark tentacles protruded from her body and snagged him, grabbing him tight and not letting go! He struggled and tried to get free, but he was trapped! She then drew another tentacle, this time with a sharp and lethal end, and just when she was about to strike him to end it once and for all, Grim shot a spore arrow straight at one of Lucilda’s eyes, and the spores emanating from the arrow infiltrated her right eye! She shrieked and let go of Vincent, and then together, they struck at her, their blades piercing through her dark mass. But she didn’t scream, she didn’t even so much as complain, as she was concentrated in rubbing off the spores in her eye! This meant that physical attacks would not affect her as of yet!


                “Damn it! This is getting difficult!” Zaria said, as she dove in and attempted to swipe at Lucilda’s eyes, but she was able to take hold of her sword, and she slapped it away, and then, darkness surged out beneath Lucilda like a pool, and everyone’s feet were now stuck to the ground! They were unable to free themselves, and then Lucilda’s dark mass of a body seemed to grow, until she towered over all of them like a looming wraith of death! Her red eyes turned and unholy, demonic red!


                “I have had enough! Drown in the darkness of your nightmares, and see your fears become flesh!” Lucilda shouted, as the darkness beneath them all began to crawl up until it reached their eyes and covered them, sealing them shut, making sure they would not open again! They tried to force their eyes open, but they found that they couldn’t!


                “N-no…damn it!” Laren exclaimed. They heard Eluzia growl, and he tried to take on Lucilda by himself, but the yelp they heard seconds afterward indicated he was not successful!


                The worst was yet to come. Soon, they noticed that all sound was being drained, and they couldn’t hear a thing except their breathing! They were each being isolated by immense, nightmarish dark auras that were enveloping their bodies! They struggled on and on, but…


                “No….Tatsumaki, no!!!” Laren whimpered, as he saw her beint mutilated, her body being torn to shreds by Shadow Blights and being discarded like scraps! He saw Saphira trying to hold back the storm of foes, but she was decapitated by another Shadow Blight that chomped her head off! Laren knew this wasn’t real, but it was so vivid that he let out a scream, horror filling up his heart! He screamed until he couldn’t hear himself!


                “No…nngh, this can’t be happening!” Tatsumaki gasped, as she felt herself suffocating, running out of air! She saw Laren and Saphira and the others deteriorating, their bodies rotting and decomposing, as nothing but shadows and death presented themselves before her. The world was completely destroyed, and a red sun had risen….the cloulds were black, and all that could be heard were the screams of her loved ones and of countless innocents! Tatsumaki shivered uncontrollably, and she felt her body going numb…


                Bane wasn’t even able to speak, as it seemed to him that he was deprived of speech, or any sort of movement or action at all! He found himself tied to a stone pillar facing the sheer face of a cliff. Down the plunge, he saw the world, desolate, a wasteland. Then he saw gravestones, all of them with the names of his friends…he was the only one left, the only one in the world, cursed to live for eternity, watching the world die out…not even birds chirped, no living thing made a sound. All was dead and barren. Bane was alone!


                “No…damn it, no, not again!” Grim sobbed, as he was witnessing his wife’s death over and over again, in an endless loop! He was being cornered in a dark hallway, and his wife’s hand was extending towards him, whispering. “Come with me…it’ll be all over…die and join me.” she whispered with such caress and soothing calm in her voice. Grim was trying to resist, but his heart couldn’t take it. He wanted to be with his wife, he just wanted all this to be over. He went towards her…and then she grabbed him by the throat and started to choke the life out of him! And he wasn’t struggling in the slightest…


                “Vincent….everyone…” Ilia whispered, as she saw everything around her crumbling. She saw Vincent fading away, the Scorched flame inside him consuming him, burning him into nothing but ash! A strong wind blew his ashes away, and Ilia, gasping with shock, fell to her knees. When she looked down to the ground, she saw the corpses of Saphira and Eros, their bodies lifeless, their eyes wide with fear. And a shadow, a long shadow casting itself towards her, prepared to dig its claws into her heart. Tears streamed down her face, and she closed her eyes, ready to accept her fate.


                “I failed you all…I failed you all….” Vincent murmured to himself over and over, as he stood at the entrance to his home, the village burnt down to nothingness, black ash covering the entirety of the ground! Mt. Terios had erupted into searing flame, and his people were all vanishing, tears streaming down their faces and cries of agony resounding as their lives were snuffed out by the very flames that they possessed. Vincent thought of Seth, of Audrey, of everyone he loved and cared for…and he wept uncontrollably, feeling powerless, not being able to do anything to save them, or himself.  He then felt his own heart pulsing, his body starting to give in to the heat…and in those moments, he thought of Ilia…he was ceasing to be.


                “This is not how it ends! I refuse!” Saphira said, fighting back against Lucilda’s nightmare trance! But she couldn’t shake off the nightmarish and hellish influence, and instead she found herself face to face with an endless legion of Shadow Blighs inside World’s Edge! Behind her, the world as she knew it had become a black void, and when she turned to look at the Shadow Blights, she saw that they had taken the form of everyone she had ever known…and knowing who they were, she couldn’t bring himself to take them down!  But they lunged at her, and in horrifying shock, she found her body reacting on its own, striking down Laren, then Tatsumaki, then Ilia…and she winced and screamed in horror as she kept killing everyone, even though she didn’t want to!


                Each of them were all sinking in their own hell, they were being consumed by the nightmares that plagued their subconscious. They could feel the darkness gripping at their very life force, until…


                “Snap out of it, guys! We’ve come to far! We won’t let Lucilda use our personal demons to get the best of us! Wake up!!!” Zaria shouted, as she pierced through each nightmare, extending a hand, her body with a golden aura surrounding her! She touched each and every one of them, and with that, they were able to snap out of Lucilda’s hold, and they freed themselves of the darkness! Lucilda jerked back, feeling the stinging sensation of Zaria’s light, and she winced and snarled!


                “Damn it, how!? I had you in my nightmare trance! How is this possible!?” she exclaimed, then turning her gaze towards Zaria. “How the hell did you not fall in my trance!?”


                “It’s simple, really. The nightmares I have, I’ve lived them day in and day out. My nightmares always haunt me, my fears are always on my back…but I don’t let them get to me. I use the fear, I use the uncertainty and anger to hone myself, and to strengthen myself. So your trance did nothing more than reinforce my strength!” Zaria explained, then looked at her hand.  “Also, the light proved to be effective…granted, my body feels a bit heavy now, but it’s okay. I was able to free the others, so it’s all good!”


                Lucilda shook her head, her eyes blinking with uncertainty, her dark mass morphing unevenly. It seemed that Lucilda herself was starting to give in to fear!


                “No…it won’t end like this! I will kill you all!” she roared, and in a final ditch effort, she focused all of her dark powers, and her bodily mass expanded, shifting into a giant, feral beast that resembled a wolf! She roared and growled with deadly intent, and she sprinted at once, ready to go in for the final move!


                But just as she was about to swipe at them with her claws, they all attacked in unison! Zaria, Saphira, Laren and Vincent aimed for the legs, while Grim and Tatsumaki went for the back, while Ilia delivered an attack with her serpentine creature to the chest. Bane flung a sharp, stone spear straight towards her head! When the attacks hit, they all injected their power, Zaria and her friends using a portion of the light’s power to make Lucilda’s body physical! Once they struck, Lucilda gave out an agonizing howl, and a dark shockwave rippled from her, sending the others reeling back!  They stood at the ready to go for another attack, but now they saw that it wasn’t necessary.

(End Song Here)


                Lucilda’s massive wolf form began to diminish, and she reverted back to her normal mass. She then fell to the ground, and she found that her body was being cleansed of the darkness! She was seeing her own flesh again! Was this work of the light that her foes had? Whatever it was, she hadn’t thought she would see her skin ever again…and there, her body was ragged, slashed all over by the attacks of Zaria and the others. She was bleeding, and her eyes were getting blurry. They all stood over her, silent.


(Start Song Here)

                “Never did I think I’d see my normal body again…I…I thought I had remained a monster for all time…” she muttered. Zaria knelt beside her and held her head. Lucilda’s eyes, now a soft, gentle red, met hers.


                “I had remained inside myself for so long…my darkness, it enveloped me in such a way…I think that I just didn’t want to be hurt again. After losing mother, the world became dark for me. No one…would want me…they would not accept me because of what I possessed. And so I became a monster…my nightmare, never being able to see the light, never being able to be by my mother’s side again, has tormented me all my life.  Now that my body is no longer steeped in the dark, do you think…” her voice broke, tears forming in her eyes. “Do you think that I can be able to see mother now?”


                “Look, I don’t know you, but I can tell that you’ve had quite a past…and well, I know how it’s like to deal with personal demons. But you don’t let the darkness determine what course your life will take. True, you had no one, but if things had been different, if you had people who would’ve supported you, powers or not, I’m sure your life would have been better. But at the same time, you had the choice to make, a choice in how your life would turn out. You let yourself be blinded by despair, and you didn’t see anything in your powers beyond hopelessness. But you c ould have used it to help people…but now that it’s come to this, no one will ever know…” Zaria said, being honest.  “If we had crossed paths at some point…maybe I could have been able to help you.”


                “Well…at least there are some people that made me feel like I had a place to belong. Chozetsu and the others…they treated me like family…” Lucilda remarked, her eyes softening as tears streamed down. “I put up walls though, pretending that I didn’t give a shit about them…so that I wouldn’t allow myself to get close, so that I wouldn’t lose them…but still, they treated me like family…at least I can take some comfort in that…” she whispered, and then her body slowly began to fade away, the light enveloping her.  She was ready to close her eyes, but then something happened. Zaria and the others couldn’t see it, but there was something in that light that beckoned to Lucilda. Something that made her eyes open wide.  She extended her hand, and she gave out a gasp, as she started sobbing, but this time…with tears of joy.


                “Mother…how I’ve missed you…”  she whispered, as she faded away into light.


                Zaria and the others stood there, watching as the light slowly rose towards the heavens, losing itself in the distorted sky, until there was nothing left. They all remained silent for a moment, and they had now been able to defeat one of Chozetsu’s group. There were still four more to defeat.  Without so much as hesitation, Zaria walked ahead, beckoning the others to follow.


                “Come on, we’ve got no time to waste! The others are waiting for us up ahead! I can feel it…” she said.


                “Zaria’s right…our next battle awaits!” Bane said, and so, they all followed her.


                They had been through a grueling battle, the first of which would determine the fate of the world, and this had been too close a call. They had almost fallen prey to the machinations of their very minds, the fears of their very hearts, but somehow, Zaria had been able to pull them out of the nightmare. Had it not been for her, the world would have been doomed, and Chozetsu would have had his way!


                Zaria…the fact that this very woman stared at death in the face and did not blink showed resilience and courage, the kind of courage that spread towards the others as well. They had to keep on the fight, they needed to keep pushing forward, for all of their sakes!


                As they kept going, they found their next foe awaiting them…


                “Ah, it seems as though Lucilda has gone off in peace…” said Beriel, who was standing before them, with a calm and relaxed expression in his face. “At the very least, she was able to leave this world with a smile on her face…I truly did care for the dear girl. I thank you for ending her suffering, but at the same time, I cannot forgive you for killing her…so now I must avenge her, and uphold Chozetsu’s dream! Prepare yourselves!” he said, as he stood at the ready!


                And so, another battle was to begin…

(End Song Here)




Lucilda has fallen, and now, Chozetsu’s group is down to four! Will Zaria and the others be able to defeat Beriel? Will they push forward and get all the way to Chozetsu? Tension is rising, and every step forward is another step towards the world’s final doom or triumphant salvation! Stay tuned for Chapter Forty Two: The World After-Part 2 Of 10: A Gentleman’s Honor.”


Whoo, what an insane chapter! Dang, I lived that battle like if I had been there myself! You know, I’m really happy with how this chapter turned out, and I think it was a nice little send off for Lucilda, whether you loved her or hated her!  So then, part one is down for the count, and now part two beckons! Do you think that Zaria and the others will be able to keep up with Beriel? Let me know what you think, and thank you all for your love and support! As always, be sure to comment on what you thought about tonight’s chapter, and until next time, stay tuned for the next one! :D

#1971298 What other abilities do you think Sora will have in Second Form?

Posted by The Transcendent Key on Yesterday, 08:47 PM

Since I'm pretty sure that all the other abilities on this poll will appear, the one out of all of them that I want to appear as well would be Explosion! It's a potent attack and a stylish finisher, and given how Second Form has Sora in his KHII attire, it'd be fitting if Explosion was in his moveset with said form!

#1971294 The Palace That Was Found (Theme of Evil Foundry) - Sonic and the Secret Ring...

Posted by The Transcendent Key on Yesterday, 08:39 PM

Thanks. I appreciate that.  :biggrin:


No prob man, I call praise where I see it must be given! :D

#1971238 The Palace That Was Found (Theme of Evil Foundry) - Sonic and the Secret Ring...

Posted by The Transcendent Key on 21 January 2018 - 09:27 PM

It's pretty badass that you're able to do so many remixes with the BW2 sound font. Kudos to you on your work, as always, man!

#1971232 Fated Meeting (Kingdom Hearts 3) Fan Video

Posted by The Transcendent Key on 21 January 2018 - 09:05 PM

Thank you for the really sweet reply. We’re glad you enjoyed it, and we look forward for the future of the series.


You are all more than welcome, you each deserve the praise! Keep up the great work! And yes, the future of Kingdom Hearts is looking bright! :D

#1971230 (spoilers) the release date, world announcements and more

Posted by The Transcendent Key on 21 January 2018 - 09:02 PM

Well i mean the Heart of Atlantis would fit so perfectly in the KH story, it could be considered a small part of the even bigger Kingdom Hearts itself.


Yep, it definitely would, and the whole mythology of Atlantis as a whole could serve to expand Kingdom Hearts' lore all the more!

#1971127 Kingdom Hearts II Sora S.H.Figuarts figure releasing in the West on January 2...

Posted by The Transcendent Key on 20 January 2018 - 07:26 PM

Thanks for showing this to us, Nihon!


I gotta say, these figurines coming out sure are quality material, they look pretty darn awesome!

#1971124 Final Fantasy 7 Remake NEW Concept Art

Posted by The Transcendent Key on 20 January 2018 - 07:21 PM

Well, if this is any indication, maybe we'll see something regarding VII Remake at this year's E3, ya know?

#1971007 Kingdom Hearts Crown Watches will be available to purchase at D23 Expo Japan...

Posted by The Transcendent Key on 18 January 2018 - 10:54 PM

Thanks for showing this to us, Elfdemon! 


Dang, those watches look amazing! I'd love to get my hands on one! X_X



Nice watches... perfect for us to count down the time until KHIII releases ;)


Ha, perfect! That's as good a reason as any to get a KH watch! X3

#1971004 Kingdom Hearts 3 [TV Series] Intro

Posted by The Transcendent Key on 18 January 2018 - 10:46 PM

Sweeeet, this video was awesome, I loved how you were transitioning world to world at the beginning with the different characters, I thought that was pretty badass! Overall, the music fit in with the way you edited the video very nicely! 


I'm sure that after the Xehanort Saga ends, we might get an anime adaption/cartoon series to tide us over while we wait for the next saga!

#1971003 (spoilers) the release date, world announcements and more

Posted by The Transcendent Key on 18 January 2018 - 10:43 PM

Nah, this is way too good to be true! No way that Nomura will be revealing so much at D23! I mean, the release date would probably be correct, but I dunno, with D23 so close by, all we have to do is wait just 22 more days, and we'll get our answers! :D


If Treasure Planet is revealed, though, I'm gonna die of happiness....

#1970914 Is Treasure Planet the right choice for KH3?

Posted by The Transcendent Key on 17 January 2018 - 08:59 PM

Well, I believe that Treasure Planet would be a perfect film to integrate into the Kingdom Hearts series for the fact that it's a film we have yet to see debut in the franchise, and because it's an underrated film that not many people know about! By having this world appear, it would expose more people to this amazing, critically overlooked film! That, and the film has a very good story with strong characters and elements that would fit quite well within the Kingdom Hearts Universe! Just think of the crazy battles in space with Keyblade Transformations and everything! That'd be so badass! Atlantis is another world, that for the same reasons as Treasure Planet, deserves a spot in the KH Universe! KHIII would be a perfect way to debut these films as worlds!


I agree that Emperor's New Groove and The Incredibles would make for amazing additions, too! :D

#1970913 Fated Meeting (Kingdom Hearts 3) Fan Video

Posted by The Transcendent Key on 17 January 2018 - 08:50 PM

God....God....GOODDDDD!!!!! This was simply spectacular!


Holy crud, this was legit an amazing video, and the writing was excellent, and something that could have fit perfectly well in a cutscene in the KH games! Gahhh, so much hype! This only serves to fuel up my hype for Kingdom Hearts III! 


Christina, Mike, Stan, amazing job on voicing the Wayfinder Trio! THAT TERRA, THOUGH! When I heard Terra's voice, I swore that it was Jason Dohring, but then I looked down on the post and saw that Stan is the one who voiced him for this vid...I'm mind blown! And Aqua amazed me as well, Christina's voice really matched up well with Willa Holland's!


Mike's Ven sounded only a tad bit off at first, but throughout the video, his voice sounded more like Jesse's! Seriously, amazing job, you three! I've been blown away!


And yo, Joseluis, you should contact Square to hire you so that you can be a storyboard man for the next saga! You got the props for it! :D

#1970912 When You Are Almost Finish Beating Young Xehanort

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Yeah. I was like: "HEY?! SERIOUSLY?!" I hated it when that happens. Lol


That would drive me nuts if he did that on the fly! xD




Basically, if this happens with Xehanort in KHIII, I'm gonna flatline. xD