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In Topic: Kingdom Hearts: Life As A Heartless!

21 July 2018 - 05:47 PM

To KHLegendIII, yes, you see, the story covers the entire Xehanort Saga. That's why you've seen different things happen from throughout the series during the course of Bob's adventures, ya know?


Good afternoon everyone, I hope that all is well! Here’s another entry I cooked up, so I hope that you all enjoy! Ooh, and Christopher Robin is soon coming to theaters! I can’t wait to see that film, it’s definitely gonna break my heart, and I’m ready for that pain! Anyways, here’s the next entry, enjoy! :D


Journal Entry 24

Day 93: I Decided I Hate Cats…


(Start Song Here)



                I actually used to have an affection for cats! Nice, warm, cuddly creatures, those big eyes, those fluffy paws, those soft, silky bodies…cats were adorable to me! When I became a Heartless, I’d always go world to world devouring the hearts of people and creatures! But whenever I’d run into a cat, I would not strike it or try to do it harm! Maybe this is an impulse from when I was a human? If I was a human? Or maybe I was just a cat? I don’t know…


                The thing is though, I had an affection for these things…until I visited Wonderland…


                Out of all the worlds that I’ve visited, I think that Wonderland is the most deranged and bizarre! I had already come here before, so I knew more or less what to expect out of this crazy place…but that cat showed up. Had he shown up the last time I had been here…? Hmm, I don’t remember!


                But anyways, this cat startled the living bejeezus out of me! It appeared out of nowhere, and the fact that it had no body drove me nuts! I was attempting to claw at it so it could be away from me, but it just gave me this creepy, sheepish smile! A joker’s grin! And no way was that something I would be comfortable with!


                And then I thought back to all the other times I had encountered cats! One of them was in Traverse Town, a skinny cat that didn’t have much fur…but it had these adorable eyes, and the little thing let me pet it! It was so cute! Then I remember this really big, fluffy cat I had spotted in Radiant Garden! It was white as snow, and it was so soft and cuddly! I think I actually slept on it one time! And then there was this beautiful black cat in Halloween Town, and that cat would always follow me wherever I would go! I liked the companionship!


                But this grinning cat…this stupid, creepy, goosebump inducing feline was giving me the creeps! I wanted nothing more than to just go away! But it kept following me everywhere, talking to me in riddles and whatnot! I couldn’t even understand what the heck it wanted to tell me! All I knew is that I wanted to get away!


                Where were those stupid, giant yellow birds when you needed ‘em!?


                Obviously, for sanity reasons, I excused myself from today’s mission, and I headed back home, and I couldn’t have gotten there fast enough! Once there, I just enjoyed being in the comforting darkness, not having that thing staring me down with its giant eyes and smiling at me with that creepy grin…ugh!


                I just decided that I’m gonna hate cats…I’m gonna consume the hearts of each and every one of ‘em!


                Oh, and in other interesting news, I heard from other Heartless that Sora hasn’t been around lately…most interesting!


(End Song Here)




Poor Bob! When it isn’t one thing, it’s just another that causes him to be on edge! And for those who are wondering about the timeline of this story, I’m pretty much having it span the entirety of the Kingdom Hearts series, and since time in the Realm Of Darkness is different to the Realm Of Light, that’s how I’ve managed to put the pieces together! Hope you’ve enjoyed this approach to Bob’s story! And I hope you all liked this entry! Thank you for your love and support, as always, and let me know what you thought! And until next time, stay tuned for the next one! :D

In Topic: My Kingdom Hearts Story: Apocalyptic War

21 July 2018 - 05:28 PM

And now things have come into their most absolute worst! The X-Blade is forged, and now things are looking pretty bad for the heroes! I'm sure they'll be able to pull off a win, somehow! But dang...these battles are just insanely good! Excellent work man, and I felt bad for Nikitis's descendant, but since he would not back down from his dark path, Ben had no choice but to kill him! Poor guy! D:


I can't wait for more! :D

In Topic: Steel

21 July 2018 - 05:16 PM

Wait, what!? Oz is Jor-El!? What!? Dang, that is an epic plot twist! I'm assuming this is the end of the current arc? Because this chapter seemed like an arc closer, so I'll take it that's the case?


Dang, that battle was awesome though, and it was epic seeing Victor, James and Lex team up to save people! And Clark's gambit seemed to have payed off! Great work on this chapter! :D

In Topic: My Fan-Made Keyblade "Friends Don't Lie"

21 July 2018 - 04:51 PM

Nice, I like how the model looks, and the Keyblade definitely fits Roxas well! Great job on this Keyblade design! :D

In Topic: What's your favorite piece of Final Fantasy music?

21 July 2018 - 04:49 PM

For me, my absolute favorite track from the Final Fantasy series would have to be The Final Battle from Final Fantasy IV! It's the track that plays when battling Zeromus! I remember when I beat Final Fantasy IV the first time and the track played...God, there was so much tension and epicness, and when I beat Zeromus, you can bet I was happy! And having The Final Battle play during those pivotal moments was a plus! :D