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The Transcendent Key

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In Topic: Kingdom Hearts 0.2 exact file size

A minute ago

I'm not really sure. Odds are that it takes at least a good bulk of the overall gigs 2.8 requires, but for an estimate, let's say that at least 15 gigs are 0.2's. Or maybe less, because thinking on how Kingdom Hearts III will be massive, I doubt KHIII will pass over 100 gigs of space. So I don't know, honestly. Or maybe KHIII will take a buttload of gigs. xD

In Topic: Which of the nominees for Best Animated Feature should win at the Oscars?

2 minutes ago

I actually haven't watched any of these films, but out of all of them, the one I've heard the most praise for is Coco, and given that it's a Pixar film, it comes as no surprise that it's being nominated, given how amazing Pixar is in their craft! So I'm sure that Coco will probably win. I've heard it's got a very emotional story, so there's that, too!

In Topic: Kingdom Hearts Heartless Oil Wash Girls T-Shirt Now Available at Hot Topic

5 minutes ago

Thanks for showing this to us, Maxfield!


You know, it makes me really happy that Hot Topic continues receiving all of this Kingdom Hearts merchandise! I've gone to Hot Topic quite a bit over the past few months, and seeing the KH merchandise in the store really makes me so psyched! KH is getting even more popular by the day! :')

In Topic: So is Anyone Hyped?

7 minutes ago

Ooh, I am particularly excited for Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT! As a fan of the Dissidia series, I was psyched up as hell when it was announced that a new entry would be made! I played the hell out of the first two games, particularly Duodecim, so when news of a new entry sprung up, I was reasonably excited! I had read that it would be a reboot of the series, but thankfully, the story seems to be a direct continuation of Duodecim's story, which makes me even more happy! That, and the fact that this will be the first Dissidia game to feature online matches against other people, so it'll be riveting battling against other players around the world with all of these epic Final Fantasy characters! There's supposed to be over 50 characters overall, but the base game will have 28, which makes me think the rest shall be given to us little by little via DLC packs, ya know?  But yes, I wanna get this game badly!

In Topic: An idea for Kingdom Hearts III-The Final Showdown.

12 minutes ago

Yeah, to be honest, i wasn't too impressed by Wave of Darkness but then again, that was only for the final battle for Aqua in 0.2 that didn't really play a whole lot of significance other then being the music to send off Aqua's story and the final battle within said story with a bang, right?


Yeah, Wave Of Darkness was good, but I honestly prefer it's Orchestral version from the KH Orchestra World Tour! If that version had been put into 0.2, it would have been much more awesome! Not to say that the normal version isn't good, but the orchestral version has more oomph to it!