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In Topic: Tokyo Ghoul: Unraveled War (Sign Ups)

18 May 2017 - 09:50 PM





Artificial or Natural: Artificial 


From the Beginning, or as the RP Progresses?: As the RP Progresses 
Name: "Rini"ko Furukawa
Ghoul Nickname: Joker


Gender: Female
Age: 19 

Kagune type: Ukaku
Kagune appearance: Sharper, scarlet ukaku with blue tips. 
Occupation: Student doing other people's homework for money. 

Rini was born in rural Japan and moved to the Shinjuku area as a pre-teen. She has a younger sister. Rini attends college in Tokyo. She believes that the CCG will protect her against the ghouls. Rini is dumb for thinking this. Rini witty and gets herself in trouble a lot. When I say a lot, I mean don't be surprised if she gets herself in trouble with some ghouls because she just needs to stop sometimes. 

There will be great misfortune in her future. 

Extra info: 

- Meme Machine ™ 

- Probably cheats on her homework

- She is going into linguistics focusing on Chinese 

- Will fall hard for boys 

- 105% not ready for what is about to happen





Oh yes this will be updated. Numerous times. There is misfortune in the future of Ms. Furukawa. 

In Topic: Kuroshitsuji: Book of Roses

23 April 2017 - 08:24 PM



"I have a feeling that he would like a moment alone, too."

This was exactly right. Without a doubt, they all should have known that Veran was there...just in hiding. The city of London believed it was murder, and they were not far off. Veran has killed many...but he has not killed many he loved and cared about. In fact, there were only three people on earth Veran regret taking the lives of. His mother, his father, and Aya. The demon hadn't even left Great Britain before turning around for the funeral.

Coming out of hiding as the group left, he quietly approached Aya's grave.

The demon only looked at the grave for a second, before opening his mouth.

"Aya..." he began, cutting himself off for a second.

"Ever since I met you in that brothel, scared and alone, I knew deep down I had to protect this little girl. You have grown up tremendously and so have I, in some way or another." he caught himself almost letting off a laugh at that.

“You have changed the world...even if it cost you your life...” Veran fell silent for a second, looking down at the grave.

“I will keep an eye out for the others, Aya.” he cleared his throat, gently grabbing the black rose from his coat pocket, it tied in a golden ribbon.

“...Ich liebe dich, Aya.”*

And with that, Veran gently kissed the roses petals and placed it down, turning around and walking away back to the gate...and as he walked back, Charlotte stopped in her tracks, looking at who she knew was Veran. His left eye was gone...and covered in bandages...what had happened, she would never know.**



Alexander came to become a very skilled Grim Reaper and became head of the Forensics Division.

Nikolai went under the radar once more. He is rumored to be seen all over the world, and his activity is unknown. Though rumors say that he is serving as a medium between supernatural creatures around the world to keep them from fighting.

Gigermo decided that he wasn't cut out to be a Grim Reaper and quit, taking a world wide vacation and visiting the world he never got to know about. He accomplished his dreams of becoming a writer and became the mysterious author of one of the most famous mystery novels of the current era, "The Book of Roses".

Charlotte ended up becoming head of the Administration Division of the Grim Reaper Dispatch Society and helps welcome new members. She has stopped the fable that demons are horrible creatures, but still warns about them.

Antonio and Arturo have become mysterious figures of myth, countless of generations of children being raised under their care, as generation after generation tell stories of this pair of pirates and their adventures, and how they raised them. They eventually create the Sterben Orphanage, which stands to this day.

The Dream Village still remains in the forests of Great Britain, and Ghost Adventures crew's keep getting lost trying to find it.

Catarina merges the two clothing lines and creates the Everus-Pandora clothing line, which up to this day is the longest clothing line in the world still running. The clothing line has fashion shows and runways all around the world.

Wulfric and Lazarus created the Everus Foundation, which dedicates itself to bring awareness of child cruelty, and take in children and people who have been victims of abuse and help them get back on their feet. They co-work with the Sterbern Orphanage and are funded by donations, including donations from the Everus-Pandora line.

There is a picture just above the door of the Sterben orphanage and Everus Foundation, the same exact picture. It is old and was amazingly painted. In the picture...late Aya Everus, her fiance, Samael Pandora, butler Alexander Howle, and the mysterious butler clad in black, Veran Sterben. Everyone in the picture was smiling, and it was peaceful. Some people have claimed to see a man similar to Veran around, even to this day, but he never stays in one place for too long. Neither Alexander, Nikolai, Gigermo, Charlotte, Antonio, Arturo, Catarina, the Boogeyman, Wulfric, or Lazarus have seen Veran since the day Aya died. There seems to always be a mix red chrysanthemums, and black and white roses, placed in a bunch by Aya’s grave. They were tied together with a black ribbon, and some have claimed to see a man wearing all black placing them down. Some people move on, and even for a demon, he wouldn’t be able to let go easily. Even as time passed...as long as he wouldn’t be let back into hell, he would mourn. But for all eternity...the Everus family had an impact in the history of London...and the watchdog system was terminated.








Haah...He’s calling...

Caught in the midst of misery, anger, confusion and despair...curses fall from your lips...

You’re calling...for me...




“Oh my...you are much different from my other master. You have summoned me, that fact is irrevocable, and what you have sacrificed will never return.”


“Sacrifice...I’ve given...?”


“You’ve paid quite a heavy price...but whether or not you choose to forge a contract with me and fulfill your desires...is entirely up to you.”


“Now...make your choice.”


“Demon...I’ll make a contract with you!” ***



* - Translation: I love you, Aya

** - This was a self-inflicted wound by Veran

*** - Lines as said in Kuroshitsuji Musical 2015: Lycrois that Blaze the Earth



































Lol you thought we were done? No. There is a little spin-off group of side stories in the making. I would just like to thank you guys so much for reading, and YES THIS IS the END! WHOO! I have worked on this roleplay literally FOREVER and Star and I did a great job! Thank you for reading and I HOPE to make this into a book and maybe one day you might see it animated or something. Anyways, if you like this story, please let us know. If you want to make fanart or anything like that, let us know, we would love to see it. Thank you so much for joining us. 


Star says this btw- 


Thank you for joining us in this journey. We'll see you next time!


And as Aya would say, "Thank you for coming!" 



Much love, 


In Topic: Post a picture of yourself!

22 April 2017 - 06:39 PM

Pictures from the con I went to today!!


Me and Deadpool






Some other cosplays 






We had a lolita meet and panel there!




EDIT! FORGOT TO ADD MY FAVORITE COSPLAYERS. I am total Black Butler trash but these cosplays were actually good compared to some I've seen... 


In Topic: Kuroshitsuji: Book of Roses

19 April 2017 - 08:49 PM




Veran swallowed a hard breath, holding onto Aya tight, refusing to let her go. He couldn't hold this grip too tight. His red eyes looking into her empty blue ones, he slowly closed them.

"Verdammt noch mal..." he cursed, it only a whisper from his fanged lips.

He stood, taking the mourning locket off of Aya's neck, and the ring from Aya's finger. She didn't want anything important to her on her when she was buried away. He put these two things away where he kept Aya's eye patch in his pocket. That mourning locket had charms for Samael, her mother, her father...and there would be one for her...per Veran's making. Samael's ring was to go to Alexander...and the eyepatch and locket were Veran's.

Just standing up made Veran's heart almost sink. He was no longer a butler. No longer a contracted demon. He was just a demon now. A filthy, disgusting demon that takes the souls of people who are loved by others. The demon turned around and lay eyes on Nikolai, a sharp gaze.

"Please treat that record well..." That was the only request Veran made as he began the walk back to the manor...only to deliver the soulless, lifeless body back to those who loved her.

As the approached Veran manor, birds flew away. The roses that were around the house has wilted...little knowing this was none other than Veran's doing of agony. The sky was getting overcast as he opened the creaking gates, and knocked heavily on the manor door.

He shouldn’t even show his face to the others. He was ashamed to.

Charlotte opened the door slowly and instantly had the deadweight of Aya dropped into her arms. Veran moved like light. He sped to get Aya’s will, and approached Alexander, stopping in front of him.

“These were Aya’s wishes...and this is for you...” he slipped Samael’s ring on Alexander’s ring finger delicately, just before flashing away, towards his room. He took of his vest, tie, and anything that made him noticeable as the Everus Family’s butler, and headed back to the grand room where everyone was.

“Treat her body well for me...” he muttered, turning around.

“...This may be the last time you all see me. You have no reason to forgive me for what I have done. I believe this is Auf Wiedersehen...” with that, Veran vanished in a flash of light, the door staying open behind him, his speed almost invisible to the human eye, snow beginning to fall as he left.

Where the butler was headed...? Bamberg, Germany...his hometown...and the place he was killed back in 1626.






Verdammt noch mal- Damn it all, etc. 

Auf Wiedersehen- Formal way of saying goodbye

In Topic: Kuroshitsuji: Book of Roses

16 April 2017 - 10:32 PM

Hearing everyone's thanks, all Aya could do was take it and nod solemnly. She had caused such an impact in so many lives...it was truly amazing.

"Well..." she said after some moments of silence.

"I have somewhere to be." she smiled, walking to the door.

She was to visit Samael's grave...


Aya raised a hand goodbye to everyone, knowing she wouldn’t come back. Veran gentle buttoned up her coat and they were out the door, walking away to the cemetery. The walk was quiet, and no words were spoken between master and servant. Just the cold winter breeze and the crunching of leaves and rocks.

Once they arrived, Veran kindly opened the gate for Aya, letting her in before shutting it, letting her walk off.
“So you’re the one to record her death?” Veran asked Nikolai as the reaper approached the gate.
“There will be no soul to collect. If you have even seen a demon take the soul of another, it is a gruesome sight...I pity you for even wanting to watch it...if demons do even show pity.” Veran taunted.
Ever since the apocalypse, Veran has become colder. His eyes were never as kind as they were before...and if you looked at him while he spoke, you could see the fangs in his mouth. It was clear he has become more frightening, clear to everyone but Aya. Even after meeting Lucifer, Aya had seen the gentleness a creature like Veran can show...no matter their true nature.
“Have fun watching...Nikolai.” With that, Veran locked the gate and strode away, catching up to Aya at Samael’s grave.
“Well Samael...” she began with a sigh.
“I will fulfill our promise.” that is all she had to say, kissing the lavender rose in her hands and placing it beside his grave.
Her eyes turned to Veran, and his eyes lay on her.
“I-I’m ready...I think...”


“That is a yes or no, Aya.” his voice was a grumble, demanding an answer.

Lamb of God
You who take away the sins of the world;

“Yes.” she spoke a little louder.
She was shaking.

If God has forsaken me

“Now then...” his eyes fading into the gleaming red, the left side of his face burning off into the darkness, and into his true form, he changed...Aya bracing herself.

You who are holy and accomplished

“I will not be gentle Aya...you should know what a demon's power holds...” it was let out in a hungry growl.

Then I shall forsake God too.

“Do whatever you wish...I am indebted to you.”

Have mercy on us


Not even a hawk could have seen the fast movement of Veran as the demon’s fangs ruthlessly bit deep into Aya’s neck, the poor prey gasping in sudden pain, it was numbing...from the veins in her neck...to her head...down her body...through her arms and to her legs, slowly, slowly letting her legs give out. Voices and memories rushing through her head.


“Veran...thank you...” Aya could barely speak as her vision began to turn white, the contract seal in her eye fading away.
“Please...don’t ever forget me...my...wonderful...bu...tler...” The eyes of Aya Everus were once again blue as her last breath escaped her pale lips.

Somewhere in the Everus manor...a clock had stopped ticking. 
Veran let go of Aya, his normal form instantly changing back as he caught her in his arms. He could not enjoy the sensation of the soul as it entered his body, he was only overcome by sadness.
“A-Aya...” his voice was shaking.
“Aya...!!” it became louder.
“Aya!!!!” the realization came upon the demon like an anvil on his head, his legs crashing to the ground as he practically shriveled over his master’s lifeless body, actual tears beginning to stream down his face.
What had he done??
He couldn’t remember the last time he shed tears like a human...but as they clouded up his eyes...her cinematic record emerged...