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In Topic: Kuroshitsuji: Book of Roses

Yesterday, 08:44 PM

"Aya...they aren't going to die..." Veran's voice muttered up to her, Aya struggled to look at Veran. 

"They will not curse you as I cursed God..." the demon's voice was raspy, as he held onto Aya, her closing her eyes tight to fight off the pain. 




She had her eyes closed, yet inside her head, a voice spoke up, clearing away all thoughts and the pain. Gentle arms wrapped around her, warm and safe.

"Don't be scared, Aya." The voice, her mother, assured.

Another figure hugged her, rubbing her head gently.

"You are so strong, Aya." Her father said softly.

"I'm sorry that you had to go through all of this. You are the strongest person I've ever met...I'm sorry to have left you so early." Her father hummed, kissing her head softly.

From behind, Samael hugged Aya, holding her hands softly and resting his head on her shoulder.

"You're not alone, Aya." He said, holding her hands and slowly raising them up.

"You were alone once, but not any longer. Veran, Wulfric, Lazarus, everyone; they're all with you...we're all with you. We may not be here...but we've always been with you, Aya. You were never alone. We're all with you every step of the way." Juts like that, the figures disappeared, leaving Aya holding her gun in front of her.
"You were chosen for a reason, Aya! Through your sacrifice, humanity will be given a second chance. We believe in you, Aya!"


In Aya's hand she held her gun tightly, pointing directly at Lucifer, who merely laughed at her. Before he could say any words, Aya's ring began to glow, a bright mist emerging from the stone and swirling around Aya's gun, causing it to glow brightly, making Lucifer take a step back. A supernatural aura surrounded Aya, seemingly taking all of the energy from her emotions and slowly transferring to the gun, energy and strength. From the aura, they could hear the echo of a familiar voice casting a spell; Aya repeating the words. 


"Powerful spirit

Of Good and light

Help her be brave

To win this fight


"Powerful spirit

Of Good and light

Help me be brave

To win this fight


To the enemies she fears

let this be their strife;

My name is Aya Everus,

and this is my life!


To the enemies I fear...

let this be their strife;

My name is Aya Everus,

and this is my life!"


Suddenly, with the power of the spell, once cast out of love, it filled the gun with a special bullet, one of light, love, and every emotion built on trust and joy...everything that pride was not.

Without hesitation, and with all of her emotions at full display, Aya let out a powerful roar and pulled the trigger, the gun firing as the glowing bullet flew across the air, transforming itself in the shape of a sharp arrow as it went straight to Lucifer.

Lucifer used his trident and wings in hopes of blocking it, to no avail, as it broke through the trident, and right through his wings, before piercing through his chest, Lucifer letting out a bloodcurdling scream as the pain spread all over his body, burning him inside out, even as death would never come to him. The gun slowly stopped its glow, turning back to normal as the ring on her finger returned to its normal look, the spell cast, and the energy gone. 


Aya fell to the ground as soon as the shot was fired, Veran making his way to beside Aya, rubbing his masters shoulder. 

Aya closed her eyes tighter when she heard a frustrated scream from Lucifer. 


"Lucifer." a sharp voice echoed throughout the chamber, Lucifer's scream interrupted.

Sitting upon the thrones were the other six deadly sins, looking down at their king.

"The demons above ground are being rapidly defeated by shinigami, werewolves, werecats, two crews of undead pirates, a half-zombie boy, a fallen angel, and a human." the sin of Envy spoke.

"We have to call back the demons." Sloth then suggested.

Lucifer narrowed his eyes at the other sins.

"We have lost." Pride admitted, Lucifer growing upon hearing this.

"You are free to go..." Greed opened a portal behind the two.

"That demon is a traitor!!" Lucifer began fussing.

"Traitor or not, I believe he has learned his lesson...both of them have." Lust tapped her nails on the arm of the throne, it making a soft Clack, Clack.

"Let him consume the girls soul and throw the demon out of hell for good!" Gluttony spoke up.

"Leave." Lucifer growled at Aya and Veran.

"Will you stop the attack?" Aya pant out.

"As soon as you reach the surface, the demons will be summoned back. Veran is not allowed back in hell unless he can prove himself worthy." Lucifer instructed.

Veran picked up his head up and looking at Lucifer with a look of hatred, before spitting on the devil. Aya pulled Veran around...and through the portal they went, back into their world, and as soon as they crossed back through, Lucifer let out a cry of frustration, turning to the other sins with a sharp look on his face.

"I will not forgive you." 


Aya and Veran fell through the portal...and landed promptly where the heaven portal once was, it opening up slowly again as a demon let out a screech. The demons all began to take flight, their fights stopping as the flood towards the portal in the sky...and as soon as the last imp was though...the portal close with a burst of light. 

Charlotte was the first to see Aya and Veran. 

"They are back!!" she yelled out to the others, rushing over to their side. Veran held onto Aya tightly as they both breathed heavily. Veran was badly wounded physically and slightly emotionally, and Aya was essentially tramatized. 

In Topic: Gifted

19 March 2017 - 07:20 PM



"Well I'm sorry  I am not perfect." Dalian sassed to Iris, before Hanz stopped her by putting his fedora on her head.

Dalian could feel her face turn red, her cheeks burning as she looked away from Hanz, him taking the hat back.

"I'm going to make a crown anyways." she mumbled to herself. 

Before Hanz and Sol could leave, she rolled over to them. 

"Are we leaving the hotel?" she asked, ready to go get her bags. There was no point in just waiting around and doing nothing. 

In Topic: Kuroshitsuji: Book of Roses

19 March 2017 - 01:05 PM



"I can do what I can, even if it is against my own kind!" Veran held himself back, as Lucifer came closer to them, he quickly setting Aya back on the ground. 

But before Veran could do anything else, he choked out, Lucifer's trident going through his body, burning through him. It was agonizing. It was the same burning that brought him to his death. Veran couldn't even let out his voice, and with another stab, Veran was thrown back ruthlessly into one of the pillars. Debris crumbling on top of him, keeping him in place. 

As Veran heard Lucifer call out to Aya, he froze, (well he was paralyzed more or less). 
"Aya no...don't listen to him!" his voice wouldn't come out. 

He was a weak demon. He couldn't defeat Lucifer. He had lost. 


Lucifer placed his hands on his meal. Lucifer had possessed her mind. Aya believed him too. She nodded to Lucifer, holding the gun in her hand. 

"There is nobody to blame but him!" Aya yelled out, cocking the gun back. 

Veran braced himself, feeling himself tremble. 

"May you rot in depths deeper than hell! Lucifer!!" The gun shot out, and Veran bit his lip as it spiraled towards him. 

"I shouldn't have brought you here Aya...I'm sorry." 


The bullet hit Veran with unforgiving force, his head falling back at the force. Just as the bullet hit, the illusion faded, Lucifer laughing as Aya held the gun in her hand. She had just shot Veran. The realization came quickly. 

"Veran!!" she yelled, Lucifer letting her go see her poor little demon. 

Aya dropped the gun, rushing as fast as she could to Veran, moving rubble away from him. 

"I'm so sorry Veran...I'm sorry..." Aya kept repeating this as Veran lift his head slightly, blood coming out of the corner of his lips as he looked weakly at Aya. 

"Nobody can resist his possession..." he muttered this, Aya looking to him.

"Shut up. Don't say anything. We are surrendering. Now." Aya pulled him off the pillar, him leaning his weight on her. 


"Finally give up?" Lucifer tapped his foot, his eyes glancing at Aya as his feathers stretched behind him in a display of dominance. 

Aya grimaced at the devil before just nodding her head.

"We can't fight you..." 

In Topic: Kuroshitsuji: Book of Roses

16 March 2017 - 08:25 PM

Veran's eyes blinked. His mother...and his father. He has not seen them in over 200 years... Lies. Lies. It was all lies. Illusions. Veran knew just what demons could do. Torment with the mind. 

"I have not seen them in over 200 years, Lucifer." he hissed to the devil. 

"And it is your fault." the devil pulled on of the books down from the bookshelf behind Veran's father.

"Veran Sterben...catholic apprentice. Your parents were proud! When The Thirty Years' War began, you knew you had to join the forces...and decided to turn to witchcraft to help your forces...in your attempts..." the vision of Veran's father and mother burned away, along with the house which was slowly consumed by flames. 
"You killed your family...and almost yourself." Veran clenched his fist as Lucifer spoke, his head hung down. 

"You were found out...and executed as a part of the Bamberg Witch Trials..." The image of the burning house fade away...and in front of Veran's eyes, the younger Veran appeared. 

The younger Veran being tortured with a thumbscrew and vice...his younger-self screaming in pain. 

"They did this to you for two months before they finally burned you at the stake!! You have always been stubborn!" Lucifer laughed as Veran watched the gruesome memory in agony. 

"Stop this!" Veran demanded. 

"And why should I?" Lucifer whispered into Veran's ear, Veran reaching for his gun only for Lucifer to stop his hand. 

"Stop this!!" Veran's voice raised as his body engulfed in black smoke, along with the gun and Veran was in a different place, Lucifer taking Veran out of the realm. 




"S-Samael...?" Aya's voice broke as she saw Samael, rushing over to him. 

Her father and mother were there too. 

"F-Father...!" Aya reached out for him and as she touched her father, his appearance changed, his shirt bloody with gaping holes, his mouth open and his eyes empty. 

Aya's hand leaped back, but her father's image stayed the same. Aya's eyes widen and she backed away a little. 

"What is wrong, Aya?" her mother asked. 

"I-It's nothing." She turned to her mother and smiled...but as soon as she looked again at her mother, her skin was pale, her eyes sickly, her face hollow. 

Aya put her head down, too afraid to look at Samael. 

"Aya...are you sure you're okay?" Aya heard Samael get up, and walk over to her. 

He placed a hand on her shoulder and Aya shook...turning slowly to him. 

His face was filled with a joyous smile...his eyes dazed...and a terrible wound in his chest...caused by her.

Aya threw herself back, looking for a way out of the garden. Samael, Elizabeth Everus, and Alexander Everus coming closer to her, Aya shaking. Lazarus ran over...but there was something even more gruesome about him. His head was missing, blood running down from his neck. Aya screamed. She screamed loud. She couldn't wake up!




Lucifer laughed upon hearing Aya scream, Veran instantly turning to her as he heard it. He rushed to her side.

"Aya!" he called out to her. 

"Aya wake up!! Aya!" the demon's voice was urgent, his form reverting back. 

Veran placed a hand on her head, and she woke up instantly, her eyes wide and she shaking. As she saw Veran she shook her head, curling up into a ball. 

"Oops, I broke her!!" Lucifer yelled this out, his form beginning to revert. 


Veran clenched his teeth. He grabbed Aya up with his right hand, changing back into his true form. He drew his gun as Aya held onto him, sitting on his shoulder and just keeping her eyes on his, trying not to look at anything else, her body still shaking. Veran then just started shooting at Lucifer, the bullets exploding upon impact with holy water, it coming back and burning him some as well. He was relentless as the devil emerged, gigantic black wings behind him, huge horns curling around his head, a black, flaming trident in his hands. 


It was going down for real now.

In Topic: Gifted

15 March 2017 - 08:49 PM



Dalian placed her phone down. She was getting bored and did not want to engage in any fights. She was practically starving. She rolled up, wheeling to the kitchen to lurk for some food...only to find Fedora head, Sol, and that Rose girl in there together.

"Ohh two boys and one girl! Sorry but no threesomes in the kitchen." Dalian laughed at her own joke, rolling over to Sol's food.

"Whatcha got there~?" she asked, eyeing it.

"I want some" Dalian bluntly demand, leaning on the counter and rolling her wheels back and forth. 

"Hey Hanz! Do you think I should make me a crown?" she then asked out of context, pulling up the ideas she had on her phone. 
"I would look so much more cool...and better than all these other girls.