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Lady Aleister

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Sanrio Boys {2018}

06 June 2017 - 10:50 PM

 "What's wrong with boys?"


Sanrio Boys follows Kōta Hasegawa, a high school boy that loves the yellow Pom Pom Purin dog. By mere coincidence, he ends up attending the same school as Yū Mizuno, a boy who likes the bunny My Melody. Yū tells Kōta that there's nothing to be ashamed of for liking Sanrio's cute characters. Together, Kōta, Yū, Shunsuke Yoshino, Ryō Nishimiya, and Seiichiro Minamoto learn to accept their love of the characters instead of feeling embarrassed.


(According to AnimeNewsNetwork) 








More information at-






Who else is going to watch the life out of this? 

Kuroshitsuji Musical 2016: Noah's Ark Circus {Full Musical Review}

01 May 2017 - 06:57 PM

Kuroshitsuji Musical 2016: Noah's Ark Circus FULL REVIEW
One word: WOW.
I can't even begin to describe the insane beauty of this musical. The Noah's Ark Circus arc has always been my favorite Black Butler arc and this musical fully lived up to my expectations. I cried, I laughed, I gasped, I got a little scared, and I got happy. It was a three-hour long musical, but it was worth it.
My package- I received the musical from cdjapan. It was in a cute box with wrapping paper and everything. I got two DVD's, the main musical, and the behind the scenes. I got a booklet, and a nice case to hold the musical in. THE DVD DOES NOT WORK WITH AMERICAN DVD PLAYERS!! So thank God for laptops.
The cast- We received A LOT of new cast members this musical, including our new Ciel, Uchikawa Reo. I adored this new Ciel and he fit the part PERFECTLY. I hope they keep him! The Circus crew was okay, I think the person who played Joker, Ryosuke Miura, could get some better singing lessons and maybe some Japanese-English lessons. Baron Kelvin was TERRIFYING. Furukawa Yuuta lived up to my expectations and I love him so much.
The music- I actually have all the lyrics to all the songs...in the back of my character booklet I received. There are 18 songs, and my favorites I had were: The opening song (duh), "Spree Everyday!" (THIS SONG WAS SO CATCHY??!), "Says that..." (This guy who played Snake was a GENIUS), "NO!" (hilarious song, amazing acrobats DURING THE SONG), "Itsu no hi ni ka" (Doll's song, beautiful and sad), "Fascinating Sweet Night" (I would kill to have Furukawa Yuuta as close to me as he was to the woman who played Beast in this), the big song before intermission (I can't read its name), "Tom He Was a Pipers Son: Reprise", and maybe the song I'm just going to call "Welcome to the world of delight", and the final song "It's not rewarded".
How it is carried out-
I cried so hard I don't know what to even think. I am going to end this here.


Voltron: Protectors of the Universe

19 March 2017 - 07:56 PM

5x5 with Madam Ciel Nekohive, Stardustblade358, Aqua7KH, Sabre Lily, and LockyChan.




For as long as anyone can remember, the Galra empire has plagued the universe, destroying countless civilizations...and the only thing that can stop this empire...as a weapon stronger than any other. 


Voltron is composed of five separate lions who are each controlled by their own special paladins. 

The Galra empire is after Voltron, but they are unable to find the lions...as they are on a planet the Galra have not reached...






Will the lions ever be found?...or will the Galra empire be the one to find them first. 

It will take people willing to take a risk in order to reform Voltron...and take on the Galra empire. 



-Follow all kh13 rules 

-Please do not post something that is like three sentences. 

-We all have control of the plot, not just one person. Change it up!!

-Please try to stay up-to-date with this roleplay. 


Sign-Up Sheets:






Corresponding Lion: 


Abilities (if any): 



Extra Info: 

Theme (optional): 





My Sign-Up: 


Voltron: Legendary Defender Project {INTEREST CHECK}

24 February 2017 - 07:45 PM

Hello Guys! 



Me and roleplayer Stardustblade have had the inspiration to do a Voltron: Legendary Defender based roleplay. 

Right now we have THREE Paladins, made up of myself, Star, and Rowbe. 

We need TWO more!!


Here are our plot ideas, we are welcome to more: 


1. Voltron Legendary Defender: Origins - It would be the paladins before the betrayal of the Galra empire. We don't have to go exactly like the main story, but we can also RP as Alfor or Zarkon even if we want to go that way. Basically the original five and their own adventures before everything goes down.


2. Voltron Legendary Defender: Next Generation - It would be the successors of the paladins and their responsibility to continue to defend the universe and take down evil. This has so many possibilities because the characters could even be love children if that's how you want to go (Shallura prince/princess for example). 


3. Volton Legendary Defender: Alternative - Follows plot of main series but with Original Characters


Paladins Taken

Black- Stardustblade

Blue- Aqua7KH

Red- Nekohive






If you have any plot ideas, question, or interest, please share!! 



My sister's fiancee is leaving.

19 November 2016 - 05:11 PM

So I rarely post personal stuff on here but ya this is kinda serious.

Since October 2014 ish, I think, My sister's boyfriend from South Dakota has been living with us here in Georgia. He got engaged to my sister...started his first job down here...had a baby with my sister...and moved to South Georgia with us.
Well he is leaving. Tomorrow. Suddenly. He called up his mom and they are both going to South Dakota. Leaving my sister without a fiancee and leaving his kid behind.
I don't really know how to feel about this or what to do. I mean that is my big sister...and my first nephew.
The only reason why he is really leaving is because he can't get a job down here and he is basically wasting his life down here. He is 25 years old, doesn't have any motive to do anything at all. He is borderline autistic and refuses to get any help from anyone.
I just don't know what to do. He is supposed to be leaving...well tomorrow.

Edit- My sister has been in the mental hospital twice basically due to him and was literally in the mental hospital last week. She has bipolar but I don't want her to hurt herself.