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Lady Aleister

Member Since 03 Apr 2011
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#1978099 Ready Player One Role-Play Interest Check.

Posted by Lady Aleister on 14 April 2018 - 10:31 PM

The RP would be more based on the events of the film adaption but because the writer of the book had creative input into the film, that should be alright shouldn't it?

There is not much difference between the two, so that is fine with me lol

#1978097 Ready Player One Role-Play Interest Check.

Posted by Lady Aleister on 14 April 2018 - 09:44 PM

I have read the book about four times and would love to do a roleplay about it

#1976790 Of Monsters and Men [1x1 with Stardustblade358]

Posted by Lady Aleister on 25 March 2018 - 08:22 PM

"Shit." Allan cursed, Michael's body arching back as he held his head. 

Allan stepped to run from him, but as he lurched forwards, Michael was already in front of him. Michael's hands slammed Allan's head into the concrete wall, the radio sending feedback for a second. Concrete crumbled beside Allan as he cried out in pain, his ears ringing, eyes turning painfully to Michael. His fangs bared, eyes wild as his fangs just a little ways away from drinking Allan dry or ripping him apart. 

"A...Allan...!!!" Michael spoke, his voice raspy. 

Allan pulled up his arm with the stake before Michael hissed out his name again, slamming Allan to the floor, Michael even closer to his neck, ready for the kill.

Allan drew his hand back, "Allan...!!!". 

Allan's hand thrust forward, Michael catching it, and aiding him, the wooden stake driving into Michael's chest. Michael did not let go of Allan's hands. 

"Allan...r...run...!!!" Michael whispered, pushing the stake further. 

Blood spilled all over Allan's uniform and down his arms, Michael gently pressed his forehead to Allan's. Michael's eyes were worried for a second, while Allan's were full of horror. 

"...stop him...Allan..." 

Allan forced his hands away from Michael's, scrambling up, and towards the metal door that was ready to bend at any second. Allan used what he learned in training, and pushed that door hard enough to where the crashed to the ground. Michael trashed as Allan ran, he ran down the long hallway, the music fading away. The suspect heard the door crash down, sticking his head out of a doorway to see what it was, and was met with Allan running full speed down the hallway. The suspect duck his head back inside the doorway, locking the door behind him and retreat into whatever room he was in. Allan threw himself against the door as it closed. 

"OPEN THIS F***ING DOOR OR I'LL OPEN IT FOR YOU." Allan screamed at the suspect. 

Radio feedback came through the hallways. 

"Oh, what a sharp mouth. Are you sure you want to open that door? It will be a tragedy for you, or for your little detective friend." the suspect laughed manically. 

Allan let out a frustrated noise and began to kick the door down with the passion he had left in him. It took a couple of shoves, but it broke from its hinges, falling onto stairs leading up. 



#1975472 Of Monsters and Men [1x1 with Stardustblade358]

Posted by Lady Aleister on 05 March 2018 - 08:46 PM

If his parents weren't right in front of him, Allan would have probably smothered Michael right then and there. However, he must keep himself civil. 

"Michael, you don't have to be nervous." Allan laughed lightly, grabbing his hand and pulling him into the kitchen. 

"Try this." he handed Michael a cookie that his mom made. 

Emilia stayed in the kitchen, staring at Michael as he came in. 

"Michael, this is Emilia. Emilia, this is my partner Michael." Allan introduced his littlest sister to Michael.

Emilia bit into her cookie, looking Michael up and down. 

"You better take care of big brother." Emilia took one big bite out of her cookie before standing up.

Allan wholeheartedly laughed at his littlest sisters comment.

"Emilia! Michael watches out for me!" he kept laughing, watching at Emilia stuck her tongue out at Michael and ran out of the room. 

"Emilia, please don't be rude to our guest!" Heather got onto her, coming into the kitchen. 

"I see you boys are rather close friends." she began to clean up the mess of the cookies, Allan stepping a little bit away from Michael. 

"How about you stay over for dinner tonight Michael. We are going to have garlic broiled chicken, roasted potatoes, rice, and asparagus." his mother offered. 

"That sounds like a great idea." Allan smiled at his mom before turning to Michael. 

Garlic broiled chicken. It was freaking delicious but...Michael couldn't eat it. 

"I haven't really had free time in a while...what should we do before dinner, Michael? Do you have any ideas?" he asked, trying to think of anything. 




#1971564 Which of the new Kingdom Hearts Tsum Tsums do you want?

Posted by Lady Aleister on 26 January 2018 - 08:09 PM

All of them!! I have some tsum tsums in the back window of my car <3 

#1971427 Of Monsters and Men [1x1 with Stardustblade358]

Posted by Lady Aleister on 24 January 2018 - 12:51 PM

"I could at least get your eyeball with this thing." Allan threatened back to Aldrich as he threatened to bite his arm off. 

He did not say anything else, his cellphone ringing along with Michael's.

"Bye bye~" Allan stuck his tongue out at Aldrich, following behind Michael close as they head up to the Warden. 

"Good. A real case. Warden you don't have to go so easy on us you know. I've been waiting on a case like this for weeks!" Allan quickly read over the file. 

"Are you sure we'll be able to slip in with a whole bunch of teenagers?" Allan asked the warden.

"You are short and Michael is still young looking for being like 1000 years old." The Warden joked with them both, knowing that Michael actually wasn't that old.

"Meet you there." Allan called to Michael as he ran off.

"Thank you two. Don't do anything uncalled for." The Warden called out as Allan walked out the door, him waving to her as he closed the door.

Allan stopped in his tracks as Aldrich stepped out in front of him. 

"You have three minuets. I have a case to take care of and Michael and I need to be on our way." Allan crossed his arms, still avoiding eye contact with Aldrich as he spoke. 

#1970726 Of Monsters and Men [1x1 with Stardustblade358]

Posted by Lady Aleister on 15 January 2018 - 07:38 PM

"Then I have one last request...my last meal."

Allan's blood ran cold as Richard turned to face him with pitch black eyes. Allan began to scramble backward, Richard's chains coming dangerously close to touching him before Michael lassoed his whip around his body, forcing Richard away. The mage and Michael had Richard contained. 

"Go ahead. You want me dead, don't you? Go ahead. Do it. Embrace the role. Feel what I once felt. Be the Judge. Be the court. Be the executioner."

"DO IT!"

Allan still had bullets left in his gun, but he hesitated. 

"I do not want you dead, Mr. Velazquez. However, based on your actions...which includes the murders of children, teenagers, and prisoners alike, and the bonding of ghost to you, on top of your attempt at harming M&M employees, should I allow you the privilege of being behind bars...or should I finish you off?" Allan walked up to Richard, his gun in front of him.

"I've been behind a prison wall for YEARS you brat!!" Richard hissed at Allan.

"Well, I guess that answers my question. Under the honorable name of M&M, I see the circumstances are necessary to use deadly force." Allan stated this line, moving the trigger to Richard's head, closed his eyes, and fired three silver bullets into the man's skull. 

Richard let out a rasp, the resistance on Michael's whip fading, and Richard's body sinking to the ground. Some people cheered, others stay silent, Allan simply put his gun back in his holster, we walked over to Michael and just grabbed his sleeve. He had just killed a man. For the first time.

"That probably wasn't the right thing to do, I know." that was all Allan could really say.  

Hopefully this wouldn't be thrown back at him when he went back to M&M. 

#1970556 Post a picture of yourself!

Posted by Lady Aleister on 13 January 2018 - 07:13 PM

I took way too many pictures in my $230 outfit today. But I bought it all with my own money so EMBRACE. 



#1969908 What Movie are you looking forward to this year?

Posted by Lady Aleister on 04 January 2018 - 11:26 PM

Number one? Ready Player One. I have been a long time fan of the book and am wondering how all of that content is going to be turned into a book that will satisfy the book fans. 


Also, Black Panther, The Incredibles 2, AQUAMAN, Deadpool 2, Isle of Dogs looks interesting plus with my knowledge of the Japanese language it's going to be a little funny, WRECK-IT RALPH 2 IS COMING OUT??!?!

Also, The Nutcracker and the Four Realms because it looks BEAUtIFUL and Mary Poppins Returns because of Lin-Manuel Miranda.


Did you guys know I like superheroes? 

I dunno there are a lot of movies I'm wanting to see this year!

#1969907 Of Monsters and Men [1x1 with Stardustblade358]

Posted by Lady Aleister on 04 January 2018 - 11:19 PM

"I'll be alright Kirius. If I survived a Wendigo I should be okay. Plus, I have Michael. Oh...check this out!!" Allan reached in his coat pocket, showing Kirius his new badge. 

"The Warden and Director Evington made me an official member now!" he smiled brightly.

"I understand why there are very few humans working here now." he kind of laughed that off as Kirius gave him his to-go plate. 

"Can I get Michael one of those blood baggy things he drinks? Just to be nice." Allan added right after he was handed his plate.

"Sure. One second..." Kirius held up a finger and came back in a few with two blood bags in a plastic bag so Allan wouldn't have to carry them around so inconveniently. Congratulations, by the way, Allan. Just remember to be safe out there." Kirius bid Allan farewell and Allan grabbed up his bag, which contained his new weapons, probably too many silver bullets, some clothes just in case, and his new book.

"Yes sir! Thank you!" Allan waved goodbye to Draven and Kirius. Despite a rough day yesterday and a rough morning, this afternoon has made up for a lot. 

Allan spotted Michael's red car, and tossed his stuff in the back seat, remembering to get the book Michael had given him out of his bag before sitting down with his meal.

"I got you these just in case." Allan handed Michael the plastic bag containing the two blood bags.

They then headed out. Allan read the case file as they began to leave the city and he had finished eating. 

"This sounds fun." Allan brushed his hair out of his face, looking over to Michael.

"I'll read up on the way there." he placed his hand on the book, opening it up, and continuing his studies.

If this was a prison full of monsters, he needed to know who he was dealing with. 

#1969478 Feeling Down? Something On Your Mind? Key's Member Help Thread!

Posted by Lady Aleister on 29 December 2017 - 11:33 PM

I know this might be a little TMI, but in the past I have been abused by some previous boyfriends and although this year I had been able to maintain a steady friendship with one, our friendship dwindled because I did not take the initiative to date him. 


I have been scared to date people because of my past experiences, but I am really like somebody right now and am too afraid to tell him...

One- Because of all of that and TWO because English is not his first language and he is a foreign exchange student at my college from Japan but UGgH he is so amazing and we are pretty good friends but I am just scared. I will not see him again until mid January but I guess I'm asking you, as a male, what I should do to get to know him better and to maybe be in a relationship with him. I do speak his language some. 

#1969477 2017: A Reflection of the Year

Posted by Lady Aleister on 29 December 2017 - 11:25 PM

Hi everyone! It's Axgrce, Sodom, Neko-chan, Madam Nekohive, Lady Aleister, whatever you want to call me. 2017 was one of the best years I have had in an extremely long time. I am getting older and turning into an "adult".


I wanted to make a reflection of this year and leave some advice for the future me. I encourage you to do this too!!


Janurary and Feburary- I honestly have no idea what happened. I know I spent Valentines day with my cat, and wrote a lot. I have a lot of cats but my tuxedo cat is the best. 


March- I went to prom for the very first time with one of my best friends. I got me a little dress and got my hair and nails done and everything, which is highly unlike me. I was really nervous but the night ended up being amazing and I had such a great time. 

March is also when I met my sisters current fiancee, whom I am calling P. P has a daughter whom will go by N. They hit it off well. More details later. 

March is also my birth month. I was born on March 22nd. I turned 18. I got Kuroshitsuji Musical 2016 on DVD with the preorder bonus for my birthday. Watched it and cried. It is on display in my room till this day. 




April- I went to a con near my town and hosted a lolita panel! This was my first time meeting the lolitas of Savannah and I had wayyyy too much fun. I met some really awesome friends who are still my friends today. 

In April, P and N moved into my house. They are still living in my house. N's biological mother is an unfit parent but N is having to go to visitation. N is only 3 1/2 years old and has been abused in more ways then one and still is being abused when she goes to visitation. I love her to death and I wish her happiness, but the situation with P and N still has not been resolved, as they are still living with me. 

ALSO in April, me and Stardustblade358 finished Book of Roses, a roleplay project we had been working on literally like FOREVER~!!!




May- I GRAduATED and got another lolita dress. Finally I graduated High School. Wow. I graduated as a member of the National Technical Honors Society and was number 11 in my class of 70. 




June and July- I went to a lolita tea party in early June and went to college orientation. I read A LOT. I also got ALL of Book of Roses into a word document on June 16th or so. 



August- Started college. R.I.P. 

August was also my first month working with the Translation team here on kh13!!!


September- Went with my prom date up north for Labor Day weekend. He met my family. Things tampered out between us after that because of life. We are still friends though. 

I ALSO went to Japanese Club at a college my college is associated with. Met some AMAZING people there. You will hear about them.





More school. I really stepped out of my comfort zone as soon as I went to college. Went to the fair with my Japanese foreign-exchange friends. Two of them have recently left back to Japan. 

I also went to the beach with Japanese club because why not. 



November- Not much happened in November other than the fact that I GOT A MY FIRST REAL JOB AT DAIRY QUEEN. I quit being a Translator at kh13 because of this. EDIT: I ALSO HELPED STAGE MANAGE A PLAY. WHY DID I FORGET?? Put it on at the beginning of December and was working on it since the beginning of October. 



December- Finals came, and with finals comes the end of the semester. I will see Japanese club next month, but we will be missing a few people. Haru, Nanami, Natsumi, Miho, Rio and Atsuki have been amazing friends. I bought them all Christmas presents. 

This was taken at the last Japanese Club meeting of Fall 2017. 

Me and Star also started a new project. 




-I broke out of my shell a lot this year. I was less afraid to do things. Throw yourself out there and find people who are like you. I still have anxiety and agoraphobia and now I am being tested for Marfan Syndrome, but I will not let anything stop me. 



-Don't be scared to tell people things. If you feel something, tell them. 



Please share your 2017 here!! You don't have to put pictures, I'm just weird like that. :)

#1968713 Of Monsters and Men [1x1 with Stardustblade358]

Posted by Lady Aleister on 20 December 2017 - 06:43 PM

Security guards and some inhabitants of the apartment had already been killed by the suspect. He was on the 7th floor, and this job was given to M&M only because of its supernatural affiliation. Get Bonaventura out and rescue the other inhabitants. Bonaventura would have to be taken into custody. If negotiations failed, they were instructed to use deadly force. Allan shallowed hard. Once the Warden started assigning teams, his legs almost gave out as his name was called first, quickly followed by Michael, Draven, and Tabitha. They had to close in. Why oh why was he not apart team four? 

"Yes ma'am." Allan said it softly, and everyone began to scramble. 

Kirius directed the team over to him, and while he was in the kitchen, Allan thought. He was the only human in this team. The only human in the team to confront this crazy Bonaventura. 

"I don't need a helmet, I am not a child." Allan said firmly to Kirius, who was a little surprised. 

Allan pulled him off a bulletproof vest, managing to get it on without any help, and eyed the weapons. He has had weapon training before and was not a bad shot. He reached up and pulled a pistol off the shelf. He grabbed him some silver bullets, which would work on any creature but would be most effective against a werewolf. 


"Sixty seconds! Let's go!!" The Warden called, and the small group headed out to the vehicles.

They were black police vans with black windows and "M&M" printed on the side in large white letters. Their group got the first van, and the four sat in there by themselves. The Warden jumped into the driver's seat, Evington in the passengers. The Warden handed Evington a clipboard. 

"This is group one, made up of Allan Othello, Michael Cassio, Draven Feles and Tabitha Mortem. They will be the ones to close in on the apartment and attempt a negotiation. Team two is made up of Ahanti Ward, Lucas Porter, Mariam Bryne, and Aarón Montenegro. Team Two will follow Team One and get ready to provide support should the negotiations go haywire. Team three is made up of Haruhiko and Nanami Murakami, Kit Snicket, and Jimar Gilmore.  Team Three shall be on standby to take a hold of the hostages once they are free. If they saw something they shouldn't, we must make sure they think of it merely as a side effect of the traumatic experience. Everybody else will be in team four, who will be on standby." The Warden explained as she wait for the other vans to be filled. 


007 to Warden- You are free to go. Good luck. 


This came from a small radio at the front of the car as Warden began speeding off, sirens on every van blaring as they followed Warden to the apartment complex. Allan sat in silence, holding his gun holster tightly.

"Hey Michael." he got the vampire's attention with a quiet voice, looking at his tutor. 

"I'm a little scared. I don't really think I'm ready for this. It is only day three for me." Allan brushed his hair out of his face with his fingers, a nervous habit. 


Sure enough when they got to the apartments, it was choas. 





Allan's gun of choice- https://upload.wikim..._left_side.jpg 

#1968426 Of Monsters and Men [1x1 with Stardustblade358]

Posted by Lady Aleister on 16 December 2017 - 08:00 PM

Allan couldn't help but scoff at Michael's car.
"How conspicuous..." He could only mutter, though he admired it, Allan could tell that Michael was a bit of a show off.
When they arrived at the house, Allan allowed Michael to take the lead in talking to the couple. How loud.
"Okay, let us calm down and shut our mouths for a second. I am going to ask some questions myself, if that is okay with Michael. If you two answer them truthfully and give me permission to look around, we may be able to solve this in a calm manner." Allan directed, both the man and woman look displeased.
"First question...When did things start disappearing?" Allan pulled a small notepad and pen out from his jacket breast pocket, which he thoughtfully stored there that morning.
"Its been three days! Wasn't a real problem until he started stealing mg jewelry!" The woman accused.
There was bickering once more, which was broke by Allan's voice.
"Where have you noticed things going missing the most?" He asked cautiously.
"The bedroom." Both of the two said this at the same time, much to their dismay.
Allan took a little note, and looked at them.
"Do I have permission to look around?" He then asked.
"Fine with me." The man replied.
"Just don't touch anything without permission." The woman warned.
"You have my word." Allan bowed his head, looking to Michael.
"Help me out ~?" He asked a little bit too sweetly.

#1968074 Of Monsters and Men [1x1 with Stardustblade358]

Posted by Lady Aleister on 12 December 2017 - 06:07 PM

Location- Mostro City

Time- XX/XX/2018




I know a governmental secret. If anyone were to find out that I told you, I would be killed. Well, honestly I don’t give a damn if they find out, it’s about time someone knew. The supernatural are very much real. They are around us, and they are trouble makes. Sadly...they are my coworkers. I work for M&M, located in Mostro City. No, not the candy. It stands for Monster and Men. It’s just called M&M to confuse people. It’s comprised of vampires, witches, werewolves, let's just say too many supernatural and a little too many humans for me to deal with.

What is our job? Putting people to justice. How do we do it? That’s easier said than done...especially when it’s your first day on your job, and you’ve been swept off your feet and thrown into a job like this.


Let’s just hope I can keep up with these supernatural freaks.









Character Sheet-





Personality (Optional) :

Biography (If you want) :

Weapon of Choice:


Member of M&M?:

Position in M&M:

Theme (If you feel up to it) :

Anything else people should know:




Character Sheet-


Name: Allan Othello

Age: 20 yrs.

Gender: Male (WOW LOOK A BOY)



Personality (Optional) : Will develop within roleplay.

Biography (If you want) : Allan Othello is the eldest of his family, and has two younger sisters. He has lived a rather non-eventful life, played soccer when he could, and excelled in academics. Allan has wanted to pursue criminal justice for a while, and things did not start working out for him in that field until he started college. Upon filling out a job application to a company called M&M, not giving much thought to the application (which was not very descriptive about the job itself), he was hired, enrolled out of college, taken from his family, and thrown into the M&M headquarters...without his full consent.

Weapon of Choice: Pistol

Species: Human

Member of M&M: Sadly/Not Sadly

Position in M&M: Detective, newby

Theme (If you feel up to it) :


Anything else people should know:


- Precious Cinnamon Roll that has a center of flaming hot sauce.