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Lady Aleister

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In Topic: The Unpopular Opinions Thread

24 August 2017 - 05:24 PM

Jobs shouldn't deny candidates because of how much they can pick up, and what their gender and race is. It drives me crazy. 

In Topic: The White Lotus: The Search for the Avatar (Roleplay)

12 August 2017 - 10:56 PM





Not being able to be confused by Noire for too long due to the very rude interruption from Zale, Dalian ungracefully tripped, falling on her butt, ruining the funk she had going. 

"Dude what the heck!! You shouldn't just sweep a lady off her feet like that!!" Dalian scrambled up, facing Zale.

She was trapped...by a waterbender...until Darya came crashing in like an angel of vines. 

"Master Darya! Thank goodness!" She managed to get out before the older woman started barking orders. 

"Yes ma'am right on............it...." Interrupted by Noire, Dalian traced her eyes to him.

"Fire bender..." she muttered, just barely loud enough for only her to hear. 

With that taken care of at least, she had to face the guards, and the sprinklers had put out her hook swords, so she was a wet fire bender. Not a good combination. 

"Hey Hey Hey!! Don't you dare go after Noah!!" Dalian sprinted after a couple of guards as Noah went to the vent. 

As more men approached, Dalian punched her fist together. 

"Now that's better." with a smile, she pumped her fist up, and a wave a fire was sent towards the guards as they ran towards her, despite the sprinklers, she could still fight. 

In Topic: The White Lotus: The Search for the Avatar (Roleplay)

11 August 2017 - 11:47 PM



"Ding dong~" Dalian called out rather loudly actually as the metal door fell to her fire, her kicking it with a strong heel to the ground. The alarms were blaring already and it was really no use to try and be sneaky now. 

"Noah, I'll try to hold them back off you, run." Dalian instructed to her team leader, although honestly, he should be instructing him, but that was not important at the current moment. 

Tightening up her ponytail, Dalian's eyes fell right onto Noire, who, to be brutally honest, was standing there like an idiot. 

"Terribly sorry sir, but out of all the others here, why haven't you fled like the others? Are you supposed to be like a mini-boss or something?" Whether that was a ligament question, or if Dalian was actually mocking the man, would unknown. 

With a sigh, she spun her hook swords in her hands, her eyes on Noire as her companion got a move on, Dalian stepping over the doors and cautiously walking towards Noah. Instead of fully following her partner to their goal, Dalian turned around just as she got in Noire's blind spot, and with the flick of a heel, charged after him, burning hook swords in hand. 

In Topic: Only old school KH13 members will remember this

09 August 2017 - 06:05 PM

I feel like a really old member of this site to be honest xDD 


In Topic: It's better if I reintroduce myself

09 August 2017 - 06:01 PM

Weedanort! It's been a while! Welcome back! 


(Oh sorry I've changed my username-- It's Madam Ciel Nekohive/Neko-chan)