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In Topic: Of Monsters and Men [1x1 with Stardustblade358]

Today, 06:11 PM

Allan's heart probably broke a little as he saw Michael begin to tear up. 
"I promise Michael. I promise." Allan called to his partner as he was brought out of the infirmary by Ryder.

As soon as the door was shut, chills ran down Allan's body as he heard Aldrich's voice. 

"Don't f***ing talk to me." Allan snapped at Aldrich, placing his hand on his hostler. 

"I don't need to hear your side of the story because unlike you, I have good relations with people. I can find out about that case by myself and could probably even get your report of the exact case as well as Michael's." Allan was significantly pissed off, keeping his eyes away from Aldrich's. 

"So you stay away from both me and Michael, and if you knew any better, you would be out of here before one of us decides to get rid of you ourselves." Allan left with that threat, turning away.

He marched straight to the Warden's office, knocking quietly.

"Come in," she called, and Allan walked through the door.

"Pleasure to see you." The Warden was obviously still upset. 

"I need all the case files you have over the Blood Moon Murders." Allan insist, placing both his hands on her desk and staring at her.

There was silence for a bit...and then the Warden laughed sarcastically. 

"No. I know why you want them, and I'm not giving them to you." she gave a big wide smile to Allan, and he didn't budge. 

"Okay, fine then." Allan pivot on his heel, and walked out. 

He had another plan. 

"Well...that was easy enough." The Warden sighed.




Allan wait a couple more hours until night fell, up in his room, reading and writing down things about pure-blood vampires. Until, Theodosia came.

"My~ that was some stunt Michael pulled today." she fell through Allan's wall and float beside his desk, looking at the pages of notes he had written up. 

"Perfect timing. I need you for something. Go get me every single case file on the Blood Moon Murders you can. They are in the Warden's office." Allan turned his head to Theodosia. 

He looked tired without a doubt, but he was going to find out the truth behind Michael's sorrow...so he could help his partner out...and learn why Aldrich is someone to be feared. 

"Okie dokie~~ Theif mission: START!" Theodosia smiled and quickly faded back into the walls of M&M. 

Allan had circled something in his notes as Theodosia left.


Vampires are able to "charm" humans. Charming is a form of hypnosis or mind compulsion, which requires vampires to make eye contact and use their voices to mentally compel the victim. Excessive charming can have a negative effect on the mental stability of a victim. Vampires can charm at least two humans at the same time. There are ways to shield against being charmed.


"Got them!!" Theodosia fell back into Allan's room, startling him. 

"Thank you, Theodosia." Allan quickly took the files from her and searched through them until he found Cassio and Brachmann. 

"I just need to know what happened." 

In Topic: Of Monsters and Men [1x1 with Stardustblade358]

Yesterday, 11:40 PM

Allan had to be physically held back by Tabitha to keep him from running right after Michael and the Warden. He did not need to go after them. BUT that still gave him a reason to light up Michael's phone like wildfire. 


Michael! Are you okay?

I'm sorry!

I probably shouldn't have said anything.

What happened between you two?

You aren't fired...right?

I have never seen you fight like that.

It was a little scary but

Whatever, are you okay?


Allan impatiently waited for a response. Of course, he wasn't going to get one. He threw his plate away and left the mess hall without any words. If anything, Michael would be with Ryder. So, that is where Allan went. 

"Ryder! Is Michael here?" Allan asked frantically as he saw Ryder come around the corner.

"Yes...he is just around the corner. I am sure he'd like to see you right about now." Ryder pointed to Michael's location behind a curtain.

"Thank you." Allan quickly said, rushing around the corner and throwing back the curtain Michael was behind. 

Sure enough, there he was, a little bit beaten up and looking both a mixture of slightly pitiful and extremely pissed off...but that changed quickly mainly thanks to Allan. 

"Michael!" Allan rushed up to his partner, and just straight up hugged him probably a little too tight. 

"Are you okay? I'm sorry I said too much." Allan asked immediately, stepping back and smacking Michael across the head.

"Look, you're the greatest....but that was uncalled for. I'm sorry. That was just...why did you do that, Michael?" Allan sat beside him, a hand on his shoulder and looking at him earnestly.

"You really scared me back there because I didn't know what was wrong. I didn't know if I did something or if it was something else. You could have lost your job over that, Michael. Honestly...if you lost your job...I wouldn't really know what to do. Just...please tell me why." Allan's eyes were a little sad in his statement. 

In Topic: Of Monsters and Men [1x1 with Stardustblade358]

16 January 2018 - 10:17 PM

"That would explain a lot of things." Allan chuckled at Tabitha's comment about monsters being highly attracted to humans.
Michael began giving Allan a warning before he suddenly stopped dead in the middle of his sentence and grabbed Allan.
"Shit that Vampire touched me and Michael knows."
"Michael?" Allan looked at him concerned as he suddenly stood with eyes in rage and stormed off.
"Michael! Nothing happened! It was just a stupid vampire not minding his own business!" Allan called after Michael, standing up, but Michael was gone quicker then the blink of an eye.
"That was weird...it was like he was a robot or something." Allan slumped back down in his chair and picked at his food.
"I hope I didn't say anything too weird..."
Allan thought hard before a loud crash sent him jerking up. There was a hole in the ceiling. Allan got up and rushed over to the hole, followers by many others. When the dust cleared, both Aldrich and Michael were revealed. Panic rushed through Allan's body as Aldrich was suddenly thrown across the mess hall. Tabitha and Draven were just as surprised, standing close to Allan to keep him away from intruding.
"That is the man from earlier! I don't know why Michael is doing this! He didn't even flirt with me that hard!" Allan tried to defend Aldrich.
"Outta the way!!!" The Warden yelled, two large silver battle hammers in her arms as she ran through the crowd, jumping up and getting on the piece of ceiling that collapsed.
"MICHAEL CASSIO. ALDRICH BACHMANN. STOP THIS RIGHT NOW." The Warden slammed her hammers into the concrete before twisting a tranquilizer from her back pocket.
"IF YOU CONTINUE, YOU WILL BE HIT." Her voice boomed out.
"Michael! Stop this!" Allan called out to his partner.

In Topic: Of Monsters and Men [1x1 with Stardustblade358]

16 January 2018 - 09:13 PM

"Here you go Warden." Allan handed over to papers, reports of today's mission involving vandalism. 

The Warden had been giving Allan and Michael smaller cases due to their experience at Solum Prison, and to be honest, there were not too many interesting things going on. 

"Thank you Allan. Are things going a little bit better for you?" Warden asked, taking the papers from Allan.

"Yes ma'am. Ryder, Tabitha, Draven, and Michael have been a tremendous help and I think I am alright now." Allan assured the Warden. 

"I'm glad things are looking up for you." The Warden smiled gently to Allan.

The thing was about the Warden is that she looked like a scary person, and was a scary person, but if you were nice to her, she would be nice to you. Maybe. 

"Ma'am, I was looking for Director Evington?" The vampire leaned on the counter slyly, looking straight at the Warden, and then turning his eyes slowly to Allan. 

"Another vampire or some demon." Allan let that cross his mind.

"Ah, you must be Mr. Bachmann. Director Evington is on the twelfth floor, the last door on your right. Allan, maybe you could take Mr. Bachmann there?" 

"Oh please, it's Aldrich." the man corrected.

"Yes ma'am." Allan motioned Aldrich to the elevator, and Aldrich followed...a little too close to comfort. 

The two entered the elevator, and it closed. It was not as crowded as it usually was due to the time. 

"You're name was Allan?" Aldrich began to try to make conversation. 

"Allan Othello. Yes sir." Allan responded dully. 

"A tough little human you have this time...old friend."

"It is nice to meet you, Allan." Aldrich reached for Allan's hand to greet him, but Allan pulled away as quickly as he could, just as the elevators opened. 

"Don't touch me. I know what you're trying to do." Allan looked at Aldrich, not very amused by the move he just pulled. 

"Ah, but do you. Thank you for showing me the way, little boy~" Aldrich backed out of the elevator upon Allan's rude response, and as the elevator doors closed again, both of them grumbled to themselves. 

"Why do people who I don't like try to flirt with me when the person who I do like hardly ever flirts with me?" Allan sighed, and headed for the dining commons were Tabitha, Draven and Michael were waiting on him. 

Allan picked up a meal from Kirius, slipping over to sit by Michael and join the group. 

"Some weird guy just tried to flirt with me." Allan grumbled as he opened his drink, resting his elbow on the table and beginning to eat. 

In Topic: Of Monsters and Men [1x1 with Stardustblade358]

16 January 2018 - 07:30 PM

Allan let Michael talk as he stood there, looking down at Richard's body. The man's open eyes still staring back at Allan eerily. Michael pulled Allan along, and out of the way back to the guest room they were assigned. Allan caught a glimpse of himself in one of the broken mirrors that were in Richard's office before they left, and no wonder Allan could tell why Michael was worried. His face was pale and his heart was racing.

"I-I just need to sit down." Allan stuttered, reaching back and sitting down on the bed. 

He pulled his bangs out of his face and took a couple of deep breaths.

"I know that he was a criminal and that my life was at stake, and that he really deserved it...and I also know this was going to happen someday but..." Allan looked down, sighing, his elbows on his knees and head in his hands. 

He just felt...sick. 

"I'm physically okay thanks to you, Michael...but other than that...I kind of feel like a piece of shit." Allan admit, pulling his head up. 

"The Warden wasn't mad...was she?" Allan asked, clearly worried. 

Getting in trouble with M&M was the only thing he was really worried about. He only grew more worried when he heard a helicopter in the distance...it growing louder as it got to Solum Prison. M&M was here to begin their investigation, while Allan and Michael wait to be cleared so they could travel back.