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In Topic: Virtual Reality: A Story Told Within Cyberspace. (Role-Play Interest Check.).

16 November 2017 - 07:00 PM

I was going to reply to this sooner but didn't-- I am very interested in this! I love video-game story lines :) 

In Topic: ~The Happy Journal~ (Roleplay)

08 November 2017 - 07:02 PM

Aya sucked in her breath. She had been caught. The total opposite of what her journal had told her to do. She wasn't supposed to get caught. What was she going to do. 

"I'm terribly sorry!" she couldn't really think of anything else to say.

"I've been following you but it was not of my own accord!" Aya even went to the length of admitting it. 

Was this a mistake? Probably. 


Veran stopped with Fennel, his eyes turning to the officer, keeping himself silent. 



(Sorry I just got back from college and I'm kinda exhausted) 

In Topic: ~The Happy Journal~ (Roleplay)

07 November 2017 - 09:27 PM

"Aya's family is extremely close...for the most part. Her father works am incredibly difficult job I do not know of, and her uncle does some sketchy business, but I know Aya and her parents are extremely close." Veran responded to Fennel's statement, walking alongside her into town.
"Family trade?" Veran fell silent for a bit.
"I am not." That was all he was going to say.
Veran wasn't going to talk about his family. His parents burned in a fire that destroyed his household. It was just an accident, but he still blames it on himself for being the only one to make it out. He was panning on being a preacher, but felt called to be a servant for reasons unbeknownst to him, and has had a connection to Aya since he first met her.
"Let's check the library for Genesis and Aya. That seems like a common spot..."

(And I really can't post anything else because Aya is doing what her journal is telling her to do.)

In Topic: ~The Happy Journal~ (Roleplay)

05 November 2017 - 08:07 PM

- Fennel -


As Elizabeth slipped back indoors, Fennel uttered a small take-care under her breath.  A small gasp of surprise emitted from her when she turned back to the butler and saw the slightest semblance of a book coming from his person.  This man -- he had a Journal too, and he correctly guessed that she also had one?  Perhaps these Journals were as commonplace as she had imagined them to be, though she had found no evidence that proved otherwise.  Perhaps she should visit the library sometime, just to see if she can find anything about this small question of hers.


"Fennel, Fennel Gusset," she responded almost automatically, even through her shock.  "You . . . have a Journal too, though I think it best that I ask about this later.  Miss Ava is missing, after all, and something feels . . . off today, doesn't it?  My entry seemed unusually indirect, or more so than the norm."


She bit her lip, a little panicked by the thought that this stranger she just met might look at her funny and dismiss her then and there, but then again Veran did seem stuck with her, saying that they will find Ava.


"Where's the first spot we should look, or should we split up and reunite somewhere, like outside this house?  While I've seen Lady Ava in passing, I do not know the first thing about her beyond her name and where she works.  Actually, she wouldn't be working now, would she?  If she has a key, maybe she's at that clothing boutique and just gave you and her mother a jumpstart as well as a start."


"My journal entries always seem indirect..." he said this lowly, a harsh true statement. 

"Well Miss Fennel, she works with her mother...and she isn't working right now because if she was, she'd be at home. It is extremely unusual for Aya to be anywhere without telling someone..." Veran thought for a bit, pondering what course of action him and Fennel should take. 

"Since I know of Genesis, and it is your objective to meet with him today, maybe we should stick together and find both Aya and Genesis..." He offered up, waiting for her acceptance of his offer before the two would head out. 

In Topic: The Happy Journal (Sign-ups and Discussion) (Always Open)

05 November 2017 - 06:36 PM



Someone ignored the previous days entry, causing the crash of a ship, and the death of all the passengers.



Shit Veran does 2K17.