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Member Since 10 Feb 2011
Offline Last Active Dec 19 2014 09:24 PM
I'm really depressed about getting Christmas presents this year. I told my family I honestly don't want anything but they insist that I have to have presents. I feel l... Updated 17 Dec · 6 comments

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Hi, I'm Oishii. I'm a starving American college student.

I have been in college for a long time. I'll probably never graduate either. I'm majoring in Linguistics with a minor in Japanese as well as studying for a certification in translating. After school I will adventure off to Japan to either teach English as a second language or become a translator.

I'm a translator for this site. I've been speaking Japanese for about 4 years. I've lost count really. The reason I love Japan and learning about Japanese goes back to when I was in 6th grade. We had a unit on Egypt, and through that I fell in love with Egyptian mythology. I went through reading about mythologies until I reached Shinto. Once while on the internet I read somewhere that Shinto still has many influences in their modern culture. Intrigued, I started researching the culture to see if I could find traces of Shinto influences and I fell in love with the country.

I enjoy other things other than my obsession with Japan. I spend my spare time reading, drawing, gaming, and writing. I also like to cook, though most of the time I'm making desserts. I've been into reading light novels from Asian countries lately. I barely have time to draw anymore, but most of the time it's fanart anyways. I like most rpgs, my top favorites being KH (of course), Professor Layton, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. I don't write too much since I have to write a lot for school. I'm in a middle of a silly Egyptian mythology tale, and I'm working on another darker story taking place in 19th century Chicago.

What else can I say. I'm a very shy person. If you talk to me in the chat and I don't reply, 99% of the time it's because I have no idea what to say and I'm most likely freaking out. Trust me, it's quite the sight to behold. Which is why I don't have a webcam... Well, if you want to know more about me, talk to me in the forum. I'm done talking about myself :P

P.S. My favorite Egyptian gods are Amun and Anubis ^^

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I'm really depressed about getting Christmas presents this year. I told my family I honestly don't want anything but they insist that I have to have presents. I feel like making a Christmas list was me choosing what kind of coal I want.
Dec 17 2014 05:37 PM
  • Dracozombie's Photo
    If they like the thought of giving you a present, then it won't be a waste for them. I've watched my mom sincerely enjoy finding presents for her relatives' kids. But if there's legitimately nothing you need, why not make it an event? Go somewhere you wouldn't ordinarily go to.
    Dec 17 2014 07:38 PM
  • Oishii's Photo
    I gave my birthday to charity:water last year. I suggested it again to my mother but she already made a donations to several charities this year and is not keen to give up my Christmas for another. I don't know where I could go either. Nothing interesting is close to where I live.
    Dec 17 2014 09:59 PM
  • PlatinumMatch's Photo
    Yikes. Could they be convinced to put the money in savings so you could donate it later?
    Regardless of what they do, I certainly hope things start looking up. It sounds like a frustrating ordeal. X|
    Dec 18 2014 11:49 AM


Apparently at my Gamestop people were begging them to give them the LE w/ the pin even though they didn't preorder it. Looks like the pins are more popular than we thought (at least in my area, or those people are just douches).
Dec 02 2014 03:23 PM
  • soravids's Photo
    Haha! Welp, they should pre order.
    Dec 16 2014 10:57 PM


I just beat Monstro and I'm heading to Atlantica. I've decided to run through and try to beat the game before tomorrow, homework be damned.
Dec 01 2014 06:28 PM


A good pirate will update their 3DS now and never update it again. Arrrr Mateys!
Nov 20 2014 07:02 PM


Yay, I get to do a school project on "My Darling is a Foreigner" ^^
Nov 11 2014 02:13 PM


Hello Everybirdy ^^
Nov 07 2014 05:58 PM


I made Cryaotic a new icon and he's using it on Twitter. Hooray for weird moments of inspiration :D https://twitter.com/CryWasTaken/status/530844507974422528
Nov 07 2014 05:17 PM


Well, my mouth was supposed to stop bleeding 5 hours ago. I think it's time to call the surgeon.
Nov 06 2014 05:43 PM
  • Oishii's Photo
    I'll wait and see what my surgeon says, though I called 40 minutes ago >.>
    Nov 06 2014 06:19 PM
  • HumbleGamer's Photo
    I'm so sorry :(
    Nov 06 2014 06:48 PM
  • VisitJoan's Photo
    You Okay?
    Nov 06 2014 07:23 PM


Had all my wisdon teeth taken out today. Now my jaw is really numb and I can't talk. Good times!
Nov 06 2014 12:19 PM
  • Dracozombie's Photo
    Normally there are only four, but I was a freak who grew two extras. That might've explained why just opening my jaw was harder than it should've been.
    Nov 06 2014 02:03 PM
  • Rinax's Photo
    If you're lucky, you might have no pain at all.
    Nov 06 2014 02:14 PM
  • Oishii's Photo
    My doctor said I could chew gum when the bleeding stops to keep my jaw from getting stiff so I might do that. Even though I don't like gum...
    Nov 06 2014 03:01 PM
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