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Robbie the Wise

Member Since 04 Dec 2010
Offline Last Active Jan 11 2017 11:32 AM
Mallow's Island Trial is rated M :I Updated 11 Dec · 1 comments

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Robbie the Wise

Mallow's Island Trial is rated M :I
Dec 11 2016 12:01 PM
  • Joker's Photo
    Dec 11 2016 02:31 PM

Robbie the Wise

Lol the people who pirated Sun and Moon early are salty as firetruck. Nintendo pretty much bricked their 3DS lol.
Nov 16 2016 07:18 PM
  • Trece the Xam ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀)'s Photo
    Trece the Xam ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀)
    Some of my friends got that problem I think. Not totally sure tho, I didn't really pay atention to wat they were saying XD
    Nov 17 2016 06:11 PM
  • Shulk's Photo
    @Joker Then they wouldn't have been caught, but the people that pirated the game aren't exactly victims here. It's what they deserve for stealing the games if you ask me. I only feel bad for the people that got their copies early and had the same issue, but Nintendo can help them at least.
    Nov 17 2016 06:15 PM
  • Trece the Xam ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀)'s Photo
    Trece the Xam ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀)
    I could've had this issue if I actually bothered to find out how to pirate my 3DS XD
    Nov 17 2016 06:17 PM

Robbie the Wise

Enjoying the last two weeks of the OR/AS meta, Sun and Moon is going to change the game entirely. replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ou-473118379
Nov 09 2016 08:36 PM

Robbie the Wise

I can't decide what to name Litten. Ric Flare or Kane?
Nov 09 2016 07:58 PM

Robbie the Wise

Sun and Moon's meta is going to be completely wild, completely flipped everything upside down...
Nov 09 2016 07:24 PM

Robbie the WiseFelixx

*Stabs you with the X-blade, burns your body to dust*
Nov 09 2016 07:05 PM

Robbie the Wise

Well not proud of our current President, still think he's trash, but let's see if he'll back up his big mouth. At least Hilary didn't get the win.
Nov 09 2016 03:55 AM

Robbie the Wise

Hot damn, everything is getting nerfed in Sun Moon nothing is safe. All these mon are turning useless :'(
Nov 08 2016 08:49 PM

Robbie the Wise

Eh, shout out to Goofy for being a good dad.
Nov 06 2016 07:12 PM
  • Zachy1993's Photo
    I want Max to be in KH3 and Sora to be all like "YOU'VE GOT A KID!?"
    Nov 06 2016 08:43 PM

Robbie the Wise

Scott Cawthon donating $100000 for the a charity stream for what great guy.
Oct 30 2016 04:24 PM
  • Joker's Photo
    is that the guy who makes those robot games
    Oct 30 2016 04:57 PM
  • Robbie the Wise's Photo
    Robbie the Wise
    Five Nights at Freddy's, yes.
    Oct 30 2016 05:11 PM
  • Dracozombie's Photo
    Things like this is why I get legit sad when people just accuse him of being franchise-milking hack. Well okay, he's kinda milking the franchise but he does it because people enjoy the games and he enjoys making them. I don't get why people want him to stop, especially when $100K worth of charity is involved.
    Oct 30 2016 11:01 PM
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