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In Topic: KINGDOM HEARTS IV: The Final Saga. (Role-Play.).

Today, 07:38 PM

Victoria looked at Xenith, "Well it wasn't supposed to kill you. It was more made to annoy you! Annoyed yet?" Victoria asked as suddenly she disappeared and left behind a ring of light, and then suddenly another ring appeared above Xenith and the ring sent down a full on heavy light nova hyper beam attack. But Victoria herself was still not seen to be there when the attack was taking place.

Luke, however, made more clones and half of them were his light wolf self and the other was 'it' in appearance. Luke then absorbed the darkness and light energies that Shadowdrius left behind. "You think you can beat me? I will fight for Lucy no matter what! I won't rest until she is safe, and no one will bring harm to her!" Luke said as he then had all his clones rush at Shadowdrius and King Jason at lightning speed, and had them slash at the enemies with restless fury swipes attacks.

In Topic: Good to be here!

Yesterday, 09:02 PM

also welcome <3

(Of course it's you Aqua, it's always you who bring in the new friends to new sites! :P)

Anyways, I am just going to call you Cole or Red either one since you name is too long for me to put it down every time I would talk to you. So my name is WakingDawn96, and I am sort of Aqua's Ventus so if you are friend of Aqua's, you are already a friend of mine! I also like to RP and just be random on this site, but also give my viewpoints on somethings. So I am just basically a normal user who likes to RP. I would love to one day work with you on an RP, since that seems like it would be awesome! If you ever need anything, or need someone to talk to about anything really, as long as it's not politics and religion related, just send me a Private Message and I will get back to you. I am always here and when I'm not, I usually come back later in the day. So yeah, hope to see you around and welcome aboard! I hope you enjoy your stay and if you need anything, give me a shout-out! :)

In Topic: KINGDOM HEARTS IV: The Final Saga. (Role-Play.).

Yesterday, 05:33 PM

Luke growled at King Jason, "You are not going to lay a finger on my wife! She is your family, why can't you see that? She is your daughter, you raised her, how can you be this cruel and hateful? It sounds to me like you are the real villain here!" Luke said as he then summoned up five more copies of himself and sent them at King Jason, while Luke and the already made copies rushed at Shadowdrius, all of the copies and Luke himself trying to do a full on heavy light filled fury swipes attack.

Victoria looked at Xenith, "Well it wasn't supposed to kill you. It was more made to annoy you! Annoyed yet?" Victoria asked as suddenly she disappeared and left behind a ring of light, and then suddenly another ring appeared above Xenith and the ring sent down a full on heavy light nova hyper beam attack. But Victoria herself was still not seen to be there when the attack was taking place.

In Topic: KINGDOM HEARTS IV: The Final Saga. (Role-Play.).

Yesterday, 04:58 PM

Luke looked at Shadowdrius as he hissed at him. "Actually, my life was going good for some time, I wrote a book, number one best seller on the world market, thank you very much, also I got married, oh and yeah let's see here, I can do this!" Luke said as suddenly he transformed into his towering tall light wolf appearance with the gold moon hovering above him and he made three other copies of himself. "Now, I ask you this once nicely, leave this place and stop your assault on the worlds, or face my newfound power!" Luke said with a nice smile before looking serious again.

Victoria looked mad, angry, and terrified by what happened to Enx's arm. "You cowards! How dare you!" Victoria yelled at Xenith angry at what he did to her beloved. She then shot beams of light at Xenith hoping to give him at least a tiny scratch. And even though she was just guessing that Xenith did this for she had no memory of what happened, she at least felt in her heart that Xenith was behind this.

Meanwhile, back at The Sun Kingdom, a location that hadn't been seen in the RP itself for a long time now, the kingdom looked peaceful even during these trying times. The castle was filled with many residents and the courtyard had many soldiers training for battle. But the real reason for the showing, the camera zoomed in to show that Scarlett was in her royal bedroom that consisted of multiple different items, many types of jewelry, and two paintings of her family (Kelly, her mother, her father, and herself) and one painting of the First Queen. Scarlett was seen sitting on the bed next to young Serenity and Kelly was seen sitting down in a solo chair across the room. "Anyways, Horizont should be doing his best with everyone to stop the invasion. The best thing we could do is escape to here and give Serenity shelter from the storm." Kelly said. Scarlett looked at Kelly, "Yeah, this should be a safe world to come to, we have never had to battle here before, even though we train everyday for one. I just hope everyone is okay." Scarlett said as Serenity was worried about her papa, but she tried to listen to what he mama and her auntie were saying at the moment. Kelly looked at Scarlett, "Which reminds me, have you gotten into contact with Mrithun recently? Shouldn't he be here with you?" Kelly asked mentioning something was up between Mrithun and Scarlett. Scarlett looked at Kelly, "Well I have, and we kind of have an agreement on his line of work. He is now a watcher and keeper of the worlds, which means he watches over things, but doesn't interfere himself, instead he has helpers for that part of the job. But he should be coming by any day now to check up on this world and myself." Scarlett said with a smile at this thought.

In Topic: My Friend in Kingdom Hearts (Sign-Ups and Discussion)

22 July 2017 - 08:57 PM

Name: James Harena
Age: 18
Partner: Roxas (if that is okay Aqua! Roxas is my favorite original KH character)
Gender: Male
Appearance: oh3Nid.jpg
Weapon: Even though he lives in modern times, and in the human world, he takes fencing classes so he has a fencing sword that he can use
Abilities: Smart, very smart, both book and otherwise, he also has the power of money as his father and mother are very rich
Personality: Smart, a cool guy at times, the popular boy, and he is very caring for others despite all of this, and he will help out anyone that he can.
Bio: Born into a rich and wealthy family, he has always been popular for this and has grown up getting his way, or so it seems. For you see, despite all of this, he feels at times that his friends aren't truly friends at all but people who use him for who his parents are. For this, he feels like anything that he has is just a source from his parents. So this is why he is willing to help whoever he can and be kind to all those people as well. To escape from reality, he plays games, and among the games he likes, he really enjoys playing Kingdom Hearts and his favorite game in the series is Kingdom Hearts 2 and his second favorite is 358/2 Days for in those games he found a person named Roxas, and Roxas is a character that James feels like he can project some of himself in, as they both have lives that seem unfair at times, and that both of them are kind of just trapped into a reality where they both have to roll and accept what is apart of their lives.

Name: Vanitas
Age: (Did they ever confirm his age?)
Partner: ??????????
Gender: Male
Appearance: 350px-Vanitas_%28Unmasked%29_KHBBS.png
Weapon: Void Gear Keyblade
Abilities: Vanitas is, to say the least, a skilled and extremely aggressive opponent, showing a mastery in both dark magic and wielding the Keyblade. He is swift and agile, able to perform complicated and nearly impossible acrobatic feats such as jumping off of a high cliff while landing squarely on his feet, and even riding a cloud of flying Keyblades. He can teleport behind opponents at high speeds to launch attacks while leaving after-images of himself to confuse them.

He is also able to combine physical combos with magic such as attacking from above and causing a large pillar of ice to shoot out of the ground, or attacking opponents from below while bombarding them with fireballs. He can also leap into the air and fire dark lightning bolts from his Keyblade, as well as energize the Keyblade with darkness. Vanitas can also fire dark energy blasts from his Keyblade, and even has his own personal Shotlock dubbed the Dark Cannon, wherein he creates three large crystals which focus together and fire a large beam of dark energy.

He appears to have superhuman endurance, surviving most of his battles while taking little to no bodily damage, able to instantly get back up as if nothing happened. Vanitas also seems to possess superhuman strength; while possessing Ventus, he is able to shatter Ventus's metaphysical Dive to the Heart pillar with a single strike and create a gust of wind powerful enough to send Aqua and Mickey flying with a single swing of his arm. It is most likely that these actions were made possible only through the χ-blade, which Vanitas wielded on both occasions.

Vanitas is also a difficult opponent to fight in close combat, as he can quickly counterattack if struck multiple times, making him very dangerous. He also demonstrates the ability to levitate. Though he typically uses the Corridors of Darkness to travel, it is shown that Vanitas is freely capable of surviving in and navigating the Lanes Between unaided by surrounding himself in an aura of dark energy.

While Vanitas acts based on his own desires, it appears that Master Xehanort can summon him at will. Vanitas's arguably most dangerous and destructive ability, however, is the power to create and control the Unversed. As he was born from the purest form of darkness, Vanitas can manipulate negative emotions and spawn them as Unversed. Vanitas can also absorb the negativity of any defeated Unversed to increase his power, and is able to summon them if needed. (https://www.khwiki.com/Vanitas)
Personality: proud, cunning, cruel, uncaring, cold, ruthless, arrogant, and extremely calm and collected
Bio: He is a boy who was made from Xehanort splitting Ventus's heart, and had tried to help Xehanort in taking down Aqua, Ventus, and Terra, even though what Vanitas really wanted was to take down Ventus. When he was just about to be destined to lose, he found himself summoned to a new realm and now he plans on finding out where he is and see if anyone else made it to this realm, take down those people who get in his way, and find Ventus for his ultimate goal is to take down Ventus!