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In Topic: What other Developer would be the best choice to make a Kingdom Hearts game?

02 September 2017 - 12:14 AM

Well if it worked for Mario, then I say, Ubisoft should make a KH game and put the Rabbids in it as well! Imagine, having to team up with Rabbid Sora, Rabbid Riku, Rabbid Kairi, and Rabbid Jiminy Cricket to stop the Spawny of the game from wrecking havoc upon the worlds of KH and stop Pete from manipulating Spawny, and the final boss of the game ends up being Dragon Rabbid Maleficent! Plus, Beep-O with Spiky hair is a must! :P

In Topic: KINGDOM HEARTS IV: The Final Saga. (Role-Play.).

01 September 2017 - 11:53 PM

Harry smiled as he kissed Annistha's forehead, "Then it looks like you are stuck with me for those days." Harry said quoting his true love's words from long ago. He then looked at Annistha, "As long as we are together, then things will work out in the end. Isn't the whole marriage thing not doing things alone? Together, we can over come it all." Harry said once again at the end quoting Annistha's old words. Suddenly, a vision went into both Annistha and Harry's minds, a vision where Harry sang this to Annistha (https://youtu.be/TvJ0HzLke0Y) After the vision subsided, Harry looked at Annistha and smiled at her, "No matter what, I'm here for you Annistha, I always will be no matter what. No matter what happens, or what we go through, I honestly, truly love you, and I will never give up on us being together. You are the bravest and strongest person that I have ever met, even without this." Harry said as he then had a coffee mug with coffee in it appear in his right hand. "You are right, a beast from the deep dark doesn't have anything on you, no matter if you had this stuff or not." Harry said with a laugh as he looked at the mug and back at Annistha. He then sat the coffee mug down next to Annistha, as he got something out of his pocket. He then looked at Annistha as he held her wedding ring in his right hand, the one item he kept after all this time without her to remember to never give up hope of them being together again. He then prepared to hand the ring to Annistha, "I believe this is yours, if you are still with me. I held on to it to make sure I never gave up hope on us being together, but since I have you back now, I don't need to hold on to it any longer, it's your's after all, if you still want it." Harry said with a smile towards Annistha.

In Topic: KINGDOM HEARTS IV: The Final Saga. (Role-Play.).

01 September 2017 - 09:52 PM

Harry looked at Annistha as he held her. "I am so sorry about what happened to Drave, Marcus, and Lacuna, they were family, and good people deep down. They will be forever missed by not just us but by everyone who ever met them. At least now, Nix is gone, and they can rest easy now in the afterlife." Harry said shedding a tear on their behalf. He then kissed the top of Annistha's head, "As for you thinking of me, I just want you to know that I will always think about you, and I will never give up on us, on you. Annistha, when we first met, I knew that you were special, and ever since, I never stopped thinking about you and having the faith and hope that we would be able to last together. I will never give up on trying to find you, trying to be with you, no matter what happens to us. I love you, and I always will, and so I shall never give up hope of us being together. I know that things have changed by now, but the love I have for you will never change, no matter what. And I have a feeling that your family would want you to now be given the chance to be happy in life. I feel like that would be their wish, wherever they may be." Harry said as he just held Annistha and smiled as tears kept rolling down his eyes as well. He then looked at Annistha, "Do you still remember our promise? The promise we made when I asked you to marry me?" Harry asked her wondering if she remembers after all this time the promise they made one another a long while ago still.

(Just reference reasons once again)

In Topic: KINGDOM HEARTS IV: The Final Saga. (Role-Play.).

01 September 2017 - 08:10 AM

Hook laughed at Chi Zong's pathetic display of power. "Dude, I'll have you know, we of the pirate crew took on terrible dangers like the Flying Dutchman, Davy Jones, even had a battle with Hades once, and not to mention dangers I can't speak of or copyrights will catch on and I can't deal with that mess again, that's the real enemy. But more to the point, you don't scare us, and we are the masters of our own destinies, so we refuse to die so easily." Hook said as he then jumped in the air and was floating on it like Peter would. He then rushed at Chi Zong head on, not caring much for the damage he was taking from the blade attacks. Hook them tried to slash at Chi Zong with his sword multiple times.

Meanwhile, the other crew members were doing their bests to stay alive from being hit by the blades. Victoria had used a shield magic barrier spell of an old nature to protect the members, but it could only help them so much. They were all fighting their hardest to stay alive.

Giza suddenly jumped in front of Sharlia and took the Siren's crystals head on. He used his body as a shield to protect Sharlia, and then was pushed back, but he quickly landed to his feet and looked at the Siren. "Look, I probably have zero chance to be with Sharlia, but I will protect her no matter what, and help give her a chance in life where her friends never will have one because of darkness like you! Prepare to die Siren!" Giza told the Siren, as despite not having a chance with her, Giza was still going to protect Sharlia and give her a chance to live where her friends, her family, never will now that they are gone. Giza then rushed at the Siren and slashed at it many, many times not letting up his attacks on it.

In Topic: KINGDOM HEARTS IV: The Final Saga. (Sign-Ups.).

01 September 2017 - 07:25 AM

Name: Hercules "Herc" Val

Age: 27

History/Background: The great hero himself, or is it? Actually, this is the Hercules of the Untold Realm, and also Mrithun's old rival, also Mrithun's cousin, its complicated. But like Mrithun, he doesn't care much for his heritage and likes to do his own thing in life. He loves his family, but he isn't the hero you know from Sora's realm. He actually doesn't train like the other him, and he is more creative and artistic, and much laid back compared to his counterpart. Now he is coming back into light from Mrithun's past, and things will be complicated, but the reason for him appearing will make sense in due time.

Personality: Take away the training, take away the battles, and make a hero modern, and you have the ways of Herc. Can be a rival at times, but in the end he means well, and he is very caring and friendly. Herc is still a good guy, but he just isn't the great hero of legend.

Appearance: e56277dc6cc6f433ded5dd1394778b84--anime-

Home-World: The Untold Realm

Weapon: Zeus's Thunder (that's the name I'm going for, don't know it's real name) Olympus%20Keyblade%203.png

Sub Weapon: Thunder Shield (An actual shield and not keyblade transformation of this) sora-hercules-1000-1500156182015_3xgf.64

Equipment: Olympus Stone
Thunder's Necklace (A necklace Herc wears with a lightning bolt for a charm in the middle of it.) - Boosts the power of Thunder moves by 50% and increases base strength by 43%

Do I really need to keep telling you about KH2, or are we good? :P