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Member Since 25 Aug 2010
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I usually don't post about the picture posted with the poll of the day, but whoever used Supergirl, good job and great choice as I too like Supergirl on CW! :) Updated 29 May · 0 comments

About Me

Welcome to the profile of WakingDawn96! Here you can find out the latest info about me (and if you want to stalk me, then thats welcomed here too).

About me:

First thing first, I am straight and have no desire to be anything but straight. Yes, I may be old fashion in liking girls over guys, and maybe the old way is changing, but I don't care if I become uncool for being straight still, not everybody has the like the same gender, or else how is the world supposed to function? So don't ever think I am anything but straight, got it? Good, let's continue!

Hi, I'm Joshua and I like warm hugs! I live in the greatest country on Earth, the USA! I was born on January 17, 1996, right in the middle of the blizzard of 96'. I grew up in a family with many different personalities, but in the good way. During my life, there have been many issues. I was born with autism, but didnt know it until about three years ago. This makes me, at times, feel different from everyone else and feel like I dont belong. Another issue I have is in my speech, I was born with a speech issue where I dont talk as well as others and sometimes people cant understand me. My speech has really been a problem in my life because I have been bullied over it in my 18 years on this planet. But as the years pasted, I have learned to forget what anyone says about my speech, and that God made me who I am just he does for everyone else. Yet another issue I have is that I am very shy around people who dont talk to me first. I am awkward at making friends and that is why I let people make me their friend. But once I feel comfortable around you, I'll always try my hardest to make you smile, cause I believe in giving people joy. And there have been times when I will make the first move and talk to you first, which I think its because I see something in the person in a good way. And lastly, I dislike romantic love. This is because a bad experience with love, one that I have moved on from but still cause me to not be so approving of love. I used to hate everything type of love, but one day I was lucky to meet my by-heart sister, Xion889, right here at KH13. I learned from her that its okay to love what I care about, and that I dont have to like romantic love and I could still be happy. She was the real blessing in my life. Also I realize that people I like are going to fall in love, and even though I hate romantic love, I will still support them as a friend should.

Now there have been many great times in my life, so many fun times I wouldnt trade away so easliy. I have gotten to travel to many different states around me, seeing the beauty of the south. I live in a place that has an actual Nascar speedway. I have been there a few times, which is nice, but after one race I get tired easy cause of the fact that the cars just keep making left turns. I have also gotten to go places like Georgia (where my cousins live), Virgina, North and South Carolina, Florida (but only to Disney), and most recently, Texas.

As for my family, I have a nice family with its own issues, but at the end of the day we can rest in peace. My mother is an EA for special need kids at my old high school, and has been for a long time, so because of this I was able to make it through high school easier, and most recent she has been working as well at the speedway, which she likes better than her EA job, but it doesnt pay as much. And my father drives a crane for a living. My mother has a great heart, no matter how many times I treat her poorly, she always cares for me, and she really wants to help me have a great life. She has always supported my disabilities, which is nice that she cares. But the problem with my mother is that she has problems showing her true emotions to those she cares for, which causes her to act in odd ways, and she is a child at heart so she is always saying or singing something stupid. But I still care for my mother as she does for me. Now as for my father, he works alot and usually by the time I get to see him, he is tired and grumpy. But there are times when we can come together and have fun. The main problem with him is that he is an only child whose father was a jerk and never around, leaving my dad to be raised by his mother. This has caused my father to not have enough knowledge of how a real father should treat his family and has also made him a mothers boy. I also have one true by blood sister, who is six years older than me. She has the problem of a disability called Selective Mutism, which causes her to have high anxiety around people outside my family. Because of this problem, she is cant get a true job and so she justs stays home these days. So my family isnt perfect, but its the only home I have.

Now as for my likes and interests, I'm still young and so I still watch Nickelodeon, still love Disney, and I collect plush toys. But there are more grown up things I like since I'm a teen, like playing games like Hitman Absolution and watching shows like Once Upon a Time, Stalker, and Pretty Little Liars. And I have recently gotten into Anime.

Favorite Shows: Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Spongebob SquarePants, Fairly Oddparents, Henry Danger, Max and Shred, Legend of Korra, Fairy Tail, Fullmetal Alchemist, Pretty Little Liars, Once Upon a Time, Stalker, Bad Judge, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and thats all I'm listing for now!

Favorite Movies: The Lion King (series), Frozen, Cars (series), Tron (series), Lilo & Stitch (series), Brother Bear (series), Almost any Disney movie likely to be in Kingdom Hearts before the series ends, etc.

Favorite Music: (Will Update at some point!)

Favorite Video Games: Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Smash Bros, Super Mario, Paper Mario, Kirby, Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Star Fox 64 (I havent gotten to play any other game in this series), Fire Emblem Awakening (just got into the series), Wario Ware, Sonic the Hedgehog, Punch Out, Duck Hunt, Mega Man, Pac-Man, The Sims, Mario Kart, Epic Mickey, Digimon Rumble Arena, Sponebob Battle for Bikini Bottom, Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, Final Fantasy, The Last of Us, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Hitman Absolution, Little Big Planet, Poker Night, etc.

Amiibo Collection: Link, Kirby, Luigi, Bowser, Toon Link, Mega Man, Donkey Kong, Mario (Super Mario), Toad, Sonic, Lucario, Pikachu, Samus, Diddy Kong, Pac-Man, Wario, Charizard, Sliver Mario, Sheik, Bowser Jr., Dr. Mario, R.O.B., Mr. Game & Watch, Duck Hunt, Olimar, Light Blue Yarn Yoshi, Green Yarn Yoshi, Marth, Dark Pit (Pittoo), Mewtwo, Greninja, Ike, Jigglypuff, Captain Falcon, Inkling Girl, Inkling Boy, Inkling Squid, Classic 8-bit Mario, Modern 8-bit Mario, Falco, Villager, Little Mac, Wolf Link (and Midna), Lucas, Roy, Shovel Knight, Mii Brawler, Mii Gunner, Mii Swordfighter, Ryu

Amiibo Cards: (Will update soon!)

Bowser and Bowser Jr. together: http://wakingdawn96....amily-of-koopas

POP! Figures: Gone Batty Minion , King Bob Minion, Pirate Minion!

Other Accounts:

Youtube: Xeveemon

Tumblr: WakingDawn96 and Xeveemon (Two different accounts!)

Twitter: JAL96

Playstation: Xeveemon

Nintendo: (Send me a PM for my friend code and name!)

Ask.fm: WakingDawn96

If you want to know anything else about me, then PM me! :)

Welcome to the new age of WakingDawn96 and Xeveemon!

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I usually don't post about the picture posted with the poll of the day, but whoever used Supergirl, good job and great choice as I too like Supergirl on CW! :)
Yesterday, 06:14 PM


I dropped by to just say hello! Hello everyone! I am just fine, but I still don't feel like deeply diving back into this website, but I just wanted you all to know that I am fine and just to say hi. Okay, well hello and probably goodbye for now! See you all when I truly feel up to it! :D
May 25 2017 09:49 PM
  • Xiro's Photo
    Sup X-dawg
    May 25 2017 11:30 PM


I am trying to stay off of this site as much as possible, just to let everyone know. I will only pop up time to time if there is something important I have to say. So if you hear from me, it's because I feel it is important, and nothing else. I am still alive and perfectly fine, so don't worry about that, I just wish to stay off this site as much as possible for the time being.
Apr 01 2017 11:37 PM
  • Xion889's Photo
    So your doing a hiatus now? Pretty much what I do (like a lot omg) lol. Oh well
    Apr 04 2017 09:06 AM
  • WakingDawn96's Photo
    There's a clear cut reason why I don't want to be on this site, but all I will say is that I am starting to feel happier being off this site, than being on it.
    Apr 04 2017 09:38 AM
  • Xion889's Photo
    Ah ok. I feel the same so yeah
    Apr 04 2017 09:53 AM


So we officially have until March 20th to see if we get Kingdom Hearts 3 news, and then if we don't, on the 21st of March we can start a riot at Square for lying to us once again! ;)
Feb 06 2017 06:43 PM
  • WakingDawn96's Photo
    Joker, how do you remaster something that has current gen graphics on a current gen console? Like that game of 2.8 just came for the current hardware available, so unless the PS5 just suddenly comes out with 8K resolution, 2.8 can't be remastered any further. And we all know V-Cast was cancelled before it became a full game, so yeah they literally would have to make a whole new game to get a remaster of V-cast!
    Feb 06 2017 08:07 PM
  • PrinceNoctis's Photo
    @Waking, I think he was being sarcastic lol
    Feb 06 2017 10:26 PM
  • Joker's Photo
    I was joking but vcast was an actual full game. I played it on my moms phone as a kid got stuck at Agrabah cause I ran out of MP and you can only kill the Mummies with Fire magic and heartless mobs stopped spawning
    Feb 07 2017 10:53 AM


Fire Emblem Heroes goes soft on you at first, but man it can kick your butt later on if you don't level up your characters properly! :|
Feb 03 2017 07:12 PM


Fire Emblem Heroes is fun and addicting as of this moment for me, but let's see how I feel about it later. I want to trust that it is fun but it is a free game with in app purchases and not even KH could keep me entertained with X. So yeah, I really need to wait and see what I feel about the game later on, but for right now it is fun. :)
Feb 02 2017 11:00 PM
  • Xiro's Photo
    One of the things it comes down to is how good/bad the summoning RNG is. So let's hope it's not as bad as KHUX XD
    Feb 02 2017 11:12 PM
  • WakingDawn96's Photo
    Hey, I got Frederick of Awakening, and couldn't be happier with that summon, so right now to me the pulls are good. I do hope that continues.
    Feb 02 2017 11:19 PM
  • Elrandir's Photo
    I'm trying it too. Got Lyndis (fav character) and Peri in my first summon.
    Feb 02 2017 11:55 PM


Hey peeps, the Funko Blog updated with the complete list and pictures of the Kingdom Hearts Pop Funkos! Just so you all know! :) https://funko.com/blogs/news
Feb 02 2017 04:07 PM
  • Xiro's Photo
    Rip just Disney bros
    ... On another note the Lumiere, Cogsworth and Mrs. Potts/Chip ones are actually creepy 0wo
    Feb 02 2017 11:16 PM


Guys and Gals, one of my good and dear friends is now a moderator! Which means my rule of "mods can't be friends" is now null and void! So congrats to my friend for becoming a mod and making me realize that mods can be friends as long as you both behave! :)
Feb 01 2017 11:50 PM


Donkey Kong Country Switch! Make it happen people before the Switch's lifespan is up! (So that gives them a few years to make it!)
Feb 01 2017 06:41 PM


So, baby, pull me closer In the backseat of your Rover, That I know you can't afford, Bite that tattoo on your shoulder
Jan 31 2017 09:55 PM
  • Philip Ellwell's Photo
    Philip Ellwell
    Someone needs a cold shower
    Jan 31 2017 10:03 PM
  • Xiro's Photo
    I don't know if the rover would fit in the shower tho...
    Feb 01 2017 12:02 AM
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