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Member Since 23 Aug 2010
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My Thoughts on the Two New Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailers

Yesterday, 07:57 PM

I thought I would put my two cents into how I thought and some of the things I have seen in the trailer so I made a video to talk about some of the things that really caught my eyes, enjoy! 




When do you think we will get an English voiced Trailer?

12 February 2018 - 12:39 PM

Pretty much what the title says.  When do you think we will get our first full English voiced trailer?  We did get that one trailer where Young Xehanort and Erauqs where talking about the lost masters but that has been the only trailer with English voices in it and that was back in 2015 for the E3 and if I remember correctly Ben Diskin said they only recorded voices for that trailer back then and nothing else for the game.  We have had four trailers for this game so far, the Orchestra trailer, the D23 Trailer back in July and the two recent trailers we just got from the Japan D23 that happened in February. Has there ever been another instance like this where we have had four trailers in Japanese before we even got our first full voiced English trailer?  I'm just wondering if they have even brought anyone in to do some voice work of this game yet, I'm sure they have but I wonder why they haven't released an English trailer yet.  I'm sure we will probably get on at E3 but do you think we will get one before hand or not?


Edit: I guess you could count the Theme release trailer as English because the song was released in English in that trailer but not any of the voices so I wouldn't count it.

How Many Sora and Moogle Medals did you get?

11 January 2018 - 01:56 AM

So today was/is the end of the Sora and Moogle medal event.  For those of you unfamiliar with the event it started on December 22 and ran until January 10/11 and one per day you get a free draw from the banner and you will get a medal and if you draw from every day then you where guaranteed a Sora and Moogle medal within 10 days so you could end up with 2 medals of them.  Now the catch is you have to keep the Sora and Moogle medals until the end of the event and if you do you get 1000 jewels for every Sora and Moogle medal.  So my question is how many of those medals did you get.  Me I got a total of 3 of them and I drew every day.  The first one I got was the guarantee for 10 days and then I got two other ones after so I will end up with 3000 medals for this event.  So how many medals did you guys get?

Will we get the Release Date this Year?

17 July 2017 - 09:21 AM

So as you all know this last weekend was D23 where we saw the Toy Story World revile and we also got a release year shown.  My question is do you think we will get the full release date the month and day for Kingdom Hearts 3 this year.  There are still three big events that Square could announce it at. Tokyo Game Show which is September 21-24 The PlayStation Experience happening December 9th and last but not least Jump Festa happening December 17-18.  And don't forget that there are other small conventions that they could revile it as well happening in between but I feel like these big three events are the most likely to have the release date reviled.  I think it's going to happen either at the PlayStation Experience or Jump Festa.  What do you guys think will we get the full release date this year and where do you think we will get it or do you think we will get it some time in 2018?

Pokemon Direct for June 6 2017

05 June 2017 - 09:13 AM

So the Nintendo of America Twitter just posted that is going to be an 8 minute Pokemon Direct tomorrow at 7am PT and 10am ET (9am Central?).  Well this is something interesting it's going to be a short direct but what do you think we will hear? Will we hear about the Rumored Pokemon Stars for the Switch or some other tittle for the Switch? Or will it be a remake of the next generation Diamond and Pearl?