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Member Since 29 Jun 2010
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Topics I've Started

Missing Disney Worlds

Today, 03:36 PM

Hello guys! Hope you enjoyed that new juicy trailer! I sure did! So... Seeing how we got many information I started to speculate on how many worlds are left to be announced.


Well taking into consideration the 13 seekers of darkness now revealed (or so it seems) and how so far each of them appear in one world, I theorized that there are 2 - 3 worlds left to be revealed. Let me explain:


No. I - Master Xehanort - Final World

No. II - Young Xehanort - Toy Box

No. III - Vanitas - Monstropolis

No. IV - Ansem - Twilight Town

No. V - Xemnas - Twilight Town

No. VI - Xigbar - Olympus

No. VII - Data-Riku - San Fransokyo

No. VIII - Vexen - ?

No. IX - Demyx - ?

No. X - Luxord - The Caribbean

No. XI - Larxene - Arendelle

No. XII - Marluxia - Kingdom of Corona

No. XIII - Isa - ?


So looking at this list, and if it is to be believed, we have 3 members that barely showed up in the newest trailers. If we follow that pattern we have 3 missing spots. I say that maybe Isa will be doing "Management" role again so I might count him out... leaving 2 spots for 2 other worlds. If I theorize further we saw Demyx in manyt Radiant Garden scenes so this might as well be one of the missing worlds on the list leaving a spot for only one more Disney world, making a count of 8 Disney worlds (less than in KHII). If we do count Isa and Demyx in new Disney Worlds then that would make 10 Disney worlds as a total (still less than in KHII) plus the original ones, just like it was stated.


So what do you guys think? Might I be right? Or you disagree? And which do you think the last Disney worlds might be based on the new seekers? Please join me and comment on this post! Zaz! :D


12 September 2018 - 02:33 PM

Hi there!


Thanks for visiting my post.


It seems that no one else has noticed or cared, but the new trailer contained glimpses of San Fransokyo unde the attack of Heartless such as every world, but I also noticed on the scenes with the BH6 team members that they were fighting something and I happened to recognize such things. If you look closely at the screenshots in this post you'll notice that these things are the BUGS from Re:Coded. So far it seems they are the Red, Silver and new Black and green version of them. So I was thinking... how did these bugs emerged from the Dataspace and why appeared in this world?


Join me to speculate on this matter.


P.S. Sorry if there was already a post I missed.


Zaz! :D


04 July 2018 - 04:56 PM

Hello world!


I was rewatching some KHUX Cutscenes and noticed how similar Kairi's new haircut resembles that of Strelitzia's, I can assume it's just a coincidence and all but I also noticed Strelitzia uses a necklace similar to that of Kairi's. Think any connection for these two will be made at some point?


Join me and speculate :D


28 June 2018 - 12:03 PM

Don't mind me, I was bored and wanted to share it with you guys.


Feel free to share your thoughts! :D

Devil's Wave in KHIII

28 June 2018 - 10:49 AM

Hi guys!


So I was rewatching the recent KHIII trailers and there's this scene with the Twilight Town gang escaping from a Devil's Wave, we've seen this before in the very first KHIII trailer so I started thinking, do you think it'll be more difficult or tedious to fight that thing in Twilight Town? I mean for KH 0.2 BBS - A Fragmentary Passage - we had a really open space on the islands and we had trouble fighting it, but in Twilight Town that thing can hide behind buildings and go round them to attack so I think it will create a different feeling from the one in 0.2.


What do you guys think?