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#1966206 When do you think KH3 will be added to playstation store

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 10 November 2017 - 12:39 PM

Square Enix is specially quiet and secret when it comes to KH. I'm pretty sure the game won't be in the Play Station Store until it has a complete release date, which will surely be revealed from Jump Festa to D23.

#1964236 Greetings from Latin America!

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 12 October 2017 - 11:58 AM

Hello everybody! I´m Narushipu, and I would like to introduce myself:

I´m a 20 years old argentinian boy, kinda short, not really handsome but I´ve a girlfriend (Something I never thought to get, jajaj). Im in college and can speak Spanish (Native) and English (Duh!), next year I´ll be studying Japanese (Looking Forward to it!), and who really loves Videogames (Obvioulsy Kingdom Hearts above everything), and Loves comics (Mostly Dc, but I´m also starting to read Marvel, Image and Vertigo :D). I also like cosplay, anime and manga, and enjoy Movies, series and some Cartoons.

I started playing Kingdom Hearts with Chain of Memories in the Gba, and then I moved to Kingdom Hearts 2. Actually, I´ve got a PS2, PSP, 3DS, GBA and PS4, and yes, I bought them all because I can play Kingdom Hearts there (Before the 1.5 +2.5 remix and 2.8 Final chapter prologue where released xD).

Anyways, I would really enjoy to get to meet you all, and be friends. Also, I´ve got Whatsapp and Twitter, so if anyone wants to be friends, just send me a PM so we can get on touch.

I think thats all! Thanks you all for your reading.

P.S.: If anyone sees any mistake, just tell me :biggrin:

P.S.2: I´ve cosplayed Hooded Roxas/Xion in a local Anime convention! But didn´t get too much attention, maybe because KH isn´t too recognized in here. Here is a Pic:

¡Bienvenido a KH13! ¡Espero disfrutes de todo el contenido que la página ofrece! ¡Saludos!


¡Welcome to KH13! ¡Hope you enjoy all the great content the site has to offer! ¡Regards!

#1963838 What if you don't play this game (SPOILER)

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 06 October 2017 - 03:08 PM

This is what im afraid of, i like to own the full story, in this case the HD remixes were perfect, even the important story parts of otherwise unimportant games (358/2 days, Re:coded).

Heck, even coded was "just" a mobile game, but its very important to know, that memories of Ven and the others are in Soras heart, and that thats the reason mickey writes him a letter, which ties heavily into 3D. What im trying to say is, it was very good to make the App into a all time accesable game, for plots sake.


For me it would be a shame, because, in BBS Xehanort talks about a "Special Light" from the ancient Keyblade War, and Eraqus even tries to kill ventus... If in KH3 it would just be stated somewhere/by anyone that ventus is from the time the (first?) Keyblade War raged, without further pointing out the story of the Dandelions and Lauriam (most likely the complete Marluxia) it would SUCK to have to go on Youtube and watch the scenes of a Smartphone-Game. This is a Major Plot point, this is why Xehanort was obsessed with Ven, and created Vanitas (hopefully one of the true organisation).


Fans who followed the whole story from every game would be devided: those who played the app and know ventus past before BBS, and those who think he's just a random boy xehanort picked up somewhere.


Further, imagine, what if all the servers of the app would be shut down, and all videos from Youtube about it would disappear, and in KH3 in Ventus character  entry would be written to play KHUx to know his whole story, what then.


You can imagine how much hatred i have for this app  , of course not for those who play it, im playing too for the plot, but just because you cant put it onto your shelf to have the complete story accesable all-time. I just HOPE Ephemer won't be forgotten.


I have started the series with KH2 and absolutely loved it, without knowing about CoM and KH1, I am sure KH3 will be playable without knowledge of KHUx... you can play ANY kingdom hearts game without nowing about the others...... I am someone who plays Games (with actual Plot) more than once so if I start the kingdom hearts series again, i want to see everything, which i can, except KHUx. So just make a second pre-bbs Movie, Nomura, PLEEASE

As a game developer company itself, buisness thinking, Square-Enix cannot release a game that tells the ending of a story arch in a series of separate video games expecting that everyone know about everything by then. Sure there will be a selected amount of people who will since they are "fans" but is a wise choice to make the game around an understandable story and provide small info about important plots of the past characters and events related to the story to futher make players understand. If they were to just assume all people know about the whole story it would be a BAD MOVE. We know Nomura takes this seriously into consideration while developing the games so there is no need to worry. He is also smart enough to make it JUST understandable so people get the urge to play THE ACTUAL GAME the information provided might be talking about since it's better to "LIVE" it instead of just knowing about it (this is a smart marketing decision for sales). So in the case of KHUX we have some things that have to take into consideration:

- There's a whole universe for this entries in the series since it already has technically 3 games so far: Kingdom Hearts X (chi) for PC Browsers, Kingdom Hearts Unchained X (chi) and Kingdom Hearts Union X (cross) for mobile smartphones. This makes it much more harder to just "MAKING IT A MOVIE" since there's a lot to cover. The story so far has been really intriguing and doesn't seem to collide MUCH with the curren events going on in the series, however we know it will and this in turn affects KHIII.


- I understand that you're frustrated about this but so far you have proof, as you yourself have mentioned this, that all the games are pretty understandable on their separate ways and also as whole. Take your own example: You experienced KHII first in this series... you didn't know YET anything that happened before this point in time and still you loved it. If you were a fan from the start since the very first PS2 KH (as I am myself) then KHII would've been more enjoyable since you would have a backstory of the characters and events of the past. So you loved the game and I loved it with more feels than you might have had at the moment, why? because I noticed many things that you didn't and was already related to the characters and also the gameplay itself. So my point is... People from the groups you mentioned: The ones that played KHUX might love KHIII more than the ones that didn't, not meaning it won't be a super game for them either, but this will be because the game will be developed in a way that it's relatable for EVERYONE (newbies, fans, etc.) but the more backstory you have the more things will be there to enjoy. SIMPLE.


- If people ASKS and they think they need a movie or a game itself for the whole KHUX universe to make the whole KH storyline make sense I am almost SURE IT WILL become a reality. Square-Enix listens a lot to their fans so if there is enough demand it might happen (take the remasters as an example). As for the whole "game-being-shut-down" issue I have to recognize it would be harder for the story to feel "complete" so this is one of your comments that I think SE needs to think about. Since they haven't let ANY of the games in the series get old and stuff I feel they could eventually re-release the game for a PS4 platform or something more "collectible".


SO there's no need to worry. I'm pretty sure they'll come up with something to make the whole thing feel as a one long and enjoyable complete experience for everyone. Just. Be. Patient.


Zaz! :D


Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 06 September 2017 - 03:27 PM

Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me, anything's possible in Kingdom Hearts. They proved that with recent updates in the JP version of Kingdom Hearts Union Cross xD

If by some reason I am right I feel terrible already thinking of Ephemer becoming a Nobody... on the other hand after KH2 he might be recompleted nowadays. Mixed feelings here :v


Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 06 September 2017 - 03:15 PM

Hi everyone! Your friend Balo is back with one discussion topic!


Not sure if anyone has talked about this before but...


I am currently playing KH2FM in the 1.5+2.5 ReMIX (yeah I finally had time to do it). So I got to the 3rd Day and as the Twilight Thorn fight cutscene was playing something crossed my mind...


Don't you think that the Twilight Thorn Nobody Design resembles like A LOT that of Ephemer's Design?


I mean...


Imagine Ephemer's transition into a Nobody...


The scarf thing, the pointy feet and boots, the gauntlets are alike, even the kinda baggy pants are resembled by this Nobody...


So what do you guys think? It might be just a coincidence? Or by a small chance I might have noticed something important?


Be free to share your comments and thought!


Zaz! :P


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#1961408 THEORY: Strelitzia's Death

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 03 September 2017 - 08:49 PM

I mean come on! This is not about who did it since we know it was Lauriam! I mean it's Marluxia's somebody! He must be up to no good! Anyway what's really intriguing is "why?" Even if it was just to take her place he must be after something else. A greater role. Anyway only time will tell :)

#1961174 Do you want a Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover sequel?

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 01 September 2017 - 11:34 AM

Well, there is a chance we could see some sort of flashback scene in Kingdom Hearts III! Since Ven is a part of the X timeline, maybe when he finally recalls his past, memories of Skuld and the others will surface, therefore giving us glimpses of the other new Union Leaders in glorious Kingdom Shader graphics? :3

Great idea! I sure hope we get to see something like that! :D

#1961093 Do you want a Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover sequel?

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 31 August 2017 - 11:40 AM

Just imagine how the new Union Leaders would look like in Unreal Engine 4...and potentially getting to see some battles and whatnot, plus just diving deeper into the machinations of what went down during this time period...gahhh, it's just too much to imagine! X_X

I knooow! Just seeing Skuld, Strelitzia, Blaine, Ven and Lauriam in these graphics is just good. Do some battle scenes and I am sold! Totally :v

#1960990 Do you want a Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover sequel?

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 30 August 2017 - 12:17 PM

Totally! Even though KH Unchained X had a good story to start this whole new universe and since I enjoyed KHBC I for the most would love a KH Union X movie on the great UE4 graphics! I mean the "second season" story is proving to be way better and super intriguing and  exciting... so yeah :v


Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 17 August 2017 - 10:24 AM

Looks nice! Awesome job! :D

Thanks! :)

Nice! This is an awesome sketch! Strelitzia is rocking out those clothes and looking cute and adorable! Great work! I think this is a very close and accurate portrayal of the character! I can't wait till we see Nomura's sketch of the character! :D

Hahaha thanks! I did my best on the lookout for details! I hope we get to see Nomura's sketch of the 5 union leaders as well.


It's stuff like this, I could never do fan art. I'll just end up making a original character.

Of course not! Just make sure to practice and you can do it! :D


Very nicely drawn

Thank you! :3


Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 16 August 2017 - 05:25 PM

Hi there! Your friend Balo is back with yet another drawing.


It's been quite a time without posting anything and just wanted to share this quick Nomura style drawing I made for the new unveiled character on the KHUX realm: The fifth Union Leader Strelitzia.


While the drawing may lack some details due to the character mobile version being too little to see them, I think it turned out pretty good.


All credit for Mr. Nomura on the actual character design.


I will leave a colored and non-colored version if anyone wants to make their own coloring.


NOTE: Please if you are going to use this sketch for your own purposes just make sure to give credit.


See ya everyone!


Zaz! :P

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#1959008 KH3 being released in 2018? Pffft...AS IF

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 13 August 2017 - 12:52 AM

The thing here is that Nomura is confident because he is following his plan accordingly. Not neccesarily because we haven't seen much it means the release year they gave us is a lie or it's impossible. Only the actual developing team know the state of the game so there's no need of breaking our heads over it. It's not like they don't have stuff to show, the thing is that Nomura loves hiding his games in order to create expectation for it, so he doesn't give away details even if he has them. He even goes around announcing info like the BH6 world way before than stuff he already had like the Toy Story world (he declared BH6 was the last chosen world which means they had worked with Toy Story way before). So if they have announced 2018 then I believe in them, if it gets delayed in order to finish the game properly then it will be sad but worth it.

#1951228 Will Kingdom Hearts III have a secret ending or secret episode?

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 23 June 2017 - 11:11 AM

I mean... it's kinda a TRADITION for almost every KH game in the series to have a secret ending and secret boss. I mean even KHX (chi) got a secret ending thing to further speculate.


KH: Another Side Another Story / Sephirot

KHFM: Another Side Another Story: Deep Dive / Unknown-Xemnas

KH:ReCoM: KHII Roxas's Snipets

KHII: The Gathering / Sephirot

KHIIFM: Birth by Sleep / Lingering Will


KHBBS: Blank Points / Vanitas Remnant

KHBBSFM: A fragmentary passage / Episode Zero / Unknown Young Xehanort / No Heart / Eraqus Armor

KHReCODED: Mark of Mastery - Destiny / Data Roxas

KHDDD: Another Guardian of Light / Julius

KHBB0.2: 2.9 / Secret Mirror Boss Rush

KHX: Maleficent Scene


So yeah... I believe it's kinda hard for KHIII not to have something, whether it glimpses into future sagas or just something else I am pretty sure it will have any of those.

#1949426 when do you think KH3 will be released?

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 15 June 2017 - 02:17 PM

November 2018...


The date just popped out in my head...


It will release in November 2018...


*crosses fingers*

#1947290 KINGDOM HEARTS 15th ANNIVERSARY -Fan Memoria-

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 07 June 2017 - 12:09 PM

TBH it's a really great piece of art! The only thing that bothers me a bit it's the text. There's something about it that it's not letting me read it completely well... maybe it's the saturation of forms in the background but anyway CONGRATS as it is a really great cover :3