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Member Since 29 Jun 2010
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#1991676 Let's talk about Roxas

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on Today, 04:56 PM

Pretty sure it was because of Ventus and Roxas' own heart. It couldn't have been Sora as Sora's heart was walking around in Castle Oblivion.

What I meant was that Roxas in a way is Sora's body and Ventus' hearts in one being. Remember that even Riku explained that he could wield the keyblade because he was Sora's nobody, and he could double-wield because Ventus was also a keyblade wielder. This was explained on the BBS Ultimania long ago.

#1991661 Sometimes I wonder...

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on Today, 03:42 PM

Well there was a time that I was afraid to call myself a Kingdom Hearts fan good thing those people are dea- I mean there was a time I was afraid to call myself a Kingdom Hearts fan. I find it really weird if I dislike such a huge part that I'm even a fan of the franchise but maybe I'm so invested that I just keep liking it?

It depends on what you like and what you don't. For example I am a huge fan of the series because I do like the narrative and connections made in the story, I like the gameplay mechanics of each game and find the art style really inspiring. As a Disney fan I like to see my beloved movies and characters in another perspective and in a way they allow me to participate in them (through Sora). The music from Shimomura is outstanding to my ears! So... what I mean is that I know why I love the game so far... what about you? What do you love about the series? And if the answer was negative and you actually dislike it... what ties you to it? Is it a memory? Is it just nostalgia? Is it Disney? Is it Square? Just gotta make these points clear to yourself and then accept it...

#1991658 Sometimes I wonder...

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on Today, 03:21 PM

How I am a Kingdom Hearts fan if I look up my track record.


-I don't like Kingdom Hearts 1 that much but I feel like I'm learning to love that game

-Re Chains card system ruins everything for me atleast the story is interesting enough

-I don't like the MMO never played it never will

-I have only played 358/2 days ones like 10 years ago and eh can't remember much except that I don't like movie version so I read the manga most of the time.

-I don't like Dream Drop Distance mostly because of the plot and Gameplay aspects.


.... So how am I such a huge fan that sees KH3 as the second coming of our Lord if I have so many issues with it?

Maybe because you actually like it more than you accept but for some reason you deny it to yourself as if someone or something would make fun of you for saying you do... You can't just be excited and a "fan" of something you don't actually like. You do or you don't, saying otherwise then you're on denial IMO.

#1991657 Master Xehanort's Voice Actor in the new trailer.

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on Today, 03:17 PM

I said before and I’ll say it again; I’d love Christopher Loyd (for a voice very similar to Nimoy) or Robert Eunglund (for a orginal take like Epcar did as ansem).

I don't care who does it as long as it sounds alike or close to what Mr. Nimoy did! Really dug that raspy voice...

#1991656 Tetsuya Nomura makes comments promising more Kingdom Hearts info at TGS 2018

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on Today, 03:16 PM

I hope they announce a new world! Just the announcement! Pls Nomura-san!

#1991650 Master Xehanort's Voice Actor in the new trailer.

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on Today, 02:56 PM

Now that we've had ample time to register the godly juicyness that was the new KHIII trailer, there's something I gotta point out.


After watching the trailer again and again and again (still not tired of wathcing it, btw), and listening to his voice, there's a few things I gotta ask...


1. Do my ears deceive me... or did Master Xehanort's voice sound an AWFUL LOT like Chikao Otsuka?


2. If the above is true, and that is Chikao Otsuka, does that mean he recorded his lines before his passing?


3. If the above statement is ALSO true... does that mean there's a chance Leonard Nimoy recorded his lines before his passing as well?

Although he sounds QUITE A LOT like Chikao-san, there are noticeable differences but the new actor (if there is one) is making a great job! I wonder how they'll handle for Nimoy...


Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 12 September 2018 - 02:33 PM

Hi there!


Thanks for visiting my post.


It seems that no one else has noticed or cared, but the new trailer contained glimpses of San Fransokyo unde the attack of Heartless such as every world, but I also noticed on the scenes with the BH6 team members that they were fighting something and I happened to recognize such things. If you look closely at the screenshots in this post you'll notice that these things are the BUGS from Re:Coded. So far it seems they are the Red, Silver and new Black and green version of them. So I was thinking... how did these bugs emerged from the Dataspace and why appeared in this world?


Join me to speculate on this matter.


P.S. Sorry if there was already a post I missed.


Zaz! :D

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#1991053 KH3 Theory - Xion

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 12 September 2018 - 11:31 AM

First of all and with a lot of pain in my heart I gotta say, YES, it s Xion in the trailer... it's quite clear actually... on regards of your theory... I don't know. It might be possible but doesn't look like it is what Nomura would do IMO. But you do hit certain questions regarding Xion's return such as how did Xehanort find her? Why did she accepted it? Does that mean Roxas might be norted as well?


Lots of questions but no answers :(

#1990902 Which of the Classic Kingdom minigames have you played?

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 10 September 2018 - 01:20 PM

ALL OF THEM! I even got the goals cleared the very first day of launch! My favorites were Fishin' Frenzy and the KarnivaL Kid! The barnyard battle was also quite fun!

#1990453 What are you excited for next in Union Cross?

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 03 September 2018 - 11:55 PM


#1990384 When we will see Big Hero 6 trailer?

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 03 September 2018 - 12:41 PM

I think it will be on the PS Lineup thing, since it's not the biggest event in a way and we already know about this world's existence it's easy to hype up fans there and let a big reveal happen at TGS. As for the content I'm more excited to see which Organization member appears in San Fransokyo and the gameplay elements to be implemented on this world. But yeah seeing Sora and Baymax together it's pretty much cool too!

#1989437 New Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer at Playstation Line-Up Tour (Pre-TGS)

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 22 August 2018 - 02:41 PM

Ain't that exciting? I don't mind not seeing San Fransokyo TBH, just keeping the content as a surprise it's quite exciting for me but I am hoping for a world reveal. If I am really positive we might as well get 2 trailers like in E3? One for BH6 and another one for a new world announcement. That would be awesome :v

#1989360 Cutscenes from the demo I haven't ever seen

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 21 August 2018 - 10:41 AM

I just found out a video that shows off new cutscenes from the Toy Box.


It doesn't reveal too much, but if you want to experience Toy Box's story on your own, you may not want to watch the video I guess.

Either way I am not sure if you have already watched it. 


And I believe it may be uncommon to find those cutscenes, given the players don't have much time to play the game and most likely will skip them.


Here it is,



One particular thing I found out is that the track "Shaded Truths" from BBS and that got into KH3D, I think, returned. It's shown on the final cutscene. I wonder if in the demo there they got to fight that strange toy I have never ever seen.

Someon posted these after the first or second time the demo was made available but for obvious reasons it was taken down. It's fair to assume this will pop up every now and then since people surely downloaded it. Thanks for letting people know Vocaloid!

#1988954 Each worlds' enemies and thoughts

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 16 August 2018 - 02:27 PM

It's good to know you had this wish too :D

I wanted to point out the Dream Eaters Nightmares but I thought there wasn't a chance for them to appear given how difficult it seemed to be to put the Spirit ones, as far as I remember from the interviews. More to the fact that they reside in the Dream Realm. But the idea you pointed out there is reasonable enough. 

Either Dream Eaters Nightmares can appear when trying to save Ventus, or I have a hunch it may be possible for them to appear on the second playable character' path. It just seems possible, if Nomura-san really wants to put them. And I really hope he wants xD

I just have this weird feeling we will have to visit the Realm of Dream at some stage, not that much time will be spent there but maybe enough to have a Nightmare or two. And considering KHUX is apparently happening in the Realm of Dreams then it might be possible to uncover some clues in there about those events, like I said not too many or anything but it might be possible.

#1988902 Each worlds' enemies and thoughts

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 15 August 2018 - 11:00 AM

It's hard to believe that long ago I was wishing for a game to have all of the enemies so far and now it's become a reality. On topic, well I expect all of them to appear at some point and in variety but like you said Heartless and Nobodies will dominate while Unversed will depend on Vanitas' presence. I also would like to see Dream Eaters Nightmares in some stage. I have thought this could be a possibility in a mini world in the Realm of Dreams while trying to wake up Ventus, much like it happened with Sora in DDD. Well, only time will tell now :D