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#1974634 What’s your most wanted Link for Kingdom Hearts 3?

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 23 February 2018 - 02:12 PM

I want Brave in any form in KH! If we don't get a world I would expect at least Merida to make an appearance as a summon. I mean she could blast away heartless with superior archery skills and make a finishing move with Sora and her riding Angus and destroying Heartless with shots and tackles at full speed.


Second place would be 101 dalmatians. Shadow Swarm? Pls! We have Dalmatian Swarm :v

#1974212 What Disney movie would make the best new musical world in KH?

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 19 February 2018 - 01:42 PM

If I may suggest something, maybe the mini game could be optional instead of mandatory like they were in KH2 with Atlantica.

Even if it was mandatory it wouldn't feel that bad IMO! I mean I didn't mean for Atlantica to be musical and all but it did felt different from the rest of the game as it was not playable in a way. Also how many musical numbers can we have? 3 or 4 at much? It wouldn't bother me as long as the world keeps the KH feel.

#1973128 Gummi Ship gameplay in Kingdom Hearts III will feature open world-like explor...

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 10 February 2018 - 08:37 PM

So the world map will be fully 360 explorable, thus in a way, the world map will be like "another world" where you will encounter enemies in a certain area and such. It sounds so cool!

#1972792 This’ll be us KH fans tonight (hopefully)

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 09 February 2018 - 03:29 PM


#1970886 The wait is killing me and it's only January

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 17 January 2018 - 03:13 PM

Something screams to me September for the release. Anyway on to the topic. I generally concentrate on other stuff such as original projects (books I'm writing), play the KH series (all of them), other videogames, live life, work, go to the gym, learn stuff, sketch, etc.


There's more in life than KH and while you live it the wait suddenly it's over without noticing. Right now for example:


There's the KH event at D23 Expo we're all waiting for and which will be held in February 10th. Still some days to go but for the most part I've been busy at work, so suddenly we're in the middle of January already! It will come sooner than I even thought and KHIII will be the same. Once we know the complete release date the wait will be less painful. Right now it hurts since you're waiting but you haven't set a limit, we're in the dark.

#1970317 Making My Own KH3 Sora Cosplay

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 10 January 2018 - 02:33 PM

I've never cosplayed in my life but it would definetely be a good thing to go as KHIII Sora as you said! Hope you share pictures!

#1970236 What has Sora’s mom cooked for him?

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 09 January 2018 - 02:45 PM

I am ROFL! The Vegetables one was hilarious! McDarkness and 7 potatoes with 13 sausages were the best! xD

#1970162 A little Release date theory. Could it by July?

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 08 January 2018 - 06:14 PM

Isn't it funny how Nomura play with our minds? Joke aside I would love this to be real but it does seems to good to be true. Only time and D23 Japan Expo will tell :v

#1970098 Wreck-it-Ralph in KH3

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 07 January 2018 - 09:34 PM

I do like the idea of the arcade in Twilight Town, I would differ a bit on the idea of starting that much in advance of the film plot. Also there has to be a way for them to GET INTO the game in the first place. I guess it could be better if the guys would access the world by finding something about the world in Ansem's Computer, they go to investigate it (like when they go to Space Paranoids) but instead they enter the WiR world. Or maybe they get to the Central Station from Ansem's Computer and they wind up in WiR world through there. IDK.

#1969023 KH3 English Toy Story Trailer (Fan-dub)

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 24 December 2017 - 04:10 AM

Thanks! I've credited you in the description. The only change I couldn't make was Donald saying 'okay' due to the audio behind it. It would have gone completely silent if I removed it.

My friend... YOU'VE DONE IT! Now the trailer is very continuous! The grunts and battle quotes are way improved! Now I can call it a Perfect Dub! Great job indeed! Also thanks for the credit, wasn't expecting that! Keep the greatness dude! :D

#1968767 KH3 English Toy Story Trailer (Fan-dub)

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 21 December 2017 - 04:34 PM

Thanks pal! Yeah I feel that with the corrections for the authenticity. I wasn't 100% sure which quotes to use for each hit it would have been cool if I worked with someone to get there opinion. I was really happy with the "yeaaaaaaah!" when he dashes with the drill haha. And looking back I wouldn't have used "fire!" 4 times in a row and I should have changed it up with a grunt instead. So yeah I get ya.

Don't get me wrong, the video is really well done! The overall script was really well done and implemented on the scenes. If you want me to be more specific on the changes I consider should be done, here's the list:


- Sora jumping to get to Mount Olympus Doors: I would take out the "Faster" quote there. Sounded weird IMO.

- Overall gameplay scenes quotes and grunts are well selected and ok but they have a bit "too much" of them. A bit less would make it feel more fluid and realistic since sometimes they sound one above the other instead of one after the other. You would only have to arrange a bit the tempos and estructure.

- There's this first hit of the Rock Troll on Thebes which sora "Guards" but you made him "scream in pain". Since he Guarded the Counterattacked he shouldn't have screamed at all.

-When Donald says "Is to protect the World Order" he sounded SO GOOD but then he adds "Okay" and feels out of line and tempo. I would remove it.

- The Sound of Gameplay scenes is louder than Cutscenes. I would put them on a same Volume Level.

- On the Garden Gameplay Scene sometimes Sora uses Fire but he goes "ha" instead of "Fire". It would make more sense to use it that way since that's how you used it during the Rock Troll Heartless battle.

- The Drill grunts are ON POINT! Just the "Wind" one sounded louder to me.

- Whoever dubbed Young Xehanort sounded GREAT! Kudos to the guy!


So in general this would be my pointers to PERFECT it, not to say it is not a great Dub already. Making this little tweaks would make it best IMO.

It's up to you to consider it or not. Hope it helps :)

#1968704 KH3 English Toy Story Trailer (Fan-dub)

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 20 December 2017 - 04:37 PM

It is a great dub! It needs a bit of corrections to make it sound reaaaaallly authentic but it does feel similar to an actual footage. The lip sync was very good as well. Nice Job!

#1968546 If you could pick only one world to return from previous titles, which one wo...

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 18 December 2017 - 12:06 PM

This is a REALLY HARD AND DIFFICULT choice since any pick should be made taking into consideration the new graphics on the KH series. I mean even Cinderella's Castle entrance looked AMAZING! Imagine something like Radiant Garden in this graphics! Or even a world like Atlantica (which I know many dislike)! The water and the areas would look amazing as well! So yeah it's quite hard to pick one, but I guess I would go with Hollow Bastion/ Radiant Garden :)

#1968327 [UPDATED] [RUMOR] Screenshots of a possible Monsters, Inc. world for Kingdom...

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 15 December 2017 - 03:43 PM

You know i always thought KH3 was only going to include Heartless and Nobodies but to my Surprise i wasn't expecting Unversed in KH3 now.

They haven't been confirmed in any form. I would expect them though, but since seeing any of them appear would represent a return from Vanitas, it's harder for SE to reveal such information, hence why they haven't been even mentioned. Seeing how all the other three enemies are to appear in some form: Heartless, Nobodies, Dream Eaters, I would find it hard not for the only remaining enemy type to not appear. As far as I can see "certain"enemy type is seen in "certain" worlds and to connect things the "masters" of this enemies are in those worlds respectively. For example: We have seen both Heartless and Nobodies appear in Twilight Town along with both Ansem and Xemnas, their respective masters. So if this Monsters Inc. world happened to be real then we might expect Vanitas making his schemes in this world along with his respective enemies which are the Unversed. This would mean we might fight certain enemies in certain world according to the Xehanort vessel that's scheming in that world. Just my guess.


It wouldn’t surprise me if Dream Eaters were involved too.

Dream Eaters are confirmed to appear as said by Nomura. Not on a whole form but he said: "there will be a mechanic involving them DE. Please look forward to it". So yeah we are kinda seeing them making a return...

#1968323 [UPDATED] [RUMOR] Screenshots of a possible Monsters, Inc. world for Kingdom...

Posted by KeybladeMasterBalo on 15 December 2017 - 03:33 PM

The image does look to have both elements to prove it fake as well as elements to prove it real. The image is well done and might very well be real. If it happened to be fake then it was indeed a good job on the person posting it. The Unversed and the environment are pretty well done (the monster lacks a bit of an Unversed design though). What is really interesting is how this got "leaked" as Jump Festa is almost here. If it's real we're sure to have a suprise from SE, being an image or concept clip, if it's not then kudos to the developer of the image since it's indeed a nicely done image regardless.