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Member Since 29 Jun 2010
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In Topic: Who are your favorite garbage characters?

Yesterday, 01:48 PM

Aqua and Xion :3

In Topic: What do you expect to see of Kingdom Hearts 3 at Sony's Tokyo Game Show c...

19 September 2017 - 10:13 AM

I expect a new world reveal or some screenshots. I don't really think we will get this in trailer form tho. More like the D23 BH6 World announcement but that's it.

In Topic: What word do you associate with Kingdom Hearts?

18 September 2017 - 02:20 PM

I clicked on everything except for relaxing. This game is NOT relaxing! It stresses the hell out of you in it's story moments and bosses, BUT where would be the fun then? KINGDOM HEARTS IS LIGHT!

In Topic: Could Strelitzias Nobody be Larxene?

07 September 2017 - 02:10 PM

I don't think so. There are no similarities between them in any instance. You mention the eyes but it's like saying every KH character with blue eyes is connected in a deeper way. I think Larxene's Somebody will eventually appear in some point but with no major character development such as Dilan and Aeleus in BBS. And I also think she will be as mean as usual.

In Topic: Khux Theory

07 September 2017 - 01:38 PM

You know I had thought about this sometime before. I think that Kingdom Hearts X (chi) was wether the ACTUAL events of the Age of Fairy Tales or maybe it was a Dream within a Dream. Meaning it was a Dream within the Unchained X Dream. So the Unchained X realm is happening within a dream world with a dream "repeating itself over and over again" as you yourself have said. In the KHX dream the player just dreamt about specific moments and stuff. In the actual KHUX dream we are seeing a bigger picture of the whole story. Now back to your point:


Once player wakes up from the KHX dream we see Maleficent and yada yada spoiler sora, you know. This could confirm JUST what you said: This KHUX dream is happening in the dream worlds in the current time axis. NOW the thing with your theory here is...


Ventus: He cannot have shorter hair because he is in the dream. No one knows why Riku cut his hair. All we know is he cut it even before going to the Mark of Mastery Exam. If this is really the current time then Ventus is asleep and his heart is within Sora, not wandering the RoS, and even if it was wandering there for some reason he wouldn't have his hair cut down. So I still believe Ventus was in the Age of Fairy Tales Era, we only need to discover how he ended up lost in time to the BBS point.


Lauriam / Marluxia: This little piece of trash (sorry I hate him after Strelitzia :( ) also seems to be from the KHX era. There are a lot of things surrounding his character that make up for it: Flower connections such as Strelitzia and the KHX era (Dandelions, strelitzias, bleeding hearts, etc.), he was always called the "Graceful Assasin" and now we know why, also he has always been called a "Traitor" during KHReCOM but it seems now he is actually the KHUX traitor as well. All the events with the foretellers and stuff happened because of the presence of a Traitor among the five. Well they took this idea right into their heads and turned against each other when they weren't even the 5 in the prophecy. The book might as well be talking about this NEW FIVE where this dude is obviously the Traitor because of what he did and stuff. We just need to discover his motives and his transition to the KHReCOM point. TBH I always thought Marluxia was really powerful to be just a mere Number XI Nobody in the Organization so we know why now. I had my ideas before all of this but now I am almost sure that Lauriam will be one of the 13th Darknesses in KH3 since we have destroyed his piece of trash nobody Marluxia so he may have been recompleted, joined Xehanort, and we can see his nobody flunkies with rose petals and stuff causing trouble in KH3. If by any chance I am right with this last statement then SUPRISE, SURPRISE! We have a heck Xehanort vessel waiting at the destination for Time Travel and Mr. Nomura can get Xehanort's nose into this whole situation. At least for a bit. Just an idea tho.


So I do think by Maleficent's presence in the end of KHX that you might be right and we are seeing this in the current era but I believe that Ventus and Lauriam are from the Age of Fairy Tale Era just we need to know what happened to them since this versions might be just the Dream painting "a fuller picture" like Jiminy and Mickey in DDD.