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In Topic: Doesn't seem like Aqua is a Nort.

Today, 07:01 PM

Lol! Most of the community is divided because of this theory right now! I am for one this is the case though!

In Topic: Let's talk about Roxas

Today, 04:56 PM

Pretty sure it was because of Ventus and Roxas' own heart. It couldn't have been Sora as Sora's heart was walking around in Castle Oblivion.

What I meant was that Roxas in a way is Sora's body and Ventus' hearts in one being. Remember that even Riku explained that he could wield the keyblade because he was Sora's nobody, and he could double-wield because Ventus was also a keyblade wielder. This was explained on the BBS Ultimania long ago.

In Topic: Let's talk about Roxas

Today, 04:46 PM

Well, I feel stupid now lol. I thought I had made a discovery  :dry:

Nah don't be, too much stuff to digest that we do tend to forget stuff every now and then.


I don't remember, was Roxas able to dual wield because of Xion or Ventus?

It was because of Ventus and Sora, Xion was the "key fight" for him awakening that power. So in an essence it was because of both.

In Topic: Sometimes I wonder...

Today, 04:40 PM

Mmmmmmh good question let me see.


I absolute love the characters and I play the games mostly for the story aspect and of course the characters in general, I love the art style myself to and I wanna give Nomura an award for finding a way to make Sora and co look so normall in every Disney World or wherever they are.

Actually Kingdom Hearts introduced me to Disney (well I read through Donald Duck comics as a kid but never watched their movies) and I love what Kingdom Hearts does with the Disney plots because as someone here who doesn't really get in Disney movies (except a few) I appreciate that they still find a way for me to expierence the movies!

I like the Final Fantasy Anime aspect to, love the music and honestly I can't describe my love for Kingdom Hearts xD

There you go! Then you actually have a love for the series, then it's totally normal that you get excited for KHIII. Of course the games are not perfect (nothing in life is) but I for myself focus on the good things rather than the bad. As a gameplay example we have the camera and floaty combat most people talk about. Yeah it's there, yeah it does get in the way sometimes but, why letting that be the darkness that ruins your fun? Instead I learned to ignore it or accept it in order to make my experience enjoyable. Such is the Time-Travel Story segment, of course it came out of nowhere, but it's done, it exists now, why not just go along and see how does it affect in future games?


That's how I see it anyways. Hope I have helped you :D

In Topic: Sometimes I wonder...

Today, 03:42 PM

Well there was a time that I was afraid to call myself a Kingdom Hearts fan good thing those people are dea- I mean there was a time I was afraid to call myself a Kingdom Hearts fan. I find it really weird if I dislike such a huge part that I'm even a fan of the franchise but maybe I'm so invested that I just keep liking it?

It depends on what you like and what you don't. For example I am a huge fan of the series because I do like the narrative and connections made in the story, I like the gameplay mechanics of each game and find the art style really inspiring. As a Disney fan I like to see my beloved movies and characters in another perspective and in a way they allow me to participate in them (through Sora). The music from Shimomura is outstanding to my ears! So... what I mean is that I know why I love the game so far... what about you? What do you love about the series? And if the answer was negative and you actually dislike it... what ties you to it? Is it a memory? Is it just nostalgia? Is it Disney? Is it Square? Just gotta make these points clear to yourself and then accept it...