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Member Since 14 Jun 2010
Offline Last Active Oct 08 2014 09:00 PM
will you guys sign my petition for Jade Empire. At http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/jade-empire-remastered-in-hd-and-have-xbox-live Updated 07 Oct · 0 comments

About Me

Im an Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and Anime fan. I'm also an Up & Coming Poet.

My Poems:

Title: Yin-Yang
Walking around,
looking down and see a pool of Light.
Getting a closer look,
and notice a little piece of Darkness.
Turn around,
and see a pool of Darkness.
Getting a closer look,
and notice a piece of Light.
Stuck in the middle,
nowhere to run.

Title: Pool
Swimming in a pool of Darkness,
and notice a little of light.
Swim towards it,
the closer you get,
the more powerful the Light becomes.
The farther you get from the light,
the weaker the light gets.

Title: Inside
Inside the heart lies two pieces of energy,
there is a light energy,
There is a dark energy.
Beings of light,
you think that you have complete light inside.
In reality,
there is always a piece of darkness inside you.
Beings of darkness,
you think that you have complete darkness inside.
In reality,
there is always a piece of light inside you.

Title: Come in
Come in the Light,
escape the Darkness.
As the Light gets brighter,
the Darkness fades.
Come in the Darkness,
escape the Light.
As the Darkness grows,
the Light gets dimmer.
Two choices,
which on will you go to?

Title: Feel
Do you fell the Light growing?
The Darkness inside you is fading.
As the Light grows,
the Darkness fades.
Do you feel the Darkness growing?
The Light inside you is fading.
As the Darkness grows,
the Light fades.
Even if the Light takes over,
the Darkness won't disappear.
Even if the Darkness takes over,
the Light won't disappear.

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it sucks when people dont know the difference between anime and cartoons.
Sep 23 2014 05:32 PM
  • Shulk's Photo
    Caity said pretty much what I was trying to say.
    Sep 23 2014 06:14 PM
  • Dave's Photo
    And one would assume that you could level the same argument towards anime: there are shows aimed at children, and ones aimed at an older audience.
    Sep 23 2014 06:19 PM
  • Reyn's Photo
    ^ Fair enough then. I've been bested. XD There really isn't that much different between the two after all then,
    Sep 23 2014 06:27 PM


Should i start a petition online for Jade Empire to be remastered in HD and have online?
Sep 22 2014 01:33 AM


Jade Empire should be remastered in HD and should have online. I'm just saying that Jade Empire is a cool game with a cool story. Its a action RPG. I mean, if the game wasn't cool, it wouldn't have been in the 2010 Edition of "1001 Games You Must Play Before You Die." If it was to be remastered, the Imperial Arena in the Imperial City would be an awesome place for the players. Players can put their skills to the test against other players. They could also join other playe...
Sep 20 2014 01:14 AM


Who has Dynasty Warriors 8 on 360 with Xbox Live?
Sep 08 2014 12:03 AM


who wants to see the real me?
Aug 25 2014 08:22 PM


add me on Xbox: AeleusLexaeus05
Aug 20 2014 06:34 PM


Should Jade Empire be made into a movie? Yes or No?
Aug 17 2014 06:00 PM


Yoshi's full name is T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas! The T is still a mystery
Aug 09 2014 10:40 AM


Has anyone ever played Jade Empire? If not, you are missing out.
Jul 22 2014 02:00 AM
  • narutopins's Photo
    i loe that game its also good if you play that with fable those games are great dude
    Jul 22 2014 05:48 AM