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Member Since 15 Mar 2010
Offline Last Active Feb 14 2018 01:40 AM
Still vanishing like a nobody does, lol I know like no one here now Updated 26 May · 0 comments

About Me

I am Blaze Nice to meet you *puts arm around waist and bows*
 I can be very random at times, Sometimes we dream of something more than we can get, and sometimes we wish for things to be how they aren't, but we should enjoy what we have and who we love<3 even if our future is dim we will always have companionship. The darkness offers light for us nobodies~ Come and join me and accept me as your king! Princess i will do whatever it is you want i am your prince, I am yours~ I shall disappear into the darkness the only thing that keeps me real. I love anime, Big fan of kingdom hearts Ventus and Roxas are my favorite characters I am the heartless king~ Pitiful Heartless, mindlessly collecting hearts. And yet they know not the true power of what they hold. The rage of the Keyblade releases those hearts. They gather in darkness, master-less and free... until they weave together to make Kingdom Hearts. And when that time comes, we can truly, finally exist! "Remember not what you know, or whom you know, but live and enjoy today and smile for there is another day to bring you".
I love anime, Mitsudome, Sekerei:Pure Engagment, Air Tv, Dragon Ball Z, Saikano, Chobits, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Soul Eater, Death Note,Rosario + Vampire, Elfen Lied,Hellsing, Samurai 7, Sailor moon, Samurai Jack, Yobi, the Five Tailed Fox, Deadman WonderLand,and a lot more.


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Venroxas its me im baaaaaack!!!
Locked Status Dec 24 2016 08:38 PM

young moneyVENROXAS

Guess who's back?! Nah jk
Aug 07 2016 01:42 AM


Still vanishing like a nobody does, lol I know like no one here now
May 26 2016 12:55 AM


They say you move on and life gets better. But this year only continues to bring me down. Loosing my mom.. and watching my family slowly being torn apart.
Jul 12 2015 10:22 PM


I guess it's true what they say, Life is short enjoy it while it lasts.
Jun 20 2015 09:56 PM
  • VENROXAS's Photo
    You have no idea how much i've missed you sis

    Jun 04 2015 08:42 PM


Can't believe it I've been on this site for 5 years. Man that went fast!
Mar 31 2015 10:32 PM
  • Geralt's Photo
    Aye Sir!
    Mar 31 2015 10:34 PM


Sweet dreams are made of these.. Who am I to disagree?..Everybody's looking for something....
Mar 30 2015 11:14 PM
  • VENROXAS's Photo
    Some of them want to get used by you...

    Mar 30 2015 11:20 PM
  • Josuke Higashikata's Photo
    Josuke Higashikata
    *forgets the lyrics, but is glad someone else knows the song*
    Mar 30 2015 11:29 PM
  • Philip Ellwell's Photo
    Philip Ellwell
    Some of them want to abuse you..
    Some of them want to be abused.
    Hold your head up, movin' on, hold your head up, movin' on
    Mar 30 2015 11:38 PM
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