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I’m extremely desperate for a KH roleplay partner

19 February 2018 - 01:21 AM

Hi guys I’m dying because I can’t find a KH roleplay partner to roleplay with me and I really want to roleplay KH and I’m dead inside.

Okay, if you know me you definitely know what I’m looking for. If not, I’m an aspiring writer who loves to roleplay AUs with Kingdom Hearts characters. I typically play as Aqua, Roxas, Sora, Kairi, Ventus, etc but I can really roleplay whoever. My favorite genres are hurt/comfort among slice of life and fantasy themes. I also typically write a paragraph to a couple of paragraphs so keep that in mind. I’d also like someone to respond at least once a day but I’ll take anything I can get. I would love to roleplay on Discord too as well as here. Thank you and reply if interested! *_*

The Dark Tower based KH roleplay

10 January 2018 - 09:39 PM

Yo so I saw an awesome movie The Dark Tower based on the same books by Stephen King (I still need to read the books) and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a roleplay based off of it. You don’t have to have any knowledge of The Dark Tower don’t worry.
The plot is basically the universe being protected by Kingdom Hearts, and the Keyblade Wielders who protect it. With most of them being extinct the world as well as other worlds are in danger. I figured this could be with perhaps Ventus and Roxas living on Earth as twins.

Where the Apple Falls: ReMix (Roleplay)

10 January 2018 - 01:46 PM

(firetruck I can’t think tonight. Anyhow, we’re gonna start with all the Badlands kids leaving the Badlands, but in order to not make this last like two months real time like last time we’re just gonna sorta rush it.)

The day started off just like any normal day in town: the fog cleared up, the morning dew dried on the leaves. It was winter vacation, so students were enjoying being on break from studies. The town decided this was a perfect time to move the Badlands kids over instead of waiting for Summer. Everything was prepared, so there was no time to loose.
“All aboard!” Shouted an almost incoherent gurgling voice as a duck only known as Donald Duck sat at a boat docked on the Badlands. He out of all people were sent to pick up the kids. It’s not that he didn’t want to, well he didn’t, but the main reason was that he wanted to take the day to relax. He already had enough of teaching the spoiled brats back at the academy, but now he had to herd new ones too.
“Blaise- hurry it up I don’t want to be late!” Grumbled the duck.
A young adult with red hair smiled softly as she finished tying the rope down to the docks. The child of Axel had volunteer to help with the arrival of the new students- she wanted to give everyone a warm welcome after all. It took a while to convince her father to go, but she did it nonetheless. Muffling a cough in her sleeve, Blaise nodded and stood at the entrance to great the newcomers and their parents alike. She held up a sign, happily waiting for the students to arrive.
“Donald we have to wait for them to arrive either way. Just relax before you ruffle your feathers.” She replied with a chuckle. The duck only screamed in frustration, blowing a gasket at the steering wheel.
“You kids are so disrespectful- what is wrong with this generation!? Walking around like you all own the place with your new gadgets and fancy haircuts- when I was a duckling if I acted even a tiny bit the way you kids acted...” he kept on and on in his rant, causing Blaise to shake her head as she leaned against a beam of wood while she waited.


Meanwhile, a young girl named Marina giggled as she slowly snuck into the room of her parents; Aqua and Terra. It was a Sunday, so most adults that morning were sleeping in a few hours later than usual. Crawling on all fours, she snuck up to the foot of her parent’s bed before suddenly throwing herself ontop of her father.
“Daddy daddy it’s morning and mommy said to wake up!” She chimed, latching her arms and legs around her father like a koala. “Wake up Daddy!”


A groan echoed throughout his room as a young man by the name of Dexter woke up to the sound of his phone going off. With a grumble he looked over to his clock: seven in the morning. What kind of human being is up at seven in the morning on a Sunday? Checking his phone, Dexter sighed in aggravation to see some dumb notifications from his games. Like he really needed to be reminded that he got all his AP back. His Union probably got last place in the rankings anyway.
With a grumble, Dexter turned in his bed and attempted to go back to sleep.

Star Wars: Rebirth of the Force (1x1 KH rp with Riku)

28 December 2017 - 02:17 AM

In a galaxy far far away....

The morning went by quickly in the distant planet. Bounty hunters, officers, citizens and wealthy people alike were busy bustling through, busy with whatever activities and errands they had that day. The planet was rather small, the only actual place to go to being a large series of arenas and casinos for gambling and sport. Many corrupted political figures often traveled there, excited to partake in game and even some illegal activity.
A young woman by the name of Aqua emerged onto the deck at the main ship port, holding the hood of her cloak closely over her azure hair. She was a young padawan under the teachings of Jedi Master Eraqus. Along with her close childhood friend and fellow peer, they were sent to find a lost Jedi relic stolen by a thief known as Baahl. Aqua wasn’t even there for a half an hour yet and already people were giving her dirty looks. Some even hollered at her.
“I know the master said to be careful, but this exactly wasn’t what I was expecting.” Aqua uttered softly.

Star Wars roleplay with BBS characters interest check

25 December 2017 - 01:22 PM

Hey guys I recently saw The Last Jedi (don’t worry no spoilers) and most of us who watches Star Wars can definitely see how much of the KH universe is similar to Star Wars (especially BBS’ story). I was wondering if maybe anyone would like to do a roleplay with me about Star Wars with BBS characters (I prefer this to be 1x1 but it depends on how many are interested). Basically Aqua and Terra are gonna be like padawans (or maybe just Jedi Knights) serving under Jedi Master Eraqus in protecting the galaxy. Xehanort could be a secret Sith Lord wanting to control the galaxy. Aqua and Terra could also find Ven as a slave child, and find that he’s force sensitive. They could also take him back with them to become a Palawan.
Anyhow, lemme know if you’re interested!