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Are these "console upgrades" really a good thing?

PS4 PS4 Pro

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#21 Xiro


    the Hero

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Posted 09 September 2016 - 01:24 AM

This is nothing new. It's part of a constant cycle, and is now the norm in technology.

This. tbh I've found console upgrading to be annoying for a while lol. Maybe it's because I've basically been pretty behind, but I feel like upgrading and then getting enough games to justify having gotten said console is... a lot. Cost-wise No regrets about Wii U/XCX tho Idk it's just a personal thing I guess



the only reason you should buy that ps4 is if you didn't already have one

Basically me rn lol damn you KH3 and Tales of Berseria


Also Dustin's argument can be used for the New3DS as well. Either you don't already have a 3DS and get a New, or you're like "Damn this is too good" and get one (because even though I don't have one it is pretty good imo) it's just if u got the cashmoney

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#22 Hero of Light XIV

Hero of Light XIV
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Posted 09 September 2016 - 02:57 AM

This isn't anything new really, Sony makes different versions of the first console which can make you feel like you should have just waited or your glad you bought one before this. I think Microsoft makes different versions of the Xbox as well and at least with Playstation they are upgrading ALL Ps4s to HDR ( Which IMO sounds better than 4K to me), so all you will need is a HDR tv. I don't think it's hurting the community, if you have some extra money and/or really care about all the stuff the Pro is offering then get it, but if you don't then don't. Since HDR is coming to the current ps4's, I feel I can hold off on getting one without feeling to left out, but I most likely will get one around the Ps5 or something. Plus, for what they are offering, the Pro isn't that expensive (I don't know how much the scorpio is).

I'm with you on this. This isn't anything worth getting worked up over. 60 fps isn't a bad standard to look up to, if anything I feel that it's amazing that we've advanced so far in the world of gaming that we can even worry about fps as the next hurdle to jump over. It's just another link in the chain that is progress. And besides, they made it explicitly clear that regular PS4 users are not going to have an obsolete experience, the Pro is just an alternative for gamers who have the extra time, money, and interest in getting something that delux. This is just giving you more options rather than making one super-console that you either have or don't have, this way no one gets left out. If you have the means to buy and enjoy it, then get it, good for you, but if you don't then don't sweat over it, you'll still get an awesome experience with the PS4 and the HDR upgrade that's coming, you're still getting an enhanced experience either way.


And seriously, console add-ons are nothing new, we've been "rewarding" game companies like Nintendo, Sega, and Sony for releasing multiple versions of the same console for years (I mean the Sega Genesis/CD/32X anyone?). It's not a new trend that needs to be stamped out, it's just an already existing part of the cycle that we just accept for the most part.

#23 Master Eraqus

Master Eraqus

    Focuses only on positive.. so basically not a spoiled critic

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Posted 09 September 2016 - 06:32 AM

I don't really care about the frame rate or quality of a game. I already have a PS4, so in my opinion, getting this new one is pointless. The most important aspect of a game is gameplay, not graphics or frame rate.


I mean, if people are excited for the PS4 Pro, then good for them, glad they got something to look forward to, but I don't really think it deserves so much praise or attention. A higher frame rate and quality isn't gonna change how much fun I'm gonna have with the game. I'd rather spend my money on something worth it right now. If I DIDN'T have a PS4, then I'd probably buy this, but since I already have one, it's not really that worth it.

#24 Alpha Baymax

Alpha Baymax
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Posted 11 September 2016 - 05:09 AM

This is nothing new. It's part of a constant cycle, and is now the norm in technology.


What we can't or what we choose not to update with software, we go the route of upgrading with hardware. Distributors distribute, consumers consume. We buy one thing, we trade in for the new thing.


So Sony decided to release a new Playstation 4 console that serves better to the tastes of the graphics whores, while also implementing their slim model as the new standard in new releases for what will now be the "standard" edition... so what? Life goes on.


That's exactly how I see it. Where was that backlash when the New 3DS was introduced at the time?

#25 Soravids


    Alicia Maddox Fanboy!

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Posted 11 September 2016 - 06:52 PM

people really misunderstand what's going on. the PS4 got remodeled and became more efficient, they didn't make anything exclusive for one or the other, if you want HDR it's coming to the original ps4 too. The upgraded peripherals will work on the original too, the only reason you should buy that ps4 is if you didn't already have one or your old one broke down. Pro is just more powerful. Excuse my language, but it was made for the tech wh*res of the PS community, the people who just have to be on the cunning edge. It would be different if sony made a product that was so different that developers would have to make games exclusively for Pro or standard. It's not a cash grab. it's if you need a new ps4, here's one that works more efficiently; or if you want a ps4 that consistently has better graphics here's one that does that. A cash grab would be: here's a new ps4, we have changed the system and new games will have to be played on it or you won't be able to play them at all.

You don't get it though. They are testing their waters with this. If we reward them this time, it very well may get to that point next gen. Not worth the risk to me.

#26 Shulk

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Posted 11 September 2016 - 07:54 PM

You don't get it though. They are testing their waters with this. If we reward them this time, it very well may get to that point next gen. Not worth the risk to me.

Where's your source that this is a test for yearly console upgrades?

#27 Joker


    We the Phantom thieves will steal your heart!

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Posted 12 September 2016 - 04:36 PM

eh either way im going to behind. Still quite a while till ill be able to get a ps4. Thankful theres the slim that's cheaper so ill get that one day