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Overworld RP

Roleplay high fantasy original roleplay

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#841 Endless Thundaga

Endless Thundaga

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Posted 06 November 2017 - 09:19 AM

Jynn Venas-Dream

Jynn enters the castle and climbs the stairs to his mother's office. A figure seems to be sitting in Shiva's chair. It was the queen herself. "Mother." Jynn walks behind her and tries to start a conversation. "Mother, what are you doing here?" She doesn't reply. Suddenly, someone knocks on the door.


Jynn was a bit hurt from the scene, being reminded that his mother had lied to him. He closes his eyes and tries to make it all go away.

Jynn Venas-His abode near Mystras

Jynn wakes up in his bed. Apparently Mel was able to locate this place without Jynn's help. He sits up while wiping his eyes.

#842 Mystics Apprentice

Mystics Apprentice

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Posted 06 November 2017 - 05:34 PM

--Everyth Castanova -- Outside camp with Henry--


Her violet eyes widened, locking on Henry's.  They seemed strangely gentler than she remembered, perhaps because they weren't both wanting to kill each other as they used to.  Her rosy lips parted, though no words came out.  For a moment silence hummed around them, with only the sound of birds chirping and crickets in song breaking it.


"Never mind, it's nothing," Everyth murmured softly, breaking eye contact to meet the ground.  She couldn't begin to say what she was going to.  How would she even say it?  It was unlike her, or at least that is what she told herself.  She drew a step away, suddenly conscious of how close the two had been standing.  "It has been a very long day, and I am not feeling well.  I think I will go back to camp and rest.  Won't you come along?"


You could use the rest, too, she thought to herself, eyes flickering toward his wounded chest and biting her lip.


--Shiva de la Alexandria -- Leaving Kilkis Seres campgrounds--


The queen couldn't help but laugh as they clones emerged, insisting that she kiss them as well.  This is what she'd always adored about Maxis, whether he realized that he were funny or not.  She held her side, which ached from how hard she had laughed.  It felt good to laugh; it had been so very long since she last had done so.


A smile now remained planted on her lips as she gripped Maxis' hand tightly, nodding as they prepared to part ways.


"Thank you, Maxis, for everything.  No matter what the outcome tonight, remember how important you are to me.  To this kingdom.  Kilkis Seres wouldn't be what it is today without you.  You have my eternal gratitude, and affection."


Shiva withdrew a letter from a leather pouch on her thigh, turning it in her hands a moment before extending it to Maxis.  "Should I not return by dawn, please give this letter to Eclaire.  And . . . take care of the girl.  I haven't been there for her as I've desired or that she deserves.  This is the very least I can do, and even that is not much."


With that, Shiva turned and disappeared into the foliage of the early night, long braid swaying behind her.


It is time to settle this, Odin.


--Elia Cabret -- Kilkis Seres camp--


The fairy wasn't up to par, but she was at least in better shape than she had been upon arriving in the healer's tent.  Her wings were wrapped in bandages, and she had been given tonics that eased the pain.  The wound to her wing would take a fair amount of time to heal, but at least she would not be losing the wing, and the damage wouldn't be permanent.  She would have to avoid the skies for a while, but she could tolerate that.


As she wandered the camp upon bare feet and a simple white gown, she noticed the familiar kitsune.  She ran up to him from behind and gave him the biggest bear hug she could,  not realizing that he was indeed asleep.


"Oh, Jari!  Jari, you're okay!" she cried loudly, burying her nose into his shoulder as tears streamed forth, as well as snot.  "I saw so many people die, and I haven't seen any of our group of friends.  I was so scared that I lost you, too."


--King Alderon -- Gravely injured -- Mystras Healers tent near Helios--


"It truly astounds me that, despite what the humans have put you through, that you would turn down a chance at redemption with your queen and still fight for our survival."


The king propped himself on an elbow, a weak smile gripping the edges of his mouth.  He looked considerably worn, and incredibly weak.  He fixated his gaze on Helios, though he seemed a little out of focus.


"You, my lad, have a lot more character than I ever could have imagined.  Stronger than my finest men, and far more pure of heart.  I"--the king winced in pain, leaning back on his pillow and breathing heavily for several seconds--"I have made many grave mistakes during my reign, though in time I hope to correct them.  Forgive me, boy, for what I had ultimately caused you to suffer in my world.  I have learned much during my time here in your world, valuable lessons that I wish I hadn't had to wait so long to learn.  Perhaps . . . one day, I may make it up to you.  Or at least try."

#843 Stardustblade358



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Posted 06 November 2017 - 10:33 PM

- Helios - Side: Mystras Rebellion - Healer Tents - With Aura & King Alderon + Arthur -

Helios felt the hair at the back of his neck stand on its end as he heard an all too familiar voice. It was an unintentional sensation as his heart began to race and the grip on the talisman momentarily tightened. His mind knew better; he was no longer in danger from him, they were no longer enemies, and yet his subconscious screamed otherwise. He took a deep breath, looking over as King Alderon lay on his bed. His eyes quickly narrowed at his physique, he was terribly wounded, and yet forced the pain away for the sake of speaking to him. Helios let go of the talisman, turning to Alderon fully. He paused. What could he possibly say? Not too long ago he was in chains, cursing out at this man, threatening him that the moment he stepped out of them he would tear him into pieces for all he had done. Now he was free, and could easily do as he said so many times before. Yet...he would not. He had a lot of time to think. To realize. To learn. Now all of this anger he once had turned into...hope? Determination. Stubbornness, for sure. "...when we left this world to yours, we left to accomplish many wishes. The thrill of discovery of a world long forgotten, to become the pathfinders and trailblazers, even if we were labeled as traitors. We fell in love with your world. Your simplicity, your history, your stubbornness and tenacity of surviving despite the dying world around you. You had no magic, no powers, and yet you rose...You're an interesting species. An interesting mix. You're capable of such beautiful dreams, and such horrible nightmares." Helios reached out, pausing a second as his hand shook for a single moment, before laying a gentle hand on Alderon's. He had learned much. Now it was time for the king to learn too. "I will not lie. I still am angry. Deep inside, I very much am. Angry that things went the way it did. That I can't change it. That we had to go through what we did, and that Arianna died the way she did. But...it's an anger that is covered in grief that cannot be fixed, because changing the past is impossible. Whether it will go away is yet to be seen...but I have long decided that it will not control me as it did before. As for you..." Helios paused. "I cannot forgive you. I understand what you did out of desperation, but what you have done is unforgivable. But that is just me. Your people, however, have yet to give their verdict. Be the king that they need, that they look up to and deserve. Take this chance to rebuild. Maybe by the end, your good deeds will outdo your bad ones...only time will tell, and you have much of that left." "Your majesty!" Helios looked up, seeing Arthur standing by the doorway, smiling to see his king awake, and even better, alive. Helios waved him over. "Hey, he just woke up." Helios said casually. Arthur stepped closer, pausing before bowing down in respect. "I am glad that you are alive, my king." Arthur said, a genuine smile on his face. "Do you require anything? You shouldn't force yourself, your wounds look terrible. I-I mean, not that you look terrible, well, you do, you look like you got hit by a carriage, but that's normal considering you came out of the battlefield, sir!" Arthur said, stuttering over his words in his signature panic. At least, some things don't change as much.

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#844 Scrapmaster



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Posted 07 November 2017 - 11:42 PM

- Henry - The Augmented man - Speaking with Everyth -


Henry didn't mind Everyth's distance to him, which was rather short. He was just glad she wasn't wanting to kill him this time. He simply nodded with a chuckle as Everyth dismissed her earlier statement and his question along with it. He wasn't about to pry. He did, however, quickly caught up to her offer. 


Henry didn't say anything instantly, he simply smirked as he understood what she meant...or what she didn't mean. Especially the fact that she bit her lip. 


"As much as I would love to...I doubt i'd be welcome there." Henry told her, with simple, yet gentle words. He tried not to hurt her feelings, as he knew a woman's feelings were quite fickle. "And If any of the soldiers saw us together. Rumors would spread like wildfire...and I don't want you bearing the burden of a bad reputation among Alderon's units." Henry added, a part of him really wished to go, another thought best not to.


"Im sorry..." Henry finished. Wishing she was not hurt by this. However if Everyth paid attention to Henry's lines, the man was slightly blushing...and he was genuinely shy, the Dreadnought wasn't as good with women as one would think.



- Draksis - The Black Knight - Healer tents -


"I too, must apologize" Draksis spoke, as he slowly walked into the scene, none the worse for wear, he had just arrived, and had been supervisioning his unit's treatments back at their own tent. Casualties to the black knights were minimal, as was their custom. Protect one another till the enemy falls, and if they should fall, they would fall together. 


"I apologize for how you were treated back then. I wish I could have done something but I could not, mostly by restrictions placed upon me." Draksis explained to Helios, with sheer sincerity and simpathy in his tone as he bowed his head to the boy. 


Draksis then turned to Arthur and the king. "Arthur, breathe, you're stuttering." Draksis spoke to Arthur with a casual tone, as if he was speaking to an old friend. Before he turned to Alderon, "I am glad to see you Alive, my king." Draksis spoke to him. As he took a small chair and sat down with the group. 


"Black knights have suffered minimal casualties, most wounded should make full recoveries soon...Alex...however, might take some more time before being fully healed..." Draksis spoke, his voice cracking as he said. 




- Maxis - Ze Living Armor - With Shiva -


Seeing Shiva laugh, whether from his clones or something else, would have brought  a tear of happiness in Maxis's eye...if he had eyes, that is. It made him happy to see her smile, even if just for a small laugh. He hated seeing her, being eaten away by her queenly duties. 


Shiva, however, quickly handed him a letter. Explaining it was for Eclaire...in case she didn't return by dawn. The thought of Shiva not returning, terrified the armor to the very core of his lingering spirit...and spirits. He could not bear such a thought, but he had to swallow any type of fear he felt. As he nodded to Shiva, "I...will look after her as well. I promise you this." Maxis promised Shiva, he was not going to stop her from going, after all.


As Maxis saw Shiva, slowly disappearing behind the foliage of the night, letter in hand. Maxis could not stop his longing stare in the direction she went.


"Be Safe...please." Maxis muttered. "I don't want to lose you..." 

#845 Stardustblade358



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Posted 08 November 2017 - 01:46 AM

- Helios - Side: Mystras Rebellion - Healer Tents - With Aura, King Alderon, Arthur & Draksis -




Helios looked over at Draksis, surprised to see him standing out of all things. The knight was of age yet it seemed he was not ready to kick the bucket just yet. Helios waved his hand slightly to Draksis when he apologized. "Soldiers are men following orders from a higher calling. To do otherwise would be considered treacherous. I accept your apology. I do also apologize for attempting to bite your arm off more than one time." Helios said. Arthur looked over at Draksis, smiling to see that he was alive, but frowned slightly at the mention of Alex. "No." Arthur muttered. Alex was the one to bring him out of his frozen state after the murder of the fey on the battlefield. Injured yet doing his best to help him before himself. Ah, there came in the guilt. "...regardless, now we just have to wait until Lord Raiden returns with the verdict, don't we?" Arthur asked. Helios nodded, looking down. "Lord Raiden and Queen Shiva will meet, and whether it will mean the end of this war, or the declaration of it further, relies on whether Lord Raiden can create peace with the Queen." Helios said, sighing at the end. Thousands of lives relying on whether or not they could get along and change each other's minds. It was...certainly depressing to think about it that way. "All we can do is wait...and hope." Helios looked up, staring at Arthur before smiling. "I also want to apologize for attempting to throw gravy at the princess. I was quite the chore, wasn't I?" Arthur's attention quickly turned to Helios, annoyed. "Tell me about it! Your aim was pretty good, too!" Arthur paused. Visco. He hadn't seen her in so long. She still remained in his mind. Her laughter. Her smile. He was fighting for her too. He had yet to give her the flowers! Helios gave an amused smile as he watched Arthur smile at his thoughts. "Thinking about your girlfriend, aren't you?" "WHY YOU-!"

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#846 Nero Kunivas

Nero Kunivas

    Lord of the Castle

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Posted 08 November 2017 - 05:48 PM

- Soren Monroe - Kilkis Seres Campgrounds -


After Meksis had left, Soren was left to wander the Campgrounds, a few soldiers met his gaze, granting him a slew of reactions: Interest, confusion, resentment and for a particular warrior; disgust. Soren met their views with his own expression: Sorrow. He knew already it was going to be difficult for him to gain anything back, be it station or respect, he had a long journey ahead of him...but whatever the case, no matter the looks he got, it was all up to Soren to make it easier for himself. The looming question over his head however, was where does he start?


Confusingly, Soren caught wind of a familiar figure bathed in Light, taking flight in a hasty fashion...where was Meksis going?



- Meksis, Armour of Light, the Chaperone - Shiva's Tent -


Meksis walked into Shiva's tent, but much to his surprise, the Queen was not present, nor was Maxis or her Retainer. Perplexed, the Chaperone quickly exited the tent and ran around the Campsite, asking a few passers-by if they had seen Shiva, but none could offer him any solace or even so much as a direction to her location. Meksis quickly became frantic, rapidly looking around his person. Where had she gone and where was Maxis? He had to speak to her.


Much to Meksis's relief, and yet confusion, he caught a glimpse, in the distance and disappearing into the night...Queen Shiva was...leaving? Surely not...but, what for? Meksis had to know and knew that if she was doing anything close to what he was thinking, she needed company, someone to help her out if things went wrong. Briefly, Meksis activated his full power, Solidarity of the Chaperone, the radiance of his power astonishing several soldiers around him, and used his power of Flight to close in to Shiva's approximate location and land near her, his power quickly being turned off upon doing so as he extended a hand and jogged toward the Monarch. "Queen Shiva, hold a moment! Forgive me, but where are you going?" Meksis called out, though he was a little worn out, rapidly shifting between states was taxing on his spirit.



- Nergal, Remnant of Meksis - Healer's Tent w/ Yevgeni -


Once Yevgeni knelt beside Nergal's bedstead, the latter responded in kind by propping himself upon his elbow as to face the Elf better, his eyes fluttering for a moment before centering upon Yevgeni and a weak smile formed upon his face. "I can only hope now he is everything I believe him to be..." Nergal thought to himself, taking a moment to relish in his newfound life and the very fact he has hope now.


"Your lack of recollection as to my presence in said Royal Court is understandable, for I was not there. I do not truly fight for Queen Shiva or Kilkis Seres, I joined the side of her Army in the heat of the moment, to seize an opportunity, as it were. Sometime during the fighting however...I grew beyond what I once was, a hollow man without a heart. Now my interest in you has peaked, though take that not in the wrong way, but as an invitation, an opportunity for yourself!" Nergal whispered to Yevgeni, consciously ensuring his voice remains low despite his swelling feelings. He then relaxed his pained face and his smile faded but his expression became more...alive.


"My interest in you is born from my belief in that we have a common goal, you and I...tell me, what is your name? What is your opinion of the Monarch of Kilkis Seres? Where do you think the worlds need to go from here? And is there anything in this world that can grant...something more, to a person?" These questions Nergal put forward would evaluate Yevgeni, though the last one was born purely from a desire Nergal had, to become greater than he was and he believed this Elf could help him attain it.

#847 Mystics Apprentice

Mystics Apprentice

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Posted 08 November 2017 - 08:22 PM

--Everyth Castanova -- Mystras camp outskirts with Henry--


A frown furrowed Everyth's brows as she repeated what he said slowly, as though confused.  "My . . . reputation?"


It was then that realization hit her, which both flustered and annoyed the woman.  "I didn't mean for you to join me.  Not in the literal sense.  I meant for you to return to camp.  That is all.  I wouldn't have meant, well, anything else."


Was that what Henry had even meant?  She wasn't sure; she'd never been good at reading between lines, but she was embarrassed at the very thought.  Everyth folded her arms and turned away, though the color in her cheeks slowly began to die along with her anguish.


"Well, take care of yourself out here, at least.  I dislike the thought of you being out here all alone, without proper accommodations or medical care, but I cannot force you to join us at the Mystran camp.  Raiden seems like a good and unbiased man; I think he would welcome you."


With that, Everyth started to walk away, though paused after a few steps to glance over her shoulder.


"Oh, and Henry?"  She offered him a slight smirk, looking a bit more like her mischievous and confident self.  "Don't die in the night.  You still owe me dinner, remember?"


--Queen Shiva -- leaving Kilkis Seres camp--


The ice queen froze as she heard a voice call her name.


"Hmm, yes?"  She turned on heel to find Meksis, causing her eyes to widen in surprise.  The suit of armor was jogging toward her, though seemed incredibly fatigued.  Shiva clashed her hands in front of her, bowing her head.


"I have a meeting to attend with Lord Raiden.  We have a score to settle, and I have promised to attend alone."  She hesitated, sensing that this would probably not go over very well with the Chaperone.  "I'll be back shortly."


Would he try to stop her?  Would he attempt to join her?  She didn't know, though lying about her whereabouts didn't exactly appeal to her either.  Meeting with Raiden alone would've been foolhardy on its own anyway, let alone telling no one of her destination to boot.


--Yev Malachite -- Kilkis Seres' healer tent--


Yev quickly stole a glance over his shoulder upon Meksis' questions, as though someone would listen in and steal all of the secrets of the Overworld that they uttered.  His reaction alone likely gave away the fact that he knew something, or that something about Meksis' questions made him uneasy.  The blond stiffened, expression unreadable.


"It is a curious thing to join an army on a whim during war to profit others beyond yourself, specifically me," Yev stated sharply.  The elf was skeptical, to say the least, and yet his curiosity and optimism got the better of his judgment.  "You believe our goals align, but I doubt that you know much of what lies in my heart, or what my goals truly are.  If you think that I am a mere puppet of Shiva's, you are very much mistaken.  I view her as my own puppet, easily malleable if given the right persuasion.  Her ideals are not her own, nor are they mine, and thus I intend to sway her in another direction."


He brushed his hair over his shoulder, glancing toward the entrance before uttering in a low voice.  "Should she refuse and finally develop a backbone, I have other plans for Kilkis Seres, ones that do not involve her."  What this was, he didn't elaborate, but it wouldn't take a person much to put two and two together, especially one who seemed as sharp-minded as the man before Yev.


"My name is Yevgeni Malachite.  I was the retainer to King Alexander, his confidant and right-hand man.  He shared much of his goals and dreams with me, and even shared some of the deepest secrets of our world that few upon this land know of.  Before his death he planted a seed, the notion that I could obtain a dream that I thought was nigh impossible.  Ever since then I have been seeking this dream, awaiting the day before it can finally become a reality."  Yev frowned, studying Nergal a moment before continuing.  "But I suppose you already know of the Source of All Life, and are really wondering if I am privy to its existence?  If so, the answer is yes, and I firmly believe that it is within reach.


"My question to you, however, is this: what interest do you have in this device?  What would you profit from it?"


--King Alderon -- Mystras tent--


Upon Helios' words the king merely nodded.  "Ah, yes, of course.  I would expect it to take more than words to earn your forgiveness. Perhaps one day I can instead make up for your loss, but perhaps all I can do is make amends.  Regardless, you have my apologies, and newfound respect for your race.  Thank you for not holding my own shortcomings against all of humanity.  That takes a wise man to see past the faults of one person."


It was then that Arthur greeted him, and rather enthusiastically at that.  It took much of the king's strength to keep himself upright and follow every word that came forth from the youth's mouth.  Eventually he chuckled.  "Ah, Arthur, my boy.  I am glad to see that you are well.  Princess Visco would never forgive me if anything happened to you."


Alderon then focused upon Draksis, who took up a seat nearby.  "How do you fare, Draksis?  And the rest of our human troops?  What sort of casualties did we face?"

#848 Elrandir


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Posted 08 November 2017 - 09:22 PM

- Sifrei and Aura - With Helios, Alderon, Arthur and Arthur -


Aura agreed with everything Helios said, there was nothing they could do but hope and pray. That's when the voice of King Alderon was heard, this caught Aura by surprise, Sifrei was glad the human King was alright.
" Sifrei? Can I ask something," Aura said to the Archangel, "Can we trust the Queen?"
Sifrei stared at the human girl for a moment, pondering his answer.
"That I couldn't answer. You see, her father gave her the responsibility to keep and maintain the barrier, but I have the feeling that there is more than that," Sifrei answered, "The Frostbearer's feelings are quite the mystery. We of the North were order not to meddle in the affairs of the Queen of Kilkis Seres, no matter what."
"Why?" Aura asked, "Why would your leaders would order you to avoid any interaction with Kilkis Seres."
"The reason, to my understanding, is that after the previous war, when King Alexander created the barrier, our ruler saw the repercussions the barrier would bring to the world below. After he passed away, his daughter, Queen Leviathan, choose to cut any activity with Kilkis Seres and their ways to deal with humans," Sifrei answered, "We have the chance to begin anew, let us hope no more bloodshed is neccessary after today."

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#849 Scrapmaster



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Posted 11 November 2017 - 10:19 PM

- Henry - Ze Dreadnought - Out in the night -


Henry nodded embarrassedly, scratching the back of his head as Everyth explained her true intentions, he totally misunderstood, but he wasn't gonna take back what he said. He nodded to her dinner offer as she left turning to look at the night sky, he smilled "I'l try to." He replied to her as she went back to her tent. 


While he looked over the sky he felt...relaxed, even though this world was still alien to him, he could still feel relaxed in it, he figured it was mostly because of Ariana. He was mostly enjoying the moment. Albeit some thoughts still lingered on his mind.


'I wonder what awaits us in the coming days.'

'Possibly more fighting'

'At least i'l have you by my side, right?'

'Of course.'

'I never apologized for what i've done, have it?'

'What do you mean?'

'I mean, killig you.'

'I was going to die soon anyway.'

'yes, but still...

'You need to stop blaming yourself and feeling bad for what you have done. instead, do as Helios said, turn those feelings into power, to move on in your path.'




- Draksis - Black knight commander - Conversing with his fellow men...and fey - 


Draksis enjoyed the moment, he kept a warm smile as Helios and Arthur conversed, without hostility to one another. He was, however, more impressed at Helios's willingness to forgive them for what they have done to him back in their worlds. Although he never had a say in it, Midnea and Alderon took care of it, mostly. 


He quickly turned to Alderon as the man spoke to him, asking of the casualties. Causing Draksis's jovial face to take up a more serious expression. "Substantial losses to both sides of the armies, we lost many good men, human and feys in this battle. Even with most of our troops equipped with magic resistant gear, many still fell to the sheer force of their army. of course our army had the upper hand. We had many more powerful units in play." Draksis spoke of the war, almost like reporting anything all that happened in perfect detail.


"The Black knights capitalized on protecting our flank's healers, Alex and Arthur took down a massive beast and its companion. Albeit Alex lies in bed with a strong fever as we speak, the healers said he'd be fine soon. The wounds he sustained had gotten infected before he got back." Draksis spoke some more, stopping tot catch some breath.


"Our losses were minimised by the crushing offense of the shock troop made of Alastor, The Lady Elf, and Henry...I think I don't need to speak who that is, do i?" Draksis spoke as he looked at Alderon and everyone else he sat with. "Even with the casualties we sustained, we should be ready for another engagement, if it does come to it." Draksis finished his explanation.


Draksis then looked at Helios, with a sorrowful look on his face. "I heard of your friend, you have my simpathies, not that they ammount to much..."

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#850 Elrandir


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Posted 11 November 2017 - 11:22 PM

- ??? - Outside camp with Henry and Ariana -

If one actually payed attention to their surroundings they would have felt the sudden change in temperature, it slowly became hotter and hotter with each passing second.
"You should do as the fey tells you, human. After all, feys possess great amounts of wisdom. " a gentle, yet commanding voice said to Henry, " One that comes after centuries of experiences. Then again, even feys can make mistakes, just like humans have done in ages past."
The voice went silent after a moment, leaving only the sound of the cool wind blowing. After a couple of minutes of silence the voice came back behind The Dreadnought, a female figure made of flames appearing behind him.
"But I can sense great turmoil within you. Pain and guilt surrounds you, it drags you down, and if you keep those feelings hidden, they will consume you from within, leading you towards an inevitable fate, a fate that you will then realize could have been prevented," the female said, "You think yourself as broken, yet you care for he who passed away, you care for her who lost her other half, for her who still remains within you, for the world below the Sea of Clouds."
The figure slowly faded away before Henry could turn around, she then appeared again, this time a few steps in front of Henry. The figure this time was not made of flames, instead, it was a young looking, red-haired woman wearing what looked to be a red dress, with pieces of armor made of gold and another unknown metal, and yet the most striking features were the two horns coming from each side of her head and the fact that her hair looked like it was glowing faintly, like it was burning like a flame, her face was covered by a smooth white porcelain mask from were a set of emerald green eyes could be seen. Perhaps Henry, and even Ariana, would be able to sense the young woman's massive amount of magical power, it being in a completely differently league than that of Queen Shiva, Lord Raiden or any enemy they may have faced during the battle, even when she wasn't trying to show any of it.
"I would ask for your and your young friend's names, human, but allow me to introduce myself first," the young woman said, "My name is Mielinare, judge and protector of the North. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance."




I imagine the dress as something like this:



(I also didn't post for Rabs since she is just watching over the city, maybe later when she gets a quick visit from her guardian. Sifrei and Aura are talking among themselve and listening to Helios, Alderon and the others.)

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#851 Scrapmaster



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Posted 13 November 2017 - 09:05 PM

 - Henry - The Dreadnought - In the Presence of an almighty being -


Henry's spine chilled solid as he noticed the temperature changing...and the presence of an aura he, nor Ariana had ever felt before. A being they had no chance of even getting near at that ammount of power, her voice echoed in his head, both the fact it made total sense...and hit him very close to home. No matter where he looked, he could not spot the figure, as it spoke behind him and vanished every time. It was then he felt it exactly behind him, speaking of him and his guilt...his burdens...and Ariana.


"What the-" Henry muttered as he spun around, only to find nothing there. Only for the being to appear a few steps in front of him, forcing him to step back in surprise. He was in awe at the woman's appearance, hair like flame, but he was mostly distracted by the horns, as well as the smooth porcelain mask covering her face. 


'This aura...its too powerful.'

'I've never...seen such a powerful one...'

'Ok, trying to not freak out'


It was then the woman asked for his name...and the name of his friend. all the while introducing herself, "Judge?" Henry asked in surprise. He knew this world was full of secrets and other beings, but not of this magnitude. Henry took a moment to regain his composure as he looked back at her eyes, not breaking said contact.


"H-Henry, thats my name....and for my friend...you must mean the one that dwell inside of me, Ariana" Henry replied to her. He grit his teeth and took a deep breath, managing the courage to ask a question. As stupid as doing so would be. "What, business...do you have with me, Melinare? You're not after my death, because if you were i'd be dead by now." Henry asked her a direct question.  He knew he did not equal even a sliver of her power. But he was still the stubborn bastard as always. His legs were paralyzed, both in fear and under the pressure of the woman's aura.

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- Mielinare - A.K.A. Valdra, The Incandescent - With Henry and Ariana -

Ah, the human was scared of her, that was not good, or perhaps it was, Mielinare didn't had a preferance.
"That is a surprise Ariana, for I have seen others such as I," she said to Ariana, "ages ago, before you were even born. And yes, judge, as in one who enforces the law, Henry. Perhaps you know others who hold the title of judge. The Elf Rabiyu and the Archangel Sifrei are such examples."
Oh yeah, those two were somewhere near, Mielinare could feel Sifrei close and Rabiyu, well, she cold feel the use of the rune around the city of Mystras, locating her would be an easy task if she hijacked the power of the rune.
"There is no need to rush child, death will come when the Goddess of Death deems you are ready to be in her embrace and cross over into the Elysian Fields. As for why I am here today," she said as she kept looking at Henry, "I was curious about the situation. You see, back in the north, Queen Leviathan is worried, for both the outcome of the war, and the fate of her long lost friend, the Frostbearer. We judges were supposed to be on stand by just in case, but I came to make a quick visit to my comrades."
That was true, in a sense, she came to have a quick chat with the Elf who was currently fighting with her inner feelings, but on her way there she felt Henry and Ariana.
"I will admit that I felt your inner conflict Henry, and I decided to come and see  for myself. Imagine  my surprise when I found out that you, and the woman you were with a moment ago, have the essence of a fey inside you, effectively making both of you hybrids," Mielinare said calmly, her tone was that of slight amisement, "although i fear that humans were not meant to have the essence of a fey inside, the arcane energy is gone from humanity, giving the human body just a fraction of arcane energy will give way to some side effects, which I am sure, you already know about."
The young looking Fire Nymph turned her head to look towards the way Everyth went, the woman's soul looked young, for a human, but her body did not match that soul.
"You must let go of the feelings that weigh you down, child. Only then you will understand your place in the world. Doubt, Hate, Fear, Anger, do not give in to those emotions, it will only lead you to a premature death," she said, "I am sure that your death would break the hearts of your friends. So, tell me Henry, what are you really afraid of? Why do you insist on punishing yourself for things that were beyond you control."

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- Henry - The Dreadnought - Talking with Valdra -


The woman spoke in cryptic ways, speaking of a goddess of death he did not know of, maybe it was the Fey's perception of death or something, he didn't quite know

'Did she just...'

'Speak with me?'


As Mielinare spoke about the compostion of Henry and Everyth's bodies not being fit to wield the arcane. Having even a fraction of arcane energy would cause serious side effects, Henry knew this all too well. Her speech about the arcane prompted Henry to look at his hands.

"Its true, my body is not the same anymore after the infusion of the arcane magic."


The woman then began to speak about Henry's turmoil, telling him to let go of the hate, anger, fear and doubt. Let go of these feelings...else face a premature death, these words confused Henry, as he did not know how he could let go of such things...could he truly forgive himself for what he's done?


"My failures always catch up to me...I was in control, of most. I have done...horrible things, Mielinare, I have killed innocents under order from my king, I have razed villages to the ground, I have slain countless people, ruined countless families, with my own two hands, stained with the blood of innocents." Henry began to speak, with a sorrowful and downright depressive tone.


"The moment I realized what I was doing, it was too late. I had already killed too many. I ran, defected. my one redeeming act, was in a act of pure desperation, killing Ariana in her prison cell. setting her free from the tortures my kingdom had beseeched upon her, I thought I had done something good. But I was wrong..." Henry's hands then began to glow a faint, red light. "But her soul was absorbed into my body...and she is stuck within me, within this murderer's body." Henry spoke, dropping down his hands to his waist and lowering his head.


'Henry...' Ariana spoke in his mind. 

Henry was feeling like his heart was being tore out saying all of this, he did not want to relive those moments, even if for a second. He closed his hands into fists, "What am I afraid of? many things in fact. losing the ones I care about, the ones that Ariana cares about. Failing my people, not being able to fulfill the promise I made to my sister, that I would protect them all." Henry spoke as he started to raise his head to look at Mielinare's eyes. 


"But those are all elaborate lies. Aren't they?" Ariana spoke, through Henry, making sure even Mielinare could hear her voice.

"Yes, they are. what im truly afraid of, is being powerless, to help others, being powerless to save my world from its doom, being so weak I could not even match the opponent I faced." Henry continued, moving his hand to his chest, where the wound laid under bandages. "But I have been powerless to protect my friends. Who I dragged into this mess, one of them died today, and I can't stop blaming myself that I had brought him here, to this world. And could not protect him!" Henry spoke, his voice beginning to crack as a single tear rolled down his eyes.


"I don't have anything but failures to haunt me Mielinara." Henry finished. "How am I to understand my place in this world...if all I do is destroy everything I touch?".

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- Mielinare - A.K.A. Valdra, The Incandescent - With Henry and Ariana -

Mielinare quietly listened to everything Henry and Ariana had to say. It seemed that the young human's afflictions ran more deeply than she thought.

"Everyone in this world, both above and below, have failures behind them, and just like you, they also have done terrible things," she said to Henry, "Let me give you an example."

The Fire Nymph turned around, she was looking towards the tents, to one specifically, the one where the archangel judge was.

"My two associates that are currently here have made mistakes in their beginnings. Take the Archangel for example, he was one of many who taught humans the ways of the arcane millennia ago, you could say that he was the catalyst that made your ancestors wish to conquer this world, so this outcome is part of the choice he made," Mielinare said before turning around, "And the Elf? Did you know that she is missing fifty years worth of memories? Those were dark times for her and those around, she was raised as an elf of the light while actually being born as one of the Dark Elves. She wished to destroy everything in her path and, by some divine prank, she erased hundreds of feys from the aristocratic sector in the Imperial City. She doesn't remember now, but she feels the urge to help those who, in her eyes, can't defend themselves."

Mielinare raised her hand and slowly took off the mask, her face was very young looking and flawless, almost like a model from a painting from the human world, something that people would consider impossible to withness.

"Do not try to hold all that weight on your own, or it will crush you sooner or later, no matter how strong you think you are. You want to help others, but do not want to be helped. You want to save your world, but you try to do it all alone," she said calmly, "You need to trust those around you Henry, because you alone do not possess the power to change the world, no matter what you think, but with the help of your friends anything is possible, they will allow you to see the way. It is true that one of them died today, but I assure you that he is in a good place now."

The Nymph's eyes were focused on the human, like she was staring right into his very soul, and perhaps also looking at Ariana.

"Learn from your mistakes child, If you fall, get up and try it again. If you realize that you can't succeed on your own, then ask your friends for help, for they will be there to help you succeed in that which you failed alone," Mielinare said, "It seems that we spend out entire lives trying to rewrite the past, Henry. We wonder if we can't heal the present, and we're frightened of eventually living in a broken future."

The woman waved her hand and a faint glowing arcane circle with multiple different runes inside appeared on the ground.

"If you enter this circle it will give your friend a temporary existance in the material plane," she said, "I am sure that settling the things that happenede between the two of you will give you some peace. Perhaps that way you can move forwards once again."

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- Henry - The Dreadnought - With Mielinare - 


Mielinare's words rang true on Henry's ears, they pierced his chest like arrows of truth, erasing all lies he was making up. He guessed as much that Sifrei and Rabyiu had some dark past, but Rabiyu's past seemed even worse than his. "And what if those memories of her comes back? Won't she pose a threat to everyone?" Henry asked, now concerned with Rabyiu's state.


But before he could finish his question Mielinare spoke even more to him, about relying on others, which in truth, he wasn't relying on friends as much, that was true. 'Friends...I've been blind to them..." He thought. 


"I...will.." Henry muttered as Mielinare made a magic circle on the ground, and spoke to him about Ariana, that if he stepped into the circle, she would gain a temporary material existence. Henry simply nodded, and stepped onto the circle.


A few seconds after stepping onto the circle, a dark purple aura began to surround Henry, as a spectral version of Ariana appeared in front of him. Henry was going to react, but he felt the stinging pain of his mutations...without Ariana there to control them. Henry gritted his teeth as his skin shifted itself. As he wished to speak with her.



"I did not want you to end up like this, trapped inside me." He spoke, sounding regretful for her situation To Which Ariana let out a small chuckle.


"You do not need to apologize for that Henry...After all, I chose to posess you with what little remained of my magic." Ariana explained. "The moment your knife pierced my stomach, I used up all my remaining life force to transport my life energy and spirit into you. Albeit I could only transport a fragment of it." She spoke warmly to him.


"I see, but still, you don't deserve to be...guh!" Henry was interrupted by  the pain he felt. The moment Ariana left his body, his mutations began to go haywire. Shifting his skin and deteriorating his life force, the shock alone could kill a normal human. "You don't deserve to be stuck with me, you deserve to be free." Henry spoke to her. 


"Henry...the moment the humans, with the help of someone of dark magic had captured me, I knew my soul would never be free. I'd say living inside you is more freedom than what they had in store for me..." Ariana explained her thoughts as Henry just nodded.


"Midnea...She's the one who left you in that state?" Henry asked her, a question he never bothered to ask her before.


"If that is her name...then yes, it was her. Who did this to me." The answered his question.


"I only ask that you forgive me...on behalf of the humans." Was all Henry could ask of her. To Which she simply nodded and smilled. As he approached him. But before she could touch his chest, Henry stagged into his knees from the pain. Much to Ariana's surprise and worry.


She kneeled as well, placing her hands on Henry's shoulders. "I forgive you, Henry. I know there are humans that aren't like them, and I admire your willpower in wishing to save your world from its demise...but as She said, you cannot...weight yourself down. I'l lend you my help, together we can achieve things not even the feys can achieve." Ariana spoke as she transported herself back to Henry. Immediately stopping the pain and reverting his body's mutations. 


A moment of silence plagued the air as Henry slowly got up, to look at Melinare.


"Thank you..." Henry spoke, sounding genuinely grateful for the mysterious woman's help. "I won't keep you from your judges anymroe. Just that after all of this is over. If im able to travel to the north, I'd like to meet you again. I have to give a proper thank you. Other than just here, middle of the night." Henry spoke to her in a kindhearted tone, back to his normal self. "And if you ever need help, call upon me, not that you'l need it, but just in case...you don't mind help from a human." Henry vowed grattitude to the mysterious woman. 

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- Mielinare - A.K.A. Valdra, The Incandescent - With Henry and Ariana -

Apparently Henry understood the risks of the Elf being able to regain her memories, which was indeed a problem, one Mielinare was prepared for.


"Worry not for the Elf's fate, Henry, she is destined to seek help when the time comes, maybe today, or tomorrow, or in a thousand years," She said cryptically, "she may not fully understand what is happening, but she is a smart woman."


The Nymph was glad that the human agreed to face against his past, which came in the form of what he had done to Ariana. Even with Henry's mutations going haywire she could sense their emotions, their bond growing, giving way to new strength. Countless humans, fey, and races long gone were like that, often forgetting the importance of relying on others. Once Ariana went back inside Henry's body his mutations reverted back to normal, the young human then thanked her for the help.


"You're welcome dear, and it is a date. When all of this is over and if you wish to remain in Caligo instead of these lands then ask the Elf or the Archangel, they will show you the way," Mielinare said while smiling slightly, "And thrust me, even someone like me needs help from time to time, I am not all-powerful either after all. Have a good night Henry, and never forget what you learned this night. Ariana, take care of him, and you Henry, take care of her. The arcane can do things that not even a soul can handle, she is not safe from harm in the Orverworld."


The Fire Nymph put her mask on and bowed as a sign of respect, she then turned around and began to walk towards the city, her body slowly getting engulfed in flames as she rose from the ground and into the sky, once at a reasonable distance from the ground the flames formed the silhouette of a dragon for a moment before suddenly moving in the direction of Mystras, the form of the dragon quickly disappearing, the flame now looked like a shooting star flying through the sky.



- Rabiyu - At the roof of Raiden's Villa -

The night had been calm until now, nothing worth happening around or outside the city, that didn't mean that everything was going alright for the Northern Elf, her mind, while mostly calm and focused, was trying to sway her into giving in to her urge for combat, there was something lurking inside her, something dark and uncaring for the suffering of others, something that was hidden behind the wall of her lost memories.


"It is unlike you to be this troubled, Sapling, and yet there is something bothering you right now," a familiar voice said in the ancient tongue of the dragons, "are you in need of someone who listen to your woes?"


The Voice of the almighty Last Great Drake sounded behind her, she would turn around to greet her friend and mentor, but she knew better, she was not going to stop with her current duties.


"It is a surprise to see you here Valdra, is there a reason for that? it is not often that you leave Caligo," Rabiyu replied in the same tongue, "I think our report was more than-"


"I'm glad to see that you managed to retain some amount of control, not even the temptation of using forbidden spells was enough," Valdra said, "but your urges are something that you must face, eventually."


" Valdra...I wanted to turn everyone into stone...to turn them all into ashes...I do not know what is going on inside my mind, there is something asking me to let it out, to unleash my true potential," she said, "but if my potential comes from the suffering of others then...is it worth it?"
"We all have a side of us we wish never existed, Sapling. What is it that you want to do from now?"


"I want to keep protecting my former home...even when most of the people fear me. I want to know why, but I'm afraid that if I recover my memories something bad will happen. Maybe one day will come when I will be ready to face that which lies behind the wall, but I do not think that time is now."


"You are syoung Eliltari, but you still understand that you can't run from your problems forever, and for feys that is a long time. You must steel your resolve, focus on the task at hand, and once this is over, search for the answers you are looking for. I need to return, but I will be waiting for your return, Sifrei's too."


The presence of Valdra disappeared as suddenly as it appeared, leaving the Elf to ponder the true reason for the Dragon's visit. Valdra managed to help her find some amount of peace, the question was, how long until she had to face her past?

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- Jari Coriander, on the outskirts of Kilkes Seres' camp -


Jari woke up in a fit of startlement from his unknown assailant, and if he weren't tethered down by a very tight-fitting Elia suit he would have bounced to his feet and ran clean off.  Instead, he frightfully struggled against his bonds with great difficulty for a few seconds until recognition kicked in.


"Wait, Elia?" he intoned, the words slung from his mouth in a slightly slurred and monotonous fashion.


He relaxed his shoulders, and no longer did his heart threaten to beat through both of their ribcages and come out the other side of the fairy.  He listened to her soft, melodic voice and was assured it was definitely Elia.


"I was scared that I lost you too," he responded in turn, feeling emotions come into play within him as well.  Thoughts of Morana sprang up in the fuzziness in his brain -- unwelcome thoughts of her on the battlefield around the time of her death.  He did not say much more.  Instead, he cried into the dirt, the newly wet soil clinging to his face.


- Raleigh Marin, Mystran camp in the healing tents -


Raleigh was a face in the crowd again, her robe and paper armour removed and replaced with a spare change of clothes that were more befitting of a middle-class man than a woman of her era.  A stout shirt and men's trousers with one leg rolled up to allow a bandage rested on her shoulders and hip, and a ragged belt that clearly saw better days completed the ensemble.  None of them seemed to match the other, but they were clean of blood and sweat, so she did not mind.


She drifted from person to person, trying her best to avoid gazes.  She hated death, and even though death was the trade of an assassin she never was around it for long in her adventures.  Some of these people, regardless of the skill of the healers, had minutes or even hours to live, but much to her relief she did not find Curvis among the injured or deceased.


An exploration gig turned within a week or two into a full-scale battle.  I'm willing to bet that this has never been in the history books of man or fae, she thought to herself, slipping past the bodies of a deeply weeping individual and someone who passed on.  I hope this is never repeated, too.  This is too horrible.


In the end, she caught some familiar sights, first the young fae from the feast in the World Below (Helios), and next Draksis of the guards, and next still King Alderon himself, all within a stone's throw away from each other.  She closed the distance and wordlessly listened in, looking over the king's wounds grimly every now and again in worry.  If he died, who would give her her paycheck?

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Effie / Visco - Shopping District within the Kingdom of Helvadore
It didn't take hardly any time at all for Visco to have made it back to the tailor's shop & out of the alleyway. However upon arriving at the tailor's shop Visco could see a bit of a large crowd of people, all circled around something Visco could not see. Visco then decided to get a little bit closer to this crowd, slightly wondering what was so interesting that managed to gain the attention of all these people that were circled around whatever it is. "Oh my, that poor girl. I can't believe this is happening." says a random woman within the crowd of people, "Yeah I know, I've never seen anyone wanting to actually fight 'The Crescent Limiter Knights' before." says a random man within the crowd, "No one ever stands up to Helvadore's elite knights. This chick must be crazy or just plain stupid." says another random man within the crowd. Visco couldn't help but overhear what these citizens were saying & started feeling rather worried that she might know exactly who these citizens were talking about. So Visco then quickly decided that she needed to check this out, just to be sure. "Um... excuse me, pardon me, could you please let me through?" says Visco as she tries to make her way through the large crowd of people to see what it is that they were all staring at & talking about.
When Visco finally made it through the large crowd of people she could see that it was indeed who she was thinking it be, her best friend Effie. Visco could also clearly see that Effie was angry about something & things did indeed seem to be on the verge of a full blown fight alright. "Effie!" shouts Visco as she quickly rushes over to Effie's left side, holding out here hands to almost grabbing ahold of Effie. "Your not hurt are you Effie?" asked Visco pretty worried like, Effie then looks to Visco showing a slightly angry frustrated look, "Don't worry Visco, I'm alright..." says Effie as she then uses her left hand to slightly rub the area of her neck that this guy Lorenzo jabbed earlier. "But she soon won't be after ripping my new dress! I only just bought it & right before I had any kind of chance to wear it, she goes & rips it! on purpose too!" yells Effie as she points out the person responsible, being the busty woman Jezebel. Visco now knew the reason for why Effie was angry & looks over to the 2 new faces for a moment before looking back to Effie, "Let me handle this? Okay Effie?" asks Visco as she then moves in front of Effie to properly face these 2 elite knights of Helvadore. Visco stood straight, with her right hand holding her left wrist, both lowered to pointing at the ground, Visco was trying to show a confident & respectful posture before speaking to them. "E-excuse me, but, my name is Visco Niles... & I am the princess of Sondon. I'm here to see your king to talk over a peace treaty for our kingdoms tonight, &... I would really appreciate if we could all get along. Cause that's what I hope to achieve with this peace treaty offer, if we could better understand each other then I'm sure it would be easy to sort out our problems & differences between our kingdoms, & create a more peaceful world together too. So could you please apologize to my friend Effie?" asks Visco in a polite way.
Jezebel simply narrowed her eyes at Visco, scowling at the princess's appearance with a look of disagreement clearly readable. Jezebel then shook off the look by looking away to her right, "Those rumors of the Sondon princess were true after all..." thought Jezebel before hiding a slight grin behind her left hand which party covered her mouth, "Such a hideously unattractive look she has, that pointy dog like nose, that silly dog like tail, & those vicious teeth along with those ugly big long dog like ears. With looks like those not even the art of seduction could help her gain a prince, Mehaha. Why doesn't the king of Sondon simply disown her? Loving such an ugly daughter is just impossible, King Alderon must have to put a bag over her head before he can give her a kiss to show his fatherly love, Mehaha." said Jezebel with her slight grin while pretending to whisper to herself as so Visco could hear her, as such Visco could easily overhear everything Jezebel had said supposedly under her breath & felt incredibly hurt by those words. Enough so that Visco's confidence had basically been knocked out of her, this left Visco to only looking at the ground beneath her feet with lowered eyes, trying to remain positive & unfazed by those hurtful words. "Hey tramp! You should really come with a warning label. 'Meanest b!tch ever' would be on the label, heh heh." says Effie making a quick & snappy comeback with a grin of her own as she then stood in front of Visco, it seems Effie had also overheard what Jezebel said through fake whispering & was quick to stand up for her best friend. Just then some of the surrounding Helvadore citizens begin to whisper amongst themselves, possibly discussing about how accurate Effie's words were about Jezebel, or maybe the fact that Effie was standing up to her in general since no one goes against the fearsome elite knights, some even giggled upon Effie's comeback too. 
This quickly got to Jezebel & made her somewhat fumed, since no one has ever talked back to her like Effie had just done. Jezebel was then about to draw her sword from it's scabbard but was quickly stopped by Lorenzo, he had placed a hand on her right shoulder & lightly pulled her back. "That's enough... case your Ryo sword." said Lorenzo in a calm & smooth voice as he stares into Jezebel eyes, making sure she understood why. After Jezebel re-cased her sword Lorenzo then looks over to both Effie & Visco, taking but a mere moment to get a good look at the 2 women before speaking to them. "... Our apologies young maidens, but we have a rather important mission that we need to prepare for. So let us settle this matter another time. Jezebel, we're leaving." says Lorenzo smoothly as he & Jezebel then turn their backs to the Sondonian's & start walking off, Effie really didn't want to settle things later but rather right here & now, since she was still pretty anger at them for more reasons now than just her ripped dress. However one look at Visco having little confidence to show changed her mind. "... Visco?" says Effie in a rather gentle voice, it took a moment but Visco soon looks up to Effie, not looking really happy or joyful, "Yes Effie?..." says Visco trying to not sound to depressed. "Don't let her words get to you, okay? She's nothing but an insensitive tramp, thinking she's so perfect that she's above everyone else. People like her really tick me off. Trust me when I say your not ugly Visco, she's the ugly one. Hey! Why don't we go & get some tea & sweets before the meeting starts? It'll be my treat okay?" says Effie to Visco hoping her words helped Visco to regain some confidence, while also now wanting to cheer her up some & get her out of her depression too. Visco was feeling a bit better after hearing Effie's words & her offer of tea & sweets, Visco soon shows a faint smile on her face before speaking to her best friend. "Thank you Effie... some tea & sweets sounds nice." says Visco feeling slightly happy again, Effie then lightly smiles back, "Okay, lets go." says Effie as she then turns around about to lead them both to a tea shop but instead bumps into a man's chest. That man's chest was Vark's. "Vark?!" yelled Effie partly surprised as she steps back, "Don't stand behind me like that!... gross, I felt some of your chest hairs touch my face, yuck!" says Effie with a slightly raised voice as she then starts wiping her face with her sleeves feeling kinda grossed out. Vark didn't seem to have a happy look on his face. "Oh, hello Vark... is that, Veronica on your shoulder?" asks Visco also somewhat surprised to see him & Veronica, "Sup doods?" asks Veronica nonchalantly while she rests her left cheek in the palm of her left hand while on Vark's left shoulder.
Roger - Shopping District within the Kingdom of Helvadore
"Hmm... where could the ladies be I wonder?... hm?" thought Roger as he walks about an area that's a bit more open, right up until he hears a very loud voice shouting out which gains his attention. "& WE HAVE ANOTHER WIN! LADIES & GENTS OUR CHAMPION HERE IS TRULY UNSTOPPABLE! DEFEATING A TOTAL OF NOW 27 CHALLENGERS WITHOUT BREAKING A SWEAT! IS THERE NO OTHER CHALLENGER OUT THERE STRONG & BRAVE ENOUGH TO STEP UP & TAKE ON OUR UNDEFEATED CHAMPION!" shouts out a promoter guy, trying to gain new challengers to partake in something. Roger walks in closer upon deciding to take a quick look at what kind of challenge it is, after Roger pushed his way through a small crowd he could eventually see the challenge clearly now. "Uh! No way, it's one of my favorite competitions." says Roger with widen eyes. It was an arm wrestling challenge, Roger could now see the promoter guy & right there, standing next to him was a really strong looking man with big arms along with a big gut & in some kind of Wrestling singlet. "Hmm, I really should be looking for the ladies... maybe I'll come back later." says roger about to leave the crowd, "COME ON GENTS! DON'T BE A WIMP! STEP UP! SHOW YOUR MIGHT! & YOU COULD WIN THE GRAND PRIZE OF $5,000 GOLD PIECES!" shouts the promoter guy, The next sec later Roger slams his sword on the arm wrestling table. "Take my sword for the entry cost, cause I won't be needing it when I win this." says Roger with a big grin on his face. "With that kind of gold on me I could spend a good week in ChupaHeartCastle, I can see it now... me, having one heck of a time with all the sexy ladies." thought Roger thinking only of blowing the whole lot of gold on having fun in the ChupaHeartCastle club found in the town of Mendon. "OOOH! LOOKS LIKE WE HAVE A NEW CHALLENGER EVERYONE! HIS GOT THE CONFIDENCE! BUT DOES HE HAVE THE STRENGTH TO BACK IT UP!? LETS FIND OUT RIGHT NOW!" shouts the promoter guy as both Roger & the champion take their seats & placing their right elbows on the table, getting their arms ready for a power struggle.
"So you think your man enough to beat me ay?" asks the champ as the 2 men grip hands tightly, Roger then smiles slightly. "Heh, funny. I was about to ask you the same thing man." says Roger with he's slight smile still. "ALRIGHT YOU 2! GET TENSE! GET ANGRY! AAAAAAAND... STRUGGLE!!!" shouts the promoter guy loudly & at the very moment, both Roger & the champ began struggling to over power the other's brawn. It was a tough struggle straight from the start as both men were gritting their teeth, along with the veins in their arms starting to stick out from the great amount of effort they were giving to win. "You should've worked on some core training man." says Roger while grunting a bit, "Oh yeah?... Why?" asks the champ while also grunting a bit, "Cause it would've helped you out, ya see... muscle weighs more than fat!" says Roger with a raised voice as he then starts to slowly push the champ's hand to almost touching the table. Without strong core muscles the champ couldn't tense his core enough to hold himself firmly in place, it was the weight of his big gut which was keeping him center & since muscle weighs more than fat it was somewhat easy for Roger to shift the big champ's weight. Roger knew that there was more to arm wrestling then just simply bigger arms. So with that, Roger had then managed to over power the champ & win the challenge, "NO WAY LADIES & GENTS! I HOPE YOU WERE ALL WATCHING! CAUSE WE NOW HAVE A NEW CHAMPION!! LETS GIVE IT UP FOR OUR NEW CHAMP! ROGER!!!" shouts the promoter guy loudly as the crowd of people then start clapping & cheering out loud for Roger's win. 
"Hey? You men, is it to late to challenge this so called champion?" asks a serious sounding voice from the crowd who soon comes into view, it was a woman who had asked the question. This woman has long spiky light blond hair, dark yellow eyes & was wearing some kind of gladiator like armor along with a gladiator like skirt too. The armor was mainly covering around her chest, her shoulders, around her forearms & the lower part of her legs too. This woman also has a fair amount of lean muscle which clearly shows by her 4 pack abs & her muscly arms & legs too, she also has scars along both her arms & one long scar across her left cheek. "Oh, uhh? Sorry miss but this gent here already won the challenge. Besides miss, this challenge isn't really for... women." says the promoter guy to the woman, the woman then simply narrowed her eyes at the promoter guy, her eyes like daggers, really sharp daggers. "So you think I'm weak just cause I'm a woman do you?..." says the woman right before looking to Roger with the same look, "Hey... what do you say to a another challenge? win against me & I'll double the gold you won from their challenge. Lose... I'll take all the gold you had just won for myself." asks the woman to Roger in a serious manner, roger quickly decides to agree to the new challenge.
Right now both Roger & the woman were sitting at the table & ready to arm wrestle. As Roger waited for the promoter guy to shout out the signal to start he just so happen to notice the woman take a quick inhale of air. "ALRIGHT YOU 2! GET TENSE! GET ANGRY! AAAAAAAND... STRUGGLE!!!" shouts the promoter guy loudly. At that very moment the struggle started the woman exhales out some steam, which flowed out from the sides of her mouth, & in a flash, Roger's hand was smashed against the table to which broke the table in 2. "W-what, just, happened?..." asks Roger with widen eyes, totally in disbelieve while also somewhat stunned in surprisement. "The names Rita by the way... Rita the Skilled, I'm with Helvadore's elite knights known as 'The Crescent Limiter Knights' too. 
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- Meksis, Armour of Light, The Chaperone - Camp Outskirts with Shiva -


Quickly shaking off his exhaustion to recompose himself, Meksis reciprocated Shiva's sign of respect with a bow of his own as he listened to her answer, though it did not bring him any respite knowing she was to meet with Lord Raiden, their most recent enemy in war. "Your highness, begging your pardon but...you are certain it is wise to meet with Raiden alone? He started all of this madness with the severance of all contact a long time ago now. Maxis mentioned this to me when I awoke...my point of concern is that he might try something. I won't stop you, far from it, I'm just...suggesting caution, despite your connection with my brother in armour." Meksis confided, then recalled why he had wanted to see her in the first place, soon enough he straightened up and spoke again.


"If I also may, just one more thing...it's about Soren Monroe." Meksis then sighed, knowing this would be difficult. "I, believe you can trust the man. I took him to the Campgrounds myself and talked with him for a long time, extensively so..." The armour stepped forward, gesturing as he continued. "He is being destroyed by his guilt over his betrayal and he is fully willing to pick a side now...and he has chosen the side of Kilkis Seres. I believe he would give his life for yours once again, everything he spoke of was truthful and from his heart." Meksis looked back to the Camp, wondering quietly how the Demon was fairing, slowly facing Shiva as he concluded. "I understand you will find it difficult, I would in your position...but if it weren't for me, I believe Soren would've killed himself soon. He never said it outright to me, but when I told him what he had to do, he uttered something to me, a third option. You should've heard the dread and misery in his voice."


Meksis cleared his throat, such talking left him with the sensation of being parched. If only he could drink. "I suppose you could say that, I'm just wondering if there's anything, anything at all you can do for him? Just to give him this chance? He truly wishes to make amends, my lady." The Chaperone's "heart" ached, contending with both Soren's guilt and Shiva's departure into an unforeseeable danger, potentially putting her life on the line.



- Nergal, Remnant of Meksis - Healer's Tent with Yevgeni -


Nergal could only listen to Yevgeni as he explained himself and his thoughts in great detail. It was perfect, Yevgeni's plans for the worlds lined up exactly with what he wanted and now he knew something could grant him the greatness he sought: The Source of All Life...the name indicative of its purpose and yet, it most likely housed a gargantuan pool of energies in order to fulfill its purpose, whatever that might be, yet he could not be certain, but if this Yevgeni was privy to its existence, he could easily lead him to it in due time, if they only had a little privacy, where again, their ideals aligned.


"Then you and I share more than either of us thought up until now, Yevgeni. I never thought of you as a mere puppet, if I did, I would not think as highly of you as I  od now. Forgive me for the pretense, but perhaps this was destined?" Nergal suggested, though he knew while they aligned in many ways, Nergal had his own ideas alongside. Regardless, he could only give a genuine smile as he continued his whisper with a hidden pride.


"My name is Nergal. And I believe that together, we could achieve your goals with ease. Allow me to help you, Yevgeni, and I will see to it that your vision for this world comes to pass. In exchange, you will take me to the Source of All Life...I believe I could gain much from the Source, perhaps an elevated existence, power, knowledge, I can only wonder. If you help me like I will help you, I can promise a share in its potential." Nergal's own energies swelled within his body as he could feel his wounds complete their healing, thanks to his Healer and Saviour, paying a small glance to her as to ensure she doesn't hear too much.


"As a matter of fact, to prove my usefulness, and loyalty...I can aid you in...shall we say, providing the scenario in which Queen Shiva is not around to get in your way. What do you say?" Nergal proposed, his internal bloodlust welling in his heart.



(I've nothing for Soren to do currently, so only Meksis and Nergal for now. Sorry!)

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- Helios - Side: Mystras Rebellion - Healer Tents - With Aura, King Alderon, Arthur & Draksis -

Arthur seemed to freeze up when Draksis mentioned that Alex and he had taken down a beast and its...companion. "(It was a girl.)" Arthur clarified in his head. He cleared his throat, bowing his head. "If you excuse me, I'll go ahead and go check on Alex." Arthur said, smiling as he quickly turned, hurrying away. Helios frowned at Draksis before giving a nod. "Thank you, Draksis. He...is another one of the many casualties that have been lost in this war. I wish we could have had more time. He honestly deserved better." Helios smiled softly. "But I'm going to make sure that his death isn't in vain. His and Ariana's." Helios said, feeling the necklace around his neck momentarily before lowering his hand. "The beast Arthur and Alex fought was a Wendigo. Their stench is unmistakable. Ironically, though not immortal, they are associated with death. They feed on the recently deceased. I've heard that they had a deal with the Queen to be allowed to live under certain conditions...I wouldn't be surprised if more were to show up on the next encounter." Helios hummed, biting his lower lip slightly. There were beings that would remain out of the conflict...sadly it would seem that the Wendigo would not be one of them. "(Please see reason, Queen Shiva. Otherwise, you might end up destroying the very same world you claim to protect.)"


- Arthur - Side: Mystras Rebellion - Healer Tents - Visiting Alex -

Arthur walked around, looking for Alex. Among the lines of injured soldiers laying down, he found him, quickly hurrying over. "Alex, you're awake." Arthur hummed, walking over as he looked down at the fellow knight. Alex could have died. He gave his time, and almost his life to help Arthur out of the field. Gladly, however, he was still alive. Injured, with fever, and an infection, but hey, alive. "And alive. I'm glad." Arthur said. "The King is alive. Injured, but alive, and so is Draksis. Lord Raiden is on his way to meet with Queen Shiva. If all goes well, the war might come to a ceasefire, or even an end. If it goes badly, however...well, it's war, isn't it?" Arthur said with a nervous chuckle. How he was capable of holding himself up was a question even to himself. He already suffered at least two breakdowns in a matter of hours, and now it was just an anxious waiting game for the next set of orders to see if they would get to live another day or not. "Thank...Thank you for helping me out of there, Alex. For having my back too." Arthur said. He needed a distraction, small talk if possible. All to avoid overthinking. "How are you feeling?...Nevermind, dumb question. Instead, do you need anything? Water or something?"

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