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Overworld RP

Roleplay high fantasy original roleplay

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#681 Sabre Lily

Sabre Lily

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Posted Yesterday, 03:17 AM

Rhaedyn Thane, Protecting the Healers


The Iron Lord stood resolute. He listened politely to Rabiyu, as the lightning began felling Pegasus Knights. He resumed his advance.

"The sins of the father have no weight on the progeny to Iron. Iron cares only for the deeds of those tested. For the Queen, her choice was unbiased. It was towards those she was charged to protect. Evil does not protect - it only destroys." He drew from his back Dawnmourne, the axe bursting into flame. "I hold many titles to my name, oh Northern Elf. Sovereign of Ithuriel, to the East the Dragon of Death, to the West the Rising Son. I who have delivered toys to children in despaire, slain the Cabbages of Bu'umi. But today, Elf, you shall remind yourself the title that came about long ago."


Rhaedyn Thane slammed Dawnmourne into the ground, and the surrounding area became a hellish firescape, yet the flames did not consume those of Kilkis Seres...nor did it necessarily consume those of Mystras. Only those of evil felt the fire and the flames, as he strode forth, unabated.

"I am the Wall upon which Darkness breaks. I am the Alpha of the Iron Wolves, and I have bared my teeth."

He did not glance to Reginald, though did speak.

"Mage of the Queen of Kilkis Seres, my flames do not consume those of Good. Face the Elven Mage of the North. The berserker before me will be my foe."  His armor glowed within the flames, and the only thing needed from Rhaedyn Thane was two white wings, to complete the image of an angel of death, descending.




Jeremy of Hunter and Ask'raziel, Center Flank


Jeremy twirled and slashed the fae in two, competing the turn to black an axe. He pushed back, slashing and blocking, as his own people screamed. He looked skyward as the lighting began to fall, and he took flight without a second thought. He came above the troops and ran his hand along the blade.

"Oh voided Light, hear my call. Protect those from the heaven's fall."


He stabbed Allegiance skyward, and a massivecircular shield of void fire was created, taking the last brunt of the magic...but it was taxing. His shield was broken and he was hit, sword up to protect him. he was thrown downwards, but caught by Raz and landed.

"You idiot."

"Our people." He spat back, grimacing. His left arm was hurt, bad. But Jeremy was anything if not stubborn to a ridiculous fault. Raz ran a hand on his arm, Light Magic giving basic healing. Jeremy pushed Raz to the side and deflected an enemy attack, pushing back. "Just like the Raid of Olympius Mon?"

"Just like old times, my friend." back to back, the Angels of Light were surrounded.

"Just like them." Jeremy laughed. "Don't these people know who I am?" He kicked off, massive sword smashing a fae to the ground, the Elf's last words a scream. "I'm Jeremy of Hunter, mates."

Raz kicked off at the same time, parrying two before Magnanimous found one's heart and a Light Lance Spell found the other. "I am Ask'raziel, Son of My'Khael, brother of Shar'aia and leader of the Order. Do you truly wish to test my blade of Forgiveness?" He stated, raising his Day-Lit blade once more.


Then freedom rang, or more specifically, Freedom rang. The mighty hammer of the Dominion Princess came down upon an armored man's back, breaking him in two. Then a few others felt the sting of the Throne's bow, Artemisia. And finally, Shar'aia and her spear were there, downing two. Back to back to back, the Order of Lux had come together.

"Well, now it's like the Defense of Hydalyn!" Jeremy joked, twisting and avoiding a few attacks, as his fellows did the same. Arrows found their mark. The Order were a cohesive unit, covering their flanks and letting no one fight alone. They had all made a pact to the Light, and over their raids and defenses, had they indeed grown strong. Now Jeremy and Raz were backed by their friends, and they began fighting towards the center of their flank, trying to create a line.


And they got to their destination.

"We hold the line!" Raz roared, the Angels forming a loose line, their own soldiers massing. "Do not let them break us! We are the Order! We are the Angels of the Overworld, and we must protect this world with all our might!"

#682 Scrapmaster



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Posted Yesterday, 11:31 AM


( Mystras Side )


Henry - The Dreadnought - VS Nergal -


Henry backstepped away from Nergal, but he immediately sensed it was a mistake, as he felt a huge spike in energy coming from Nergal. It seemed like the man was about to charge him, but he did not. 


'Something big is coming'

'I know'

'What do we do?'


Henry gritted his teeth, it was too late to stop Nergal's attack now, the man had probably already charged enough to launch it, and he had no time to dodge either. Instead Henry focused on his armor, the Dreadnought armor materializing around him, with its aura much stronger than the last glimpses it showed to Nergal during the attacks, powerful darkness and earth magic were being charged and infused within the armor.


In seconds Henry was fully clad in the Dreadnought, except this armor seemed more dense and sturdier than any other armor he ever made.


'I'l tackle it head on...'

'You'l what?!'


As Nergal Launched the attack, Henry took a step forward into a lunge, tackling the attack head on. 

Henry was quickly engulfed in Nergal's attack, nothingness striking his armor from all sides, exploding and damaging it...but also charging it. Yes, Henry was absorbing the kinetic force of the blasts into his armor. "AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRH" Henry screamed from within the attack

THe armor was nearly destroyed in half, but Henry kept reconstructing it and hardening it every scratch it took, it took great concentration and stamina off him. But he managed to get through Nergal's attack. 


Henry launched from the smoke from the countless explossions like a missile at Nergal. Dreadnought armor, while heavily weakened, still strong. Now it glew with all the energy it generated from the blows it took. Glowing outlines of pure energy were visible. As Henry launched towards Nergal, stopping halfway and slamming his fist down on the ground. Causing a massive shockwave that ruptured the ground with kinetic force. If Nergal did not dodge, he would get hit by the impact and the earth. Possibly causing heavy damage. "Right back at you!" Henry spoke as he did the attack, his voice much lower pitch than normal. 


But Henry prepared for the chance of Nergal dodging, but whether he dodge or not he would still do this move, charging fire energy in the same arm he slammed the ground with, and infusing it with the generated force still within the armor. Henry overcharged his dark fireball, it didn't seem big, in fact it looked like a regular old fireball. He quickly threw it towards Nergal's position, the dark fireball exploding before impact, once again. Except this time with a much, much bigger explosion than last time. This would be tough for Nergal to dodge.


This attack could be seen from both flanks and almsot everyone in it, from the sheer fireworks the fireball was and the tremor of the slam.


'And send it back at him.' 

'You're insane'

'I know'.


This took a great deal of stamina out of Henry, but he hoped it did something. As he de-materialized the armor to conserve stamina.

"That would have killed me if I didn't react quick enough..." Henry commented, mostly to himself as he panted.



- Alastor - The Storm - VS Rhaedyn Thane -


Alastor was unamused by the show fo the Druid, as his soldiers were smart enough to not charge headfirst into the dirt piles, well...most were. Some still got stuck by them, but overrall, it would not delay them that much. They were pushing for the healers, and they would stop at nothing.

Before Alastor could really do anything else another opponent approached, except this one was much bigger and in heavy armor.  Whom posessed power over Fire, considering the firestorm he just casted. And he had wings, this was getting more and more over the top for Alastor's liking.


The projectiles the druid shot ath im were quickly destroyed by Rabiyu, whom came to his assistance, while Alastor scoffed at her question of assistance, he somwhat welcomed her help, after all fighting two opponents wasn't exactly on his list of favorite things to do.


"The Queen wishes to maintain the barrier, while aknowledging that in doing so the world below will die." Alastor spoke with a serious tone. Holding his twin swords in his hands as he looked at Rhaedyn and Reginauld. "I myself do not fight for the world below, I follow my friend, and a promise i've made to an ally." Alastor spoke, his words weighted by his iron will. 


Things got somewhat better when Rabyiu casted a thunderstorm around them. Prompting Alastor to smirk under his helmet. As he held both his swords up to the sky. Concentrating as a massive thunderbolt struck them, sending a great ammount of electrical energy around Alastor's body, armor, and weapons. As he was not hurt by it, on the contrary, he was energised by it. His aura quickly increased two-fold. And the lightning sparkling around him did so as well.


"Before you take care of the druid, elf. Is the Dreadnought still alive? That human's disposition towards this conflict worries me." Alastor spoke to Rabiyu, before the fight began, he had not followed the Dreadnought's actions during this war. 


Whether she had the time to answer or not, Alastor faced Rhaedyn down, he did not waver as the juggernaut approached, not did he step back. 


"I am Alastor, wielder of the stormruler and the blade of wind. Some call me the Storm Bringer. It is an honor to face you in battle...Rhaedyn Thane." Alastor spoke to Thane now, his voice sounding serious, but at the same time, respectful. He had heard Rumors of Thane's exploits, and fighting him genuinely made Alastor excited.


"Im sure we will both enjoy this battle..." Alastor spoke, as he waited for Thane's move.




( Kilkis Side ) 


- Maxis - The Living Armor - Vs Everyth -


This woman was impressive, she was still standing, and even managed to block most of his flurries during the illusion, she threw her sword at him, which was now embedded in his chestplaste. A minor nuisance, but now she had a wounded leg. As Maxis was still headless.


Maxis was surprised by the fog Everyth casted, brimming with slow magic. Time mages were the worst, they would just slow you down and everything. 


Everyth lunged at him to attempt to take the sword back from his chest, and Maxis was slowed and couldn't react quick enough. She managed to get her sword back from his chest, but it allowed him to slam the ground with his fist, sending out a shockwave around him, dissipating the fog. As his movement came back to normal.


"I'l say." Maxis commented as he casualy began to walk to where his helmet was. "Been a while since i've had this much fun." Maxis sarcasticaly commented as he grabbed his helmet. Rubbing off the dust with his hands before putting it back, a louch "Thumck" Could be heard as he place his helmet back in its  rightful place.


Maxis chuckled, "I don't think i've got your name? I wonder if you can fight with that wounded leg of yours" Maxis spoke to her, with a casual tone. Completely shifting the tone of the fight, as he did no attack towards her...not yet.

#683 Vaude

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Posted Yesterday, 09:26 PM

- Reginald Heathertoes (NPC), Kilkes Seres, with Rhaedyn VS Rabiyu and Alastor -


People.  What was with people and all of their theatrics and flashy tricks?  The druid did not really know a good answer to this after countless years of searching, but that did not stop him from concentrating on the task at hand.  The shock troopers continued on, as he predicted, though they were a little bit smarter than what he assumed.  That would not prevent his next move, however, as he smiled beneath the shade of twirling sands and entwined filthy hands into each other.


The accumulated loose earth (loam, more specifically) produced by the mounds he sprouted from the ground started to move and take shape, gathering into a golem of great size.  Stranger yet was that plants started to grow upon its surface, holding it together and forming a protective casing of roots around it.


"Sic 'em, Veggiemound," he spoke under his breath, chuckling at his manner of naming things as he did so and rising to his feet.


The golem would hound the shock troopers and attempt to plow through them with pinpoint attacks of spiny roots and thorns, all while attempting to avoid Kilkes Seres troops.  Being animate and soulless, it also felt no heat from Rhaedyn's transformation of the battlefield.  He moved closer to Rabiyu, seeing her well enough through the sand veil, and where he went the sand veil went also.


"Miss Elf," he commented across the scape, "you and your friend are grievously mistaken for desiring to destroy the barrier.  I should know.  I assisted in its creation."  He adjusted his glasses, the fickle things again falling down his tiny nose, and he continued once more.  "All life is precious, but not everything is as black and white as you portray it.  Shiva has the better understanding where Raiden falters.  Sometimes we have to go against our better judgement to see the greater good and ensure it takes precedence."

Edited by Vaude, Yesterday, 09:26 PM.

#684 rikunobodyxiii


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Posted Yesterday, 11:14 PM

{Mariel: Mystras Rebellion; Center Flank - vs Shiva}

Mariel got some grim satisfaction from Shiva's reaction. So, she was doubting her own position. Her overreaction to Mariel's words said that loud and clear.

"I know enough!" the Guardian Angel cried out.

Eyeing Shiva's constructs, Mariel tensed her muscles for her counter attack. When the ice statues threw their spears, she leapt into the air, her wings beating mightily to keep her aloft. She took a hovering position for a moment as she slashed with Heaven's Flame, sending a wave of fire at two of the statues. She then dove for the other two, hitting one with a sonic scream, making sure to up the frequency to try and shatter it. the final construct the Fiery Haired Guardian Angel cleaved throught with both her blades.

"I have protected and watched people for longer than you have lived, Queen Shiva!" Mariel yelled to her opponent, her voice sounding odd again after the scream. "And in that time, i have found whether human, Fey, or even angel, there are behaviors shared by all."

Landing again, the Guardian Angel observed Shiva's tactic, but didn't try to stop her. If she wanted to trap Mariel in here, so be it. Mariel fostered a hope that Shiva wasn't beyond reason. And even if she was, keeping the leader of the enemy force occupied and away from her troops was a worthy enough goal.

"I've seen leaders make decisions they regretted, ignoring their doubt instead of heeding it. Can you truly tell me that you do not have doubts? That every soldier out there dying in your name is doing so for a cause beyond question?" 

#685 Nero Kunivas

Nero Kunivas

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Posted Today, 03:16 PM

- Soren Monroe, Enforcer and Strategist of Mystras - Front Flank, V.S Basilisk!Helios -


Soren's words had done damage to Helios and he was sure to feel its effects, as the now enraged Basilisk evaded his grab and sunk its teeth into Soren's arm. The bite was strong enough to pierce his rock-hard skin and the magma blood flowing through his veins did little to deter Helios, only providing a more visceral air to this attack. The former Warden had endured pain, but none this sudden and savage, his demonic and guttural screams of agony were loud and clear, amidst his gritted teeth and heavy breathing to try and endure it. Helios only let go for a few moments to rant and desperately justify his actions, before going back to his rage, seemingly attempting to rip Soren's arm out of its socket. The ex-warden could only hold onto Helios's face with his free hand in hope of at least reducing the force upon his wound.


It was only when he could feel teeth upon his bone that Helios let go, now appearing distraught and now drowning in his own despair. Soren listened, reeling and clutching his arm in a shaken manner, his throes of pain were no comfort to anyone who witnessed the savagery, but his ears still caught all that Helios had to say. A few moments after Helios had concluded, Soren raised his head, his scornful glare an indication of his still potent anger as he raised himself back on his feet, still holding onto his wound. "There is always a choice, Helios. You just threw, agh, your options away..." Soren began approaching Helios, his steadily increasing wrath was evident, as every step he took melted the ground beneath it.


"I knew my options! When I left the Shrine, I knew I could've gone back, either completely free or faced my crimes, or I could've pursued Raiden and his ambitions...just as you could've refused the Queen. I care not for whatever tribunal she put you through, you still! Had! The choice!" Soren threw his healthy arm to his side in emphasis of Helios's failure and his own contempt, his stomping still a slow pace, yet now Helios would feel his presence and torment as if it were his own. "I struggled...I almost couldn't decide...but...the one thing that pushed me to the side of Mystras...was Ren Mordecai." A small sigh escaped his lips, but it was a growl-laced exhale as Soren was now upon the Shapeshifter, looking him right in the eye. "And yet now, here you are, citing excuses and weeping for those who care not a wit for you." Soren practically spat in Helios's face, his venomous tone only worsened from there. "Your mercy earns no praise from anyone here...and they would be especially ungrateful upon learning how spineless you are." He knew now that if Helios wasn't more miserable, he would be enraged once more, but Soren didn't care as he grabbed Helios again, by his chest. "Now go ahead! Cement your fate! Take my life!!" With this, he would attempt to throw Helios to the ground and coat himself in flames as an invitation, gesturing outward with both arms as he bellowed once more. "Kill me, Helios! Taste my blood, there's NO going back!"


In truth, Soren felt sorry for Helios and wanted to see just what he would do now...in a way, he'd be seeing himself if he were more of a fool than before...and he'd be willing to die to set Helios straight, or kill him trying.



- Nergal, Remnant of Meksis, the Dormant and Hollow Wind - Kilkis Seres Left/Middle, V.S Henry Hansees -


The power of the Dreadnought was remarkable, his entire Grand Cross attack was tanked by Henry...and then, it was thrown right back at Nergal, as a ground-based shockwave that Nergal only just dodged, but the force propelled him higher than he wanted, which stunned Nergal enough for Henry's Delayed Fireball to do a number on him, the searing heat blistered the skin on Nergal's hands and burns now made up most of his robe. If he lived against this behemoth, he'd have to fix that...but now, even that had become doubtful. The simple evaluation was getting out of hand.


Nergal, however, remained undeterred, landing on his feet and relaxing out of his blocking stance, his arms to his side as he raised his head and stared at Henry...and began to chuckle. Soon after, Nergal was clapping, first slowly, then he quickly seemed delighted as he applauded the power of Henry.


"Excellent, Henry, simply superb! Ahhh, your power is magnificent, I must say!"


An almost jovial tone, Nergal spoke in. He internally thought it odd, but shook away the concern as he waltzed a little closer to Henry and extended his arms out to his sides slightly and slowly.


"I admit my defeat, you have won this fight. But now I have to ask of you a favour: Survive this conflict and find me after the dust settles. We have much to discuss..."


With this, Nergal gave a saluting-wave and dashed away at ludicrous speeds. The man was more resilient than he had implied with his admission of defeat as he took off towards the Healers of Kilkis Seres and by extension, the legendary Rhaedyn Thane, an Iron Lord of Old come back to fight for the Overworld and was now defending the healers. Good. Nergal needed tending to, though he'd be eager to lend a hand to the Lord of Iron. He slowed down beside him, seeing as he was to battle Alastor of Mystras, he gave a quick bow of respect. It was not feigned either, for Nergal simply had to respect one of his stature.


"Lord of Iron, I've come to assist you in this battle, though I know you need it not. Your reputation, and legend, precede you, mighty one."

#686 Stardustblade358



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Posted 46 minutes ago

- Helios - Front Flank - Side: Kilkis Seres (though wavering) - VS Soren -

Every word hit Helios like a knife, and every time Soren stepped closer, the smaller Helios became, hunching, looking at Soren in the eyes. When he mentioned Ren, it all seemed to come crashing down, his figure shaking violently. Not because just because it hurt. But because dammit, Soren was right. He could've simply said no. He could've run away from Kilkis Seres and followed his human friends back. He could've demanded the same punishment as Ren. He could've done...anything else. But he didn't. He just accepted the given result, grateful that he was alive. Because...Because..."(Because I'm a god damn coward!)" Helios thought, wanting to disappear on the spot. To transform into a bird and fly away into the sky away from the problems. But he couldn't do that. Not now. Not again. Not anymore. Ariana was gone. Ren was gone. He remained, and why? For what reason? Was it destiny, or some sick twist of luck? His thoughts were pulled back when Soren grabbed him and threw him back down to the ground, causing him to stumble even in his basilisk form, where Soren offered him, insisted, dared for him to take his life. To kill him. Helios had never felt so much...was it fear, or what it shame? "I..." Helios could barely form anything. Soren was right. He was a coward. A useless coward. "I can't...!" Helios hissed, lowering his gaze as tears flowed down freely. In a puff of smoke, Helios' basilisk form shrunk, before Helios was shown back into his normal, Fey shape. He knelt on the floor, crying and sobbing as he gripped at his clothes. "I can't." Helios whispered again, not able to look at Soren in the eye. He was too ashamed. "You're right. You're right, you're right, you're right." Helios hissed. "I'm spineless. I'm a coward. I'm useless. We went down there and I couldn't do a damn thing to stop what was happening. I couldn't save Ariana even when I swore I would keep her safe. I didn't have the guts to demand of the queen to tell me what happened to Ren, or to even take me to him even if it's just an unmarked grave. I didn't have the guts to run away from the Queen or her orders or anything! I just sat there and sang gratefulness to the old ones for saving my life once more even though it's clear I damn well don't deserve it! I didn't deserve it then! I don't deserve it now! Even now I just keep spitting out excuses in hopes of convincing myself that I still deserve some justice...when it's clear that if anyone should've been punished, if anyone should've died long ago, from the three of us, it should've been me...!" Helios cried, sobbing as he gripped at his arms, gripping tightly on the long sealed scars. "I'm a coward because I can't kill. Every life is precious. Even after so much done, I can't come to hate humanity because it is our fault that they were pushed to the depravities that they went through. Even less, I can't possibly kill you. Not when your life is worth more than a dozen of mine would ever be." Helios said, finally lifting his gaze at Soren, though afraid of what he would fine. He was tired. Tired of living, of surviving, of this damn war...all he wanted was to turn back the clock. "I refuse to kill you...someone who was able to give comfort to Ren when I was nowhere near worth. This may be war, and I may have ended up on the wrong side of the coin, but I refuse to allow it to change me. I won't kill you. I won't kill anyone. Nor human or Fey." Helios' eyes narrowed at Soren. "I don't deserve to live, yet, I survived this far. I refuse to let Ariana and Ren's deaths to be in vain! I'm going to take down that damn barrier...even if it means to betray both sides to do it."

#687 Endless Thundaga

Endless Thundaga

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Posted 46 minutes ago

Dawson-Front flank calling a truce with Arthur

Dawson was astonished to hear that Arthur doesn't see Jynn as an enemy. The human then asked for a truce between the two. Dawson paused. A truce? He then remembers his comment to not harm Arthur should the human not attack him. "I promised that no harm will come to you if you leave me be........." He paused, looking at the ground. He then looks back up to Arthur. "Very well. I accept your logic. We may not be on the same side, but we have a common enemy, and one I cannot deal with."

#688 Mystics Apprentice

Mystics Apprentice

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Posted 27 minutes ago

--Ren Mordecai-- Mystras: Left flank VS Meksis--


The redhead's mouth was set in a straight line, lowering his blade as he watched Meksis with an expression mixed with frustration and pity.  "Deny it all you want, but it's the truth," he said bluntly.  "The queen feeds everyone what they desire to hear, but it doesn't make it any more true.  I won't back down and surrender, because I fight for what I believe in, and that is justice!"


A cry escaped Ren as he raised his blade above his head with both hands, the wind from its edge along with his own magic pooling together to create a strong gale just waiting to be released.  Before he did, however, Meksis went berserk, causing Ren's dark eyes to widen in shock.  The enchanted armor seemed in agony, and it took a moment for the redhead to notice the protuberance emitting forth from his neck.


Shocked and partly fearful, Ren released his charge of wind energy, which took form in a mini-cyclone about the width of three threes, soaring in the direction of his foe.  And then, not knowing what to expect from his evolved enemy, he fled deeper into the battlefield.  Ren's red locks whipped across his forehead and beat against his ears as his arms and legs pumped as quickly as he could muster them.  Something was certainly awry with Meksis, and he wasn't particularly inclined to stick around and see what was going to happen.  Whether Meksis would choose to follow or not, however, was another matter entirely.


--Alderon Niles -- Mystras: Center flank VS Eclaire--


A cry escaped a royal knight briefly as his throat was slit, the sword of which immediately thrusted into the chest of another.  Adrenaline pumped through Alderon's veins as he took down each knight foolish enough to charge his way.  He hadn't even yet needed to use the electrical energy of the sword at his back rather than his waist.


It was then that a rose-haired woman seemed to magically appear before him, though Alderon didn't appear alarmed by her appearance.  He'd seen both Raiden and Alastor perform the same move--a flash-step.  It seemed like a fancy magic trick to him, but he respected it.  Upon Eclaire's arrival Alderon gave a hearty laugh and sheathed his sword, crossing his muscular arms over his heavily-armored chest.


"Oh-ho, so I smell of madness, do I?  Tell me, my dear, what does that even smell like?  Is it perhaps a scent to the nostrils, or rather a sense in your mind that tells you that something is mad?"  He slowly rode in circles around her, sizing her up.  There was something unique about her, an aura he couldn't begin to place even if he wanted, but it felt odd, even to his human senses.


"Perhaps I should introduce myself formally.  I'm King Alderon of Sondon, a country which I hold dear in the world below that you and your queen have sentenced to destruction.  It is not with pleasure that I shall have you pay with your blood, but if you stand between me and my people, I am afraid that I have no choice."


He reached for his standard silver claymore at his waist, a very heavy yet sturdy weapon, and brandished it in front of him, getting in a defensive stance to brace himself for whatever was to come from the succubus.


--Everyth Castanova -- Mystras: Right Flank VS Maxis--


Even as they spoke blood rolled down Everyth's thigh.  She gritted her teeth despite the pain, and refused to show the enchanted armor weakness.  She braced the hilt of her sword with both hands above her left shoulder, glaring upon Maxis as he spoke so casual and calmly.  A streak of silver hair contrasted against Everyth's very-dark locks, which hadn't been there at the start of the battle.  With all of her magical exertion, the rapid aging side effect of her magical infusion took place.  Already she was physically in her thirties, though in reality she was only eighteen years of age.  Who knew how many years this battle would place on her.


"I hate people like you," she murmured darkly, eyes never leaving his helmet, sweat dripping down her pallid face.  She lowered her weapon slightly, considering him before responding.


"My name is Everyth Castanova.  I am one of the very few mages of our world.  I underwent an experiment alongside Henry Hansees, whom you may or may not have met.  The experiment was meant to grant immense magical power and eternal life"--her gaze hit the ground, distraught written all over her face--"though only half worked and the rest backfired.  I am here because, well, I love my home, and I want to see it prosper once again.


"What about you, Sheet Metal?  I understand now that you have no physical form outside of your armor.  Who--and chiefly what--are you?"


(Yes, this woman knows how to press a lot of buttons xD  Perhaps that's why she's still single)


--Elia Cabret -- Kilkis Seres: Right Flank--


A frown furrowed Elia's brows as Raleigh spoke, a fixed determination set on her small features.  What she didn't expect, however, was Raleigh to use her bow as a ranged weapon and draw her close.  Immediately Elia acted upon it, placing much stress on the bow to the point of possibly damaging or breaking it.  She heard the scraping of metal, and she knew in that instant she was probably in a world of trouble.  A fight or flight response flooded Elia's body as haste magic ran through her veins, causing her to narrowly miss the shamshir by slipping to the ground and out of its range.


She scrambled away with immense speed, soaring into the sky several feet above the raven-haired human.  She notched an arrow in her own bow, its tip glowing as she began to intensify its speed.  Eventually she let it fly, hoping that it would hit its mark--or anywhere--upon Raleigh.


--Queen Shiva -- Kilkis Seres Center Flank VS Mariel--


It slightly surprised the queen that Mariel countered her attacks, but didn't send forth those of her own.  Perhaps the guardian angel preferred to use her tongue as a sword as opposed to an actual weapon, which, admittedly, was more effective on Shiva than she cared to admit.  She shifted on her mount to stare at the angel coolly.


"Then do you deny the Great War two-thousand years ago?  The mere fact that humans were welcomed by the hand to share our land, only to decide to murder us all and take over?  Many wars paint the history pages of their books, Angel.  How then can you stand up for them and claim that we share behaviors?!"


Shiva twisted her hands in a complicated pretzel, and in their vicinity it began to rain ice pellets.  At first they were golf-ball sized, but then grew into large boulders.  The attack seemed to entirely avoid Shiva's vicinity, which glowed a with a pale blue aura.


Once the ice storm ceased the queen rode closer ever so slightly, though on her face was . . . fear.


"And what if I've already lost what I've sought to protect?" she asked, voice barely more than a whisper.  "What if there's nothing left to fight for . . . but survival?"

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- Arthur - Front Flank - Side: Rebellion of Mystras - VS Dawson -

For a moment, Arthur smiled softly. "See? Hey, maybe after the war, we can hang out some time? You seem like a fun person to hang around with...when you're not trying to kill me." Arthur said, chuckling a bit as his cheerful persona once more showed through, even in the dire situations. There was a shouting as a random soldier ran straight at Arthur. Arthur didn't really move much, instead waiting for the very last second before slamming his shield into the soldier's face as he ran right into it, sending the soldier to fall back in pain and most likely a broken nose and a few lose teeth. "Don't be so reckless, either. You're the prince's friend, aren't you? I bet he would become very saddened to see you die. So live on for him and your people. Make them both proud." Arthur turned, facing away from him. "Well, I guess I'll get going and fight someone else...good luck. Don't go wasting your 8 lives now!" Arthur said, waving at Dawson as he then ran off, slowly disappearing among the fray of war. He hoped that they could be friends once this war was over...if they ended up both surviving it in the end.

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