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Roleplaying forum, rules & guidelines. - READ BEFORE POSTING.

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#1 DChiuch



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Posted 19 July 2010 - 01:29 AM

In order to increase the quality of the roleplaying forum, we are introducing these guidelines. If your threads don't meet these guidelines, then they will be determined to not be a proper "roleplay" and will be moved to "Random". Thanks for understanding. Posted Image

Here are the guidelines, written by our lovely Kaiso:

Some basic things role-players should remember when creating role-plays...

Be sure to follow these rules for everything to run smoothly:

- Just double check and make sure the topic of the role-play = the role play.

- Your fellow role-players need to know what kind of character (if necessary) they need to create. If they mess up and it's the wrong thing there isn't anyone else to blame but the thread creator. Be sure to be Very descriptive when setting up the role-play.

- Make sure you have a proper storyline for people to follow. Give as much important information to follow, this includes the type of characters.

- Two sentences is NOT a role-play post. Although here this has gotten out of hand, please try to at LEAST have 100 words. If anything, 5 in-depth sentences. Though that is honestly still VERY small, descriptiveness is key, and paragraphs are golden. Five descriptive sentences = a paragraph. -- It's tolerable to occasionally write a short post every four or so posts you do, but please don't do it consecutively.

- Remember to keep the cursing to a minimum. SOME is okay, but don't over do it.

- Most role-plays ask for no god-modding. If it says it, don't do it. Fair enough?


- Be original. ;] ---- It can still be a KH role-play, or whatever you want... but just try to do something out of the box.

- The final thing is to try to have fun! :3 -- You can still have fun by following these guidelines, all it takes though is a little bit of effort!




#2 DChiuch



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Posted 25 October 2010 - 10:00 PM

Also, roleplay creators, please don't disallow entry based on the amount of time they've been signed up to KH13. Obviously you can disclude people based on invalid entries and past experience, but please give everyone else a fair go.

#3 Kaiso



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Posted 31 August 2011 - 04:38 PM

New rule! Because really guys, this is something that we should have addressed before and it seems to have become an issue.
No Cybering. We don't want that here at all.
KH13 is a PG-13 site!! Please do not cyber in your role-plays. You can have romance, but please censor the role-playing if it gets too sexual and keep it at a minimum. CENSORING DOES NOT MEAN YOU'VE PUT SPOILER TABS ON YOUR POST.

You can have romantic moments without cybering.

Remember: If you do not follow these guidelines and your role-play gets put under question by whatever means we will close the role-play.