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Bokutachi No Hibi (Our Days) A Roxas And Xion Story


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#1 The Transcendent Key

The Transcendent Key

    "Don't Assume Your Dreams Are Just Fantasy..."

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Posted 10 August 2014 - 08:11 PM

[font="arial, sans-serif;"]Hey there everyone, good evening, and how’s it going?  Well then, here is a new story of mine that I shall be posting here, and as you can see, the title of the story is Bokutachi No Hibi, which means Our Days in Japanese!  This story is about Roxas and Xion, and it’ll be a high school life/drama story.  Before beginning to read the story, I wanted to tell you a bit about how I came to writing it.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]So then, my inspirations for writing this story are Caelum Mare, for by reading his Kingdom Hearts fanfiction, titled Art of Attraction, I was able to get the basis for this story, so for that, I thank him very much!  And my dear Inori helped me flesh out my idea by searching for last names for the characters that will appear here, and by giving me suggestions for this story, and she even came up with the title!  So yeah, what you’ll see here is a collaboration between me and my dear Inori, so I’d like to thank her for supporting me in writing this story and for helping me out with it! This story is dedicated to her! Without further ado, here is the story!  Enjoy!  :D[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]Prologue: A Confusing Dream[/font]

[font="arial, sans-serif;"](Start Song Here)[/font]

[color=rgb(34,34,34);font-family:'Helvetica Neue', Arial, Verdana, sans-serif;font-size:14px;][/color]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Can we stay together…?”[/font]

[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Is it too late?”[/font]

[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “There’s no stopping this…I wish we could have stayed together…”[/font]

[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “No!  Don’t go!”[/font]

[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Gaze up at the stars…and remember me…”[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   I suddenly wake up, gasping for breath.  Sweat is dropping down from my brow.  My head hurts and I feel so confused…I look towards my alarm clock and notice that it’s 3:00am.  I slowly lean back on my bed, looking up at the ceiling, the whole room darkened and quiet.  My name is Roxas Harada, and for as long as I can remember, I’ve always had this same dream.  And in this dream, I always hear the voice of a girl, but I can never seem to picture who she is.  Someone from my past? Someone I’ve yet to meet?  Someone who only exists in my dreams?  The only clue I have from this dream is that it takes place in what seems to be an island, a beautiful island paradise, near a palm tree.  The images always blur whenever I try to focus on what I’m seeing in the dream.  I really don’t know what to make of it.  I’ve tried to talk to my brothers about it, but I don’t think they can help me.  So for all this time, all I’ve been able to do is wonder.  Wonder what the dream means…[/font]

[font="arial, sans-serif;"](End Song Here)[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   Not being able to fall asleep, I wake up and yawn and stretch my legs, and then I lazily open the door and walk downstairs to get myself a glass of milk.  Jeez, and tomorrow’s school!  Great…all I know is that tomorrow I won’t have a spectacular first day.  Anyways, I head down and then head towards the kitchen, opening the fridge, and then I spot the gallon of milk.  Just as I’m about to look for a glass, I suddenly feel something on my shoulder, and then I give out a startled yell.  When I turn around, I see my fraternal twin brother, Vanitas, laughing , but trying not to sound too loud.  “Ha, you should have seen the look on your face, it was priceless!”  he said, clearly enjoying himself.  “Uh-huh, yeah, I must have looked totally ridiculous!” I replied back to him sarcastically.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   Vanitas then put his arm around my shoulder and smiled, laughing continuously.  “You know, that’s what I love most about you Roxas!  You’ve got one great sense of humor!” he said, shaking his head while smiling.  I simply nodded and ran my hand through my spiky hair.  He noticed something was up, and then he leaned his back to the kitchen counter.  “Hey bro, what’s up?  You look down in the dumps.” he asked.  The way he asked it was in an “aw, what’s wrong with my brother?” kind of tone.  God, he sounded annoying.  But I knew he meant well, so I turned around and looked at him straight in the eyes.  It was a little intimidating looking at his eyes since they were yellow.  I mean seriously, his eyes were shining through the dark like a cat, and it was creepy!  And with all that spiky black hair, and black pajamas, all I could see were his eyes, and it gave me the creeps.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   To shake him off, I tried to come up with an excuse.  “Well, I just don’t feel sleepy, that’s all.  It also could be because I’m a little stressed out because of school tomorrow…” I said to him, hoping that he’d buy this.  I mean, sure, school wasn’t the problem, but I wasn’t a big fan of school either, so hopefully, he’d just buy this story and carry on.  But unfortunately, because he’s my brother, he knew that wasn’t the case.  “Uh-huh, sure.  You can’t fool me, goldilocks, something’s got you thinking, and I want to know what it is.” he said, this time saying it in a mischievous voice, like if I didn’t tell him, he’d probably give me a wedgie, or worse, he’d take my glass of milk and throw it to my face!  Oh, and I knew that he was capable of doing that!  He was that much of a jerk!  “Umm…” I began to say.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “What is going on down there?” a voice echoed from upstairs.  The kitchen lights turned on, and I covered my face, for the sudden light made my vision blurry.  When my eyes adjusted, I saw my identical twin brother Ventus, standing in front of me and Vanitas with his arms crossed and with a very irritated expression on his face.  “Do you two know what time it is!?  What the heck are you doing down here!?  You two should be sleeping right now!”  he exclaimed.  Vanitas was about to explain what had happened, but Ventus cut him short.  “I don’t want to hear it.  Just go upstairs already!” he said.  Vanitas rolled his eyes and scoffed at him.  “Jeez, okay, okay, I’m going, Sergeant Killjoy!  Good night.” he said as he walked upstairs and went to his room.  Ventus then turned his attention to me.  I don’t know what was worse.  Having Vanitas give me a wedgie, or Ventus’ death stare.  Ventus, or Ven, how we liked to call him, was the mature one, always looking out for me and Vanitas.  “Well, isn’t it time you go to bed too?” Ven asked.  “I just came down for a glass of milk.” I said to him.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   And so with that, I quickly served myself the glass of milk, drank it, and then left the glass in the sink.  “Good night.” I said to Ven, giving him a hug, and then I turned around and headed upstairs.  “Hey Roxas.  Are you okay?” he asked me.  I wanted to turn around and tell him what was up, but I decided to ignore the question and I headed towards my room.  As soon as I opened the door to my room, I took a few seconds to go in.  I was still thinking about the dream.  After a few more seconds, I decided to dismiss my current thoughts.  I closed the door and headed for bed.  I needed to get some sleep for tomorrow.  We were going to start high school tomorrow.  A new school, new faces, tons of trouble, and a pack of evil students to complicate my existence.  Whoop dee doo…[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   I tossed and turned in bed, trying to get some sleep, but I felt restless.  I hated when this happened.  I then sat on my bed, looking at my alarm clock.  It was now 4:00am.  Great…just perfect.  Only three and a half hours of sleep left before school. Well, for the heck of it, I just decided to take my IPad, which was on the night counter beside me, and I plugged my headphones in to listen to some music.  I had a few songs here and there.  Some from American bands and pop artists and some Japanese songs added in for good measure too.  Since I didn’t know what song I wanted to put, I pressed shuffle, and then suddenly, Everything Goes Black from Skillet began to play.  It was from their most recent album, Rise.  One of my favorites by far.  As I closed my eyes and listened to the rhythm of the guitar, bass and drums, the lyrics started to come in.  “Chasing these shadows…around this darkened room…I’ve lain here so long I don’t even want to move…I need a minute now to heal…I need a minute now, to remember how to feel…whenever you’re gone away…the darkness hides the day…whenever you’re gone, the bleeding won’t stop…it hurts till you come back…everything goes black…everything goes black…”[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   And just like that, I closed my eyes listening to the song, and I started to get sleepier.  But instead of just sleeping, now I saw the faint, blurry image of a girl.  The same girl from the same dream.  “Huh, I guess I can’t help but dream of you.  That figures.” I said to myself, giving in to the gentle calmness of sleep, finally managing to fall into a deep sleep.[/font]

[font="arial, sans-serif;"]----------------------------------------[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]Who is the mysterious girl from Roxas’ dreams?  Why is it that he can’t stop having the same dream?  That is an answer that Roxas himself does not know, but he’ll have to leave those thoughts be for now, for he, Ventus and Vanitas will start high school the next day.  What will await them?  Find out in Chapter One: “The First Day.”[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]Well everyone, I hope that you all found this prologue to your liking!  This story will have fifty chapters, so I hope you stick around and enjoy it, for I’ll be posting chapters as often as I can!  Oh, and the story's perspective will shift from first person to third person views.  Thank you all very much for reading the prologue, and make sure to post your comments on what you thought of it!  Until next time, stay tuned for the next chapter everyone!  :D[/font]

#2 KHLegendIII

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Posted 10 August 2014 - 09:07 PM

This is interesting.

#3 Kirie

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Posted 10 August 2014 - 09:24 PM

im actually hype reading this story. maybe because is kingdom hearts related.

#4 Killua0707


    When I say it doesn't hurt, it means I can bear it

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Posted 11 August 2014 - 12:20 AM

can't wait for the next chapter! :D

#5 Keyblade101

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Posted 11 August 2014 - 03:57 PM

Nice prologue. Can't wait for the next chapter.

#6 The Transcendent Key

The Transcendent Key

    "Don't Assume Your Dreams Are Just Fantasy..."

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Posted 12 August 2014 - 08:59 PM

[font="arial, sans-serif;"]Hey there everyone, good evening!  Here is a new chapter!  As I mentioned in the previous post, I shall be shifting perspectives from first person to third person views, so I hope you like the writing style I’m taking with this story!  Anyways, without further ado, here goes!  :D[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]Chapter One: The First Day[/font]

(Start Song Here)

[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   The alarm clock suddenly rang loudly, and Roxas sat straight up, startled, awakened immediately by the sound of the alarm, which was pretty irritating.  He rubbed his eyes and yawned, and then glanced over to the alarm clock and disabled it.  It was 7:30am.  “Ugh, great…” he muttered to himself and then he fell back to his bed, wrapping himself up in the bed sheets, closing his eyes and falling asleep again.  But his peaceful slumber was suddenly interrupted by Ventus, who pulled his sheets and let him fall to the floor, and Roxas hit the floor with a thud.  “There’s no time to be sleeping now, you had plenty of time to sleep last night, so get up, brush your teeth and come downstairs.  Claire made us breakfast, so snap to it!” he said to Roxas, who was still on the floor.  Now he was falling asleep on the floor, for it seemed to be very comfortable.  Ventus rolled his eyes and then resorted to kicking Roxas, forcing him awake.  “Hey, I said get up!” he exclaimed.  Roxas grunted in pain and weakly looked up at his twin brother. [/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]            “Wake me up when school is blown to pieces…” Roxas replied, lazily climbing up to his bed again.  Ventus sighed and then he shook his head.  “Okay then.  You leave me with no choice.” he began to say, and before he could finish his sentence, Vanitas had already entered the room and poured a cold, icy bucket of water into Roxas, and that definitely woke him up, as he cringed and gasped for air and then sat up straight on the bed, shivering.  “H-hey!  W-why’d you do that!?” Roxas exclaimed while shivering.  Ventus crossed his arms. “I told you, you left me no choice.” he said.  Vanitas nodded in agreement.  “Yep, one way or another, you had to wake up!  Even if you did wake up on your own, I was still planning on throwing a bucket of water at you.  Just so you know.” Vanitas said, laughing.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]            At that, Roxas rolled his eyes.  “Gee, thanks, your such a good brother!” Roxas said sarcastically.  Vanitas laughed and bowed down.  “You are welcome, dear brother!” he said as he went downstairs.  Ventus then put his hand on Roxas’ shoulder and smiled.  “Come on, today is our first day of High School.  I know things have been hard for you, but think of this as a new beginning.  Today you start things fresh.  Work hard, and I know you’ll be able to make it through.  And no matter what happens, you know you got me and that idiot brother of ours, Vanitas.” Ventus said reassuringly.  “I heard that!” Vanitas replied from downstairs.  Roxas smiled and chuckled.  “That’s true, you guys do have my back…I’m doomed.” he said with a horrified look on his face.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]           Ventus then punched Roxas’ shoulder gently.  “Ha ha, very funny!” he said, and they both laughed.  “Well, I’m heading down to eat breakfast.  Brush your teeth and come downstairs, okay?” he said.  Roxas nodded.  “Okay, I’ll be down there in a sec.” he said, as he watched Ventus go downstairs.  He then looked at himself in the mirror for a few seconds, and then he inhaled and exhaled slowly.  “Ven’s right.  Today is a fresh start.  A new beginning!  I know I can make it through, I just know it!” he said confidently, and with that, he headed directly to the bathroom, and then searched the shelf above the sink for his toothbrush.  After a few seconds, he found it, and then he opened the drawer below the sink and got out his toothpaste and started brushing his teeth.  He looked at himself in the mirror and felt so tired.  He had fallen asleep listening to music, but he still had the same dream that he had every single night.  He wished he could know what the dream meant.  He wished he knew who the girl was.  “God, it sucks to be a teenager sometimes.” Roxas said distressfully to himself while brushing his teeth.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]            Well, I had no other choice.  Even if I begged, I know that Ven and Vanitas would have forced me to go to school either way, so there was no point in fighting back.  After I finished brushing my teeth, I wet my hair and applied some hair gel.  A man has always got to keep himself tidy, right?  I combed my hair and then rubbed my hands all over, aiming for my signature, spiky hair look.  After I got it just right, I went downstairs, where Ven and Vanitas were eating.  They were already halfway through their breakfast, and my plate was there on the table, waiting for me to sit down and start eating.  It was delicious bacon with boiled eggs and some crackers.  I looked around and noticed that Claire wasn’t anywhere to be seen.  “Where’s Claire?” I asked to my brothers.  Ven looked at me and swallowed his mouthful of food.  “She already left for work.” he said.  I felt bad for not coming down sooner.  I wanted to thank her for breakfast.  Oh well, I’d thank her after school.  After about two or three minutes, my brothers had already finished eating, and I was halfway through.  “Hurry up slowpoke, or you’ll be late!” Vanitas remarked, and I sighed with my mouth full.  “I know, I know.” I said to him.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]            After a few more seconds, I finished eating my breakfast.  And my God, it was delicious!  My brothers were already upstairs, changing into their uniforms.  I decided to do the same, and looked for my uniform. It was neatly folded in my drawers, no doubt Ven had ironed them yesterday.  The uniform consisted of a white collar buttoned, long sleeved shirt, a plaid white and blue tie, and plaid white and blue pants. It was a cool color design, so I didn’t complain.  I took off my pajamas and put on my uniform, and then we left our apartment and walked to school.  It was about twenty minutes away, so at least it wasn’t too far.  It was 7:50am, and classes started at 8:15am.  We had enough time to get there, so there was no rush.  Oh, and if you are by chance wondering about me and my brothers living in an apartment on our own, well, here’s the short version of the story.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]            Ven, Vanitas and I are orphans.  We don’t know if our parents died when we were little or if they just abandoned us, but the point is that we had no one to raise us.  And so, we took care of each other.  When we turned fifteen, Ven decided it was time for us to have our own apartment.  He had always been smart since he was a kid, and he had raised me and Vanitas as best as he could, so we trusted him.  So before we got the apartment, we got some part time jobs in town, and with the money we made, we were able to rent an apartment, and we’ve been living there ever since.  Yup, an apartment in Fukuoka City, Japan.  So yeah, we’ve come this far by taking care of each other.  I knew that as long as I had my brothers with me, I’d be able to keep my sanity.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]            Before we knew it, we had already arrived to school, but something was a little off.  The school didn’t look like it did in the brochures.  That’s when… “Oh no!  This is the wrong school!” Ventus exclaimed, instantly panicking.  “Ha, well well, looks like Vennie boy here got this one wrong!” Vanitas said while laughing.  I looked up and noticed the name of the school.  Utada Hikaru High School, named after the popular Japanese singer.  I looked at Ven, who was having a panic attack, but Vanitas and I were calm.  Seriously, I didn’t even care if we got to school late.  The later, the better.  I’d probably get suspended!  Thank you lord, for miracles!  But then suddenly, a school bus passed by and stopped, and then the door opened, and a man, probably in his mid-thirties, with short blonde hair, mechanic’s clothing and some goggles, called out to us.  “Hey, you kids look like your lost.  You heading to Fukuoka Daiichi High School?” he asked.  Ven immediately got on the bus and hugged the man.  “Yes, yes, that’s the school!  Oh, thank you so much!” Ven said as he bowed to the man over and over.  “God, this is embarrassing…” Vanitas muttered to himself.  “Come on in kids, I’ll get you there in a jiff!” he said, and so, we got on the bus.  “The name’s Cid.  Cid Watanabe.  Nice to meet you.” he said politely.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]            “My name’s Ventus Harada, and these are my twin brothers Roxas and Vanitas.  It’s nice to meet you too, and thank you so much for giving us a ride, we thought that this was the school we were going to!” Ven said.  “Well, it’s a good thing I showed up now, huh?  Well, I’ll be glad to give you boys a ride to school every day.  Just be sure not to get lost again, got it?” Cid asked.  We all nodded at the same time.  After at least ten minutes, we made it to school.  Fukuoka Daiichi High School.  “Good luck on your first day boys.  See ya at noon!” he said, and with that, he left.  Ven and Vanitas were already heading inside, but I stood there, in front of the school gates, pondering whether I should go in or not.  God, I just wanted to run…but now that I was already here, I guess there was no avoiding it.  Oh well, what the heck.  I looked back towards the street, and when I turned around, I accidentally bumped into someone.  “Ow!  Hey, watch where you’re going!” I exclaimed angrily.  I noticed that I had bumped into a girl, and she looked down to the ground. “I-I’m sorry…” the girl said.  She had dropped her books.  I immediately regretted what I said and helped her pick up her books.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]            “No…I’m sorry.  I’m the one that didn’t notice where I was walking.  I’m sorry for making you drop your books.” I said to the girl, hoping that I’d make her feel better.  She simply stayed quiet and picked up the remaining books, and I gave the ones I had picked up to her.  She didn’t lift her head.  Her hair was blocking her face, so I couldn’t really see her eyes or anything.  Her hair was raven black and reached just a tiny bit below her shoulders.  Her bangs were covering her face, and she was short.  I bet at least five feet and three inches.  She had an evenly shaped body, and she looked like she was the type of girl that was very shy.  She looked really cute. She had the same uniform as me, with the obvious exception that she had a plaid skirt instead of plaid pants, and her buttoned collar shirt had short sleeves.  I was going to say something to her, but she cut me off.  “T-thank you for helping me pick up my books…” she said quietly.  I blushed a little and rubbed my head and turned away.  “Um, your welcome.  Hey, what’s your na--” I said as I turned around, but she was already gone.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]             Who was that girl?  She seemed like a really nice girl.  She didn’t even tell me her name.  Then I looked at the school clock and noticed it was already 8:25am.  “Crud, I’m late!” I said to myself, and I ran into the school as fast as I could.  The students had already gone into their classrooms, and the hallways were empty.  “Good, there’s no crowds…” I said to myself, as I looked behind me, then made a run for it, and then I suddenly bumped into someone.  I mean jeez, seriously, was this the National Bumping Day or something?  I was about to complain, when I saw that I had bumped into an elderly looking man.  He was bald, tan skinned and had a gray goatee.  He had a fancy suit on, all decked in black, like if he was James Bond.  The old man looked at me and smiled.  “It looks like you are out of class, young man.” the old man said. “Y-yeah, it’s my first day here, so I got lost…” I replied.  The old man looked at me, as if he was examining me.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]            “What is your name?” the old man asked.  “I’m Roxas Harada…” I said quietly.  The old man then stroked his goatee.  “Ah yes, your with Ven and Vanitas.  Your classroom is A-13.  It’s upstairs, to the right.  It’s the first classroom you’ll come across when you go upstairs.” he said. “Okay, got it, thanks mister!” I said to him, and then I bowed down in appreciation and then ran to my classroom.  Crud, he must have been the principal, he had to be the principal!  Anyways, I couldn’t worry about that now.  I headed towards the classroom and opened the door quietly, trying to sneak into the classroom unnoticed.  But my efforts were in vain, for just as soon as I had gone inside, the professor had already spotted me.  “Tardy I see.” the professor said.  I flinched and looked towards her, and noticed she was a woman.  A young looking woman, probably in her early to mid-twenties.  She had sapphire blue hair and eyes, and she wore a buttoned gray shirt and a black skirt.  She had glasses on.  “Y-yes, my apologies professor.  It won’t happen again.” I replied.  “You’d better hope not.” she said, and then continued giving the class.  Great…my first day and already I’m in death row. God, kill me now.[/font]

[font="arial, sans-serif;"](End Song Here)[/font]

[font="arial, sans-serif;"]----------------------------------------------------------------------[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]Who is the girl that Roxas bumped into?  Why did she suddenly disappear?  What awaits Roxas on his first day of High School? What will he have to face?  Will everything be smooth sailing, or will it be a rocky voyage? Stay tuned for Chapter Two: “A Tour Of Fukuoka Daiichi High School.”[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]Okay everyone, that was the chapter, I hope that you all enjoyed it!  You know, I gotta say, I’m really liking how this story is turning out so far.  I know it’s only been a prologue and this chapter, but I have a good feeling this story will turn out great!  Let me know what you all thought of the chapter, and as always, thank you for your support!  Until next time, stay tuned for the next chapter!  And yes, Aqua is a sexy professor.  xD[/font]

#7 KHLegendIII

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Posted 12 August 2014 - 09:04 PM

Nice work.

#8 Killua0707


    When I say it doesn't hurt, it means I can bear it

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Posted 12 August 2014 - 10:17 PM

and again.. I loved it :)

#9 Kirie

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Posted 12 August 2014 - 11:52 PM

I like this chapter, you add more details that the first one :)

#10 Yuya Sakaki

Yuya Sakaki

    The fun is just getting started!

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Posted 13 August 2014 - 04:03 AM

Okay man, first of all, I am really glad that my fanfic inspired you! :D I can definitely see the similarities with this and mine. And thanks for that (sort of) shout out! xD


Now I am really loving this story so far; it has an interesting concept behind it. And who is Claire? Will she be explained later? I hope so. And I think we can conclude that mystery girl is Xion xD


Although, just a little heads up on narrative structure: Each individual character gets their own paragraph when speaking.


Example of correct dialogue:


"Where are you going?" John asked nervously.


"To the racetrack," Mary said, trying to figure out whether John was too upset to let her get away with it this time.


"Not again," said John, wondering how they could make that month's rent. "We are already maxed out on our credit cards."


See what I mean? Just keep that in mind for next time :) And try not to get confused with "your" and "you're". Don't worry too much about that though since it happens to me too. xD


Overall, really great job, Gold. Keep this up!



#11 Keyblade101

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Posted 13 August 2014 - 10:15 AM

This story is great so far. I'm totally for the idea of Xehanort being the principal. Since Aqua's a professor, are Terra and Eraqus gonna be professors too? And how about Xemnas? With the slow way he talks, I could totally see Xemnas as the teacher that everyone in class falls asleep to while he lectures.  :biggrin:

#12 khdayskh1314


    Half...way...there...to the 1000s...

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Posted 14 August 2014 - 04:50 AM

since i smell rokushi i'll stick to it. i like it ^^

#13 Josuke Higashikata

Josuke Higashikata

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Posted 15 August 2014 - 09:18 AM

I keep forgetting how much I enjoy your writing! This is pretty good so far, and I'm looking forward to the rest of it.

#14 The Transcendent Key

The Transcendent Key

    "Don't Assume Your Dreams Are Just Fantasy..."

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Posted 15 August 2014 - 09:02 PM

[font="arial, sans-serif;"]Okay everybody, here’s another chapter!  Thank you all very much for your comments, and thank you for your advice Caelum, I’ll be sure to incorporate it into my chapters!  I really appreciate all your awesome comments, they mean a lot to me!  Now then, without further ado, here’s the next chapter!  Enjoy everyone!  :D[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]Chapter Two: A Tour Of Fukuoka Daiichi High School[/font]

(Start Song Here)

[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   I was counting down the minutes for my ultimate demise.  As soon as the bell would ring, I knew that I’d be facing the pit of no return.  The professor may look beautiful, but she looked menacing, like if I ever did anything to make her mad, she’d beat me up and then give me homework on top of that!  For now, all I did was quietly sit on my desk,  glancing out the window without the professor noticing.  Since I had come late to class, there wasn’t any point in me paying attention now.  The first thing that came into my mind was that girl I had bumped into when I entered this school.  I kept wondering who she was.  Since she had this school’s uniform, it was only logical and obvious that she was a student here.  I eyed out the classroom in the hopes of seeing her seated in one of the many desks, but she was nowhere to be seen.  I wish she were in the same class as me.  Oh well, I guess I’ll find out more about her if I bump into her again.  I really hope I get to see her again.  Maybe this time we can have a lengthy conversation![/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Class dismissed!” the professor suddenly proclaimed.  I was taken aback for a moment.  I had been so lost in thought that hearing the professor’s voice ring out like that came out like a startle to me.  I slowly started making my way out of the classroom, hoping to get out without the professor noticing, but unfortunately…[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Excuse me young man, but you are not going anywhere.” the professor enunciated.  Now I was really on the brink of death.  I prepared myself for the scolding, but instead, she just simply crossed her arms and told me to sit.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “What is your name, young man?”  she asked, expecting me to answer.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Roxas…Roxas Harada.  I’m a freshman.” I answered to her as respectfully as possible.  I could feel her eyes on me, and I honestly felt intimidated.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   She then walked towards her desk, organizing some papers; no doubt tests and assignments she was planning to give to the class.  Anyways, after organizing her desk and leaving it neat and tidy, she took a marker and started to write her name on the blackboard, then she stood to the right, looking at me, as if she was expecting me to say something.  I didn’t know exactly what I had to do, but then I figured that she wanted me to say her name aloud.  An awkward silence loomed for a bit, and it was kind of unsettling.  “She’s going to kill me…” I thought to myself, wishing I could have just stayed home, sleeping in my comfortable bed.  Oh God, how I wanted to be sleeping right now.  But there was no escape from this.  Nowhere to turn or hide.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Well, what does it say on the blackboard?”  the professor asked again.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Aqua Watanabe.” I pronounced.  Huh, a relative of Cid?  Who knew?  Anyways, after I said her name, she then erased it from the blackboard and then sat on her desk.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Yes, that is correct.  I am professor Watanabe.  And I teach history class.  You should know that I do not like my students being tardy to my class.  I’ll let this one slip, but next time you come late, we’ll have to have a little talk, understood?”  she said firmly, but with a kind tone.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   I immediately nodded and bowed appreciatively to her.  “Thank you so much professor, I won’t be tardy again!”  I said, and before she would say anything else, I had already left the classroom.  I felt relieved to be out of the classroom.  I felt so much more relaxed. Only now did I notice how big the school was.  The hallway was big enough, and as I walked towards the windows, I noticed the large, expansive courtyard.  It was a marvel to look at.  Trees towered over benches, providing shade for whoever was sitting down on said benches, and there was a neat path made of bricks that contrasted well with the grass and the small garden.  After admiring the courtyard, I headed to my other classes.  They were nothing worth getting excited about, and three of the professors that were supposed to be here today were absent.[/font]

(End Song Here)


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   Since they were absent, I took it upon myself to explore the school.  Heck, since I had three absent professors today, why not take the time to take a look around?  That being said, the first place I went to was the lunchroom.  It was a considerably big place, and it looked cozy.  There were dozens of tables neatly organized in rows.  There were enough chairs for at least three hundred plus students.  Yes, it was that big of a lunchroom!  After that, I wandered the hallways, until I came across a student who was vigorously searching for something in his locker.  “Uh, can I help you?”  I decided to ask.  Apparently, the guy was very focused on what he was doing, because when he heard my voice, he jumped and hit his head against the locker door.  “Ow!  Hey, that hurt!”  the boy said.  He was about my age I would assume, and he had spiky brown hair and defiant blue eyes, and he wore his uniform like if he was at some sort of beach party.  “Sorry about that, but since you seemed so intent on whatever it was you were doing, I wanted to see if I could help.” I said to him.[/font]


(Start Song Here)

[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Ah, it’s okay, no harm done.  The name’s Tidus Higurashi, nice to meet you!” he said, enthusiastically stretching out his hand to me.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “I’m Roxas Harada.  Are you a freshman too?”  I asked him, since he did look like a freshman.  And his next expression confirmed it.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Yep!  That’s right, I’m a freshman!  So, your taking a look around school, eh?  I can give you a quick tour, since I had come here a few times before I officially became a part of the student body!” he said, more than happy to oblige.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Thanks, but aren’t you looking for something in your locker?” I asked him, still curious to know what it was that he was searching for.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Oh, no, I was just looking for some textbooks, I got so many!  But that can wait for later, let me give you a quick tour, come on!” he said, urging me to follow him.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   And so, with that, began a miniature adventure of sorts.  Tidus was surprisingly fast on his feet, and he did seem to know the school thoroughly.  He showed me the library, which was two floors in size!  He then showed me the game room, which had a ping pong table, a table for playing card games or board games, a Twister mat on the floor, and a beverage machine.  Then, I crossed the other side of school with him and he showed me the gym classroom, which was a big basketball court with bleachers on either side.  Then he showed me the theater room.  Yes, apparently, this school had a theater class.  Now that would be something interesting to see.  Anyways, I was shown a few more classrooms, then some other parts of the courtyard I hadn’t noticed, and then he showed me a small kiosk that sold deep fried food and hamburgers and such.  There were even pocky sticks for sale, and some taiyaki too.  It was all a rather interesting tour.  Suddenly, the bell rang, and then Tidus looked at me and panicked.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]    “Ah, my textbooks!  I need to get to class!  See ya Roxas, it was nice meeting ya!” he said to me, and I replied likewise, and then he ran off and disappeared in the blink of an eye.  It was time for me to head to class too.[/font]

(End Song Here)


(Start Song Here)

[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   Now was my final class for the day.  Math.  Good God, how I hate math.  I sat on the far corner of the classroom and decided to take myself a nice nap.  Thankfully, the professor wasn’t really keen on all his students paying attention, or maybe he was just too lazy to see if I was paying attention.  Either way, I took this opportunity to sleep.  But as I slept, I suddenly felt myself being pulled into a swirling vortex.  I couldn’t open my eyes.  It all felt so surreal!  I tried waking up, but it was like if someone had glued my eyes shut!  Suddenly, I found myself in the island, the one from my dreams.  And that’s when I knew I was having the same dream again.  It wasn’t good enough at night, no, it had to happen during school too!  Sometimes I really hate having dreams, especially ones I’ve seen over and over![/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   And so I couldn’t escape.  I was bound to this dream.  I wandered the island paradise, walking along the seashore, feeling the water on my feet.  It was cool and refreshing.  I then looked to my surroundings and noticed a small wooden shack and a wooden bridge, leading to what seemed to be a palm tree.  Kind of like a place where you could see the sunset.  I looked all around and saw what seemed to be a tree house, and an overlook where you could see the whole island.  I felt strangely compelled to head towards the spot where the palm tree was.  And so, as if by instinct, I went through the wooden shack and then crossed the bridge, eyeing the palm tree and then resting my back on it.  The beautiful scenery of the sea was priceless.  The sun was setting.  There was one thing I liked about this dream, and it was that everything felt so natural…and oddly familiar.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   Then, merely seconds after, I felt as if someone was by my side, and when I glanced to my left, I saw the blurred image of a girl.  The same girl. She remained as distorted as possible to me.  I was frustrated that I couldn’t yet find out who this dream girl was.  Was she trying to tell me something?  If that was the case, she wouldn’t say, for whenever she talked, I could hear nothing.  It was as if her voice had muted.  As I walked towards her to reach out my hand to her, I was suddenly yanked off my feet, and that’s when I woke up.  Yeah…of all the ways to end the dream, it had to be with a yank.  I shook my head and then noticed that the classroom was empty.  School was over, and Tidus was looking at me, with quite the amused look on his face.  I was half tempted to punch him, but since he had been so kind enough as to give me a tour of the school, I decided not to.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Well hello there sleeping beauty!” were the first words that Tidus said, as he smiled amusingly at me.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   I rolled my eyes and scoffed.  “Ha ha, very funny.  I just dozed off, that’s all…” I said to him while yawning.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Uh, yeah, sure.  Your dozing off almost caused the professor to kick you out of the classroom!  Luckily I came alone to give him some documents and told him that you had been helping me clean up the game room.”  Tidus explained, feeling quite proud of himself.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “So wait, the professor actually fell for that?”  I asked him, quite surprised.  Tidus looked at me as if I had asked him a stupid question and he laughed cheerfully.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Roxas, Roxas, the math professor is easy to deceive.  Your just lucky you ended up in his class and not in Aqua’s class, otherwise you would have been dead meat!” he said while laughing.  I agreed. [/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “So, where are you going now?” I asked him.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Oh, I have to go to town for a moment.  Oh crap, that reminds me, I’m late!  Sorry to leave you again like this Roxas, but I gotta go now, see ya tomorrow!”  he said, before I could even manage a thank you for his favor.  I shrugged and walked out of school.  I’d thank him tomorrow.  Tidus seemed like a very nice person.  Cocky, but nonetheless nice.  I'm glad that at least I had made a friend.  Well, at least I think we had become friends.  It did feel like we had become friends indeed.  Anyways, I made my way out of school and looked up at the sky for a moment.  It was an orange and red kind of color.  The sunset was beautiful.  I then felt as if someone was watching me, and then I had the sudden urge to look back, but when I glanced over my shoulder, no one was there.  I really didn't like feeling watched.  It was a creepy sensation to say the least.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]            Anyways,  Ventus and Vanitas were outside waiting for me.  Ven had quite the irritated look on his face, while Vanitas looked like he was about to burst of laughter.  “Um, hey Ven…” I started to say, but I was quickly cut off.  “Don’t you hey Ven me!  I heard what happened, you dozed off in class!!!  You made us wait here for you!  It’s a good thing Cid was nice enough to come back for us after he had dropped off all the other students, so you should be grateful!” he proclaimed at me.  I stayed quiet and bowed down to Cid.  “I’m sorry for making you come back for us…” I said, but Cid simply chuckled.  “Ah, don’t worry kiddo, I don’t mind waiting.  Now come on you kids, get on the bus.” he said, and with that, we got on the bus and headed home.  The three of us were all silent for the whole trip.  Vanitas had asked me how was my day, and so I talked to him, but Ven was mute and angry.  And so, we arrived home.  I was the first one to get inside, and I quickly headed up to my room and looked for some clean clothes from my drawers and then grabbed a towel from the closet and headed straight towards the bathroom.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   I took a long, relaxing shower.  It was good for getting rid of today’s stress.  Then, suddenly, I found my thoughts coming back to that girl I had met when I went into school.  I hadn’t seen her the entire day after I had bumped into her.  I found it odd that I was thinking about her, but I couldn’t help but think of her.  It was as if I was attracted to the great mystery of who she was.  Anyways, after I finished taking a shower, I went to my room and closed the door.  Vanitas came up and knocked on the door.  “Hey dork, are you gonna come down for dinner?” he asked.  “I’ll go down later, I feel like taking a nap…” I answered him.  “Okay, suit yourself.” Vanitas replied back.  I didn’t want to eat dinner now.  I felt strange for some reason.  God, how I hated it when I didn’t know what I was feeling.  Puberty sucks!  Before I knew it, I had already closed my eyes, drifting into sleep.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   And then, I had the same dream again.[/font]

[font="arial, sans-serif;"](End Song Here)[/font]

[font="arial, sans-serif;"]---------------------------------------------------------[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]Roxas’ first day at school was anything but ordinary, and he now finds himself baffled by the mysterious girl he encountered.  He wants to know who she is.  Will he meet her sometime soon?  And what else awaits the Harada brothers on their second day of High School?  Stay tuned for Chapter Three: “The Lunchroom Encounter.”[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]Okay, so that was the chapter everyone, I hope you all found it to your enjoyment!  As you can see, the story is taking good shape, and I hope your all enjoying how it’s turning out so far!  Again, thank you all so much for your awesome comments, I’m really glad you are all enjoying this story, I hope you continue to look forward to more chapters!  Please leave your comments of what you thought of this chapter!  Until next time, Golden out!  :D[/font]

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This was awesome!

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Once again, I'm really liking your story! I'm now curious as to who the math teacher is. (If I missed any obvious signs, let me know.)

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I'm really loving this!! I just.. LOVE IT!!  keep it going :D  

you have talent :)

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Ever thought of posting this story on fanfiction.net? I think heaps of people would enjoy reading it there. This is the sort of thing people like reading, so it could do pretty well. Nice touches with the Clannad OSTs; they suit the atmosphere well. I love that anime so much! It was amazing! xD


Sorry if it sounds like I'm nit-picking, but there are still some instances where the dialogue is clumped together. It's good to see that you're utilising that information though, so good stuff! But I'm just trying to help you improve that writing, which is brilliant by the way :D You're a talented writer.


Keep these updates coming!



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Great story so far, and good choice with the Clannad songs. I especially love the second Clannad song. I just discovered that anime last week on YouTube and I love it so much, especially ~After Story~; it's so sad but amazing! Anyway keep going with this great story.

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[font="arial, sans-serif;"]Hey there everyone, good evening, how’s it going!?  I see that you are all enjoying my story, and I’m really happy about that, so I thank you all kindly for always commenting on the chapters I post!  Okay then, here’s the next chapter, I hope that you all enjoy! :D[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]Chapter Three: The Lunchroom Encounter[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   It had been three hours since Roxas had taken a shower and taken a nap.  He still hadn’t come down to eat dinner, and Ventus was at the dining table, waiting for him to come down.  Vanitas was in the living room playing with the PS3.  Ventus and Vanitas had already eaten their dinner, but Roxas hadn’t, and so Ventus had made it his point to wait for him until he came down.  But three hours had passed, so Ventus was starting to wonder if Roxas was going to come downstairs at all.  He stood up and walked towards the living room, watching Vanitas absorbed with the video game he was playing.  It seemed to be a fighting game, similar to the ones in arcades, with the exception that this one had more graphics.  Ventus stood there quietly for a while, watching his brother play.[/font] He wondered if something was wrong with Roxas.  Although, considering that Roxas never had any friends in previous school years, Ventus could understand if Roxas was being glum.  He then walked over to Vanitas and then noticed the empty spot in the couch.


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Can I have a seat?” Ventus said, trying not to interrupt his brother.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Sure, knock yourself out.” Vanitas said dismissively, as he kept mashing buttons on the controller.  And so, Ventus sat down and then got lost deep in thought.  Noticing Ventus’ particularly continuous silence, Vanitas paused the game and then punched his brother’s shoulder.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Hey Einstein, what’s got you so down in the dumps?” Vanitas said, trying to sound funny.  He didn’t like seeing any of his brothers upset.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Vanitas…what do you think is wrong with Roxas?  I’m sure you can also notice that he looks depressed.” Ventus said to his brother while sighing. [/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Well, I’m sure that idiot brother of ours is probably depressed.  This is a new transition for him.  High School’s a pretty big playground, especially considering his past school years haven’t been really memorable ones.  So it’s understandable the moron’s all cooped up.” Vanitas said while scoffing.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Do you think he’ll be okay?”  Ventus asked, glancing over his shoulder to the stairs, wanting to go up to comfort Roxas.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “He’ll be fine.  We just have to let him sort things out.  This is something every person has to go through.  Sure, we can give him advice and all, but in the end, it’s up to Mr. Moron.  He has to learn to contend with himself.  For now, let’s back off and give him some space.”  Vanitas said wisely, much to Ventus’ surprise.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Well, if you say so…anyways, since when do you understand these kinds of things?” Ventus asked, now feeling curious as to how Vanitas had become so wise all of a sudden.  Vanitas laughed joyfully and shrugged.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “I may be a womanizing jerk, but hey, when it comes to us, I’m a good brother.  Now then, excuse me, I’ll be going back to my game.”  Vanitas said as he resumed playing, while Ventus shook his head and smiled and watched the game alongside him.[/font]

[font="arial, sans-serif;"]---[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   My alarm clock suddenly blared, and I woke up, drenched in sweat.  I thought that I’d never wake up.  I even missed dinner last night!  God, I’m such a mess.  Without even looking at my clock, I took a quick shower, brushed my teeth, put on my uniform, and then came downstairs and saw Ven and Vanitas, who were already eating breakfast.  I sat down with them and started to eat my breakfast.  Today’s menu included pancakes with a touch of butter on top, along with some blueberries and syrup.  It was amazing.  Claire made the best pancakes!  I smiled and kept savoring each bite.  It truly was a marvelous breakfast.  It’s a good thing that I hadn’t taken too long to wake up, or otherwise I wouldn’t have had time to eat breakfast!  Thank God for alarm clocks![/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Morning” a voice suddenly came from behind me.  When I turned around, I smiled.  It was Claire.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   Claire had her hair loose today.  Her hair was a cherry blossom pink, and it curled towards the bottom ends, and she had deep, ocean blue eyes.  She had a well balanced body, and she had some ripped jeans on with a blue shirt that had an eagle on it.  And she had some nice boots.  In her school days, she was called Lightning.  Maybe it was because she was lightning fast at sports, or maybe it was because of her personality, which was kind of tomboyish mixed in with a fiery spirit.  Whatever the case, she had liked going by the name Lightning.  After she graduated though, she wanted people to call her Claire.  Her full name being Claire Farron. She was our next door neighbor.  She looked relaxed today, as usual.  She always had such a calm air around her.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Good morning Claire, thanks for breakfast!  Oh, and thanks for breakfast yesterday too, I didn’t get the chance to thank you!” I said to her with a smile.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Your welcome.  So, everything okay in school yesterday?”  she asked, sitting  down by my side.  For a moment there, I froze.[/font]


(Start Song Here)

[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   Should I tell her?  Should I tell her about the girl?  I mean, sure, yesterday wasn’t that bad, at least I had met Tidus, and I think we had become friends, but that was beside the point.  I wanted to tell Claire about the girl I had met before entering school.  Something inside me urged me to tell her, but I held myself back.  I didn’t want to tell anyone about this.  But then again, Claire was a trustworthy person, and if there was anyone who could understand me, it was her.  I somehow felt a little more relaxed when she was around.  But even though I knew that I could tell her, I kept telling myself that it was best to keep it to myself.  I then stopped eating for a moment and noticed that Ven and Vanitas were staring at me.  Ven had a worried expression on his face, while Vanitas had an amused smirk.  He probably thought I was a moron.  And maybe he was right. Claire, on the other hand, simply smiled.  It was obvious that she had an understanding of what was going on.  She then stood up and went to the kitchen counter and then started to look for something.  She then came back and gave me an object.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Here. This is for good luck, although personally, I’ve never been one to believe in good luck.  But maybe it’ll work better for you than it has for me.” she said to me, as she gave me the object, which was some kind of keychain.  I nodded appreciatively and put it in my pocket and then finished my breakfast, and then I headed for school with Ven and Vanitas.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “You take care, you hear?” Claire said as she waved goodbye at us.  We waved goodbye back, and then we walked towards the bus stop near Utada Hikaru High School.  We knew that Cid would probably stop by there.  And true enough, he did appear.  And this time the bus had a few dozen students inside.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “It looks like you folks came by early this time.  Come on in!” Cid said with a smile, and with that, we headed into the bus.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   Some of the seats were full, and most of the empty seats were either in the middle or back rows.  Ven and Vanitas had taken a seat, and I decided to sit behind them.  And so, we headed to school.  I looked out the window, watching the cars pass by, seeing the sun rise over the mountains, some of the people opening their shops.  The morning scenery was calm, and I found myself quite distracted.  Then I felt like someone was watching me.  At first, I thought that it was Ven or Vanitas, but when I glanced over at them, they weren’t looking at me.  No, it felt like someone was watching me from behind.  Slowly but surely, I glanced over my shoulder, and then I noticed her.  It was the girl that I had bumped into yesterday!  My heart suddenly raced!  I know that it sounds ridiculous, but that’s what I was feeling right now.  She seemed to be looking at me, but when I turned around to look at her, she shifted her gaze towards the window.  Her shyness was now in full effect.  I decided to leave her be.  If she wanted to talk to me or anything, she’d come to me.  At least I think she would.[/font]

[font="arial, sans-serif;"](End Song Here)[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   As soon as I got off the bus, I said my goodbyes to Ven and Vanitas as they headed into the school, and I said goodbye to Cid, and then I tried to look for the girl.  I kept looking around me, while the other students kept walking into school.  The girl was nowhere to be seen.  It looks like she had already gone inside.  Oh well, maybe I’d see her later during the day.  With that, I headed into school, and this time, I came early to Aqua’s class, and she seemed quite pleased.  At least I didn’t have to suffer her wrath.  Today’s class was about Western culture.  She was telling us about the different customs and traditions that people in the West have made throughout the years, and they’ve even adopted some things from countries such as ours.  I love history, so this was an entertaining class.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   Time flew by faster than expected, and three classes later, it was already lunch break!  As I headed towards the lunchroom, I hoped to run into Tidus, but he wasn’t anywhere to be seen.  Either he was busy in class, or he had run off somewhere, or he was absent.  Anyways, I went towards the food bin, and today’s menu included some rice with curry, tuna salad, fried pork and some mashed potatoes with gravy.  And there was also taiyaki.  I took a little bit of everything and asked the lunch lady for a glass of water, and she gladly obliged. Then I turned around and looked for the first table I could sit on.  The lunchroom was pretty full today.  I found a seat in the middle row table, and I decided to sit there.  I started to eat, and may I say, the food was delicious!  After a few minutes, I looked up and noticed her.  The mystery girl.  It looked like she was having trouble finding a seat.  When she saw me, she headed over to me and stood in front of me.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Um…can I sit with you?” she asked.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Sure, why not?” I answered to her, and then she smiled and sat down in front of me.  She only had the tuna salad and fried pork.  [/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “So, I’m guessing you don’t like rice with curry then?” I asked out of the blue, hoping to start a conversation. It sounded stupid, but oh well, at least I made an effort to talk to her.  She looked up at me shyly and shook her head.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “No, it’s not that I don’t like rice with curry, it’s just that I don’t eat rice all the time.  I always like to eat different things daily.” she said, sounding a little less shy and a bit more talkative, then returning her attention to her food.  She sounded cute.[/font]


(Start Song Here)

[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   Now I was finally able to see her face for the first time.  Obviously, I wasn’t staring at her like a sex crazed pervert, but I looked at her in a way that she didn’t notice I was looking at her.  She had a beautiful, clean face, with mesmerizing blue eyes and a small nose, and smooth looking lips.  Her hairdo really complimented her face, and I liked how her hair reached just a bit below her shoulders.  There was something about her face that made me keep looking at her.  I wanted to stop looking at her so I wouldn’t freak her out, but somehow, I couldn’t look away.  It’s a good thing she was focusing on her food, otherwise this would be an awkward moment.  Slowly but surely, I was able to look away and focus my attention on my food.  I was already halfway done.  Well, this girl was beautiful, no doubt about it.  I wanted to ask her why she was looking at me in the bus, but I decided to let the matter be.  For now, we enjoyed our food, and it was a nice time we had.  She seemed like a nice girl.  I wondered what her name was.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “So, what’s your name?” we both asked in unison, and at that, we both laughed.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “I’m Roxas Harada.  It’s nice to meet you.” I said to her.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “R-Roxas…” she started to say, as if she was analyzing my name.  I’m Xion Fuyibayashi.  It’s nice to meet you too.”  she replied with a smile.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Are you also a freshman?” I asked her.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Yes, yes I am.  Fukuoka Daiichi High School is pretty big, isn’t it?”  she asked me, eating the last bits of her tuna salad.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Yeah, definitely.  It’s much bigger than Junior High, that’s for sure.  I’m still getting used to how big this place is.”  I answered her.  I was being completely honest.  Junior High was an ant compared to Fukuoka Daiichi High School.  [/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Hehe, well, that’s very interesting!”  she replied, giggling very cutely.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   She had a pretty smile.  It was the kind of smile that could calm you down no matter what happened.  Her smile had an immediate effect on me.  I mean seriously, I felt much more cheerful now, dare I say, better than ever!  She blushed slightly as she looked at me, and something sort of…clicked.  At that moment I knew that I had just made a friend.  Not too bad Roxas.  Not too bad.  For the rest of the lunch break, Xion and I stayed in the lunchroom, as we were engaged in conversation.  She was a little shy at first, only saying a few words and sometimes taking a bit to answer my questions.  I tried to be as understanding as possible, and I could tell that she appreciated the gesture.  We had served ourselves seconds from the food bin, and we kept eating and talking, until there were ten minutes left for the bell to ring.  By now, the lunchroom was empty, with the exception of the lunch ladies, and of course, Xion and I.  That definitely took me by surprise.  I never imagined I’d end up spending my lunch break in the lunchroom, but I didn’t complain, it was a great time.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “So, I guess we have to get going to class soon.”  I said to her.  I wanted to talk to her more, but sadly, the evil tyrannical professors were in the way of our time now.  Oh well.  At least today’s lunch was interesting.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Yeah…hey Roxas, what classroom are you in during first period?”  she asked me, as she slightly blushed.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Oh, I’m in classroom A-13, taking history class with professor Watanabe.  What about you?”  I asked while smiling.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “I’m in classroom B-14, with professor Sugoi.  He specializes in theater and drama, and also teaches music.  In first period he gives music class, and after lunch break he gives  theater and drama class.”  she answered, putting a strand of her raven black hair behind her ear.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Wait, that’s the class I go to now!”  I said excitedly.  What luck!  I’d be going to theater and drama class with Xion![/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Oh really?  That’s great!  Let’s walk to the classroom together then!”  she said shyly, and with that, we walked towards the classroom.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   There were only five minutes left for lunch break to end, and even in that short time span, Xion and I managed to talk about different topics.  It was fun. She was now being a bit more open and less shy.  Her confidence and her way of speaking made me smile, and well, I can honestly say that I enjoyed my time with her.  I wish Tidus would have been around too, he’d have liked Xion. But oh well, the two would meet up eventually, of that much I was sure.  As we walked along the hallway, I noticed a group of athletic students, no doubt the running team, practicing outside.  I saw this one guy in particular, with spiky brown hair and a slender build.  He seemed to be a cheerful fellow.  I couldn’t tell much else of him since he was far away, but he looked to be quite the athlete.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   After a few minutes, it started to rain. I chuckled to myself a little as I saw the running team scattering for shelter.  But the spiky haired guy stood there in the rain, basking in it.  He didn’t seem to have a problem getting soaking wet.  And it looks like the gym professor didn’t mind either.  I couldn’t see the gym professor though, so I didn’t know what he looked like.  All I knew is that I was going to take gym before math class, which means I’d pack quite a sweat before entering math.  Oh well, I’d use math class to take a nap anyway.  As Xion and I neared the classroom door, a few other students were there as well.  They were students from A-13 and B-14.  Suddenly, a voice emanated from across the hallway.  Everyone looked towards the hallway, as someone came towards us.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Rain…a manifestation of one’s depression?  Or a serene tune to soothe our souls?  Rain comes and goes, and we mere mortals can never predict its coming. I ask you, fellow students, what does the rain mean to you?”  the man asked to us.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   None of us could answer him. Some of the girls were gawking at his physique.  He was tall and had an intimidating build, and he had long, spiky gray hair, and had yellow eyes.  His tanned skin complemented his look, and he wore a white robe, a very stylish white robe, mind you.  He had a black scarf wrapped around his neck, and he was sipping a hot cup of coffee.  There was no doubt about it.  This had to be professor Sugoi.  His appearance and way of speaking definitely screamed drama!  A few seconds passed, and still, no one would answer.  Professor Sugoi looked to be a patient man, for he remained silent, waiting for one of us to answer his question.  Now, only an awkward silence loomed, and the only things that could be heard were the sounds of the rain outside, and the professor’s slight sips from his cup of coffee.  The rain definitely sounded serene.  One of the students raised his hand, for it seemed that he had the answer.  The professor then nodded, expecting to hear the answer from the student now.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Rain helps the plants grow strong, and it’s refreshing too!”  the student said.  At that, the professor shook his head.  The other students chuckled.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “Young man, this is not science class.  This is the theater!”  the professor exclaimed, as he opened the doors to the classroom, allowing the students to go inside.  I had already seen the theater, so it wasn’t much of a surprise.  Xion quietly stayed close to me.  The professor then stood atop the stage and waved his hand dramatically towards us.[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   “I am professor Xemnas Sugoi, and I shall take you into a world of drama that you have never known!  So, I will ask you all again.  What does the rain mean to you?” he said, as he shifted his gaze towards me.  [/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]   Why does it always have to be me!?[/font]

[font="arial, sans-serif;"](End Song Here)[/font]

[font="arial, sans-serif;"]--------------------------------------------------------------------------[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]And so, a friendship between Roxas and Xion has been formed.  Now pinned in a tight situation, how will Roxas answer professor Sugoi’s question?  What drama will await?  Find out in Chapter Four: “The Magnificence Of Drama!”[/font]


[font="arial, sans-serif;"]Okay then, so that was the chapter everyone!  I hope you all enjoyed it!  I appreciate all your comments and support, it means a lot to me!  And Caelum, once again, thank you for your writing advice!  To answer your statement from the previous chapter, yes, I know that I had some dialogue clumped in the paragraphs, but only because I had been writing the chapter in a rush, lol. Thanks for the pointers though!  And so everyone, please be sure to leave your comments on the chapter below!  Lol, my favorite part of this chapter is Xemnas’ dramatic introduction.  Lol, I really loved how that turned out, I knew I had to make Xemnas appear dramatically.  Haha, anyways, until next time, stay tuned for the next chapter everyone! :D[/font]

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