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Three Chosen Warriors (FF and KH)


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#21 Kirie

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Posted 17 April 2012 - 11:51 PM

I like sephiroth i think he's hot :D

#22 Hunter Hawk

Hunter Hawk

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Posted 18 April 2012 - 10:00 AM

No!!!! O_O Hope can't die!!!!

#23 coolwings


    Death awaits you!

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Posted 21 April 2012 - 09:09 AM

Chapter 9

Hopes death was a real shock to Vanille and it had triggered something about her past. She now remembered a moment when someone really close to her had died. She remembered hugging them and never wanting to let go, she felt the exact same way when she saw Hope's dead body.
Sephiroth stood in silence just watching Vanille holding the body of her dear friend. He felt sorry for Vanille and didn’t want to just run away.
Yeul appeared next to Vanille and held out her hand. “Vanille, you must get out of here! Cocoon will fall any moment!”
Sephiroth looked out into the distance and saw Cocoon's pillar slowly crumbling. The pillar was nearly destroyed and Cocoon was already starting to fall.
“I can transport you and Sephiroth to the next world.” Yeul said grabbing Vanille’s shoulder and started pulling her away from Hope's body. “There you can find the next warrior and stop Caius!”
“Next warrior?” asked Sephiroth.
“Sephiroth you are a chosen warrior and Vanille is your guardian!”
Sephiroth would have laughed at Yeul saying, "Vanille is your guardian," but he didn’t want to upset Vanille more.
Vanille stops resisting and Yeul pulls her off the ground. “Ok, yes Sephiroth lets go.”
Sephiroth nods and Yeul takes a step backwards, making a shining orb appear in front of them. “Take the orb and you will be on your way.”
Sephiroth reaches out but Vanille slaps his hand back. “Wait! How did Hope die?”
Sephiroth didn’t know what to say but he was quickly disrupted by a loud bang. The three looked towards the pillar and saw it was no longer there. Cocoon had collided with the world.
The ground started shacking and massive cracks appeared in the ground making Vanille fall over. “There is no time!” Sephiroth shouted picking up Vanille.
‘Quickly grab the orbs!” Yeul shouted as she vanished.
“Ok, let’s go!” Vanille said and Sephiroth nodded.
Vanille took one last look at Hopes cold body and grabbed the shining orb. Both Vanille and Sephiroth quickly vanished .

When Sephiroth opened his eyes he was falling out of the sky. Below him was a world, but it didn’t look familiar. Next to him was Vanille but she was out of reach. “Ahhhhh!!” Vanille screamed as she reached out for Sephiroth.
They couldn’t reach each other but then Sephiroth remembered his wing. He quickly spawned it and flew towards Vanille.
He quickly grabed her and wrapped her around his warm body. Vanille felt comfortable and for once she felt relaxed. They were falling too fast and even Sephiroth couldn’t stop them.
As they neared the ground Sephiroth guarded Vanille and braced himself. Sephiroth took the blow as they crashed into the ground and he felt weak and soon became unconscious.
Vanille looked around and saw people screaming and running around. She looked down at Sephiroth and tried to move him but he was too heavy. Vanille felt dizzy and felt everything moving fast around her. She saw a person being sliced open by and sword and then the man running towards her.
She watched the person as they ran and then suddenly she felt Sephiroth disappear from under her. A man in front of her was carrying Sephiroth. She wanted to help him but couldn’t move and then she felt herself being lifted up.
A boy, not much older than her was carrying her. He took her into a small house and placed her on the ground. She wanted to say something but everything was moving too fast. Soon she felt herself being pushed down a hole. Vanille looked back up at the boy and saw flames circling him and soon burning him into ashes.
As she moved down the hole the flames disappeared from sight. As Vanille reached the bottom, she tried to move around. As she moved everything started spinning, but after a while it had stopped.
Vanille had hit something soft and soon saw people crowding her. She tried to reach out to them but soon fell asleep.
Vanille awoke in a small bed. She had forgotten about everything that has happened, but then suddenly remembered. She thought about Hope and Sephiroth. She wondered if Sephiroth was still alive.
“Are you OK?” asks a girl with aqua blue hair, who was leaning over her bed.
“Who are you? Where am I?” Vanille asks. She moves around her bed but soon realises she had a massive burn across her left leg.
The girl grabs Vanille by the shoulders and places her back on the bed. “Take it easy!”
“Ouch!” Vanille screams as she scrapes her leg against the bed.
The girl quickly picks up Vanille’s leg and places it on a pillow. “You need to wait for your leg to recover!” the girl demands.
Vanille ignores her and demands for answers. “Who are you?”
“My name is Aqua.” the girl answers. “Who are you?”
“I’m Vanille, where are we?”
Aqua takes a seat nearby. “An underground village, to hide from the Unversed.” said Aqua. “Wait, do you know where Terra is?”
Vanille was stressed and her burnt leg wasn’t helping. She wanted answers but also wanted to rest. “Terra?” asks Vanille.
“The boy who brought you here! Can’t you remember?” Aqua said. She was starting to get annoyed and anxious.
“Boy? Oh um….”
“I umm think he…” Vanille stutters. She started to remember who he was and how he saved her. But she couldn’t remember completely what happened.
“What! What happened?” Aqua shouted.
“I can’t remember…” Vanille lied. She now remembered what really happened. Sephiroth was captured; she was saved by Terra and was taken to a small house. But then, the house was on fire and Terra was getting burnt. Terra must have used the last of his energy to save her…

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#24 Hunter Hawk

Hunter Hawk

    Writer With Wings

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Posted 24 April 2012 - 10:07 AM

Yay!!! Aqua and Terra appeared!!!!

#25 replika13


    Fairy Tail!!!

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Posted 24 April 2012 - 11:39 AM

Terra! NO!

#26 coolwings


    Death awaits you!

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Posted 04 May 2012 - 06:16 AM

Chapter 10

When Vanille awoke she could still feel the numbness of her burn. She had a headache that kept pounding her head. And that was before she remembered Sephiroth. He was captured and she couldn’t save him. She wanted to jump up and find him, but she couldn’t, she was stuck in an underground village.
“Are you feeling better?” Aqua asked, while walking into the small room Vanille was in carrying a tray of food for the injured girl.
“Yeah, my burn doesn’t sting anymore.” replied Vanille faintly.
“That’s good, can you remember anything? Do you remember what happened to Terra?” Aqua said, leaning forward eager to listen to what Vanille is going to say.
Vanille could hear the pain in Aqua’s words. Vanille thought she ought to tell Aqua the truth about Terra. Aqua sounded like she had really liked the boy. But as soon at Vanille was about to say something she remembered how she felt when Hope died and wondered how Aqua would feel when she told her that Terra is dead.
“How long has Terra been away?”
“Almost a week, we sent some of the men to go find him but they had no success.” Aqua said, disappointed at what Vanille had said.
Aqua got up and started walking towards the exit of the room.
“Wait!” Vanille shouted. “Aqua… Terra is dead.”
The words echoed around the room and even inside Vanille’s head. Aqua however pretended she didn’t hear anything and continued walking. Vanille didn’t want to get Aqua anymore upset so she decided not to bother her. Instead she stayed in her bed and took a quick nap.
Vanille was soon awoken from her nap by a strange man standing over her. Vanille opened her eyes and screamed. Not just because she had a weird man standing over her but also because she had just woken up from a nightmare of watching Terra dying.
“Are you alright?” the man asked. He had a deep and serious tone of voice.
“Who are you?” Vanille quickly replied.
“My name is Xaldin. I am the leader of this village.” The man replied. “I would like to ask you some questions. Come with me to my office.”
Vanille nodded and Xaldin helped her up. Vanille was uneasy; she was scared about this man going to ask her questions. She was also numb from all the pain and felt like she hadn’t walked in years.
“Can you walk?” he asked after Vanille fell back onto her bed.
“It hurts! But I will try.” Vanille answered before being helped up again.
Vanille limped out of the room with Xaldin. She could see the hallways of the underground village almost empty. The people that were walking round looked on edge like something was about to attack at any moment. Villagers stared at Vanille as she walked past. They looked scared of her like she was some outsider.
“Why is this village underground?” Vanille whispered to Xaldin.
“To hide, from the Unversed.” replied Xaldin.
“I will explain shortly, when we reach my office. Here isn’t the place to talk about it.”
Vanille wanted to ask why but she thought she already knew anyway. When they finally reached Xaldin’s office, after traveling through many corridors, Xaldin quickly closed the door behind them.
Vanille was now getting nervous. She was shut in a small office with a scary looking man, in an underground village.
“Please take a seat.” Xaldin said calmly after sitting down himself.
Vanille slowly walked around the room and found the closest chair to Xaldin and quickly sat down.
“Who are you?” Xaldin asked quickly. “There have been rumours that you are the goddess.”
“Goddess?” said Vanille while shifting in her seat as she tried to get comfortable.
“We have a story here in our world.” Xaldin continued. “You are not from this world are you?”
Xaldin paused while he thought, which made Vanille even more nervous than she already was. “Have you heard about the story of the goddess?”
“No.” Vanille repeated.
“Long ago the goddess fell from the sky.” Xaldin said. “The two nations of this world fought over the goddess. One side wanted to destroy her while our side wanted to protect her. Soon all hell broke out and the biggest war this world had ever seen was started. It had torn our nations apart. Our leader, Master Eraqus, wanted to transport the crystallized goddess across the ocean, into a secret base in the north. But the other leader, Master Xehanort, had discovered the plans and destroyed the ship with the goddess and Master Eraqus in it. Some survived the destruction of the ship, but Master Eraqus did not and the goddess was never seen again. Some survivors said they heard the voice of a goddess while on the ship. She said, “I will return.” Most don’t believe it because the goddess was entombed in a crystal, but people don’t want to give up hope. After that our nation has been on a decline. Master Xehanort created creatures called unversed and with them destroyed our nation’s villages. Only two remain, our village hidden underground and the secret base in the north.”
Vanille didn’t say anything the whole time Xaldin spoke, she only listened.
“When you fell from the sky, it gave the villagers hope. We thought you were the goddess destined to return.” Xaldin continued. “Are you?”
Vanille was shocked but then remembered something. Sephiroth was entombed in a crystal as well. And then Vanille also remembered what Yeul said to Sephiroth, “you are a chosen warrior and you must find the other two warriors.” Could the goddess really be another chosen warrior?
“No.” said Vanille and Xaldin sighed. “But… I think I know how to find her.”
Vanille explained how she met Sephiroth and how he was entombed in a crystal. She also told Xaldin about Yeul, a girl that had transported them to this world. “Yeul said: ‘Sephiroth is a chosen warrior and there are two other warriors in the other worlds.’” Vanille said. “I think this goddess is another warrior.”
“OK. But where is Sephiroth now?” asked Xaldin.

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#27 coolwings


    Death awaits you!

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Posted 06 May 2012 - 02:56 AM

Chapter 11

After Vanille had finished telling Xaldin about the events that had recently occurred and that Sephiroth had been captured by a man in black, Xaldin instantly knew who it was.
“Vanitas…” muttered Xaldin. “He’s Xehanort’s apprentice.”
“Do you think that was him?” asked Vanille.
“Yes. Xehanort doesn’t have any other human warriors.” replied Xaldin. “But if it was Vanitas, then Sephiroth is gone.”
“Why!” Vanille shouted. She was concerned about Sephiroth and didn’t want to lose another friend.
“Vanitas would have taken him to Xehanort… And if Xehanort had Sephiroth, he would surely destroy him.” Xaldin said. He ignored Vanille’s anger and tried to calm her. “Xehanort would quickly figure out he was a warrior, after he heard that Sephiroth fell out of the sky.”
“What do we do?” Vanille muttered.
“Wait, I need time to think.” said Xaldin while rubbing his head. “Meanwhile you should learn to fight, it might come in handy. We have a massive arena here where you can practice.”
Vanille nods, knowing that they couldn’t do anything now. But she still didn’t want to sit around while Sephiroth could be dead. “I will call your battle trainer in now.” Xaldin stood up. “Aqua!”
The aqua blue haired girl that Vanille had met before walked in. She was a mess; she looked like she had been crying and Vanille felt sorry for her. Aqua’s friend Terra had risked his life for Vanille and all Vanille was concerned about was Sephiroth.
Aqua’s hair was sprung up all over the place as she limped towards Xaldin. “Aqua. You will be Vanille’s teacher.” Xaldin smiled at Aqua. He didn’t seem like he cared about her friend being killed.
“OK. Vanille follow me.” Aqua murmured.
Vanille nodded her goodbye to Xaldin and followed Aqua out the door. She was afraid that Aqua would be mad at her, so she stayed her distance.
“Do you have a weapon.” asked Aqua as they walked.
Vanille was too busy thinking about Sephiroth that she barely heard Aqua. How long would Xaldin take to think of a plan to save Sephiroth? Vanille quickly realised what Aqua said and searched her back pocket. Her weapon was gone. “No.” replied Vanille. “But I had one.”
“You didn’t have one when we found you.” Aqua said. “But it doesn’t matter. We have lots of weapons for you to choose from.”
The searing pain of being afraid of Aqua had gone for Vanille. She realised Aqua didn’t blame her for Terra being killed.
The two walked down the small and horrid corridors until they finally reached the arena. Vanille noticed it instantly. The arena was obviously the biggest room in the village. It was much bigger than Vanille had imagined.
As they walked into the arena, Aqua quickly ran over to the middle where a huge box was. This box wasn’t a normal box; it almost had the same width of the corridors through the village. Vanille could see ends of weapons sticking out.
“Come here and choose a weapon.” Aqua said. She was sounding happier than Vanille would have thought.
Vanille walked over to Aqua and looked inside the box and saw many weapons inside.
Vanille had no idea of what weapon she was going to pick because of the massive choice she was presented with. Aqua stuck her hand in the box and pulled out a sword that was shaped like a key. “This is my weapon.” Aqua said. “Quickly chose one and we will start.”
Vanille searched through the box wondering what she would pick. Swords, spears and even guns. There were many different types of each and that made it harder for Vanille to choose. Aqua asked if Vanille wanted to use a Keyblade, the type of sword Aqua has, but Vanille couldn’t get the hang of using it.
Vanille remembered her old weapon was a rod and soon began searching for it. “Do you have a rod?” Vanille asked.
Aqua nods and pushes through the weapon box until she reaches the bottom. At the bottom lay four different types of Rods. None of them resembled Vanille’s old one but she soon picked out a random one and nodded at Aqua. “Ready.”
“OK ready to start.” Aqua nods and walks backwards a few steps. “First we will have a quick battle so I can test your strength.”
Vanille nodded and prepared her weapon. As she pulled her weapon over her shoulder, she saw Aqua preparing to strike. Aqua looked angry like she was pretending to be nice the whole time. Vanille’s fear of Aqua had returned. Would Aqua hold a grudge on Vanille for Terra’s death?
As Aqua started running at Vanille, she slowly backed away. Vanille wanted to run but she knew she had to stay strong. Vanille raised her weapon and blocked a swift blow from Aqua. Vanille could feel the anger radiating from Aqua’s weapon. She could barely hold her balance but still stayed on her feet.
Vanille now had an open shot for Aqua so she took it, but Aqua quickly dodged. “Is that all you got!” Aqua smiled.
The words from Aqua aggravated Vanille and she decided to have another shot at Aqua. Vanille ran up to Aqua and swung her rod, aiming for her face, but Aqua ducked and kicked Vanille’s rod out of her hand. Vanille now stood in front of Aqua, defenceless.
Vanille was expecting Aqua to take the last blow but instead she just laughed. “I guess you have a lot to learn!” said Aqua.
Vanille smiled in relief and picked up her weapon. “Not bad though.” Aqua said. “You shouldn’t let word’s aggravate you though.”
“I!-“ shouted Vanille but she was cut off by Aqua’s laughing. “Aqua, about before…”
“Thank you.” Aqua cut in front of Vanille.
Vanille smiled and was relieved that Aqua didn’t hold a grudge. But she was confused from why Aqua replied by thanking her. “Why?” asked Vanille.
“Thank you, for telling me.” Aqua smiled.
Vanille smiled back agreeing to their new friendship.

#28 coolwings


    Death awaits you!

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Posted 24 June 2012 - 05:23 AM

Chapter 12

For nearly a week Sephiroth had been living at the bottom of a huge tower. He couldn’t remember how he came to bet here, but he did however remember falling out of the sky with Vanille. After that though, everything went blurry. He didn’t know why he is here or who had put him here. The only information about where he is came from the moans and screams of other imprisoned people.

Sephiroth would do nothing all day. He would think about Vanille while he sat in the corner of the cell. Food was transported through a small tube in the right corner of the room so Sephiroth never saw any guards. Also, his sword had disappeared so he had no way of breaking out.

One day however, everything changed. As usual Sephiroth sat in the corner of his cell, thinking about his past. Soon he got distracted and started to feel lonely. He was sad but he couldn’t explain why the thought just appeared in his memory, but he couldn’t remember exactly.

Over the usual screams and moans, Sephiroth heard the sound of a door closing. It was loud but he realised that the sound was close. As he approached the edge of the cell, he saw a boy. The boy had only just appeared in front of Sephiroth and was wearing a mask and was dressed completely in black. “Come with me!” the masked boy said.
Sephiroth didn’t reply. He just stared at the boy as he opened the cell door. Sephiroth was now free. He now had a chance to escape, but he didn’t. Sephiroth was bigger and stronger than the boy but he seemed to have a strong glow of darkness around him. He could smell it. Sephiroth knew this boy would easily defeat him. So he decided to play along.
Sephiroth followed the boy through the dungeon, where Sephiroth was locked up. Other prisoners looked sorry for Sephiroth; they seemed to show some concern. But Sephiroth didn’t care and ignored their expressions.

After they left the dungeons there was nothing else except stairs. Sephiroth tried to memorise the rooms they passed but all they seemed to be doing is going up stairs. They climbed the tower and neither of them said a word.

After climbing to the very top of the tower, they stood in front of a huge door. The boy turned to Sephiroth. “Go!”

Sephiroth obeyed and entered through the door. The masked boy didn’t enter. The room was huge, almost the size of a hall. Two of the walls on opposite sides were covered in windows. In certain areas were small cracks. The room looked like it was once an inspired hall, but had degraded from age.

At the back of the room stood three seats, only one was occupied. In the middle sat a bald man, he was staring at Sephiroth and didn’t seem happy. “Welcome.” said the man sheepishly.
“Who are you?” responded Sephiroth, not caring who this man was and just wanting answers.
“Hmm…”the man muttered. “More importantly, who are you?”
“Who’s asking?” said Sephiroth, and the man grinned.
“Xehanort.” answered the man. “But you shall call me, Master.”
“Hmph, Xehanort. Where are we?” asked Sephiroth.
“Who’s asking?” Xehanort grinned.
“Sephiroth.” said Sephiroth. He was getting annoyed with the questions and demanded answers, “Where are we?”
“Hmm, how about a deal.” said Xehanort. “You tell me where the girl is and I will tell you about your past.”
“Girl? What girl?”
“The goddess that fell out of the sky with you!” shouted Xehanort. He seemed to be getting annoyed as well. “Tell me where she is!”
Sephiroth remembered falling out of the sky with Vanille but she isn’t a goddess, or is she. “Vanille?” said Sephiroth.
“Don’t play dumb!” Xehanort shouted. He slammed his fist on his chair and summoned a sword that was in the shape of a key. “Vanitas!”

Sephiroth was confused. Everything was happening too fast. He was defenceless against Xehanort but when the masked boy came in the room holding his sword. Sephiroth gained hope.

“Hmph! If you aren’t going to tell me then I better squeeze the answers out of you.” Xehanort said while standing up. “But it isn’t fair if you are defenceless. Vanitas, give him his sword!”

The boy walked over to Sephiroth and handed him his sword. Why was Xehanort giving him a chance to escape? That he didn’t know but Sephiroth was always prepared for a fight.
Xehanort pointed his Keyblade at Sephiroth and he rose with it. Sephiroth was keeping his eyes focused on the tip of Xehanort’s weapon, ready for Xehanort’s attack. But Xehanort didn’t attack, instead he quickly shot out multiple orbs of darkness that exploded on impact. Sephiroth wasn’t ready for this so he tried to dodge but he got hit by about half of them.
Next Xehanort jumped up into the air and tried to attack Sephiroth, but Sephiroth dodged and knocked Xehanort back to the ground. “Hmph.” muttered Sephiroth sending sparks of light from his sword. The sparks missed Xehanort and caused several cracks in the ground.

Xehanort just smiled at Sephiroth and quickly vanished. Soon he appeared behind Sephiroth and he struck him in the back. Sephiroth fell to the ground while Xehanort picked up his weapon. “Succumb to the darkness.” muttered Xehanort as Sephiroth fainted.

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#29 Hunter Hawk

Hunter Hawk

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Posted 24 June 2012 - 02:58 PM

So awsome! I have never imagined Vanitas vs Sephiorot!!!!!! So damm epicly cool.

#30 coolwings


    Death awaits you!

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Posted 20 August 2012 - 04:16 AM

Chapter 13

Everyday Vanille was awoken and trained by Aqua. At the end of their training Aqua would always say she was improving. Once however Vanille had won the battle by disarming Aqua.

Aqua had taught Vanille various skills like: Disarming, dodging, blocking and how to strike a critical blow. The two girls had fun hanging out together every day and Vanille felt safe, like nothing would ever hurt she and nothing ever did.

Vanille’s fear of being trapped underground had pasted over the days, now her only concern was Sephiroth. She hadn’t heard back from Xaldin since their last meeting, which was five days ago. Vanille at times became worried that he will never come up with a way to save Sephiroth.

“Hey, Aqua can we take a break?” Vanille said while gasping for breath.
“What? You’re tired?’ smiled Aqua. “That was only a warm up.”
“Ahh!” Vanille flopped onto a bench to the side of the arena and placed her rod beside her. “Maybe I am not cut out for the next level.”
“Sure you are, you just need to keep practicing.” Aqua said while sitting beside Vanille. “You’re improving more every day.”
“I guess… But….” Vanille muttered. “What’s taking Xaldin so long?”
“Vanille… I know you’re concerned about Sephiroth but Xaldin has a whole village to run.”
“But we have to do something!” Vanille stood up and put away her rod into the box of weapons, sitting next to them.
Aqua got up and followed Vanille. “This world is not safe. If we leave this village we die!”
“I know but…”
“Just give him move time.”

Vanille nodded agreeing to wait but she wasn’t going to forget about Sephiroth that easily.

Aqua soon declared the end of their training but as they were about to leave the arena they felt a loud explosion nearby. The shaking of the ground knocked Vanille off her feet. “What was that?” Aqua said while helping Vanille up.

“An explosion?” suggested Vanille.
“The unversed!” shouted Aqua while sprinting out the arena with her Keyblade beside her.
“Wait!” Vanille shouted. She followed Aqua out the arena and down to the main village area, where most villagers lived. When they got there the two were shocked from seeing weird creatures falling through a hole in the roof of the village, surrounding many villagers. “What are those things?”
“Unversed! They have found us!” Aqua shouted while summoning her Keyblade. “Vanille warn Xaldin!”

Vanille nodded even though she was concerned about Aqua. She didn’t want her new friend to fend for herself, but she knew she had to.

Vanille ran through the corridors of the village. She watched villagers running for their lives and others dashing forwards to join the battle. Vanille wanted to help but knew she needed to warn Xaldin first. Surprisingly Vanille didn’t have to get all the way to Xaldin’s office to find him. She found him running through the corridors towards the battle. “Vanille! What’s going on?” said Xaldin as he spotted and approached Vanille.
“It’s the… unversed… they’re attacking… the village.” Vanille said as she gasped for breath.

“Gr. Vanille go get your weapon and head to the back of the arena.” Xaldin said while summoning his weapons. Xaldin’s had various weapons that were all spears, which flouted around him. “At the back of the arena will be a small hatch in the wall. Open it and proceed through. It’s a secret exit. When you are out go north and find the secret base.”

“But what about everyone else?” said Vanille. “You… Aqua…”
“Don’t worry we will make it out. Now do as I say.” Xaldin said while countless unversed appeared surrounding them. “Go now! You are our last hope!”
Before Vanille could respond Xaldin raised his spears, pointing them at the Unversed, and pushed Vanille away with a gust of wind.

Vanille didn’t want to but she quickly ran back to the arena. Vanille’s hope disappeared as she entered the arena. Countless Unversed infected the arena. Vanille stood frozen on the spot until one Unversed jumped up and knocked Vanille to the ground.

“Vanille!” shouted Aqua. Aqua had just appeared through the arena and was standing over Vanille.
“Aqua?” said Vanille while being helped up by the girl.
Aqua knocked away the surrounding Unversed. “Xaldin told me to help you get out of here.”

Vanille smiled up at her friend and felt a warm feeling inside of her. Aqua once again, had saved her life.

Vanille quickly jumped up with the help of Aqua. “I’ll cover you while you get your weapon!” shouted Aqua while fending off Unversed.

Vanille nodded and sprinted towards the box of weapons while Aqua cleared a path. The Unversed were no match for Aqua but there were so many covering the whole of the arena. After Vanille had received her weapon from the box she soon joined Aqua with clearing the arena.

After they had finished off the remaining Unversed Aqua turned to Vanille and said, “Let’s go.” Vanille and Aqua proceeded towards then back of the room. Just as Xaldin had said, there was a small hatch hidden behind a small clutter of rubble. Aqua cleared the path and Vanille could see the hatch was the perfect size to fit a normal sized person through. “You first.” said Aqua.

“Ok. But you need to follow on.” Vanille nodded glaring down the empty path. Vanille heard another explosion go off nearby and backed away from the hole.
“Come on.” Aqua insisted. “We need to go now!”
“What about everyone else?” asked Vanille.
“They will get out. I promise.” Aqua lied.
“If you say so.” muttered Vanille while edging closer towards the hole.
“Quickly,” encouraged Aqua following close behind Aqua.

After Vanille entered the hole she looked back at Aqua and saw her following closely. Vanille moved around a lot to try and get comptable. She never liked being trapped in a small space. The smell from the rotting walls around her was horrid. She tried to block out the smell but with no prevail.

#31 Kirie

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Posted 20 August 2012 - 04:54 AM

Nice chapter bro