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So.... what's next?

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#1 A Black Sun

A Black Sun


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Posted 17 December 2011 - 12:50 PM

Okay so right now we got the first game which addressed the idea of the heart and the darkness and light of it. KHCOM adressed the topic of memories. KHII was about the body and soul of a person. Now we got a new game addressing the mysteries of dreams. so, what's next? what's your opinion? I sort of see this reoccurring theme, don't you see it?

#2 Keyblade King 12

Keyblade King 12

    That sarcastic guy who thinks he knows everything

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Posted 17 December 2011 - 03:06 PM

I don't think Kingdom Hearts 2 really did introduce soul properly. Soul or 'Mind' was really introduced to us in KH1 even if we didn't realise it. In fact, Mind's constantly shown up throughout the Kingdom Hearts games and really it's never been properly addressed to us. Fans have just had to figure that one out, since no one actually addressed the idea of soul or mind. Just saying.

As for the recurring theme idea, well, with something like this, it's really just the writers trying to keep the audience entertained with something new each time. Kingdom Hearts 2 would have been boring if we just fought the heartless again, so the Nobodies had to be introduced and that meant that the whole idea of body had to be introduced. In KHBBS, the heartless were kept under lock and key in the realm of darkness, so another enemy had to be introduced, which led us to the idea of negativity and showed us more into the power of darkness and the mix of darkness and light because of the X-Blade plot. And now in KH:DDD, they don't want to give us a game where we have to fight the exact same enemies as before. So, introducing a new enemy and theme, while the plot takes place in a new realm is just a good way to allow the writers to try to keep the audience interested yet again. However, I don't think you can introduce a new theme at this point. Everything's basically been done. And with only maybe two games left in the entire Xehanort Saga, there's very little time to completely introduce a new theme, except for something to do with reconnecting Sora with the people he's supposed to be saving.