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Hawkie's Stories: Organization on Vacation


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#1 Hunter Hawk

Hunter Hawk

    Writer With Wings

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Posted 30 July 2011 - 11:30 AM

Ok, this came out during my vacation.

Chapter 1

Roxas walked from his room when he heard Xigbar’s and Demyx’s conversation.

“But, why do we have to go on that meeting, Xiggy? I hate meetings.” Demyx complied.
“Shut your mouth and go to the Audience Chamber already.” Xigbar said.
“Hey, what’s goin’ on?” Roxas asked.
“We got an early meeting, kiddo.” Xibar replied.
“Eh… ok.” Roxas said and went towards the Audience Chamber.

There were almost all members in it, sitting on their chairs. Roxas sit on his chair to wait for Xemnas. The leader of Organization XIII appeared soon after Xigbar pulled Demyx in the chamber. He began his speech:

“Greetings my friends! All those moths you worked hard on your missions, to complete the Kingdom Hearts. So, here’s the thing. You done all the work and I didn’t do a thing. I think you deserve a perfect reword. Something you’ll never forget. I‘m giving you two weeks of a vacation!“

After his speech, members started exclaiming. But, Roxas didn’t know what vacation is. He decided to ask Xion about it. When members were leaving, he looked for Xion. He found her in her room.

“Eh… Xion?”
“Do you know what vacation is?”

Xion thought for some time.

“I have no idea. What if Axel knows?”
“Ok, let’s go.”

Together they went towards the Axel’s room. They heard some kind singing in it. Xion knocked on the door.

“Come in!”

Xion and Roxas entered in Axel’s room. On his bed was giant backpack, filled with all kinds of stuff. Axel was dancing and singing at singing at once.

“I’m going on vacation, time for my relaxation….”

Xion nearly die laughing, when she saw how Axel is dancing.

“Hey Axel, what is vacation? And why are you packing? Are you going somewhere?” Roxas asked.
“Well, vacation is some kind mission where you don’t do anything. You just go there and enjoy. And
why am I packing? I need some things if I don’t want to be bored.”
“So, what do we need to pack and where are we going?” Xion asked.
“If I heard Saix right, we’re going on tropic island. You’ll need to pack the things you need to not get bored. And a swimsuit of course.”
“Ok, then we’ll go pack.” Roxas said.
“We’ll leave after two hours so hurry!” Axel said as he danced again.

Roxas went to his room to think about what he will pack.

“Tropic means hot so I’ll need to take something shorter…”

He took one of his coats to take a closer look. He took scissors and cut it a bit.

“Not what I had in mind, but it’s good…” he said as looked in the mirror, wearing a new coat.

After that he opened the wardrobe to see what he wants to pack.

PS: second chapter will be posted as soon as possible.

#2 Kingdom Sora

Kingdom Sora

    The Doctor's new Companion

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Posted 30 July 2011 - 11:49 AM

This is really interesting!! I like the idea of Organization on vacation and did laugh when I heard Axel was dancing and singing. I'm pretty sure he can't do both lol. Good intro and I can't wait for the next chapter!

#3 Hunter Hawk

Hunter Hawk

    Writer With Wings

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Posted 14 August 2011 - 05:29 PM

Chapter 2

“Do you need help?” Axel said as he entered Roxas’s room.

When he saw Roxas in his shorter cloak, he nearly died laughing.

“Are you really planning to wear this?”
“Why not? It’s very comfortable.”
“You know what? We’ll go shopping!”
“We better call Xion too.”

They both left the room. When they entered Xion’s room, she was about cut her coat.

“Hey, hey take it easy. You don’t need to do this. We’re going shopping!” Axel yelled and pulled scissors out of her hand.
“Shopping?” she asked as she looked at Roxas
“I don’t know what it is, but I bet it’s cool, since Axel is so excited.”

Together they went to the living room, where Saix was yelling at Zexion.

“Are you really planning to take all that books with you?”
“What? I never have time to read it!”

Saix saw Axel with Roxas and Xion.

“Where are you going? Haven’t you heard we’re leaving in two hours?”
“Those two need some stuff from Twilight Town. We’ll be back in a no time.”
“Fine, but hurry!” Saix said and continued arguing with Zexion.

Axel opened a portal to a Twilight Town. Roxas and Xion stepped in. The next moment they were in front of a shop.

“They got nice stuff here!” Axel said as he opened the door.

Xion and Roxas looked at the cloths with an interest.

“Hey there Axel! How can I help you today?” a man who looked like a shopkeeper said.
“Those two need some summer cloths and maybe some things for a beach.”
“Just turn right there and you’ll find all sort of things for a summer.”
“Well, thanks Gibbs!”

They all walked to the shelves.

“Who’s that guy?” Xion asked.
“Yeah and how does he know your name?” Roxas asked.
“He’s a shopkeeper, Gibbs. I’m one of his favourite customers.”
“Wow… check this out!” Xion said as she picked black two piece swimsuit.
“If you really like it you can try it over there!” Gibbs said and showed on the changing rooms.

Xion smiled and picked some other swimsuits along with a grey skirt and a black shirt with braces. With all that she went in changing room.

“Have you found anything that you like?” Axel asked Roxas.
“Well… what about this?” Roxas said and showed on white shirt with a black star on both sleeves and on grey shorts.
“You need a swimsuit too.”
“Oh right…”

He soon found some of them and went to changing room too. Xion came from it fully excited.

“I like it! Can I have all of them?”
“Sure, if you gonna wear it.” Axel said as he picked his wallet out.

Roxas came out of the changing room too and like Xion wanted those cloths too. Axel didn’t mind paying. After that they went out of the shop.

“Oh, I forgot to buy some stuff. You two RTC and finish your packing. I’ll be back soon.” Axel said as he opened the portal and went back to shop.

15 minutes later Roxas and Xion were waiting in living room with their new outfits on. They were both carrying a backpack along with the other members in. Axel came too, in a red hawaiian shirt and brown shorts. Suddenly Saix came with a notebook and a pencil.

“Before you go, I’ll check your luggage.” he said with kinda elevated voice.
“That’s the worse than an airport!” Demyx whispered.

Saix checked Lexaeus’s and Axel’s luggage without a problem. He stopped at Xigbar’s and Xaldin’s .

“Why the hell, do you need guns and knives?”
“If will need to kill someone!” Xaldin said as Xigbar laughed.
“Fine! Next!”

Next were Vexen and Zexion with giant bags.

“You over packed!”
“No, we didn’t. I left half of my equipment here!” Vexen protested.
“Just what will you do with it?”
“I’ll do something! You’ll see!”
“And haven’t we talked about your books?”
“Yes we did, but I packed less books than before.” Zexion said.
“Ok, ok next!”

Marluxia and Larxene came with their bags. When Saix wanted to check them, Larxene looked him like “open my privet bag and I’ll kill you”. Saix frightened continued checking.

“Number 10! Just what all those cards and rum means in your bag?”
“We’re going on an island! Why don’t you give us a little fun?” Luxord replied.
“Hurry up number 9, 13 and 14! We don’t have all day.” he said as he closed Luxord’s bag.

He complied a little about Demyx’s sitar, but he didn’t seem to be interested in Roxas’s and Xion’s luggage. After that they all began to walk through the portal made it by Saix.

“Aren’t you going?” Roxas asked Saix.
“None, of your concern!” he said with an angry look.
“Yay! No X – face!” Demyx whispered.

#4 demy1077



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Posted 14 August 2011 - 11:16 PM


#5 *Rikku*



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Posted 16 August 2011 - 12:58 PM

:D nice story keep it on.

#6 UnstableInsanity

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Posted 23 August 2011 - 11:52 AM

I love it! Totally made me crack up! lol... X-face. xD

#7 SoraKH



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Posted 03 March 2012 - 04:21 AM


#8 Arya Stark

Arya Stark

    How can they be so happy all the time?

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Posted 12 March 2012 - 01:17 AM

I laughed so hard at the part where Saix checks everyones luggage. Especially Xaldin and Xigbar. I do wonder what is in Larxene's bag though...

#9 KinataKeyblade



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Posted 05 August 2012 - 05:22 AM

It would be so interesting if they go to disney!!!!and in there they make chaos!!! xD (i am so evil)

#10 dreamdropboy

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Posted 23 August 2012 - 12:00 PM

hey demy wassup?

#11 Sikota Urinakano

Sikota Urinakano

    Starting Over

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Posted 21 April 2013 - 09:33 AM

Darn it's incomplete. Hawk, I've noticed some typos and inconsistencies with formatting but I'm falling in love with your work nonetheless.