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Writing Guidelines !EDIT 19/11/12!

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#1 Cellar Door

Cellar Door

    the rocket man they talk about

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Posted 05 April 2011 - 12:48 PM

Because we kinda need them ;p

1. If it has PG-14+ content, please mark it as so either in title or near the beginning of the post, or at least put a warning as to what's in it.
This includes:
  • gore
  • anything 'sexual' (but not outright sex, please try to avoid that completely lol)
  • heavy language
We have kids on this site that might not want to see that kind of stuff ( or don't want their parents to when they look over their shoulders c: ) so if you could just mark that somewhere it'd be nice.
If you see any of those things without a warning, report it directly to me or another mod.

edit 19/11/12: there seems to be some confusion on this one. i think saying 'gore' threw some people off as to when you need a warning-- detailed depictions of physical abuse, self harm, murder, or anything else of a graphic or "triggering" nature requires you to put a warning for the content. it doesn't have to be as far as describing someone losing a limb or getting eaten or whatever, but if there's explicit descriptions of blood, violence, and etc.--basically beyond 'i cut my thumb and it bled'--please put a warning. if you're confused or have questions please PM me.

2. Double posting for updates is okay.
You have no idea how many reports we get for people double posting in writing, and half the time it's completely fine. If you posted some sort of thanks or a comment on your thread then post the next chapter, it's fine. Just don't double post comments / critique / 'thanks' or anything like that. Updates only.

3. if u tip3 liek diz n ur $t0ree i will delete it. Please type with as proper of grammar as you can. It doesn't mean you have to be grade A+++ university level writing, but I don't consider "& she sed 'when r we goin?'" so be a proper Writing thread. I'll either remove it completely or put it in random.
Don't let this scare you off if you have bad grammar / spelling / punctuation-- just try your best and actually use what you learned in school. As long as it's readable it should be fine.
Please don't ignore critique on grammar.

edit: 19/11/12
I'm going to get harder on this now. When I say 'readable', I mean semi-literate. If I can't read your story because the grammar and spelling is so bad that it just looks like a big mess and might as well be typ3d liek dis, then fix it. If you can't put enough effort in to make your written piece presentable, readable, and at least SEMI-LITERATE then you need to go back and ask yourself why you're even writing.
Again, I'm not asking for university level A++++ work, but if you can't even start the majority of your sentences with a captialized letter... ugh. I just. At least write in something like Microsoft Word, it does that shit for you.

4. Critique =/= Flaming
Critique = "Hey, I like your story however when you say "________" i think it'd be better if you put "________"." "I really think you should improve on your grammatical skills to make the writing flow / easier to read." etc
Flame = "Why would you upload crap like this?" "Stop writing." etc
Critique is fine. Flaming is not. Report flames, but don't be overly sensitive about critique.

5. Don't make a new thread for every update. Poems should all be in one thread, too. Just update the single thread.
Basically, don't clog the writing forum with all of your stuff. If you're putting up 453876534 things a day, use one thread. If you're only putting something up every week or so, you can probably make separate threads.
If you don't understand that, feel free to PM me and I can try to explain further for you.

6. Threads for 'previews' of your story are unnecessary. Just post your story, lol.

7. Don't beg for people to read your story, please. It's okay if you put a link in your sig or w/e, but don't make threads elsewhere saying to read it, or advertising to people on the chat system. It's annoying.

If you have any suggestions, go ahead and post here. I'll consider them. I may update this as well, so check back frequently.

If you have any problems concerning these rules feel free to PM me. If you see anyone not following the guidelines you can report it using the button, though honestly it'd probably be better if you just reported directly to me. ;p

Thanks. <3

#2 DChiuch



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Posted 01 January 2012 - 07:03 AM

One quick thing to add:

If you keep updating your story, or adding chapters to it, then please edit the first post in your thread and link to all updates/chapters/etc. This is because people might just want to come in and read the story, rather than have to read through every page of the thread.